Dating A Deaf Person

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MELISSA: Hi! GUY: Hi! Yeh you’e from? Um yeh, yeh, yeh Sit down, sit down.

Dating A Deaf Person can lipread and we

MELISSA: It’s so nice to finally like meet you and everything. GUY: Yeh you too. I guess now that we are actually finally in person, it’s time I actually reveal I am actually deaf. So I can’t hear you, but I GUY: Oh my god I don’t know any hand signUm MELISSA: It’s totally fine, like I can lipread and we can write and like GUY: I’ll speak like REALLY CLEARLY. MELISSA: No it’s fine you can speak normally and like we can figure it out. GUY: Yeh I mean My grandmother actually is like super deaf, couldn’t hear like anything when I talked to her.

Pretty wild. MELISSA: Yeh that’s crazy…

Dating A Deaf Person know any hand signUm MELISSA

I mean it’s been cool chatting with you for so long online. It’s nice to finally meet you in person. GUY: Yeh umm Yeh I remember you said you like pasta right? So I ordered you pasta. There you go. MELISSA: Lovely, plain pasta GUY: Yeh, yeh I mean it’s honestly kinda weird we’ve taken so long to go out cuz like honestly my boys were making fun of me because we haven’t gone out we’ve been texting so long and we’ve been taking such a long time MELISSA: Sorry I can’t read your lips like that. GUY: Sorry I forgot you were impaired, But at least like your other senses are like better, right? MELISSA: Umm.. Yeh I’ve got a great sense of humor.

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