Cystic Fibrosis Dating

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What’s up guys dad cystic fibrosis. see I’ve got cystic fibrosis what’s up. guys this week we are talking about. dating with CF this is my lovely. significant other you guys have seen her. in my other videos we have been dating. for a year and so I guess I’ll start out. by I mean as you guys know my you know. my past I really never talked about CF. so that was including like the. relationships I was doing I was pretty. healthy so it was it was kind of easy to. put off and really not talk about it so. my past relationships I didn’t it was we. never really talked about it you know. I’d go to the hospital but you know it. was just never talked about so this is. like the first relationship that I was. in that we have openly talked about CF. and we struggled together with it so. today we’re just going to talk about you.

Know just talk about what it’s like. dating with CF know will ask know Kelsey. a few questions because I’ve never dated. someone in the CF and she has so I want. to get her opinion on what it’s like to. date someone with CF so do you want to. tell them how we met okay so I’ll give. you the short version so after I. graduated college. I wanted to travel so I bought a van and. I traveled at Chattanooga and that’s. where I met her and so I was climbing in. Chattanooga. anyways so I was climbing at Chattanooga. and you know I met this one guy from. Australia Josh what’s going on Josh so I. met him climbing and trying to get and I. started hanging out with him because he. was also living in his band and I went. to a bar with them to meet a girl and. that girl ended up being her coworker. so anyways we went there and their.

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Coworker got her there somehow. yeah so that’s where I met her and she. would happen she wanted nothing to do. with me and then we started talking and. she said she’s going to church tomorrow. said Oh church where you going. anyways that’s how we started yeah and. then we became friends after that and it. wasn’t until I left that we started. eating I went to the doc I went to the. hospital you know a few months after we. met and after I went to the hospital I. decided to come back home instead of go. back to Chattanooga and so I was the. first kind of realization of what cystic. fibrosis is on her part she still really. didn’t know anything about it we’ll get. into that but anyways a few more few. months ago by she came to visit. we started dating and yeah we’ve been. we’ve been dating a year and a half she. moved down here three months after we.

Even started dating so yeah so we’ll. kind of well start with like how did you. find out how did I find out yeah like. how did you find out what CF was you had. I didn’t know what it was I didn’t think. it was a big deal and then I started. telling my friends and my family they. had cystic fibrosis and they looked at. me really weird. no were they like not they don’t look. any weird but they looked at me with. laser with concern on their faces and I. didn’t understand and so after I think. it was just like a week or a couple of. weeks when after we started dating then. I was like okay what the heck is this. because one of my close family slash. friends who’s like a second mother to me. was like Kelsey I really think you need. to really consider this and really. understand what cystic fibrosis is and. she didn’t tell me anything about it but.

Then I wait and I looked I looked up on. the internet which which I don’t mean. like I guess there’s not I guess I I. don’t know you were pretty shy about it. yeah like I you guys know I didn’t I. didn’t time much about it and. relationships was really hard to me of. kids I didn’t want to tell. about it because I know you know if I. find a lifelong partner like they’re. gonna have to go through a lot so I was. afraid of. I guess rejection anyways continue so we. are I lifted up one night and he was in. Sarasota and I was in Chattanooga at the. time and we are I looked it up and I saw. all these all these things that you know. typical internet says yeah you look at. the symptom and it tells you that you’re. gonna die within like a week but like. the main thing I just realized like what. he went through it kind of from like the.

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Inside because you cut you can’t even. today you can’t tell like thank you. struggles the CF you might well you’ll. he’ll hear him cough and be like well. that’s a nasty cough but other than that. it doesn’t hold him back in any way but. the main thing that I saw that obviously. with everyone who has CF they have a. shorter life span so that was just. something I had to come to terms with. and that night I called my mom in tears. because I didn’t know if it was I didn’t. want to believe that it was chair. because I’ve fallen in love with this. amazing man and I didn’t want him to be. her and I didn’t want anything bad to go. anything and then wanted him to go. through anything bad or hurtful or. anything like that so then I called him. that night as well and I asked him I. said okay I looked up these facts about.

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CF are these true and you were very. quiet and and just. you know acknowledged that those things. were true and that was after that night. because I was a lot taken that the next. morning I was like okay there’s no. question in my mind like this is what. God wants me this is what God this is. God’s plan like this is you’re gonna go. through this with this guy and you know. CF is gonna be in your life for the rest. of your life and that morning I was 100%. okay with it because you know he is such. a great guy and I don’t know I just. didn’t have a problem with it that’s how. I found it so yeah it was really hard. when she called me and you know I could. tell that she was very you know. distraught so it was really hard like. you know kind of like talking her about. that because you know we did talk about. a future and you know you talked about.

Marriage really early on because it’s. something we both were looking for and. so it was really hard to kind of like. talk to that about talk to her about. that so another question the next. question we already answered that did. you know about CF before this so what is. what’s the difference dating some. the difference between dating someone. with and without is that there’s a lot. more like in Chad’s video I know that. his wife mentioned that there’s. definitely more time that you have I. guess you have to be more patient with. time because Taylor has to do his. breathing treatments every morning and. every night and so let’s say you know. we’d go out for dinner and it’s getting. really late we have to go back and I can. go straight to bed I’m saying like 11. o’clock at night but he has to stay up. for another hour so doing this breathing.

Treatments and you know even in the. morning like we want to get lunch or. something that has to I mean that goes. with it too it’s just you just have to. be patient. yeah patient and then go and then going. to I go to all of his doctor visits or. as much as I can so you know taking off. work for that which I have no problem. doing because I want to be there for him. and with him and so it’s a little. different because you know we’re at the. doctor’s office a lot more and we just. have to be more patient with their time. the doctor there was one time I had to. force you to go to a doctor or the. dentist or yeah when I was younger I. never liked the last time I’ve been to. like I’ve gone the shot was like 10. years old it was just probably not okay. but whatever I. I hate going to the dentist I don’t like. going the doctor I don’t like anything.

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Like the stuff and so then when I. started dating Taylor I was like wow. this is gonna have to be part of my life. and I haven’t been to the hospital since. we’ve dated the last time I went to the. hospital was when I left Chattanooga but. person that was like a year and a half. ago so she hasn’t even been through that. yet study that it’s going to be it’s not. a big deal for me you know I think she. has in her mind I was gonna be like I’m. like sick on the bed like can’t move but. it’s just like just like I’m stuck in. the room so we’ve been talking about. kind of the past. so what toll does it take on us now so. like I said I didn’t talk about it so. when we first started dating we started. going to couples counseling because it. did take a it take it takes a big toll. on us you know I know it took a toll on.

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Her definitely took a toll on me cuz you. know anyways so we would say counseling. about half a year ago just to kind of uh. kind of just get it all out and open. because me and her both like reserved. about our feelings and we’d really don’t. talk about her feelings much so we. thought it was a good idea to go to. counseling and it was one of the best. thing that we decided to do. just like forbidden she just was. straight up she was very straightforward. that’s the word um so we went started. going to counseling and it was awesome. the first the first day I like bust out. in tears yeah just get that does take a. toll on me like Emily and I just seemed. but we went to counseling and it was. awesome that helped us get a lot of. things like out on the table like. discuss a lot of things that you know we. had fears about like our future like one.

Day though I might not be here and that. was probably one of the hardest things. like even now it’s hard to talk about. yeah but yeah but okay okay so yeah it. helped us like kind of like take a step. forward the way so called I didn’t get. out all our emotions out and just she. helped us work through a lot of things. and that stopped us a lot like you know. before that I know Kelsey would be. thinking about it a lot you know I could. tell there was something on her mind she. wouldn’t want to tell me but I knew it. was like see and I think having a. support system you know other than. herself is like really important you. know I know. yeah so it’s important to have a support. system behind you and this family is. amazing. an amazing support system because. they’re so open and so loving and I feel. like they’re a good shoulder to lean on.

And then hopefully yeah I don’t know we. like help each other out through this. yeah it’s a family it’s a family ordeal. I guess like my family our family what. we all have to go through it so might as. well go through it together yeah we. really like I said we had we I didn’t. talk much about my family about it to my. family either you know until we started. dating and you know I started doing this. channel and Instagram and stuff like. that and it’s helped a lot just like. bringing it all up front you know self a. lot just kind of having that support. system behind you so so what is the best. part about dating someone. dumdum-dum she said she can name the. best part of dating I would never wish. that upon someone but I would never. change anything that what we’ve gone. through or what we’ll go through in the.

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