Dating An Atheist

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Dating An Atheist monotheistic worthy of utter devotion

We have uh david calling us from arizona. pronounced he him uh wants to tell us uh. wants to convince. us to to adopt his uh theology. so i’m happy to hear that david hello. welcome david. hi. hi. how are you doing. good how are you. good thank you so you want to tell us. you want to convince us to adopt your. theology is that. right that’s right it should be pretty. easy because if you don’t accept the. premises. then we can just end the call. cool okay i’m very excited so uh i’m. wondering do you want to start by. telling us what your theology is or do. you just want to present the premises of. the argument. um. well i think i’d rather just go straight. to the premises. and then see if you can. poke any holes in it or offer any uh. useful critique of my. logical framework that i use to process. the god topic. well i’m ready to take notes then start.

The clock let’s give david some time to. convince us of his theology fantastic. all right all right don’t worry this. won’t take too long all right so. both of you just consider this premise. one. it’s i didn’t take much time to write. this out it’s short. premise one for something to be. appropriately called god. in the monotheistic sense. it must merit. utter devotion. slash be worship worthy. okay i reject your first premise. keep going. keep going. i don’t want to continue to the other. premises if i if i don’t understand why. you reject the premise. but i think it’s pretty it’s pretty. obvious that if you want to present a. certain argument then you should um. present the premises and the conclusion. first. instead of uh just arguing about the. first one you’re not i i already know if. you don’t accept the first premise.

That you that you won’t be convinced by. the argument correct. would you like to know so what i have. here is you said for something to be. appropriately called god in the. monotheistic sense it must merit utter. devotion and what. worship worship worthy. okay i disagree with that too that’s. that’s completely false i think but matt. go ahead. sure uh so. first of all this is an assertion i. don’t know who you are to decide what is. or isn’t appropriate uh. but a god in the sense of the class i’m. i’m still talking. but a god in the sense of classical. theism doesn’t have to be good it is. more about its power and its. relationship to the natural world and so. you could have an evil god. which is not worthy of worship and not. worthy of devotion and it would still. qualify for a god label appropriately. would it not.

Well um. i i feel like i’m qualified to say. okay but what i’m wondering is the. question right there. i asked a question i feel like i’m. qualified to say. i asked a question. would it why would it not be appropriate. for an evil god with the same powers and. abilities of whatever god you’re. proposing why would it not be. appropriate to call that being a god. oh because it would it wouldn’t be. worship worthy. okay well then i don’t give a about. your definition. well you seem very angry. okay i i guess i’m done with you david. because i explained to you that i don’t. accept your premise i don’t care that. you’re definite you’re basically. creating a circular argument if you’re. saying i’m defying god to be that which. is worship worthy well i don’t care what. about that definition i care about yes i. care about whether or not a god actually.

Exists not about whether or not david. thinks that something should be worship. worthy to be called to god. well you sound quite sassy i’m very. sassy but do you have something else. other than just. other than just complaining about my. tone. do you have something of substance to. argue for. or are you wasting our time. i was looking for a useful objection to. the president david can i make an. objection too just to share my part i. think uh i would like to share my. opinion as well if that’s okay with you. uh so. here is the thing it’s not even. historically uh true that um a. monotheistic god uh can only be called. god if uh if that god is worthy of uh. devotion and worship that was not uh. unanimously the understanding of one god. in history uh. certain certain groups certain movements. certain uh thoughts of theology have did.
Dating An Atheist would you like to

Not um i’m sorry i have to mute you i’m. getting feedback here i have not. emphasized worship others have focused. more on simply knowing and understanding. god rather than worshiping god others. have argued that there is one god that. only one god exists but this god doesn’t. require worship doesn’t want worship i. mean we are familiar with. such religious movements in history. um and again as matt also pointed out uh. who are you to decide what is worthy of. worship and worthy of devotion that is. entirely subjective so the premise. simply is incoherent yeah and why are we. limiting it to monotheistic god as if. what if there were polytheistic gods or. henotheistics. what i’m looking at is. something. of of all the things that are okay is. one of them. do. the most reverence okay and what i’m. thinking of god i regard as do the most.

Reverence i only have my subjective view. i don’t care i i don’t claim. you’re not talking about a god that is. in any way. you not caring you not caring is not. useful information to me okay then. goodbye piss off but i’m explaining why. that’s the case would you like to learn. something. uh i have to mute you again please uh. you need to stop screaming david uh but. the point that matt is making is that. you are simply coming with um an. argument that is. that this is simply baseless it is a. subjective. opinion that something is worthy of. worship you can’t possibly accept people. to accept that when i say i don’t care. what i mean david is that. you anybody could call in with their. esoteric definition of a god and say. here’s what i mean by god but you’re not. advocating for something that actually. exists you’re engaged in some mental.

Masturbation and i care about god’s in. the sense that there are billions of. people on the planet who actively. believe that there is a being and they. would agree most of them a better chunk. of them that it’s a monotheistic god. that’s. worthy of utter devotion worship and. worship of uh worthy of worship so they. would they would agree with your. definition of god and yet what you’re. doing is limiting the definition of god. to something that is just an. intellectual exercise that is absolutely. useless so. if you’d like to present the rest of. your premises in order to support your. theology i’m happy to hear them but i. told you that i rejected the first. premise your first premise being. basically in order for something to. qualify as a god david thinks it must be. monotheistic worthy of utter devotion. and worship worthy and i don’t care what.

David’s definition of god is for the. purposes of anything other than does it. actually exist. uh so david i’m going to unmute you if. you want to add anything to that if you. want to present the rest of your uh. premises please uh go ahead. now. i just would like to maybe uh. ask one question and then just close it. out just. see i i think of it like this i i try to. use the terms. you know i speak english and for me. a rule. for the terms i use especially noun. terms. okay there’s got to be something that. that term refers to in in order for that. term to be an intelligible. term okay. and i have something are you there. yes yes. we’re just bored. with this english lesson. oh oh well i i i’d rather talk to people. who have better attitudes anyway i’ll. talk to you later goodbye then. goodbye thanks thank you david uh.

Yeah i’d like to talk to people with. better attitudes too people who have. actually put some time and thought into. presenting a syllogism and are willing. to accept that if i reject a premise and. give you the reasons that i reject it. that coming back with you don’t like my. attitude or you want to find somebody. who’s nicer to talk to uh is just. admitting that you lost so go away yeah. and i want to point out i mean there is. um it’s actually a very nice very very. funny point to bring up uh the english. language and the definition of god for. example god is not something that. is that has a unanimous definition that. is uh verifiable you know that we can. compare to. uh something that everyone knows to be. god there is no one definition of god. everyone has different definitions of. god. you can define it as you want if you.

Want to define it as a being that is. worthy of worship or worthy of devotion. that is your definition of god that is. not the english definition of god that’s. not the universal definition of god so. that’s that’s also again a completely. wrong terrible approach in my opinion. but that’s just me and and moreover. before we get to the call i’ve got a. couple more announcements but moreover. uh with regard to the that last call um. i speak english and in english i think. that noun sort of points yes. david you smug little jackass i’m sorry. you’re mad. but yes it’s very good to define your. terms and so if you wanted to begin. before the argument and say i’m going to. be arguing for god and my definition of. god is a monotheistic being that is. worthy of devotion and then premise one. is this that would have been fine.

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