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Is craigslist actually effective for. dating hey welcome to online for love. your number one resource for dating by. the numbers today we’re going to be. diving all into the world of craigslist. dating and some possible alternatives as. well so before we dive into it you. should definitely make sure to check out. our free online dating opener formula so. this is going to triple your response. rate on any dating site or dating app. it’s going to definitely help you out on. getting started by talking to people and. getting to that first date finally so do. not forget to check that out that’s. going to be linked above me and found in. the description down below while you are. at it do not forget to check out our. free online dating app quiz which is. going to pair you with your perfect. online dating site or dating app it’s.

Quick fun easy totally free and that’s. going to pair you with your perfect site. so do not forget to go check that out. it’s going to be linked above me and in. the description down below actually go. take the quiz then come on back here and. comment below what your results are. because we would love to know all right. so let’s dive into this craigslist. dating does it work is it a thing so a. lot of people on the online dating. sphere actually turn to craigslist to. try to find connections because you know. craigslist is sort of an online. newspaper it’s like a personals ad a big. online personal ad so people are looking. to find connections. using that because you know they might. see it as the next best thing to. actually posting a real personal ad in. in the actual newspaper like they used. to do back in the day the thing is there.

Are some well mostly cons about this. about using craigslist so you know. historically as this site has become. really big over time you know some. people have found success by posting. literally personal ads missed. connections etc on craigslist to be able. to find people however especially as. time goes on and there are more and more. effective options popping up there’s. really not so much reason to be using. craigslist as a dating site people still. do though so people will actually go to. the miss connection section of. craigslist and write about people who. they have seen or people who are there. looking for there’s not really a. dedicated dating section to craigslist. so people are posting these ads for. other people in sort of strange places. on the site. if you are looking to do this maybe you. you’ve heard a story from someone saying.

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It worked for them or you just feel like. hey it’s a newspaper online i should be. able to post my personals and find. somebody go ahead and do that i would. highly suggest taking caution though. because a lot of people are on. craigslist not everyone with the best. intention so if you don’t really know. who is responding to your ad and really. if you are looking for that whole. personal ad thing you know you want. someone who likes pina coladas getting. lost in the rain there are other sites. that suit your needs way better that are. much safer. and they are catered specifically to. that end so if you are looking to use. craigslist you know try it if you want. you know do you however just know that. there might be some better options out. there and it is interesting that there. is a whole dating world that is on.

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Craigslist i think a lot of people use. craigslist to find used cars or to sell. some things or something like that maybe. find a job however um there is this. fascinating dating world where people. will just post i’m looking for this type. of person or i am this type of person. message me if interested or i’m looking. for this type of thing to happen. so people are using it there are there. is a dedicated community to dating on. craigslist but there isn’t you know an. official craigslist dating tab or. anything like that so once again. um you know use craigslist at your own. discretion for love hopefully that will. work for you if that is what you’re. going for it is sort of a fascinating. love community over there however if. you’re looking for the personal ad thing. to find your love online we have some. better suggestions before we dive into.

These suggestions though if you’re. enjoying this video so far please make. sure to give it a big thumbs up and. subscribe so it really helps us out when. you give our videos a thumbs up because. that shows youtube that people are. enjoying our content so then youtube. pushes our videos out for more people to. see so we would really appreciate your. thumbs up and your subscriptions now. let’s dive into our suggestion so first. off is this website called locanto so. locanto is a craigslist esque classified. site where people can post what it is. that they’re looking for who it is that. they’re looking for who they are in. order to find love hopefully so this. really does work like the whole pina. coladas dancing in the rain type of. thing you can post what it is that. you’re looking for you can get replies. from people who are interested now this.

Site is very similar to craigslist you. can sell cars you can find a babysitter. post and look for gigs etc etc however. there is a dedicated dating section. hashtag dating so this is why it’s. already a step above craigslist because. it does have that dedicated section that. is specifically for dating and this. section actually comes with complete. profiles and tinder like swiping and it. might just be worlds more effective to. finding somebody locanto also asked. people to register for the site before. using it having to input some basic. information so the fact that people do. have to register. could be a good step in the direction of. safety however it’s not 100 safe so we. still want you to exercise caution it’s. very easy to post and use this site and. you can actually you know fill out your. profile in a long way if you’d like to.

You can write about yourself what you’re. looking for etc have some photos so. that’s going to be our first suggestion. of craigslistesque type of dating that. you could get into before we move on to. our next suggestion however you should. definitely make sure to check out our. free online dating opener formula so. this is going to triple your response. rate on a host of different dating sites. and dating apps so that’s going to be. linked above me and found in the. description down below don’t forget to. check it out so you can really increase. your response rate on any dating site. that we talk about the next craigslist. ask dating site that you could possibly. use is called double list so this is. another one where you can post a. personal ad and it is a lot more. regulated and specific to this than. craigslist like world’s different so.

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It’s pretty easy and simple. straightforward to use you can post. whatever ad that you’d like it might not. have the most amount of users you know. as far as dating sites go but there are. enough that you should be able to. hopefully find someone this site is. actually specifically for personals ads. so you will not find a section that’s. you know selling old things or free yard. sales gigs etc this is really just about. finding love they also include some. specifics to make your ads more targeted. where you can actually post personal ads. that are based on your location they. include tags and keywords which help in. searching for something specific they. have a messaging system between users. and there’s all kinds of dating. opportunities for anyone and lgbtq plus. community et cetera this site does offer. some extra features as well like quizzes.

To be taken and just seems like a way. better option if you’re looking for. something that’s. craigslist ask but not craigslist the. next one up is bed page so unlike the. last one we just talked about this site. does offer you know listings for. different different types of things. where people are selling things or. looking for jobs et cetera et cetera so. this one isn’t exclusively about dating. however there is a dating section you. will need some kind of google account in. order to set up your profile on this. site but once you have done that it’s. very straightforward simple quick to get. hopped over to the personal side you can. find people based on location and very. specific things that you’re looking for. i mean it gets very specific just click. on the category that you’re interested. in to see the specific listings that.

Have to do with that if you want to post. your own listing you totally can but it. will cost you a little bit of money. question of the day have you actually. posted a personal ad somewhere maybe in. a real life newspaper or one of these. websites i were mentioning on craigslist. have you ever posted a personal ad and. how did it go over it was it successful. for you leave your comments in the. comment section down below we would love. to hear from you and all of your. anecdotes we’d love to know so the next. suggestion we have for you if you were. interested in craigslist dating. would actually be. tinder so tinder is a very popular app. most people have heard of it so you. might be thinking what’s the connection. between tinder and craigslist if i was. thinking about craigslist dating why is. tinder better well tinder’s better a lot.

Of ways for example it’s all about. dating so on craigslist there isn’t. necessarily a specified dating section. but on tinder the whole thing is about. that so first off you’re going to have a. lot more options a lot more success. probably in general and it is just a tad. bit safer you can post on tinder. whatever it is that you were looking for. so tinder is really known to be a hookup. type of app so if that’s what you’re. looking for. this might be a great one for you you. can even change your location with. tinder passport you can do a lot of. special things that you can’t do on. craigslist but if you’re looking to meet. somebody in your area this is a great. option it’s free it’s very very simple. to use and it could yield you a better. result people on tinder are always. having photos on their. profiles as well.

When you’re using craigslist there’s no. necessarily photos at all people just. email you i mean you can even post. exactly what it is that you were looking. for on your profile on tinder or on your. photos or somewhere so you can hopefully. find what it is that you’re looking for. there lastly i’m going to also recommend. trying okcupid so the reason i suggest. okcupid is even though it’s not a. classified type of site it’s it’s not a. craigslist esque site necessarily it is. another dating site where you can be. highly specific with what it is that you. were looking for so if you were looking. for a specific type of relationship. specific type of person etc instead of. typing into craigslist i’m looking for. somebody age 26 to 35 who is you know. this hot this this tall and who looks at. you like this and who has this type of.

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Sexuality you can. look for any real specific thing that. you want from a relationship or from. somebody on a site like okcupid because. you can very much narrow down the. specifics of who you’re looking for and. you can write all about yourself and. what you want on your profile and the. more specific you get on okcupid the. more specific your matches will get as. well so you can answer lots of questions. about yourself and based off of those. answers okcupid will actually switch up. your algorithm to present you with. people who might be a good fit for you. so this could be a way more effective. way of finding some specific person. without having to use craigslist and. just hoping for the best but overall you. know we’ve talked a little bit about. craigslist dating it’s not necessarily a. thing but people are still using this.

Like craigslist to find you know love. and connections if that is you you might. want to try and we would suggest trying. something a little bit different so that. hopefully you can find some more success. in what it is that you were looking for. because craigslist is a little bit. dangerous very much outdated and it. doesn’t have a specified section for you. know personals for finding love so there. are better options out there. if you’re looking for something similar. try the ones that we have suggested i. hope that that helps you out but thank. you so much for watching this video i. hope that you enjoyed it do not forget. to check out our free online dating. opener formula that’s going to be linked. above me and found in the description. down below to triple your response rate. on a host of different dating sites and.

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