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Hello everyone and welcome to my next. installment of my video blog this one is. on none other than online dating that’s. right I’m actually doing it well the. first part of it you see there was so. much to the online dating aspect that I. didn’t take into account that I’ve had. to break this up into multiple segments. the first segment being Craigslist now. if you’ve ever been to Craigslist you’ve. probably found that there are many very. very useful services that you’ll find. everything from finding a job to getting. an item to erotic maids that will come. to your house and clean it naked but. another part of it that you may or may. not know is the personal section of. Craigslist now here you can meet any. kind of person you want male female. transgender doesn’t matter you know. there’s a section for everybody and it.

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Seemed like a very good place to start. with the whole trying to find someone to. date from online so I posted my own very. creative that’s a fancy word for saying. not appropriate posting on Craigslist. for the men looking for women’s section. well I got some interesting replies the. majority of which were not really people. but are referred to as. botsbots-botswana. your look really cute and blah blah blah. completely ignoring everything you say. and giving you something that makes you. think it might be a person but it never. is well after some colorful and. delightful exchanges between me and. these automated replying demons I I did. meet three people the first of which was. a man named Tony hi Tony. you’re probably not watching this. because I stopped talking to you because. your graphic and kind of creepy Tony was.

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Interested in my body which I I take. very I take that as a compliment thank. you I. I consider myself attractive at times as. well but Tony I’m looking for something. a little deeper than just a. so I’m sorry I mad the other two were. women as far as I know that first one. was not my age range though in fact I’m. pretty sure she wasn’t even close to my. age range she was interesting and I not. really actually she was very very boring. and I cut contact as soon as possible. oh I also had them send me photos I. won’t post those because I respect them. enough not to him embarrassing the. second one I cut contact with because. she was too much like me which is a red. flag since nobody’s like me and that. means she’s copying everything I’m. saying and agreeing so I posted some. stuff I didn’t agree with to see her. response and of course it was agreeing.

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With the things I didn’t respond to I. didn’t like and I cut contact with her. so Craigslist for personals if you want. to meet somebody not that great of an. idea I’m gonna mean two thumbs down a. baby no a tab poured on on the sidewalk. for your homies you know I think it’s. it’s it’s a shame but no not. everything’s perfect well I’ll see you. next time I’m gonna get to work on the. other parts of this that being the three. remaining chemistry calm a harmony calm. and OkCupid comm so I guess. that’s four Oh Matt’s not my strongpoint. this these are probably gonna be a. little longer than usual as you can see. by little timer it’s at about four. minutes so I’ll talk to you all later. thanks for the comments keep them coming. in any questions or ideas go ahead and. post them send me a message all right.

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