Dating A Hispanic Man

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But race would you guys not date I just. sound racist or anything not to be. racist or anything but I can’t really do. I sound here with Danny Danny you had a. girl from before yes. all right so the question is what race. would you not date. I think I’d honestly race I’d date any. race. I think it’s personality most. importantly all right I don’t really. care about what a person looks like as. long as they love me for who I am all. right. and now for what I have what do you look. for in a girl. they’re that smart charming she likes. lots of humor and yeah as long as she. loves me my boy Danny my boy. all right shout out shout you’re in stir. something Julia Diaz Danny underscore 13. here with Joseph Joseph R howdy I’m 17 I. so have you had a girlfriend before yeah. all right so the question is what race. would you not date no black girls girl.

Why you just see the snow mess racist. but like you’ve experienced it or what. and then you just don’t want to go down. that way. don’t do drugs if you’re doing it stop. it get some help all right so I’m here. with Brian I saw the question is well. race would you not date to be honest to. be honest I did all of them you did all. that yeah what do you what do you look. for in a girl I mean all depends like. she’s cute or not cute. I’m here with Hector Hector all right. Hal d23 so you’ve been a relationship. before right. yeah I so the question is what race. would you not be. damn bloody flags you’re honest but wait. what African y1o no there might be just. little too crazy go crazy alright what. do you look for in a girl not to be. honest personality’s everything like. what kind of personality just gotta be. funny funny outgoing you know.

Adventurous I’m so boring I don’t know. that’s about it are you satisfied with. his answer yes I’m small I’m here with. Ritchie Lilly Jackie. Jovan what’s up alright so the question. is what race would you guys not date. what race I wouldn’t date yet to be. honest not to sound racist or anything. not to be racist or anything but I can’t. really do white people yo I knew. somebody was gonna say that say what I. just feel if this is gonna come out I. was wrong but I just feel that they. don’t all value culture as much as other. races yeah and that’s something. important to me culture yeah that’s true. yeah yeah what people we’re going to. really openminded so it does like they. don’t really take into consideration. other people’s feelings when it comes to. culture and stuff like that so I just. wouldn’t be able to do that and then.

Like have you ever really heard any. other people being having crazy. girlfriends other than white girls true. true what do you guys what do you guys. look for in a be as openminded as I am. 50/50 mind if I can go out you can go. out if I can have friends you can have. friends yeah you got it I know you gotta. trust them and it’s all fiftyfifty same. thing tries I think Judd yeah. basically just open to try new things. okay hey I’m here with Russ party Ryan. party other question is what race would. you not date there’s no race I wouldn’t. date I don’t discriminate. all right like no man I’ve literally. read about that though all right what uh. what do you look for in somebody like a. significant other I don’t think I look. for anything in particular. if I like you I like you that’s pretty. much how it goes it’s mostly about that.

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Pretty girls out there right but you. hang out all right so I’m here with I’m. Alejandro and Emmanuel I got twins no no. yeah all right all right so the question. is wait have you guys a relationship. before yeah all right the question is. what race would you not date I’m pretty. sure whatever you an africanamerican we. due to the fact that they’re just crazy. dude oh go great but it I like crazy. okay so all right all right. yeah but I’m probably gonna go with the. Chinese girl cuz you don’t know what can. happen. all right I’ll go with the Mexican you. you would date a Mexican yeah cuz um. this first song I really like women who. actually get pissed off yeah what at the. same time um there might be cute so true. true yeah I’m here with Beatty and have. you guys been in a relationship before. yeah yes yeah all right so the question.

The question is what race would you not. date. probably wait I don’t know why. another yeah yeah I wouldn’t why not why. not I don’t know it’s just not like. they’re not my type. yeah they’re too late nothing against. those what do you look for in a person. respect honesty yeah yeah you loyal no. just a lie. what yeah yeah well race what you guys. not date I’m Asian why Asian all right. well we already film this I just lost. the clip all right why not because it’s. not my type. what are you what do you look for in. somebody there. me titties right. the grills right there and I’m like I’m. here with Roe Roe uh how old are you I’m. 18 18 have you been in a relationship. before yeah. all right so the question is what race. would you not date boat race yeah I’m. off for the race I’m free all right I. feel you I feel like I so what do you.

Look for in a girl. personality says that what what do you. what do you mean by that fun at least. like someone who can get me basically on. the same level all right I feel you I. feel you all right so the question is. what race would you not date white why. why why all right all right what do you. look for in a guy smile smile yeah all. right so I’m here with what so this is. probably your face right now and I know. what you’re thinking what the heck but. you know I ran out of footage and this. is all ahead. even how will the 16 and have you had a. girlfriend before yeah question is what. race would you not date daddy. no judgment zone I just for different. purposes of course I guess I’m gonna. sound like a racist whatever they say. Indian I guess I don’t know why not all. right well what do you look for in a. girl then funny like I don’t really care.

About looks but I want to be like ugly. as hell like yeah that’s what she said. yeah so I’m here with Jackie Jackie I. haldi 21 21 so you’ve been in a. relationship before right yeah alright. so the question is what race would you. not be. probably Muslim cuz then you got a. convert right alright so what do you. look for in a girl. hey what Johnny. James Howell you guys 14 14 and have you. guys been a relationship before yes yes. alright so the question for today is. what race would you not date no another. don’t even no judgments on black why why. I don’t know I just don’t feel attracted. okay I think it depends on the person. like what do you look for in a girl like. physically like I don’t know I just like. someone who’s like cute I guess. it’s a bang or something you already. know it’s me it’s a finger finger are.

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