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Big girls are not as sexy as a skinny. girl or slim girl because she’s big. which is very where’s confusing to me. let me off this video by saying this if. you are a heavyset lady if you are a big. girl I need you to understand you are. still beautiful you are still amazing. and I don’t want you to feel less of a. person because you’re holding on to a. few extra pounds then your normal person. even when it comes to summer I had a. conversation with one of my followers. that she said when summer was around the. corner. she wasn’t excited like everyone else. and the reason why I’m thinking about it. because when everybody’s going to the. beach and she wants to go to the beach. she doesn’t feel confident she doesn’t. feel comfortable to wear that bikini she. bought a pretty little thing Oh boohoo. she will just stay at my house so you.

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Won’t go to the beach with her friends. because she feels that she’s a left out. one she feels less of a person she. doesn’t feel comfortable or confident in. our body and ladies I have to let you. know don’t ever feel like that don’t. ever feel like that at all now I’ve got. a few things to say in this video if you. agree with anything I say please leave a. thumbs up and let me see how much of you. agree with me if you don’t agree with me. you know what I want you to leave a. comment down below and let me know your. argument on this whole topic but this. body shaming business this needs to. stop it needs to stop now I’m going to. get into the main reason why I’m. actually talking about this topic why. I’m making this video I had a. conversation with my boys and I said. something and their reaction was a. little bit but I really don’t care and.

I’m gonna let the world know this as. well so just keep on watching I’m gonna. let you know but before we get into the. main reason I need to say this I am NOT. promoting obesity I am NOT saying it’s. okay to be obese to just you know live. your life like that. because you have a wonderful personality. you can be obese I’m not saying that if. you are obese what I want you to do is I. want you to get to a point in life where. you are happy yes but you are also. thinking about your loved ones you’re. also thinking about your health you’re. thinking about staying on this earth a. lot longer so you can be with your loved. ones because we all know. obesity will cause a lot of our problems. with your body not trying to get too. deep into it but this video is for all. of you ladies so I’m not promoting. obesity by I am promoting you need to.
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Love yourself love where you are right. now except where you are right now and. move forward so let me tell you the main. reason I’m making this video you know. what something just popped into my head. if you are overweight woman if you are a. heavy lady big girl and you have. Instagram I want you to follow me right. now send me a direct message saying. hashtag big girl cuz I’ve got a personal. message I want to send to you and I. really want you to know this so follow. me send me at the airport hashtag big. girl and I willing to read a message on. my path to send you the early right now. now the conversation with my voice I. don’t know how this conversation popped. up but the question was has anyone been. with a big girl has anyone slept with a. big girl now everybody was kind of. hesitating few people were like no no.

Broma. trying to wear me I have I put my hands. up I have and it was amazing it was. amazing I will tell you to be now told. the world that because it’s not. something I’m ashamed of what am i. ashamed of are you crazy dude I mean so. why I got through that conversation was. like big girls are not as sexy as a. skinny girl or a slim girl because she’s. big. which is very where’s confusing to me by. personal preference I understand that. but when you go on like a big girl as a. less of a person big girl’s not a human. being a big girl can’t be a beautiful. sexy woman that’s when I get really. really confused for certain man out. there when they really talk like that. and it’s also girls that talk like that. as well so again I’m making this video. to let you ladies know if you are a big. girl listen there are millions.

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Or men out there that will still look at. you and turn back and be like damn she’s. sexy I don’t ever want you to feel again. less of a person because you are. overweight forget all of that so I want. you to look into the mirror and be like. yes I am the yes I’m going to the. gym yes I’m going to better myself yes. I’m going to work on my health but how I. am right now. I am happy how I am but I’m gonna get to. the best version of myself I want to. have that mentality I want you to have. that confidence now I don’t know how any. of you guys are gonna take this video I. have to let you know yes I’m a personal. trainer and my online coach this is what. I do I help women lose weight tone up. and get to the best versions of. themselves but it’s not what I say is. how I say it I’m seeing a lot of other. people out there that I’ve just put in.

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