Dating An Extrovert

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Dating An Extrovert want that for myself

The only dating advice you’ll ever need. as an introvert so. i’ve been with 11 girls my whole life i. lost my virginity at 17. somebody asked. me to make a video about this you know. because introverts and people who are. generally antisocial not clinically but. like metaphorically antisocial. don’t. really have the opportunity to pursue. relationships because we’re either not. interested. um. shy or we don’t get our point across. like extroverts do. um so yeah i’ve been with 11 girls and. i’m gonna be honest like. i have no social skills i thought i did. and whenever i try to be social i just. come off as like psychotic. and psychotic in a sense of like. everything’s artificial everything’s. super charming i’m super charming but. people around me and i myself can tell. that i’m not really being myself. um and that’s why i don’t really like.

Try anymore like i actually stopped. trying to date after i turned 19.. so my dating advice for most introverts. out here is. and this can go for girls or guys. my advice is. be who you are right because if you try. to be somebody else it’s not gonna work. it’s gonna work for like two to three. months and you’re gonna think you got it. you got the rhythm of the person down. pack but they’re going to realize. something about you that you didn’t even. see yourself or try to cover up and then. the relationship is going to be over. with again. also. if you know you don’t want to be with a. person for a very long time don’t. pretend like you do. um i typically do this because i’m too. scared of hurting somebody’s feelings. but at the same time i have the type of. personality where. i’m extremely logical and realistic all.

The time i over analyze things and. that’s not generally attractive to a lot. of girls so. although i have no problem dating and. having like a. you know that type of life. i don’t really do well in long term. relationships because. i only want perfection and perfection. isn’t perfect but. i want. just logic when it comes to the way we. move as a couple and stuff like that and. a lot of couples don’t move like that. i’ve grown up seeing. people. in domestic violent houses like that’s. not even a term but i’ve grown up seeing. like girls deal with guys that are. beating them i’ve grown up seeing like. cheating um. nagging just toxic relationships and i. knew i didn’t want that for myself so i. told myself i’m gonna just be myself and. if the right person come they come if. they don’t they don’t at this point i. like i said i don’t care.

Um i’ve had my experiences with. you know um. good girls i have nothing bad to say. about my exes i probably was a toxic one. to be honest but. um i feel like. i also need my space so. whenever. i do get in the relationship i’ll be. talking to somebody for like two three. weeks at a time. and then it’ll hit me and i’ll be like. damn i kind of miss being single or i. kind of miss having a lot of money in my. bank account this week. like. there’s a lot of things that come with. relationships that we don’t think about. and by the time you realize it you. resent the other person for it because. you didn’t like see it coming. um that’s another thing that’s another. piece of advice i have for you if you. know. you’re not a certain type of person do. not try to become that person for. another person if the guy if the guy or.
Dating An Extrovert lost my virginity at

Girl you like tells you. um. i wish you would do that for me or i. wish we could do this or and it’s out of. your character you leave them because. you’re going to end up becoming somebody. you’re not and that’s not a good that’s. basically gaslighting somebody to fit. the mode of the person you want them to. be you don’t want to be with somebody. like that it’s a manipulative and. it’s um. yeah it’s kind of psychotic to do that. to somebody so. make sure you know who you are before. you even think about dating somebody. make sure you’re. moderately happy with yourself because i. just made a video on this i don’t. believe that we’re all a hundred percent. happy we will never be 100 happy it’s. just biologically impossible but. make sure you’re happy enough to want to. share that happiness with somebody else. so y’all can like combine it and make.

Some cool happen. um. yeah that’s pretty much my advice man i. don’t really have like cookie cutter. this works for everybody type of advice. because. you know. what worked for me may not work for you. some people are just naturally ugly some. people naturally don’t have no social. skills some people naturally. say the wrong things at the wrong time. i’m quirky in a lot of ways like. i literally talk weird sometimes or i’ll. pronounce stuff wrong or um. i just say a lot of i think a lot of. weird like i’ll zone out in the. middle of the conversation and like most. girls that i talk to are like what are. you thinking about and i’m just like. i have. i know what i’m thinking about but i. can’t tell you i would say the strength. to being an introvert when it comes to. dating is realizing that most of us are. naturally mysterious if you look.

Moderately good if you are. kind of to yourself you’re mysterious. you don’t really talk to a lot of people. your circle isn’t that big and you’re. focused on. wherever you need to go that will put. you in high positions of power. that’s attractive and a lot of people. will see that but they won’t really they. won’t be able to like. they won’t say what it is they won’t say. why they like you they’ll just be like. you know there’s something i like about. this person. um that’s our power our power is. mysteriousness not. letting people in and by the time we do. let them in. they’re already in this world that we’ve. constructed for ourself. um people that have a lot of friends. people that date around a lot and like. they don’t really have these experiences. like we do because we sit back and we. think about things if you go straight.

Into relationships parties events and. you just speed date people you just. you’re talking to a different person. every day texting a hundred people. every day answering your dm. you’re never going to fully develop. into the type of person you can be for. the type of person you want to end up. with because you’re not thinking about. yourself you’re just thinking about. who can i become to be. appealing to everybody that may. potentially want to sleep with me and. that’s where we are in life and i’ve. seen that. since i was like 16 and i said you know. what i’m gonna just be kane i’m gonna be. quirky i’m gonna just. do me and if she like me she’d like me. if she don’t she don’t. but. i mean i don’t really care at this point. man i know that. there’s always somebody in this world. for somebody and depending on how good.

You look you may get there faster but. like the point i’m trying to make is. just be yourself man i know it’s i know. it’s cliche like it’s i hate when people. say stuff like this but really. literally be yourself if you be somebody. else yes you will. have a great sex life you will be able. to date more people but in the long term. it’s going to poison you it’s like. adamantium like when wolverine had those. crazy ass. claws man that. so it’s a type of metal i’m a little off. topic but this metal is basically. indestructible for those who wanted to. know where his claws came from or his. blades whatever you want to call them. but he eventually died because it was. poisoning his body that’s how i feel. most relationships are i feel like we. become people that we really don’t want. to be and although we’re externally.

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