Dating 2 Guys At Once

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Hey guys what’s up it’s Josh alright so. for today’s video as you guys could see. by the title somebody asked me the. question what do I do if I like two. different people and like who should I. actually pick to want to go on dates. with and hang out with and get to know. more the reason that I thought this was. interesting was because I think that. when you are single and you’re looking. to date somebody sometimes you have a. bunch of people that you see that could. potentially be someone that you could. see yourself with and I think sometimes. it can be really hard so let me know in. the comments if you’ve had a situation. like this before where you like to. different people and let us know how it. went you’re new to my channel maybe. you’ve seen some of my videos before but. you’re not subscribed click Subscribe.

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Right now but that being said here is. the first thing that I came up with. alright the first thing that I came up. with is something that I think you. should remember and something that I. think will be able to help you out is. you need to look at both people and. think of all of the qualities that they. have that you really like in them so. maybe one person makes you laugh all the. time maybe they’re really outgoing they. don’t have a hard time being and like. large groups of people whereas the other. person maybe is more like introverted. but is really generous or likes to take. you for dinner or buy you things or like. go on really crazy trips or something. like that see the things that you like. in each of them so I’d say once you come. up with some positive qualities try to. figure out if they’re like they have.

Positive qualities in their emotions the. third thing that I came up with within. this first point is make sure that this. person respects your boundaries try to. come up with some really positive. qualities that you like in both people. figure out if they’re emotionally stable. and then think about if they are always. trying to push your boundaries or if. they actually respect your boundaries so. I think those would definitely be able. to help you the second thing that I came. up with this will definitely be able to. help you I think out of all of this like. one thing you want to remember is that. you want to make sure that the person. that you’re gonna be going out with or. that you’re gonna end up getting to know. more is somebody that makes you want to. become a better person are those people. like complimenting you are they giving.

You compliment are they making you feel. special are they telling you that you’re. good at things that you’re good at or. are they always tearing you down are. they always telling you you’re bad at. something you don’t want somebody to. always be ripping you apart where like. you don’t know if you’re good at. something anymore because all you hear. is this person telling you you’re not so. one really good thing to look at is. compliments if that person is motivating. you to be a better person and ultimately. do. make you feel special I think that’s a. really big factor if you can find. somebody that’s always wanting to like. see you do your best then that is a. great quality that I think that you. should look for in somebody so those. qualities were kind of ones like for you. and like thinking about like what kind.

Of positive qualities you look for in. them or you see in them I think another. important thing to look at is how that. person acts around you and the little. things that they do to show you that. they really care about you so one thing. that you might notice is that they look. at you a certain way like maybe one of. these people it’s always like staring at. you or looking at you or giving you an. eye we’re like it makes you feel special. or they’re just like making sure that. you know that they’re always like. thinking that you look good or look. pretty you’re just like looking looking. across the room just to see you like if. they’re looking at you a certain way to. make you smile or make you laugh or. whatever like they’re wanting to make. you smile or laugh or whatever it is so. if they’re looking at you a certain way.

That’s always a good sign and like good. way to tell that they’re into you. another one is does he want to hang out. like this person is never wanting to. hang out with you and never has time for. you that’s probably a good indication. that like they might not be as committed. to the relationship as you are if you. notice that they’re always wanting to. hang out like anytime you’re free. they’re always like hey we should go do. this we should go do that we should do a. bunch of things they’re always wanting. to hang out that’s a really good sign. and then the last thing is do they talk. about the future maybe you’ve never. heard them say that they want to do. something like ever if it’s like two. months away then I think that’s a big. indication that they might not be. actually committed to the relationship. and it’s kind of like a sign to show you.

That they’re not really thinking about. the future and they don’t really care if. you guys are doing things later on so. yeah he talks about the future if he. wants to hang out with you all the time. and he looks at you a certain way across. the hallway or across the whatever and. it makes you laugh or smile those are. really good signs so if you notice that. like you’re having a really hard time. deciding between these two people. there’s some things that you see there. and some things that you see there but. not really sure I think that a great. thing to do is ask your friends whatever. their opinion is on a person like don’t. ask them the question who do you like. better. because when you ask them who do they. like better they’re giving you their. answer on who they like better well you. need to ask them. who do you think would be better for me.

Because then they’re gonna base all of. the facts that they think about that. person and then think about you and. they’re gonna try to put them together. and whoever they think would be better. for you they’re gonna tell you. be prepared to like take their opinions. and actually think about them because if. you like to hear them say something and. then you don’t really care about what. they’re saying then I think you’ve. already made up your mind in your head. so so yeah always ask a friend I think. that’s a great idea and listen to their. opinions the last thing that I came up. with and maybe like a great way to start. for you to actually be doing this but I. think a really good idea is to create a. list of like similarities and. differences and then create questions. that are like which guy do you think. would treat you better another one of.

The questions might be which guy do I. think will be able to help me get. through tough times or which guy do I. have more in common with or which guy. can I not live without there’s so many. different questions that you could write. down and I think that creating a list. and then writing like the name beside. them or just like doing similarities and. differences that you really like in that. person and I think sometimes when you. create a list and you can like see it. sometimes it just like becomes more. clear and makes you realize that hey I. have a lot more in common with this. person so maybe I’ll go on a date with. that person so those are all the things. that I came up with I think that. definitely these will be able to help. you if you do write out a list or if you. come up with some positive things that.

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