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Hello everybody it is me. pacific and yep you’ve guessed it it’s. sunday afternoon in good old. freezing cold snowy colorado got. six inches out here in lakewood last. night and it’s. that time to read craigslist. colorado denver metro area high quality. women’s seeking men let’s. read you the bill of fair. how about something specific 26 year old. faceless woman two pictures one of her. waists. and uh yeah she’s a plumper and she’s. very plumper. and this is what she says in aurora. colorado i wish i could post a picture. of my face here but i won’t. well if you wish you could and you won’t. i will be happy to share through email. though i am looking for a friend to. start. if more comes of it great but let’s have. fun get to know each other and hang out. in our free time. as for me i have my own place and a. fulltime job.

Carr i have my sh-i-t. together no kids i work hard and play. hard. hmm but your body is plumpish okay. i would say she’s getting close to obese. my family means everything to me i enjoy. to go out and have a few drinks with. friends on the weekends. i am a sports fanatic red flag she likes. to drink and sports fanatic. most nights you can watch me in bed. watching sports. center i am a relatively positive person. no drama here. there’s a lot more to me but i will say. that for that save that for. conversation please attach a picture in. the first email. and i will reply with a picture myself. tell me about yourself put. yellow in the subject line. yeah do people really have their . together. i’m just wondering the more i watch what. goes on in the world i don’t think. anybody’s got it all together. here’s a mature gentleman one at 40.

Years old near the tech center. you need some naughty fun and i need new. shoes let’s help each other out. safe drama free classy please be the. same. reply with a bit about you over 30. please. i love denver people they they don’t. know the definition of words. let me read that one more time so that. my viewers can get the gist of this. you need some naughty fun. and i need new shoes let’s help each. other. out safe drama free. classy um. yeah you know what i mean vern. this woman wants somebody classy but. she’s trading sex. for shoes okay. moving right along let’s let’s. let’s check this oh here’s what every. man dreams of. this is what every male dreams of. looking for a texting buddy. 25 lakewood describes herself as. curvy another word for . hello looking for a texting buddy. possibly more i’m. super bored on this super bowl sunday.

Send me an email with your number and a. little about yourself pick for pick will. not respond if you. send pics in the subject line. tell me your favorite color my favorite. color is. text message white. i want something unique this is a 55. year old lakewood woman. something in the middle of a friends. with benefits in a longterm. relationship is that even possible. what the heck is that her body is curvy. she’s 55 years old and single. i’m a secure stable professional. businesswoman. what are you doing on craigslist i work. and have a busy life. then what are you looking for a man i. would like to have a special man to. spend some time with. you’re busy i have all the normal. requirements most men. ask for normal requirements curvy i. don’t know about that. but i do have a nonvanilla side 55. curvy active educated well traveled no.

Children but i like them. i have some curves but look great in a. cocktail dress yes i have one. i like out of the box thinking so far. she’s not out of the box is she viewers. just like everybody else kirby likes to. drink cocktail dress you get the picture. and i’ve got it all together i’m scare. stable professional businesswoman. and i don’t have time for anybody but i. want a man i like to do just about. everything museum to daytona. music venue to an alpine lake funky. performing arts. road tripping please notice viewers that. everything that she likes. involves the man spending his paycheck. i like his sharp inquisitive mind. slightly warped as a plus. minus both that’s comforting. ah let’s see you white 40 to 55 educated. not a lot of baggage i know we all have. some. interested a man that is at least young.

At heart. i don’t want you to remind me of my. dad’s friends. nonsmoker casual drinker no married men. picture is a must send one and i’ll be. happy to send one back. liability liability liability. here we go super bowl or something 35. years old denver. hi checking if anyone is free and. interested in catching some of the game. drinks food etc. i’m pleasant you be as well and we’ll. get along great pick with response. weed out the crazy. catch there is she’ll be with you if you. spend all the money and buy her. everything she wants okay. artsy lady seeks funny romantic partner. 31. edgewater that is a little eb suburb. between denver and. lakewood i’m looking for actually wheat. ridge. i’m looking for a man that is romantic. and sweet someone with a good. job not because i’m materialistic but. because i. like an independent partner that i can.

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Depend on. yeah you want his money 30 to 45 not. bald sorry i like to play with hair. five nine or taller hey i qualified. viewers i’m five nine. because i’m tall i’d rather have a bit. of chub. than super muscles or skinny guy but. that’s not so important. that rules me out i would be called. skinny me. i like to have adventures i like to. laugh i like to cook i love music. what she likes to cook now that’s rare i. love music and love to dance like a. crazy person. i’m nine hundred fifty pounds green eyes. i go to the gym three times a week so. it’d be nice if you like being fitter i. have an interest in. being semihealthy i got you beat lady i. don’t go to the gym at all and i’ll bet. you i’m in better shape than you are. i find a lot of things attractive so. please don’t be shy because you may be. what i’m looking for.

Please send pic with response so i have. a phase to go with the conversation i’ll. send one in response. deal breaker don’t reply please big ego. selfish no job drunk no car bad hygiene. bad. temper and chain smoker hmm. chain smoker so does she smoke. i don’t know. wow companionship. 50 years old let’s see your pictures. and she’s kind of cuteish in her own. way now oh then you see the rest of the. pictures. yep she looks like a beer party girl. i am a fun hello there i am a fun sweet. woman who loves to laugh i am single. and have two wonderful children who are. both grown successful and living on. their own i am fully independent very. satisfied with where i am in life. if you’re satisfied what are you looking. for a boyfriend for. i have enjoyed being single for several. years but at this point i would like to.

Find a companion to share the many joys. of life with. i love love the outdoors and go hiking. camping climbing and i’m always up for a. new outdoor adventure i play golf. softball loved water ski and i’ve always. enjoyed watching and playing sports. i love to exercise and primarily do. crossfit. yoga and zumba but enjoy all types of. exercise i have gained 15 pounds over. the last year and gotten out of shape. i was a year ago gotten out of the shape. i was a year ago i would like to find. someone who would like to get in shape. together my ultimate goal is to compete. in the 2016 master level. cross fit games and would love someone. to support me through this while i. support them and their fitness goals as. well. it would be fantastic to find a man. who’d like to get in shape together. challenge one another and make the.

Experience fun and upbeat you know what. i’m sorry to say this but if a lady. can’t do it on her own. i’m gonna tell you all something pacific. has been with women that i have had to. have you ever taken a bicycle pump you. know with a hole in it. you can stand here. and it’s not filling up i’ve been around. people. that whine to me about the same problems. there’s a woman at work. she complains that somebody takes her. parking spot we get perfect attendance. we get our own numbered parking spot. i learned a long time ago i got mine. this year and i gave it away the first. day i said i don’t want it. i’m not parking there i parked at the. back of the lot and walk. you don’t want your coveted spot nope. i gave it to one of the other ladies in. there and you know why. because this is what happens somebody. parks in the spot and everybody’s.

Getting all bent out of shape somebody. parked at my spot. goes to management management says well. you know should go and tell them. the next day somebody else parks there. and the next day somebody else parks. there. and i’ve watched a woman at work stress. and stress and stress about this every. day. the day after the two days after my son. had an accident i come into work and. this woman comes up to me and i said you. know what. i’ve got bigger things going on right. now than to worry about you. and somebody parking in your spot i’m. sorry to be insensitive but. michonne was in a bad accident his world. is there’s so much going on right now i. i gotta go and i couldn’t believe it in. the very next day. same thing and you know. when you try to give people advice and. they don’t change. and when you try to be there for them.

And you keep pumping that bicycle pub. and air is not taken uh. excuse me it’s going right out that tire. yeah that’s a problem you got to get. away from those people. so i got way off on a rabbit trail i’m. looking for men in their 40s and 50s. with a young and fun spirit like me i am. in my early 50s. but feel and act much younger. and who knows what that means i’m not. looking to find brad pitt just a. confident man who’s genuine and kind and. takes care of himself. i’m not interested in hearing from those. only looking for sex or sexual. relationship i understand. and support those endeavors but that’s. not why i’m here there are plenty of. women looking for only sex so please. divert your responses to those ladies. not me. just the fact that women put all that on. here is dumb. if you find yourself looking for the.

Same thing as i am i’d love to hear from. you please include a picture in your. reply otherwise i will not respond have. a great day. yes viewers i’m making my personal. ambition. to i’ve decided i’m going to get in. shape and i really want to find a. girlfriend that’s going to help me do. that. i’m going to tell you something fitness. and health is up to you the individual. and you must make a conscientious choice. to decide whether you’re going to work. out and to get over your body yourself. if you have to have somebody to motivate. you to do that well then. maybe that’s not such a good idea i’m. sorry i’m opinionated about these. because i’ve seen. so many stupid dingdong facebook ads. here. in facebook craigslist ads here in. denver colorado. all right fun this is one everybody. wants fun. foxy bbw for cute creative.

Babe asaurus 32 years old that is how to. be rich. so i’ve been in denver about six months. now and haven’t had much luck sorting. out the riff raff. on okcupid didn’t figure this might be. worth a shot. you went from okay cupid down to. craigslist and think you’re going to get. rid of riff raff. let me tell you something honey looking. at the women’s ads i can guarantee you. there’s pretty much nothing but refresh. on craigslist. while i have no problem cooking a dope. meal. working on a project cooking or catching. his show. or watching robocop on cable by myself i. can’t help but feel like it would be. infinitely more awesome with a fun local. babe by my side. am i right by the way those are all ran. together no. uh space in between about. me 32 5 9 blonde green eyes dumb tattoos. bbw babe booty for days. culinary professionals so midwestern it.

Hurts basically. i’m a charma yeah what. junk i dig cooking baking arts farts. crafts. cats tacos museums old lady sh-i-t like. jigsaw puzzles pbs and reading in the. park. live music and comedy thrifting graphic. novels meditation yoga etc. about you i tend to gravitate towards. fellas fellas. who are total smarties creative work. with their own. with their hands can throw down in the. kitchen. are grounded in more enlightened than. most just meaning that they are. empathetic excuse me thoughtful. ggg i don’t know what that is and aren’t. afraid of barfy. sh-i-t-like feelings bonus points for. tattoos willingness to go to dancing. and being hella into pinball no bros. burnout stoners or man babies. poor fabor also if it matters i don’t. drink. don’t care if you do but i probably. won’t go to the bar with you just a. heads up.

Word word. can i just say something if you were to. ask me pacific would you respond to that. ad. ah no i’m not necessarily looking for a. boyfriend but i am up for keeping an. open mind about things and at the very. least. i’m holding out for someone we’re. spending my limited free time with. even if we end up just as just friends i. want to. like knowing that you exist in a world. you know if this resonates at all drop. me a line. dude and make it cute duh pick for pick. and all that craigslist jazz. yeah okay i think we’re gonna pass on. that. date at three today sunday. super bowl football 39.. hi man looking to go with one man today. or join in on current plans for the day. i thought it would be nice to watch a. scooper bowl with some cool peeps. let me know i am white average height. and fullfigured pretty. overweight woman with a great.

Personality talk to me what’s going on. with you today and only fun nice may. reply my name is molly. actually my name molly not is molly. new to the area wf seeking bm that’s. white female seems a black man. newcomer to the denver area love music. outdoors coffee and good food hoping to. find someone to share these things with. please respond with the radio station. call letters you listen to. most or your favorite musical artists. don’t know what to say about that body. is average. black beauty seeks an intense lasting. affair 34 years old. coming to you from aurora her status is. partnered. and her body is curvy and she’s 5’2. my search continues i’m 34 black with a. caramel complexion curvy size. 14 fun openminded intelligent. professional 42-0 friendly there we go. folks. pop braze makes all the buzzers go off.

Diseasefree and creative i’m in a. longterm relationship so discretion is. a must. isn’t that nice i’m cheating on my. partner. and i want to be discreet wow that. you know okay i am seeking someone to. really be friends with. but you have the desire like me to be. naughty when the mood strikes. i would prefer someone in a similar. situation or understands respects. mine i’m not looking for a quickie. instead i want someone to share care. and form a true connections with as. friends we can hang out shop go to. movies chat throughout the day. have a drink together whatever friends. do but i do. want someone who is serious and is 100. sure they want the extra stuff too. i don’t want to jump in anything but i. don’t want a flake or someone who wants. to exchange endless emails either. i’m honest and trustworthy oh yeah.

You’re cheating on your partner honest. and trustworthy. aha see denver women don’t know the. definition. of words i’ll tell you what folks. sarcasm is a must when you read this. stuff. i’m honest and trustworthy and hoping. you are the same. actually why don’t you meet another man. who’s cheating on his wife that’d be. perfect for you all right. and then when i find out who you are. i’ll call your respective mates and say. guess what your boyfriend and your. girlfriend is doing. humpty dumpty’s head on a wall. single hour attached is fine i prefer. someone under 45 any race welcome i want. to reignite. that flame in our lives replies with. pics and more than a few words move to. the front i hope to hear from you soon. i hope that backfires on her. looking for a theory of relationship at. 25 years old i’m 25 and a professional.

I’m looking for a serious relationship. with someone intelligent affectionate. stable do you like holding hands while. you drive that’s a bonus. i prefer around my age please have. morals and be clean. okay 25 years old. ah here’s somebody wrote this r e in. need of something different. denver be aware of this woman she is a. scam artist she doesn’t have kids and is. looking to rob you blind. avoid at all costs somebody got burned. and they do that here you see a lot of. those. disappointed 41 year old female in. lakewood. had plans to watch the game they fell. through thought i would throw this out. there see if anyone else. in a similar situation i would enjoy. just getting out having a few beers. watching at least some of the game. depending on how things go i’m in my 40s. tall just an average woman center. response with.

Photo let’s see we can find out there. i’m gonna say something it’s gonna get. me in trouble. have you ever kissed those of you that. don’t drink have you ever kissed a woman. who does. i don’t like alcohol i don’t like the. smell of it i’ve kissed a few women that. had some and it’s like. ah no. and this is a woman who’s disappointed. because. yeah her plans fell through she wants to. go watch a super bowl and drown in some. beer. good foundation start a relationship on. right a great catch metro denver area. status single body fit hi guys looking. still for a tall single white. gentleman between 54 68 years old takes. care of himself. kind caring and funny intelligent. affectionate. knows how to communicate and he too. searches for his best friend to me it. starts with a friendship first. and the sex will follow don’t you love.

Women who want to educate us. to me it starts with friendship first. then the sex later. stupid little sayings that are. unnecessary and he. posts many interests just yeah see. and all she’s done is make the guy say. well i’m just gonna be really friendly. with her for a while and then once i get. the goal on and get down her pants i’m. outta here. many interests just ask i do not post. pictures on the internet nor. send them i will give you an accurate. physical description of myself. you can meet me and decide for yourself. people say i’m cute short slender. vivacious funny intelligent affection as. well. please me a physical description of what. you look like interest age where you. live etc be willing to just meet. thanks will not respond to young men. married men out of state i do not do. drugs of any kind. okay this woman’s asking a lot.

Don’t want to send a picture of yourself. online then why are you posting. online and i’m going to meet you not. knowing what you look like we’ll give an. accurate description of yourself i don’t. know if you’re crossdressed or a . a. transgender or a freak. sounds to me like you might be related. to gypsy. she doesn’t want to call me even though. in my post and and i want to do it in. den here my viewers know that i’ve met. nothing but a bunch of cheesy flakes on. craigslist you know women that call. themselves christians and then cuss at. me and call me a dork and a whack job. and all that. it’s like yeah i see you’re filled with. the fruit of the spirit right. now we’re all imperfect and we all got a. long way to go. but the year plus relationship online. with. gypsy going round and round with me was. not only entertaining but it was.

Irritating at the same time and i. thought. this woman simply all she had to do was. meet me but instead sent pictures of. herself. with her shirt off and then telling me. when she watched my wine women and song. video of how horribly wretched i was. and why i wouldn’t hate you and if she. just said i watched your video. i don’t think you and i are a good match. i would have said okay thank you for. watching. take care but instead i responded with. okay you’re being pretty moralistic. about the things that i’ve done. let me talk to you about the photos you. sent me just gonna hold you the same. standard you’re holding to me. you’re wearing no shirt and all the. other shirts you have on our skimpy. little itsy bitsy yellow polka dot. bikini style type shirts they weren’t. bikini but that’s me just being funny. and what did she do for a year i was.

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Trying to show. the length of my hair let me see. something i’m gonna illustrate anybody. see this let me pull. i gotta see myself as i do this so i can. do this right. okay pretend this is my hair right okay. i got a sweater on can you tell. can you guys tell the length of my hair. or. wait a minute hold on here we’re going. to get down and get down and boogie. let’s do this okay let’s do this just. for fun. i’m a guy so i can take off my shirt oh. yeah. watch this see this is the stuff that. women here are really awesome about. double standard judging us men being so. hard on us now. let me tell you does that make my hair. more noticeable. now let me try this okay let’s see can. you see that. okay so white skinned black sweater you. still see my hair. right wait a minute. i’m showing my nipples though that’s. wrong so.

Better get dressed. why am i saying this why am i being. sarcastic. that woman went around with me for a. year on different things. and then she continued to watch my. channel to tell me what a i was i. liked that that was awesome. and. okay maybe i’m double standard but i. just don’t feel it’s wrong for me to. be shirtless in a video i’m a guy. but when women are showing things. showing their sexuality. or their sensual areas what they don’t. realize. is that we guys do see that and she was. an attractive woman her heart as ugly as. said. but she was attractive not a ten but not. bad looking at all. and for her to sit there and justify. that is beyond ridiculous and i’ve seen. more. women calling themselves christians post. heavy fat women with an attitude good. looking woman with an attitude i want a. godly man i want a man who’s close to.

Jesus. beth in hong kong she is not an american. woman. she was not on craigslist but what. attracted me to her was her post. she had no scantily clad photos but she. said i want a man who’s close. to god i was dumb i was in my infancy on. the internet back then. four years later beth was anything but. close to god she was extremely immature. extremely demanding extremely rude. extremely. spendy and a host of other problems. and pacific has nobody to blame but. himself for that one. but i’ve dated a few women on craigslist. quite a few. because it’s entertainment i’d rather go. out and do something with somebody. and hopefully come out of that alive and. have an experience to talk about. i went to lunch with a very good looking. 40 year old black woman. stunning long black hair very pretty i. was not her type she was a professional.

But we had a nice lunch. i went out with a blonde blonde woman he. kind of dyed blonde. brown this and that very good looking. took her to red lobster. and the very next day i said center text. saying good morning. nothing happened i sent her an hour. later like hey how you doing. nothing and she had told me to call her. on her break so i did. i let the voicemail said hey i haven’t. heard from you just wondered are you. okay. she texted me back saying i don’t think. things are gonna work with us. you’re too clingy i’m clingy. i kid you not i do not bombard her with. text viewers. and it dawned on me she got a free. dinner at red lobster i was the dummy. that’s what she was after see ya. let’s take my new year’s eve day she was. special remember the latvian woman. oh boy that was fun. she got mad at me because i told her.

That this woman i dated she is kissing. her she smoked so much it was like. licking an ashtray. i told her that on the phone before i. actually met her. and instead of saying you know that. comment really offends me. i smoke a lot so this shouldn’t be she. goes. oh well i smoke do you. yes but not that much and i smoke. outside and i don’t smell like a. cigarette. okay dumb me. when i was with her she couldn’t stop. and she threw that in my face at cherry. creek mall when i picked her up and told. her i hadn’t even said a word about that. you were so horrible to say that on the. phone why did you go out with me why’d. you go out with me i said. you told me you smoked rarely that you. smoked on your back back when you smoked. and you didn’t smell like it i thought. well you know. and you even said that you’re willing to.

Quit. you lied not me. then to top it off we went to red. lobster too. her phone rings and she starts biatching. with a. guy that lived in her apartment for a. week. and you know all that time i was with. her all she did was complain about all. the different men her husband. everybody i mean on and on and on. there are all kinds of women on here. that are married cheating on their. husbands. and i did i met a woman that i really. liked. who left her husband and got involved. with me and then. broke up with me and brought the husband. back. and the last i heard fortunately she’s. trying to stay committed that marriage. we don’t contact each other. and that’s good. but you read these ads by women and. they’re sickening. they’re sick sick sick sick and i have. come to the conclusion that. ninety percent of the women on. craigslist are obese.

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Ninety percent i’m probably rating a. high and the ten percent that are. attractive but good looking. forget it i mean. from a christian perspective it’s a. landmine for me i’m into yoga. i’m into this i’m into eastern religion. i’m into everything and anything. curvy woman seeking a stable man wow. look at this. long list. i am looking for a good man someone. who’s mature financially stable and. treats me right. i have a career but have been very. unhappy in my current situation. looking to leave my company this spring. i have my own plate whoa wait a minute. you want somebody who’s financially. stable. you’re gonna leave your job okay i have. my own place and enjoy the peacefulness. of being on my own however i want a man. in my life too. i am looking for a man who may be at a. point in life that money is not a. concern and is looking for a woman to.

Call his own. i have been separated two years with. divorce paperwork underway. okay there’s very little drama. associated with that but i still find it. heartbreaking. that it couldn’t work out okay no rule. number one. you don’t get on a dating site and post. that. but life isn’t perfect i know i have a. lot to offer. so if this sounds like a good fit let me. know i’m excited to get life started. again. i’m 30 5’5 size 18 and we’re 38 double. d’s. i’m not a skinny skeleton why would you. tell somebody your bra size on an eating. site. i have some meat on my bones and curves. in all the right places and i’m. sure you do if you like tiny chicks i’m. not for you but if you desire a soft. feminine. rubenesque figure i’m your gal. why should you pick me i’m smiley nice. relaxed and easy going. i try and have a positive outlook and.

Find the silver linings to situations. i’m respectful and caring i enjoy taking. care of my man. i can do the household shopping cleaning. and cooking i like things. clean and organized i won’t talk your. ear off quiet time is not always a bad. thing i have a big heart. i have my bachelor’s degree and. unfortunately the student loans to prove. it. stop right there this woman‘s looking. for a sugar daddy. i’mma quit my job because i’m tired of. it and she wants a man to take care of. her. and she’ll stay at home and be your. domestic helper isn’t that special. other than student loans in my vehicle. alone i have almost no debt wow that’s. great i have no debt at all baby you’re. definitely not for me i do not spend. money foolishly. i travel well i have my passport i have. long thick hair that i get compliments. on all the time.

I give great back and body rubs now that. would suck me in in a minute that right. there that right there would suck me in. a woman that massages me oh yeah. see we we’ll talk about the good and the. bad i easily get along with most. everyone. yeah you better ask everybody who knows. her first i am the type you can be proud. to bring home to family and introduce to. your friends. you can trust me i keep my mouth shut. and do as i am asked. oh now that’s rare if she really does. that. maybe she would be worth pursuing i keep. my nails and toes looking cute. all right guys how many of you checked. out a woman wow she’s got sexy toes man. oh geez i’m naturally more on the. submissive side i won’t let you treat me. like a doormat but i won’t be able to. trust you to cheat. but i want to be able to trust you to. take care of me i wear makeup to enhance.

My cuteness but don’t smush it on. to look fake and overdone i only drink. socially and can handle my liquor. i’ve learned my lessons in life when it. comes to drinking and know when to stop. or excuse myself before things get out. of hand. i do not smoke except i do enjoy the. occasional cigar a woman with a cigar. that’s a deal breaker. i’ll tell you what i do rodney i’ll make. you a deal down on 33rd street. but you’re gonna have to get consent. from my boss. never done any hard drugs i am. but it does not define who i am i am. nonjudgmental i’ll bet you a million. dollars if i spent 10 minutes with her. telling her my view she’d be very. judgmental. bet me i love animals i drive well i can. handle big trucks. hook up and pull trailers drive boats. and hook up a camper. to the camping site essentials i don’t. have children.

I’m not afraid to get a little dirty if. necessary but. it’s up to me to also look cute for you. so i’ll leave the dirty stuff to you or. the professionals ha ha. i’m not overly obsessed about body image. i’m curvy that’s how i. am and a story i don’t complain about my. imperfections like so many women do i. can be naughty when you least expect it. i like to have fun i have an insatiable. appetite for sex. these are things you definitely want to. put on dating site right. i’m geared towards traditional. relationship roles you’re the man i’m. the woman. you take care of things outside the home. and i support you by taking care of the. home front yep. here we go she’s tired of working folks. now she wants to come home and be cozy. and sit around and get even fatter while. you do it all. i want my next relationship to be.

Lifelong. i’m not tied to denver i have no problem. traveling or relocating. somewhere else i’m not glued to my phone. i think it is shadow people don’t. interact as much anymore now that’s a. plus i enjoy food cooking and keeping my. man fit i like that. i don’t nag or badger love that you are. who you are i. am who i am we either get along or we. don’t i’m always joking around. now that gets old i’m a lady in public a. in bed and a. chef in the kitchen i do like that. believe it or not. i know the difference between you or. you’re. there there and there i have a dirty. mind and laugh at offensive jokes. that’s not cool i like to do sweet. things for my man. like leave a love note in his pocket i’m. young enough to have a blast but but. sure enough to. appreciate the finer things and why boy. this is a novel. what i desire strong dominant man this.

Doesn’t mean i like jerks or overly. possessive wife. what this means as i like confident. a confident man who knows what he wants. and isn’t shy or timid about being a man. i like a man who takes charge in and out. of the bedroom i’m naturally submissive. so i desire a man who is naturally. dominant. i need a man who knows how to. successfully manage money. no one likes a dead beater doesn’t have. a penny to support himself i enjoy a man. who does not smoke. i cannot stand kissing a smoker but. you’re far too old friendly baby i don’t. want to smell that geez. i’d prefer a man with no young children. but it’s not a deal breaker it’s tough. as a female coming into that kind of a. situation i don’t enjoy. constantly coming in secondyear. children i’m not a maniac and do. understand that children come first. however i don’t want to be pushed to the.

Online Dating Scares Me

Side. i expect you to open doors for me and. then smack my ass as i walk past. gosh my pitfalls i’m not a morning. person. you’re out babe pacific ocean asia gets. up at 2 30 in the morning and if you’re. not a morning person you’re not the girl. for me so just. move right along i will get up early if. i need to but my body and brain don’t. like it simple as that. longterm financial planning is not a. strength of mine my mind just isn’t. wired that way i get cold easily but. what woman doesn’t. ah i wouldn’t date her not my type of. roo. here’s an eternal optimist 57 the suburb. of westminster colorado. i am cute classy and a happy brunette i. like the ones who think they’re cute. watch out looking for a fun kind tall. single white male. professional between 47 and 61 for. friendship and dating i love going out. on the town concerts movies hikes.

Traveling trying different restaurants. please include a photo with you. your first message it would be great if. we clicked thanks. yep i like doing all the things your. wallet’s gonna pay for. do you notice that most of the women. don’t say a darn thing they can offer. they just tell you what they want to do. and where you’re going to take them. here’s a stupid picture of a very obese. woman with her cleavage showing it looks. like a reverse. butt the cheeks are so close together it. looks like her butt cheeks. and she’s got her tongue out like this. hello pig for pig don’t worry i’m cute. some say gorgeous and others say. beautiful. no you’re not i’m not looking for nsa. friends with benefits i have two. children i have a great career vehicle. no criminal background. i look good in a dresser jeans i like. football poker trying new restaurants.

Traveling i’m not a broncos fan. but do not care if you are i’m a single. mom so my time is limited who knows. maybe you are the one. i am in search of this one’s 31 years. old curvy body. 5’2 single lives in aurora are you the. type of guy you. want your daughter to date. now that’s a weird question if i have a. daughter i don’t want her dating me. hello spontaneous. spontaneous para para anality. expensive taste and adrenaline craving. girl 19 aurora another. curvy this one 19 showing the young or. narcissistic selfish. looking for someone to literally kick it. with from time to time. who can hold intellectual conversations. yeah i. smoke marijuana and drink pink moscato. on almost a daily basis wow. intelligent conversation. oh yeah don’t you hate the conservatives. yeah i would love to have a new friend. or new friends who can contribute and.

Participate in these habits. i’ve done many things from spelunking. glenwood caverns to scuba diving with. whale sharks and. isla mujeres i am stoked to go on many. more crazy adventures and would love the. extra company. i’m not looking for another anything. specific on here and my only request. is that you are openminded enough to. take a chance to get to know someone. that you’ve never crossed path. with yeah i wonder if you could do that. with me lady i bet you if i. applied not that i would because of your. smoking issues and drinking. but you wouldn’t give me the time of day. i stand five five and height weight. proportionate. yes i’m on the thicker side but. definitely not fat or overweight. i love that we just always gotta water. that down and make it sound nice. i have long curly black hair and i’m. pretty much covered in tattoos.

Wow that’s awesome a wallpapered woman. just to give you a short description of. what i look like i am more than happy to. send a photo in our emails i just want. to get through the initial spam. screening before i put out a photo laugh. out loud i drive my own car hold a. degree and have a wellpaying job. i expect you to have the same if not i. don’t see there being a fair share of. ever. put in the friendship relationship wait. a minute let’s back up. um my only request date is that you are. openminded. enough to take the chance to get to know. someone that you may have never crossed. paths with. but then she says you got to be just. like her it’s greed and. um yeah yeah isn’t that awesome. and a wellpaying job hmm i’m not good. with checking my email nor am i. interested in having a pen pal. in your reply please include your name.

Age and photo if there is an interest. i will gladly send over my photo my. phone number so. that we can text don’t underestimate the. potential of how great we could turn out. together. to be together laugh out loud my xbox is. taking forever to update so some nice. small. chat would be nice while i wait aha i am. typically. interested in older men 25 to 35. i and i love a man with a great smile. i’m done reading this tripe. please notice with the exception of one. woman. none of them had anything to offer a man. i’m cute i’m this i’m that. i’m this i want i want i want. colorado craigslist women. cisco and ebert give it a thumbs down. you know it’s interesting the way women. have judged me since i’ve been out here. they. they very very hateful when i have. responded some of these posts said wow. i’m reading your post and i’m sorry but.

I just have to say you’re really kind of. a liability look at your attitude in. here. look at what you’re saying you want a. successful slender you say you’re not. into fat men but you said you’re. chunky you you want a guy with a. wellpaying job but you don’t tell us. what you do. you know lady get real and guess what. they write back almost. every single time f you if you write me. again i’ll tender you in for harassment. i responded to your post one time that. is not harassment. i didn’t say fu comments didn’t call you. names i just said your post is crappy. um a little constructive coaching lady. if you want to date. i know you think you’re god’s gift to. men but if you really want to meet a. nice guy maybe your post ought to. reflect that you’re nice. but actually women in america today. especially in colorado.

Their posts alone show you that. virtually 99. of the posts you see on craigslist just. reading them if you read them with a. discerning scrutinizing. eyeball and have half an ounce of mental. geniusness to you. you read these posts and you come away. with relationally this woman would be a. freaking disaster. high maintenance i’m fat if you don’t. like it kiss my bot. i’m sorry but when i see overweight. women and when i talk about overweight i. guess i better define that. how about if we talk about women that. are somewhere between. 50 or more pounds overweight. how about if we talk about women who’ve. got ripples all under here and sagging. bagging skin how about stomach. overhanging. overhanging pelvic area double chins. um yeah i. don’t care if you got 38 double d’s. you’re not a turn on that to me. signifies. you’re going to be really moody you’re.

Going to be somebody who’s unwilling to. change and you’re going to be a . i know i’ve had 48 years. in the last 20 years of my life with the. huge surge in obesity in this country. i’ve watched a common denominator pop up. over and over again heavy white women. or heavy even hispanic women and a lot. of heavy black women. in america can be very. rude and hateful i’m nice to people and. i’ve had them make rude comments. you’re so skinny. actually i am totally hwp. height weight proportion i am in my body. mass index. to a flaw. now let me say something on my facebook. that woman that i posted on there posted. on there. the russian woman who’s got the built. arms she’s flat out sexy. she’s thicker but in a good way. we don’t see this big ponchy got hanging. over anything like that i think she’s. just big. boned model caliber and i’ve seen some.

Women that are have a little bit of. pudge. and they’re cute i have actually. eyeballed women that i’ve known thinking. you know. they’re not a 10 but they’re cute. when i talk about obesity i’m talking. about the kind that shows up on. craigslist. that just if i looked across the bench. sheet of my truck i would not be proud. be proud to be seen with that woman. women that sit around watching sports. women that like to curl up in bed. watching tv. i am not into that i don’t want to be. with a woman who curls up. i don’t watch tv in the bed i don’t want. a tv in the bedroom. then any woman that wants to play their. television while i’m asleep where it. keeps me up. that is not going to fly that television. set is going to go right out on the. pacific ocean and sink like a stone. the other thing i’m looking at today is.

All these women that want to be obsessed. with texting. and social media to the point that. that takes so much preeminence over an. actual relationship with somebody. and it’s sad women in america know. especially in colorado. that virtually every woman whether she’s. an absolute liability or not. men go after them. that’s what’s sad about men men. desperately want to be involved with a. woman and women. know that and that’s why they play the. attitude and do these things. out of all the women that i’ve met on. craigslist and dated. the only one that was a decent lunch. date was the black woman. the other ones were fluties and flakes. and high maintenance. or users i met a hispanic woman. who brought her adult daughter with her. and then wanted to do it for the second. date and i said. i said you know what then we’re not.

Going out if you can’t go by yourself. the second date well i need her to. interpret. no and you know what was funny. i got on zusk i didn’t even hear about. it it was in my. email inbox and i thought well try this. out. i’m looking and i see her i messed her i. said hey how are you. and she was just playing the field and. i’d see her on at all hours and stuff. and. i said have you found anybody oh no not. yet. and uh she wanted to go to dinner and i. said well i said i’ll pick you up. oh but can i bring my daughter i said. you did that once we’re not doing that. twice. okay then then um maybe we can’t go then. i said no maybe we were not gonna go. and that was it i didn’t contact her. again and i talked to somebody at my. workplace said. there are hispanic women that do that a. lot in denver. the ones from mexico come over they.

Bring their adult daughter and it’s. basically a way to get free food for. some of their family members. isn’t that sleazy. so why does pacific talk about this. stuff because i just gotta. i can honestly say and there’s a lot of. pretty women out here in colorado but i. can honestly say that minute a woman. opens up her mouth in this area i just. go. no no. and uh it was interesting i was talking. to a coworker the other day. he was born and raised here he’s in his. 50s he’s respected by everybody at work. and uh. i told him about my observations on dead. bird. at the area and he said denver’s not a. friendly city. and he’s a positive upbeat guy always. tries to see the good in things. he said this is not a friendly city i. said but you were born here and you’re. saying that he says. it’s obvious specific listen to the way.

People talk look at look at the way they. are he said no this is not a friendly. city at all. pacific has been here since 2012 and i. have made no close friends here in. denver. at all the church i started going to two. months ago they’ve actually shown more. friendliness than any of the churches. i’ve gone to. combined. and it’s been nice the pastor actually. shakes my hand says how are you. good to see you i mean the guy’s cool. i’m singing to my cousin in washington i. thought he would love this pastor. all right sports fans it’s super bowl. sunday pacific’s. not weighed in on anything all that. racket about the new england patriots. playing with underinflated footballs. what a bunch of filthy cheaters. i hope seattle wins if that’s true. i’m going to vote west coast simply. because i have a personal preferential.

Favor towards the city of seattle. you know if new england wants to play. fair football. which i’m sure everybody’s checking. those footballs they’ll be talking a lot. about. deflated footballs. i know this is going to sound like wow. pacific what time. an era are you living in i’m not into a. woman that’s into sports. i’m not into a woman who’s going to. stand in the stands and go. go bongos i just i can’t get into that. i’m old school some things need to be. left alone for men. i’m sorry men go to baseball games men. go to football games and that’s the. place it should be men only. i i actually have an opinion there are. just some things that need to be. reserved. for males and conversely there are some. things that need to be reserved for. females somebody said golf stands for. gentleman only ladies forbidden golf.

Love that that doesn’t mean that if i’m. married to a wife i don’t want her in my. world but. pacific is not sports oriented i watch a. little football. but i’m not all my life i’ve been. fascinated by communications and radio. and transportation and especially. ships and the ocean and that’s my focus. and i’m not putting any of my fans down. into sports that’s great. pacific has his opinions i don’t expect. all my viewers to share. and i wanted to let some of my viewers. know it’s interesting that i found out i. can cam an audio. on skype like on facebook like skype and. i thought that’s cool. so trying to get to know you guys a. little bit more and more i might shout. at you once in a while. and look at your photos and this and. that pacific ocean. asia is about people. and i’m sorry if i don’t get to all of. you it’s very difficult to do.

Juggling the all the various scenarios. playing out on my wonderful life. but i thank you for tuning in thank you. for watching. and yes i am picking on colorado i think. that the bulk of the women in colorado. are just a complete thumbs down and i. know that if they watch this video they. go that guy the jerk. hey kiss my butt colorado women that’s. all i can say. i am a nice guy and i know i’m not. perfect but when i see this stuff. it’s unreal and and it’s interesting. because my viewers. all confirm and and i believe colorado. is. very much feministic and very. independent and you read that in the ads. i’m independent i don’t need anybody but. why do we gotta why is that right up. there. women write posts on a defensive. style i don’t need anybody. well then what are you doing on a dating. site ding dong. if all you want is sex then move along.

Can i say something lady every man i. know. wants sex when are you gonna get that. into your head. some are gentlemen about it and some. pigs about it. if the guy’s a pig do you think he’s. gonna read that and go. uh oh she doesn’t want a guy do you. really think that’s going to be a. mosquito repellent you’re going to spray. yourself with sexual off. and all the men that want sex they’re. going to go oh like a mosquito and. leave i don’t think so. or the women that educate in their post. a relationship. takes time to cultivate it starts out as. friends first then it moves and it’s. thank you for telling me that lady i’m a. complete and i’m just here to get. sex and. you know thank you for telling me about. that. don’t date women like that what i want. to see in dating ads. from women is this. got to think about this.

I want a man that i can fall in love. with and falls in love with me and we. just. everything grooves together. i’m the kind of woman that i like to. please. my man no no no no no. i’m not talking i’m not talking that you. got to please the man at all expense. at all cost and do perverted thing i’m. not talking about that. but the older i get and the more i’ve. had my own experience and. for a few women that are tuning in from. colorado i went all the way to hong kong. because of an online date and i was. wrapped up in that four years and it was. a. failure and i still. looked at online dating stuff and just. seen what’s out there but. if you really want to know statistically. it’s not as effective as people want you. to believe. there is no substitute for working in. your environment and going to your. church. and living in your sphere and meeting.

Somebody that way. online dating is a meat market it’s for. a bunch of flakes. to sit there and be picky annie picky. roo instead of people just learning to. work together and at first they might. jar each other but then as time goes on. they find an attraction develop. because you get to know each other you. get drawn to each other you see each. other’s work ethic. dating doesn’t know dating sites don’t. allow you to do that. and for all you women that don’t want to. show your pictures and then you get on. there and you don’t post any pictures. but you demand us men. that’s nice so you can see my pigs are. going i wouldn’t eat that dart. that’s pretty risky for us or another. one is i’m not going to call you even. though i. on my post said one or two emails and. then we must talk on the phone. first email from gypsy i am not going to.

Give out my phone number i was stalked i. was overpowered by another man i’m. stalked let me forget that. don’t recall she said that boy. first response to my post not once in. there wow i really like your pictures. and i like what you wrote and. it was i it was. here’s all the crap i’ve been through. and i’m not going to give you my phone. number you can determine if i’m black or. not. or ebony you’re white. my post said seeking ebony woman. i still to this day wonder why she. contacted me. no i’m not she by the way hasn’t written. anymore i blocked her. and i blocked her good finally i found. out how to do it and she is history and. i love it i haven’t gotten. anything from her since somebody told me. how to double there’s there’s the. automatic add to the block list but. there’s another option you go through. that filters out anything that she sends.

Where it doesn’t even come to me it just. sends a cyber dump yard or trash can. somewhere. but i will say some i did want to meet. her. i was curious to meet her face to face. but just watching her correspondence. with me if she was indeed. actually a woman and real wow what a. disaster it would have been to be in a. relationship with a girl like that. another classic american female don’t. you dare point out her faults but she’s. going to tell me all of mine. and that stuff guys and girls and women. need to listen up if all you can do is. fault find men but it’s a guy turns. around and points out a real deficiency. in you. you might want to learn from that and. stop being so ultra defensive and. having the mentality there’s nothing. wrong with you because that’s croc. we all bring stuff to the table i like. the women that say i want a man with no.

Baggage. just a woman saying that tells me you’ve. got baggage and you’ve been around. people with baggage and you’ve probably. created some problems too. i find it interesting that craigslist. has become synonymous. when you start telling somebody i met a. woman on craigslist everybody rolls. their eyes and says. craigslist craigslist has been. synonymous with. literally some of the worst gals and yes. guys you could possibly. meet up with. but what’s sad is it’s not just. craigslist. it’s zeus it’s eharmony it’s plenty of. fish. it’s site after sight after sight after. sight of. you know myspace all these other ones. that people are not. that they’re just having bad experience. have their bad experience. and the problem with the dating site is. a woman posts an ad whether she’s pretty. or ugly whether she’s got a heart or no.

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