Dating A Sugar Mama

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Dating A Sugar Mama rich parents look
I don’t know if we really should. handshake well here hold on listen I. just listen Emily I just I’m in the. market right now for a sugar mama and I. think you have sugar mama vibes Emily. you’re not trying to split me no this is. random but um what’s your name hi. Heather. I’m Jillian nice to meet you right now. I’m in the market for like a sugar mama. and I know you probably never ever got. approached this way before but I just. figured like I’m a different guy so I’ll. do something new and different so I. wanted to see if maybe you were in the. market like you know this might like me. not them I’m not good enough for you you. definitely do have this area I’m looking. excuse me miss basically I am looking. for a sugar mama and I think you’d be. the perfect to the mother look you just. give me sugar mama Bob’s you challenge.

For me you fine as hell let me get your. number I’m not that expensive I just. need a few things I need some Gucci bags. offwhite no what’s your name. Brenda hyper now I’m Jillian nice to. meet you well as you can tell I have a. lot to offer. oh I walk around with lollipops 24/7 and. I’m like I’m a fun person so I just. wanted to see it maybe possibly. you wouldn’t be interested in like being. my sugar mama I need I need a booger mom. what you got a trash can like you what. yeah recycling bin you did not give up. broke vibes. the unemployed you got a stimulus check. right you’re a dependent so you can ask. your parents for some money to spoil me. right what are you eating what is that. looks good no I haven’t where’d you get. it was in the mall okay. my name is Julian and I’m 21 and. basically right now I’m trying to find.

My sugar mama and you seem like a nice. woman you’re beautiful and I just got. like sugar of all my vibes. that’s why I stopped you I saw you in my. heart almost like jumped out of my chest. Heather Heather Heather do you have kids. or you don’t you want to start a family. with me do you have any friends I’d be. interested in like giving me some sugar. yeah calling back my name is juju pretty. much another problem I think I’m Bo you. get that log yeah what are you doing. here I’m shopping but not for clothes. how are you y’all look young you’re 29. alright that’s perfect. basically I need a sugar mama yeah I. wanted to see what come on listen what I. have a lot of qualities girls I give. good massages I’ll listen to you what do. you give you a lollipop though more just. came from okay there’s more I have a. whole wall full of lollipops girl I’m.

Telling you you your girl you at least. get my number how are you oh I asked you. first. damn you are oh yeah that’s the point. that’s the point of a sugar mama right. okay cool well if you do just tell them. that I’m usually around here around 7. o’clock you know before they close just. hang out here my lollipop at Target yeah. you got to get it how you can you know. what I mean I just felt the energy that. you wanted me to come and talk to you so. you know that that’s why I came over. here yeah. I’m usually free on the weekends kind of. busy during the weekdays are you we. demand a lot well we can work through. that. what kind of demands do you have. I have a lot of towns you’d be surprised. I. I mean I don’t know you you don’t want. to get to know me no I wanted to enjoy. it with you here do you want to look. good no it’s not maybe I should try some.

Different methods do you know what the. definition of insanity is no doing the. same thing over and over again really I. mean well I want dinner like two times. honestly this is like the second day. yeah so if you can still work it could. still turn around but I really want you. either well like you I feel like you. just you’re just perfect for me but. hopefully one day you change your mind. maybe where are you from. alright perfect cool well if you see me. on your next trip don’t be don’t be. afraid to say hi. cool bye other shopping for a moment. there you don’t even understand what’s. all in this package girl once I walk. away this is a done deal I’m never going. on I’m telling you you’re gonna regret. this you’re gonna regret this you marry. all right i’ma give you ten seconds to. think it over. i’ma get ten seconds right now you got.

Ten seconds. 20 years really. whoa thanks I’ll have laying around. my first month about me. maybe it’s time for you to reverse the. role maybe that’s. what’s your name stormy all it’s a cool. name my name is Julian look I need a. sugar mama and right now I know it’s got. a funny I’m just trying to see if. anybody in this mall would be like. interested like I have a lot of. qualities girl I know how to cook I know. how to give good massages I’m like a. therapist I know how to talk people. out of the problems sore me I love you. Marie via Arabia okay that’s a nice name. how are you doing it you just come. information oh cool Howie how are you 21. really the same age that’s so cool. um you gonna be my sugar mama a growth. boat or like this coronavirus boat. you do. really. five hundred what you got to do would. she be doing we hang out when you just.

Call go to the stores and my I’m. actually in the market trying to find a. sugar mama and I wanted to see if any of. y’all would be interested in spoiling me. I’m telling you I have a lot comes with. this package really I think you can. still make a little bit of room for me. are you working you thought you have. rich parents look at you I like the way. you dress that’s why it stopped you this. is your sister are y’all related or. something yup you guys are friends I am. yeah how are you you’re 18. I’m gonna just stand around here and. just flop my eyes yeah. you don’t want to experiment. I’m not I’m not that expensive I think. you sound like seconds 10 9 8 7. six. three. why. I’m telling you baby girl you’re gonna. regret this I have a lot of sugar in. this thing what was the same. right you like it. you wanna lick no I’ll be down to be my.

Sugar mama any Yachats bullying me whoa. no that’s not how it works in 2020 baby. mmhmm that was last year we getting. sugar mamas this year not all right if. y’all change on mine I’ll be here till. 6:00. how long have you been doing that well. hold on before you go I mean you’re kind. of cute can I get your number maybe you. can be like cool all right cool. I want to get your number honestly but I. are watching them but you know I had one. sugar mama and she actually flew me out. here. um my friend reduced me to her yeah she. looks for like a young black man you. know age 20 really you got friends all. right how about look how about this how. about you take down my number you tell. all your friends about me and once I get. one of your friends become my sugar mama. I’ll give you a percentage how about. that that sound good let’s do that all.

Right cool yeah I got you. I like that percentage idea yeah right. my friend right. he literally paid the rent I just I just. came back from this place but really so. you spent his money right now oh you go. girl I loved with that cool I’m a tech. shoes we’re gonna hang out to our all. right cool this is your husband at home. okay I’m trying to find a sugar mama do. you guys know anybody I’m talking. looking for a sugar mama like some itis. flew me up just let her know yeah have a. good day yeah by the way I’m actually. making a stupid youtube video ever yes. today’s video we’re just asking people. like will they be our sugar mama so I’m. actually making a youtube video or I. know. swear to God yeah well it’s not TV it’s. YouTube basically I’m going up to. everybody I’m trying to find a sugar. mama like that’s the whole that’s the.

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