Dating A Younger Girl

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Dating A Younger Girl now, one of

So what’s going on with your dating life now? Are you single or are you in a relationship? That’s a great question, Ellen. It was written on this card. Yeah. The funny thing is I’m doing this new audio book now where I talk about my whole life like that. It’s sort of how I’m a little out of it now. I’m a little out of the mix. I used to be more in it, but I’m getting older. It’s called A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World, and so on this book, I just- I did a book about two years ago, and then this time, I go, a lot of people like the audio. I’m just going to call Audible and just do it straight to Audible.

So it’s the only- well, it’s the only one I’ve done. So it goes straight to Audible. Yeah, that’s it. You can preorder it right away. But anyway, it’s about my life and about all of the stupid things I do. And comparing sort of then to now, one of them is dating, where I go- because sometimes I date girls that aren’t my exact same age- like, they’re lower, a little bit. But mature. They have to have a GED, for sure. They don’t have to. And by the way, sometimes it’s awkward. You’re out and then you hear like a Led Zeppelin song, and their face is blank. And I’m like, you don’t know who Led Zeppelin is? They’re like, dude, I don’t know who Maroon 5 is, all right.

Dating A Younger Girl in the glove compartment

I’m young and you’re old. Is there a problem? I’m like, no, no. Let’s get some sushi. And then there’s different things like you used to call girls and get rejected on the phone, like- You know what I mean? You dial up, and now it’s all texting. If you text a girl and they don’t text you right back, it’s over. And then they try to get out of it. You’re like, hey what’s up? And then four days later, they’re like, what’s up, babe? You’re like, wait, is this Wednesday? When did I text you? And then I go, oh, not much. I want to hang out. Then five days later, she’s like, where you been? I’m like, what’s going on? Are you not getting these? And I go, oh, I’m the worst texter.

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I’m so bad at it, whichno girl’s bad at it. And you can tell because if you ever go to dinner with them, they’re just hunched over their phone all night. I go, oh, I see you’re getting the hang of it. Yeah. But anyway, it’s all stuff about dating. There’s a girl the other day that argued with me because she got in my- I have an old car, and she goes, do you have an aux cord? And I go, I don’t know what you’re saying. I don’t know what that is. She goes, aux cord. I go, it’s slower and I still don’t know. I go, do you mean ox, like the animal? And she’s like, what? And I’m like, you don’t know what that is and I don’t know what that is.

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And she goes, to plug in my phone. And I’m like, I have an iPod Shuffle in the glove compartment for emergencies, but I didn’t give it to her. I go, oh, I don’t know. She goes, I can’t believe you don’t have an aux cord. I go, it’s a 1995 Land Cruiser. I don’t have reverse, all right. So you think you’re with James Bond? I’ll take you to the iPhone store. Jesus. Oh my God. So that’s sort of comparing. With animals, with life, with everything I’ve done in my life, we just go sort of then and now. So it is fun. All right. So it’s allyou can preorder it, by the way. David’s bookit’s called A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World.

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