Dating A Hispanic Man

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What is good YouTube is your boy wavy. stallion back with another banger and. today I got a what race would you got. date part 5 if you haven’t seen the. other parts you’re missing out go check. it out also follow your boy on tic toc. get my followers up I’m on take talk now. and let’s get straight to it alright I’m. here with Oh some Rios alright the. question is what race wouldn‘t you date. say that again what race wouldn’t you. date. I say Asian yeah like Asian Chinese yeah. why oh no that compound chicken that’s. weird. oh I’d be Harry Harry van that’s crazy. what’s your preference probably like. lightskinned why. Dominican yeah photos anything right now. you know I stink slim waist and you. heard it here first if you think slim. waist last game he’s the man. yes sir he’s a man alright I’m here with. Ben alright Ben the question is what’s.

One race you wouldn’t date all right so. I’ll really discriminate to be honest. okay but I did have an experience with a. black girl and when I was like when I. just got in high school because she has. sent me news like the ratio color from. white flat of King my roast beef alright. you see some I see where your girl like. cooked on the outside but not in the. inside that’s threw me off but right now. I’m really got a problem with it right. you know yeah black females y’all y’all. a little bad you know especially why. skin ones that’s what hey there you go. there you go that’s it our guys I mean. with dawn deuce sorry Oh DJ you know. alright but the question is what race. wouldn’t y’all date I’m gonna keep it. real Haitians what are you yeah you know. what the day is what’s probation ain’t. just crazy like if you go wrong then you.

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Just might I take a fist cuz lowkey I’m. happy sure I know I’ll just play well I. mean they do bust it down for one night. right okay. uh I’m here with Darian sorry are the. question is what race wouldn‘t you date. white I ain’t got one it’s silly what. why why that’s a lie hey coach I get it. do you hate me you know what. boy I wish your preference were you like. Hispanic patients what so you used. you’ve been honest you did anybody. what’s your preference black has been it. I feel that uh I’m here with grace okay. the question is what race wouldn‘t you. date Asian. dang why isn’t my good that’s great. all right what if the coronavirus didn’t. exist though no agent yeah that’s crazy. what’s your preference what you guys. like alright I’m here with Nico Tina all. right the question is what race wouldn’t. you date right definitely I mean like I.

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Mean I’m not definitely but not. definitely like Loki Loki like hella. dark skins you don’t know why Darcy is a. feisty sometimes what about you I’m. gonna have to agree with them what’s. your preference what you guys like. Alaskans are Latinas nope light skins I. feel that for that army would chachi. Hannah George. Gabrielle are the question is what race. wouldn’t you date I wouldn’t date. wouldn’t Asians I mean it depends as. always okay explain know know so it’s. like save like it really depends depends. okay why agent why do you say using I. just I don’t like it no not at all I. just it’s just why I’m prefer to you. exactly alright what was you. Oh Mexican big jump to her they jump so. high oh that’s a yes okay okay what. about you wait while I do it. well you guys are together oh my god. army with Cassidy the question is what.

Race wouldn’t you date why why why all I. did not my fight they not just hey. what’s your side I like black brown is. alright why do you say why she live for. Silver’s why do you say why they can’t. help me I gotta to issues I feel that. everyone saying why today are I’m here. with Heather Nicole okay the the. question is what race wouldn’t you date. probably like very very like dark dark. black not racist what about you I agree. what’s your preference what do you like. like inbetween like like tannins in. like lightskinned budget why are. Hispanics alright I’m here with I don’t. know all right the question is what’s. one race that you wouldn’t date be. honest tiny Chiney that’s like four four. times people said that why watch I knees. what’s what about them I can’t see I’m. here with Cassidy Megan are the question.

Is what race wouldn’t you did Indian I. wouldn’t be honest I would date any race. why Indian just like why a DVR that’s. like the accent I don’t know it just. doesn’t do it what so what’s your. preference what do you like mix I don’t. know I would say Asian your purpose is. Asian Jimmy Asians people said that they. wouldn’t date today they said that they. weren’t in days and it’s gonna because. of the corona virus alright I mean with. Jalen Trey. alright guys basically what’s a race. that you guys wouldn’t date down be. honest not gonna lie oh and a white you. wanted a like hi guys I got think about. that alright explain your answer well. he’s thinking last time I dated a white. girl bro it was one of the worst. mistakes I’ve ever made. why what happened ya know because she. won she wanted to all my homeboys. Subarus I go you trippin I must smash.

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