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Dating A Deaf Person to hear

"Can you date hearing guys like me?" I’m like, yes, I’ve done that before. What’s wrong with that? We just can’t hear, that’s all. My name is Evette and I’m a house cleaner. My name is Shyanna and I’m actually a college student. Yes, I’m deaf. Sorry, I’m a little nervous. Yes, I’m deaf, completely deaf. Oh, um. Where do I begin? Oh, there’s so many. Um, let me think of one. "Do you like music?" "Do deaf people actually have sex?" I’ve been asked a few times, "Can you read and write?" Can you understand my lips? Yeah, I don’t like that one. You hear the same thing over and over and over again.

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"Can you drive?" "Can deaf people drive?" "Oh, can deaf people drive?" Like, obviously I can drive! Oh my gosh, that’s so insulting. Well, people do ask me if I need a wheelchair, like, at the airport. I’m like, hello, I’m standing in front of you. I just can’t hear. "Do all deaf people sign the same?" "Is it a universal language?" I’m like, well, do you have a spoken universal language? It’s not really question, but they try to test me. Like, "Are you really deaf?" So some people yell behind my back. There’s many things that are just really annoying, but if you ask me, "Do you wish you could hear," that’s awful.

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Dating A Deaf Person yell behind my

Well, I mean, I was born deaf, so I’ve never been able to hear. No, no, um, I don’t think I ever wished that. Well, of course. I mean, being deaf’s not easy. You have to break through all kinds of obstacles. Yeah, there’s a lot of times, you know, I wish I could hear. I mean, that sense of feeling normal, you know, because so many people in the world are able to hear and just wanting to fit in. But I would not wanna be a hearing person for the rest of my life. I wanna be deaf. I love my life. If I became a hearing person, it makes me think about that word privileged. Would I then feel privileged? And the thought of that really bothers me.

No, I don’t think I would want to hear because I wouldn’t have any reason to be able to continue sign language. I wouldn’t have any reason to be a part of this community or this culture. My identity would sort of disappear. I would then be connected with what we call the hearing world. They think that if you have hearing, it means that you’re going to have a perfect life, but they’ve never experienced our life or our world. I mean, I couldn’t even imagine anything else. I’m always 100% proud to be deaf. That is for sure. I’m satisfied with who I am. No, just stretching. Hey, it’s Marina from Cut.

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