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Dating A Deaf Person about my

Hi everyone, welcome back to a new video if you’re new to this channel, I’m Jazzy the deaf YouTuber who uses BSL . For this video, I want to talk about what it’s like dating as a deaf person what is it like dating hearing or deaf people so I want to share my experience and my opinions on dating, don’t forget every deaf person‘s opinions are different. This video is my opinion. I’ve have experienced dating both hearing and deaf people, so I’m going to tell you about my experience, is it any difference between hearing and deaf and all these things. Before I tell you my experience dating as a deaf person, make sure you give this video a thumbs up if you want to see more of deaf topic videos and comment below what you want me to chat about next.

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I really hope you enjoy hearing my story, let’s get on with the video! I’ve been mentioned earlier that I’ve experienced dating both hearing and deaf, so I want to tell you my experience with deaf first. In my opinion, dating hearing and deaf are different to me, because you know the deaf world is really small, as there are only a million 1,2 or 3, I don’t know how many living in the UK, and there are like 70 million hearing people I don’t know whatever million it is, lots of people are born right now, whatever. I know a million seems a lot but it’s really small imagine 70 million hearing people compared to a million deaf all deaf people are spread out in the UK, all of us are living far away from each other so it’s difficult to find a deaf person to date.

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You probably wonder how deaf people meet or date how does it work if everyone lives far away, there are deaf events every year, where all deaf people meet, you might see a deaf person that you like and go on a date with them or we hear about other deaf people through friends you know nowadays, social media is popular everyone knows everyone, they follow each other on Instagram or add each other on Facebook as we all can see mutal friends and all of them are deaf, so we’ll know they’re deaf like when someone added me, I was like who’s that until I see our mutal friends, they’re all deaf, so I’ll accept them cos they’re deaf too funny story.

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But it’s still hard to find deaf people to date because there aren’t lots of deaf events now there used to be lots before when I was younger so it was easy to meet other deaf people but now, it’s harder because deaf events are less. Lots of deaf people that I know, they have a longdistance relationship for me, I’ve never experienced a longdistance relationship, it would be interesting to experience this if I have it one day. There are no dating apps for deaf people, because obviously, the deaf world is small, so they never made an app for it, and deaf people already have each other on social media, it’s a bit like a dating app but it’s not.

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I think they totally should make one for deaf people. I was thinking about it if we actually have one, so I went to research it, I found a deaf dating website, but it looks like it’s not from the UK, it looks American or something, until I signed into it, it says I have to pay every month, I was like forget it, I’m broke. This dating website is for old people too, I was like nah, I’m young I don’t want to date old people. It’s easier for hearing people to date because they have lots of dating apps like Tinder, where you can swipe, meet up with people for a date, or they meet in a pub etc but, there’s no dating app for deaf people so it’s hard for us.

Let me honest with you, I date with hearing people more than I do with deaf people because it’s hard to find other deaf people to date I always go to the pub or meet hearing people in my local, and I get on a date with them there are few deaf events that I attend a year, it’s rare so I never have a chance to date deaf people. But I’ve never been in a relationship with hearing, and I was in a relationship with deaf, so.. yeah. When I go on a date with a hearing guy, you probably wonder how do we communicate, we communicated through notes on phone, or using gesturing, lipreading I would teach them sign language, they would learn more sign language every time we met, that’s how I communicate with them, but it’s different with deaf because when we go on a date, we would communicate through sign language which is easy.

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When I go on a date with a hearing guy, I feel like it’s like starting all over again, like I teach them sign language, but I don’t find it annoying, I don’t mind at all, I think it’s interesting to learn about their hearing world, I like to learn new things. I don’t get annoyed about it, I’m fine with it it’s not a big struggle to communicate with them on a date, but with some people, it’s such a struggle, and some are fine, I think it depends on the person, sometimes hearing people feel like they don’t know how to communicate with deaf people, so they would panic which makes the communication break down.

But with hearing people who don’t mind dating deaf, it’ll make our communication much easier because it makes us comfortable, calm and the conversation is going to flow. Like I said earlier, I’ve never been in a relationship with a hearing guy, it’s not because it didn’t work cos I’m deaf and he’s hearing, sometimes it just doesn’t work out between us, it happens. I don’t have any preference for dating deaf or hearing, I like it both same, I like to meet new people and learn about their life, the difference is only communication. sometimes it happens that you don’t have a connection with them, that’s what dating is for, to see if you actually like this person and learn about their life to see if you both have a connection.

I think it’s quite interesting to go on a date with a hearing guy,. it’s a bit of a struggle when we try to communicate. if it fails, we’ll have to use notes. it makes me feel like we’re always on phone,. some hearing people only focus on notes to communicate,. because they can’t stand facing deaf people to talk,. I was like they’ll need to learn how to face each other,. when being on notes all the time, I was like. can we just have eye contact for once?. Eye contact is important to see if I actually like this person.. I don’t mind dating hearing people who’ve never met deaf,. to learn about deaf life, I don’t mind that but. I think I prefer to date people who. already know sign language or have some deaf awareness,. or their family member is deaf,. or know someone who is deaf,. I prefer this because this makes me feel like.

We’re on the same level, if they don’t know anything about deaf, I would feel like our level is different, it’s hard to catch up on the same level together. I think people definitely should create a deaf dating app one day, imagine on a deaf Tinder, I would swipe them just like that oh oh oh, get to meet them or whatever, it would be cool. Who knows maybe it’ll happen one day. So yeah, this is my story dating as a deaf person, it will be interesting to see other deaf people dating stories. Feel free to comment below your experience with dating a deaf or hearing person it would be interesting to read them to see if our experience is similar or different.

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