Cystic Fibrosis Dating

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Hey everyone what’s up I am NOT a. youtuber I’m just gonna put that out. there I filmed a few things and I was 12. like everyone else in the world but I’ve. never sat down and made like a video. video like this it’s been really. something I’ve been wanting to do. because I wish growing up with a chronic. illness. I have cystic fibrosis that someone had. told me these things I don’t really know. how to go about it so I’m just gonna. kind of start with my history and tell. you things as I go I know I’m not the. best storyteller but bear with me if you. want to watch here we go. so this is kind of for everyone with any. chronic illness yes not necessarily. cystic fibrosis just anything that you. feel makes it harder to date I want to. tell people that it’s okay to be nervous. and scared so I had my first boyfriend.

At 16 years old he we dated about a year. and I told him about halfway waiting. listen have maybe a couple of months in. about having CF I don’t like to tell. someone it’s not a dirty secret you know. but I just don’t feel like going through. the conversation and explaining it to. someone who is not going to stick around. and that is one thing I want to really. make clear all of my friends whenever I. start talking to someone or just you. know people with dinner and like what. does he know about you know it’s like no. he doesn’t and why are you asking. because it’s a personal choice on when. you tell and who you tell and how it you. tell I’ve had people saying well you. don’t have to make it a big deal Mikayla. and you don’t have to you know like sit. down and tell them and personally there. is no wrong way to tell people it just.

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Really depends on the person I’ve had. some friends or I just bring it up. casually like oh yeah I have CF I’m. doing my treatments and I go what’s that. and you just tell them and then you move. and then you kind of teach them or they. learn as your friendship grows and. there’s some people who you kind of sit. down and you tell and it’s a big ordeal. and you tell them everything and then. they just know about it from there on. out so it really depends on the person. and it’s no different with dating he. kind he took it well he wasn’t like. flabbergasted was just like okay yeah. and then but he never really asked. questions and you know that’s fine I was. like he’s just processing but it never. got better it was always he was very in. the dark about it he didn’t understand. that you know just because I’m not in.

The hospital I’m still sick you know you. can do home IVs I still don’t feel. mentally up to going out with you you. know I’m getting antibiotics pumped. through my body that drained me and I’m. not I don’t want to go bowling you know. and he always thought it was that I. didn’t like him or you know I was I. wasn’t being for real I remember one. time I was sick with a cold and. sometimes I get colds and I’m you know. I’m fine and then sometimes I get them. sometimes I get them and then I’m in the. hospital for a couple weeks and. sometimes you know it’s just not a. consistent disease and I had had a cold. and I couldn’t go somewhere with him and. he came to my house and basically wanted. to see about you know what was up and. I’m like this isn’t trust we we broke up. not because well I kind of had wanted to. break things off and it was I cannot.

Date someone who doesn’t grasp my. disease you know like I know it’s not. who I am but it is quite a big part of. my life and for someone to not. understand it or not. even I don’t want to say not that he. didn’t try but that’s almost like the. only way I can think to talk about it. you know like he’d just you know he’d be. like hey you know if you’re in the. hospital and you want to talk just let. me know we can talk about it I’m like. you know that would really be nice right. now I’m really stressed and I would tell. him everything you know all the. struggles and it was just um oh that. kind of sucks so was his answer and I’m. like okay not exactly what I wanted then. again we were 16 I don’t know so we. broke up obviously and so I started. dating again eventually and then I met. another guy and we started talking I.

Never even told him I had see if he we. only talked for a couple months went to. prom together. yeah and he ended up going to college. and didn’t want anything serious which. is fine but that’s just another example. I didn’t see fit to tell him about it. because I kind of knew I didn’t think. he’s going to stick along stick along. stick around very long so there’s that. and then I dated another guy for a bit. we these people are guys we never dated. dated but we were talking I guess is the. term and me and him he don’t really did. anything like bad or weird I guess he. did know that I had prior I’m pretty. sure because we met through mutual. people so he had known about me and he. didn’t push me to talk about it which is. something I’ve really really appreciated. because then again you know it’s my. thing to tell my story to tell and how I.

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Want to so he did wait until I had. brought it up I forget how I even. brought it up I think we were literally. texting and I had. I think from coughing and I was like. yeah I’m just you know not really. feeling the greatest I have cystic. fibrosis he’s like oh that’s cool I. don’t really like mine dating someone. with that and that kind of ticked me off. like I’m not trying to be like there’s a. specific way someone reacts I’m usually. pretty open to ever people react and we. talk about it but just like I don’t mind. like oh I’m so glad you don’t mind like. that just really really we did stop. talking that wasn’t the reason but it. was part of it if I’m being honest so I. have dated like couple more guys just. talking but nothing really CF related. happened with that and just dating in. general 18 is hard because I mean dating.

In general not even at 18 it’s just hard. and then throwing this truth bomb of. cystic fibrosis on top of it makes. things a lot harder and I hear people. all the time say you know well anyone be. lucky it doesn’t matter and it’s true. and I appreciate it but you cannot get. that through your head until you accept. it yourself and one thing that was such. a turning point for me and realizing. that CF does not make me less desirable. to date is imagining the situation. flipped if I met a guy and I really. liked him then a couple months and he’s. like you know I’m sorry I haven’t told. you that I have cystic fibrosis and it. would not change a single thing in my. eyes if I’m being honest and that’s just. something if you can imagine why are we. so hard on ourselves for these things if. it’s flipped and you can see yourself.

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Still being with that person with things. that you have making sense then why are. you sitting and beating yourself down. it’s the same thing that body image you. know you can look at someone with your. literally same body type and think they. are so beautiful and gorgeous and then. look at yourself. and hate it and that’s something I’ve. really been struggling with is accepting. that you know I’m just so hard on myself. and that is just something I really. wished that I knew and I’d like to share. because once you see that this disease. is not who you are and that the right. person will love you and they will not. care if you’re in a hospital they will. be right there with you. or you know Eickhoff I spit up mucus. it’s part of it it’s gross it’s not. always pretty and cute and romcoms. there’s so many moments where it’s hard.

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And I’ve kind of like accepted expected. accepted that and you know it’s just a. learning process and that’s okay it is. okay to be confused and not always know. what to expect and another thing is as. I’ve started to date more and meet more. people I have um I get a lot and I’m. really quick to cut guys off and it’s. not that I’m quit to cut quit quick to. cut them off I’ve kind of learned to if. I cannot imagine this person you know. sitting with me in a hospital bed why. I’m coughing up all this gross stuff and. just being a hundred percent of my worst. you know then why am i with them because. it’s a waste of time I’m wasting our. time so that is something I really. learned to if you can’t see yourself. doing your treatments with them or you. know whatever you have maybe of diabetes. I have diabetes. checking your sugar or just you know if.

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