Cystic Fibrosis Dating

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Hi guys welcome back to staying salty. weeks something week three season 2 week. 3 song good yeah cool we got cystic. fibrosis CF got cystic fibrosis so this. week’s topic is off on one and by fun I. mean complicated it is dating with. cystic fibrosis and of course dating. with cystic fibrosis is very applicable. to dating with any chronic illness just. dating in general too I mean. relationships are complicated for. everyone now just to give you guys a. little bit of a back story I am. basically a relationship kind of person. I am usually more comfortable when I’m. in a relationship like more longterm. one with someone that I know really well. then I am when I’m alone I have gone. through a period of finding out what it. means to be independent and becoming my. own kind of woman over the past few. months so I think that will be less of.

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An issue in relationships going forward. but yeah that’s who I am as a person now. the cool thing i can offer you guys on. the staying salty channel is the college. perspective i am the only member who is. my heat just kicked on I’m the only. member of staying salty who is currently. in college and it caught us an. interesting place for dating a lot of. people are into the whole like dating. app thing like tinder and bumble okcupid. those are some of them um I had one for. like three days once but it’s not really. my thing but if it is your thing that is. totally cool and no you don’t have to. put that you have cystic fibrosis in. your bio. that doesn’t have to be a thing casual. dating though can be a little more. difficult than serious dating and by. serious dating I mean I’ve personally. only ever been in relationships with.

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People whom I was very close friends. with beforehand so they already knew. about my cystic fibrosis and when I say. that they knew about it they knew that I. had it and they knew like a lot of. things about the disease so when we. decided to be in a relationship together. or you know starting when we decided to. start going on dates and stuff like that. I didn’t have to decide why I was taking. these pills with my lunch so on and so. forth and those are the kind of things. that you will run into if you casually. date because they’re not going to know. what the heck is wrong with you when you. start coughing you’re taking all these. pills and if you snot on your shirt. there going to be like that was gross. and you’ll be like I know but I can’t. help it and it’s just but guys as much. as I wish I could I cannot stand in.

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Front of you and just tell you when it. would be the right time for you. personally to reveal your health issues. because that’s something that you have. to decide and that’s something that I. imagine that you’ve already decided in. your past like you’ve known when to tell. your friends and you’ve kind of gotten. into a routine for when you reveal your. cystic fibrosis and you are also in. charge of that when it comes to romantic. relationships if you’re like me and you. put your CF all over your social media. and you shake someone’s hand you say I. have cystic fibrosis and also my name is. Hannah book like that’s what I do and I. think it makes dating a lot easier. because you just come right out with it. and if that scares them off then they. weren’t worth your time anyway and if it. doesn’t scare them off then you know.

Earlier on they’re probably a pretty. good person sorry guys my camera died. cuz I’m the worst youtuber ever oh my. god I did not have enough spoons for. that okay continuing on if you are the. opposite of me and you like to keep your. see. private until you feel comfortable. enough to share it with somebody else. that is totally cool that is your. prerogative it’s kind of like entering. the workforce in that way you don’t have. to share anything that you don’t want to. it’s not their right to know that kind. of a thing about you until you want to. tell them so if you want to do that um. go ahead that’ll probably be easier to. do if you are relatively more healthy. with your cystic fibrosis because you. won’t have to hide you know hospital. stays or like ports cars for super long. but either way please just do what makes.

You feel comfortable that’s the most. important thing and lastly I just want. to emphasize that being in a committed. relationship although not necessary at. all for you to be healthy or happy can. make your life so much easier I cannot. tell you how happy it has made me to be. with partners who knew that if I fell. asleep before doing my IVs like they. knew how to hook it up for me that is so. cool and being with someone who not only. knows how to do that stuff or is willing. to do that stuff but wants to do that. stuff seems like love to me so please. just whatever you do do not give up love. is out there for you I felt there for me. it’s out there for all of us and we all. deserve it just the same as people who. are traditionally physically healthy. it’ll be a little bit harder for us. maybe to find people who are willing to.

Stick it out through the tough stuff but. it’s possible and in the end it is so. worth it to just have someone on your. team so I encourage you to stay positive. to keep trying and to let CF define you. as much or as little as you want it to. when it comes to romance that’s all I. got for you guys today pretty sure. pretty sweet but honestly this stuff is. up to you. and I can’t tell you what to do and I. shouldn’t and you wouldn’t want me to. please subscribe to this channel if you. haven’t already so you can see the rest. of our awesome videos that we’re pushing. out for you guys and if you want to see. more of me you can subscribe to my. channel I will put it oh I mess this up. last week right here I’ll put right here. are you guys the clicker yeah okay love. you very much and Miranda will see you. again on Monday peace.

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