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Dating A Jewish nice big thumbs up maybe

Shabbat shalom everyone and welcome to. another episode of everyday Jew your fun. and flirty guide to Judaism in 10. minutes or less so I thought we’d take a. setback this week and I talked to you. guys about a subject that sometimes gets. a lot of really or sometimes gets no. response at all and that’s dating it’s. not that I was brought up a certain way. I just have always grown up with a. belief that if I do marry someone that. that person will be Jewish so I usually. only date Jewish guys and it’s kind of. hard to date in Los Angeles alone and. then finding single straight Jewish guys. is even harder because they’re either. looking for something that’s completely. different than what I am or they’re. already monogamous relationships from. college and it’s just that’s an entirely. different thing about in general about.

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Dating in Los Angeles so I’ve tried the. online dating thing in the very Jewish. persuasion now we all know that there’s. things like Christian mingle and OkCupid. and plenty fish and JDate of course and. I have a couple of horror stories from. JDate for example my mom actually signs. yet for JDate after I broke up with my. high school boyfriend and that winter I. ended up going to what’s called the. matzo ball on Christmas Eve which is a. Jewish singles mixer in New York at a. giant Club and I easily was the youngest. person there very out of place but you. know what it was an eyeopener and you. can always laugh saying that I was a Jew. with the matzo ball of Christmas so yes. there are Jewish dating sites that are. specifically aimed towards Jews and I. personally am on one dating sites I have. been on JD obviously um but I managed.

I’m on a dating site right now and I. have my preferences that I prefer to. only date Jews and sometimes people are. like I don’t. anybody up for would you be willing to. say anyone else that way no sorry I like. my men Hebrew I let my he’s to be Hebrew. that’s just a personal preference that I. have it may not be an entirely religious. preference but I prefer to date someone. who issues or willing to be Jewish to be. with me and that’s not I’m not. discriminating against anybody else. who’s not Jewish it’s just that’s my. personal preference for who I like to be. and online dating alone for that can be. really scary because there are those. preferences they have or you can go. completely to me Jewish sites like JDate. and if you didn’t know just by typing. and Jewish shaving there are 13 apps on. the App Store on the iPhone 4 JD.

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Literally 13 of them including a Jewish. only version of tinder essentially well. that’s a lot of them ours they’re swipe. ones like J swipe and things like that. and no I have not been paid by any of. these companies to talk about them I’m. just saying that there are so many. opportunities for me to if I wanted to. either pay to have a membership to. potentially meet someone or not pay to. have a membership to meet someone but it. is something that is in the back of my. mind when I date is that I do primarily. go after Jewish guys and that’s not. horrible but it’s also does it limit me. in LA yes a no there’s a lot of Jews out. here just not a lot of Jews who want to. date me so I try everything from OkCupid. to JDate to J swipe and a couple of. other these apps and you know what. they’re pretty much all the same dating.

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Is dating no matter what religion you. had and for me that preference may be. Jewish but that’s the same thing as. someone who’s Christian and only wants. to date Christian or someone who’s. Muslim and only wants to date Muslim or. someone who is agnostic and only wants. to date that or someone who’s. didn’t only wants to make people who are. atheist that’s a personal preference. that’s something that I take comfort in. is that knowing that the person I’m date. and potentially one day may marry have. had some of the same religious. experiences that I’ve had they might. have some of the same moral values some. of the same family values and traditions. and things like that the good thing is. about dating someone who does have the. same religious background as you is that. sometimes you can take traditions from. your family from their family and you.

Can put them together and create new. traditions or even for my case I’m. creating new traditions with my friends. and teaching them about Judaism not only. through everyday Jew but through things. that are going to happen especially over. the holiday season and I can’t wait for. it. now do I think that going on these. religious specific only dating sites is. a bad thing no do I think the other good. thing no I have no opinion toward them. because it’s a personal choice do I. personally choose to pick who I want to. date based solely on religion no what. religion does pay a factor so this video. wasn’t necessarily a little bit about. history or culture it was really just my. perspective on it dating and dating. websites like Gd and Abbi JD apps and J. swag and things like that. I do find a little bit more comfort.

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Knowing that there are people who are. like me who have a lot of trouble with. dating and maybe are on online and. specifically want to look for people who. are Jewish so that’s really kind of cool. kind of scary do I think it will get me. anywhere I have no idea but you know. what that’s kind of the great thing. about being 25 and living in Los Angeles. is that every day is a new adventure. every person I meet is a new character. it’s the story that is my life and I. really count. to fill that story up hopefully one day. with a partner who is Jewish so that’s. kind of why I date people who are Jewish. that’s something that I do believe is. something I want to carry out through. potential children if I ever have them. and it’s a definite part of my heart and. my heritage that I love and I love to. share which is why I do things like.

Everyday Jew and why I teach my friends. about the holidays and why I’m more than. willing to invite them over for an. impromptu Passover dinner with a. 10minute Seder before Glee happens. because you want to be able to celebrate. the holiday and share your traditions. with your friends so dating in general. is scary dating in LA is nearly. impossible online Jewish aiding that’s. another section of the Torah that maybe. I’ll learn one day in my own life so. thank you guys again for watching don’t. forget to hit subscribe give this video. a nice big thumbs up maybe you share it. good friends ask them their opinion. about religious only dating sites and. apps and things like that if they prefer. that over generalized. apps for dating and sites for dating and. things like that thank you guys again. for watching and shabbat shalom everyone.

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