Dating A Trinidadian Man

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In the rest of the world oleda says. stupid in trinidad and tobago. no no no sir we just say it differently. what’s this scene there earlier it’s me. yes antonia go teach. how to call people stupid. but like a trinidad yeah come there we. go. it’s up about five six thousand where. you could call somebody stupid. without saying stupid hello he’s stupid. you’re an idiot nah nah nah nah we don’t. say stupid did i say. stupid you turn fast food three times. all day and wondering why you’re fat. that is stupid you’re driving your car. with no insurance oh that is stupid but. on top of stupid. a person that does stupidness. is a super deep of course yeah that. partner who constantly gets in hold by. his girlfriend but he can’t leave she. he’s a stupidi you have a partner saying. all lives matter well you know. horse i don’t know what to tell you.

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Other than the fact that he’s that. stupid. stupid it’s stupid stupidness is. stupidness. and a person that does stupidness is a. stupidy. stupid use ielts chopin egypt if you’re. real stupid you just cut out the s you. just call them chipping. what’s your real chipping when said that. chippingness. we’re not easy we’re not easy i’m. tapastrippity oh because here deutsch. your daughter . is too means you are stupid a dotish. person is a stupid person. a stupid person is a dotish person it. does go. hand in hand like racism in america so. you could use it interchangeably as well. a dotish person is a stupid person and. he does shipping this. a dotish person does do dotishness. don’t come with that dotishness is same. thing man interchangeable. example for deutschness not when i mask. you in a pandemic. driving without seat belts well does.

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That kind of go. to you know drinking and driving well. use that user else shipping. yet yes you do tish you’re dotish. let me heat things up a little bit more. let me let me bring into a higher boy. like nice nice little boy imps. yes uh imps our imps is our stupidity. our imps is dotis. are telling you is our imps my. girlfriend’s on tinder but she’s only. using it. to meet new friends. that’s that’s really interesting you’re. stupid. you’re dotis and these are imps all. three same time happening. at the same time your partner arguing. with you about who going in our fights. punisher. or batman and he’s saying buddha shall. go beat batman. in a fist fight don’t study his image. use iron imps yet and of course. my favorite words for calling somebody. are idiots. but it just sounds so much more. delightful to call somebody.

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This election i’m voting for trump this. election i’m voting for biden yuzakuru. the confederate flag is a flag that. represents. walking through the bronx late at night. with all my jewelry on. by myself. you literally cannot mandate somebody to. wear a mask. knowing that that mask is killing people. literally is killing people. we the people are waking up and we know. what citizen’s arrest is. literally is killing people and every. single one of you that are obeying the. devil’s laws are going to be arrested. and you doctor doctor. are going to be arrested for crimes. against humanity. excuse me someone please remove this. kunu munu from the floor. she is taking up all of the oxygen that. we all need as human beings. say it’s with me. the spanish word for tutu or poop as you. americans would say. whole being the world the caca does flow.

From wakaka hole is well. as only americans would say an . donald trump. cackahol candace owen cackahol. if you in 2020 over here eating caca. hole. because that’s the wave well you two sir. ironically. are a cocacola you is a coca-cola. eating cacao. it’s kakahoe inception there’s level. study. the cacao hollering but if you have a. cacao oil friend. a kunumunu friend a imps friend or a. stupid. friend that goetish be sure to tag them. send them a link to this video and tell. them there’s a kakahool tell them. tell them i say them but if you enjoyed. the video and would like to see more. be sure to hit the like button possibly. subscribe. what do you think have you met any kaka. holds recently let me know in the. comments below. is a boy wakatang here and i will catch. you all on the next one be sure to check. out one of my next videos over here on.

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