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Okay. what’s up guys what’s going on man this. checkin effect and this place to my. right is called needle park uh i’m not. the one that brought up the name needle. park that’s what they actually call it. they call it needle park. so we’re going to see why they call it. that and eventually apparently this park. is like a freefor-all park where you. can do anything you want. and that’s why. hence the name needle park. so i just wanted to check it out show. you guys what’s going on at this park. what’s up bro what’s going on you’re. good. so every like. just a short period of time. like a short period of time. that i got here. from just this little short period of. time that i got here i already done seen. like at least five people shooting. needles. it’s just like. open. it’s crazy man. and what i realized is. the reason why the people here.

They come here is because. everything is here. there’s a there’s two places not far. from here that serve food. twice a day. right. so they got food. they got water. all that. so it’s kind of like. why. when you already know. so that’s why uh. that’s why a lot of people here come. here and um. they don’t want to leave because they. get everything they want. drugs in one spot. free food. free refreshments. so they get everything right here and. they just say you know what we’re not. going to rehab we’re just going to stay. out here. and live freely. and. also you don’t have to worry about you. don’t have to worry about the uh. the police. doing anything. at all. at all. let’s go around this corner right here. and record this. my main concern doing this is mainly the. dealers those the only people that i. that i’m concerned about more than.

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Anything. wow. supposed to be coming. like food nutrition and what type of. like what type of training uh personal. training oh personal training food. nutrition so what what what you what. what what steps you got to do uh. you know it’s phase one phase two i went. online. and it was aaa and then it was. um i s. i went i got the printout and all that. right and then i called. and didn’t email me but i got a phone. now but the last time i talked to them. you know story short. they said they’re gonna charge me 8 20. but i told them i get so secure. once i get this certification i can. train forever. that’s what’s up bro. bro that’s good that you’re trying to do. something positive people might get that. yo. judge your pet drop your pack. diabetes. if i see you around. and i know people will talk. yeah got you bro. um. um. but then.

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Craigslist Dating Philadelphia They     come here      is because

Like it was really it was um. deeper. so. it’s healing yeah it’s just but it needs. some help and uh. well first of all it’s not unusual for. today. and. all right let me get a let me get an m m. and a reese’s. which one you want reese’s pieces or. regular reese’s pieces. the only thing that i know really is. elevation iteration is the level of your. heart it’s not just like this but it has. so the gravity so the blood flow because. you’re right you know you’re putting all. your. you’re loading you’re loading your. weight on that on that lid. and um. it says real. it’s not easy. i wish you luck. thank you. appreciate it yeah. okay. so. this. okay. muy bonita. yes. that’s what goes on in kensington man. a lot of beautiful women that’s why i. was saying a lot of beautiful women come. here but. they’re addicted man. right. huh no i don’t got no light.

It’s like everything. yeah back there at needle park where i. was recording that. i had uh. on the left side of the park. i had to cut the camera off because it. was getting a little too dangerous. too many people watching and. people on the streets looking observant. so. um when that when i see that i’m looking. at the corner of hindsight and whenever. i see it i see that. and let me know man it’s time to go so. um i hope you guys enjoyed the video man. like. subscribe. uh make sure you check me out on ig. support the video support the movement. hopefully. hopefully it’ll be some change. uh. god damn this dude late wait wake this. dude up. wake him up. late you laid out bro. yeah i feel you. okay. yo. this always been like this like here. put it down that way. looks like that part. every six months they do it. so that’s what it is every six months.

Doing a little something. like that. dude like like these these people that’s. out here like do they affect the. businesses don’t expect like people own. businesses. they affect this place. ah. imagine. if you want to come to the store with. your family. and somebody out front like just all. in there. yeah yeah yeah that’s what i was saying. like running away. not only that but the kids. like kids seeing that you know. that’s why when i see them out here. doing it. doing shots man y’all. that’s why i was thinking like all these. businesses. with people laid out it like if i ride. by and i see that i might not even want. to go inside the business. christians. in front of a business that’s why you. got to do all this cleaning that’s all. the trash that they threw right there. that’s human [ __ ]. they sit here they’re everywhere.

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