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Hi everyone so I wanted to share an experience with you guys, we had to look. for a new apartment lately and we almost got scammed by two people on Craigslist so. I wanted to share the experience with you guys in case it helps you. so if you’re ever looking for shortterm housing on Craigslist or. you’re looking for somewhere to stay during a vacation, renting a house,. renting a condo, buying a house, these are the two scams that we encountered and. maybe you’re gonna see some red flags if it applies to you. after searching on all the standard websites we decided to look on. Craigslist because we were finding some listings from actual apartment complexes. that we weren’t finding on those other sites. so the first scam it was really convincing and they gave information that checked out. it was this really nice place, it was under market value and they were paying for utilities, it has a gym inside.

We really liked it so I emailed him and the next morning he emails me. this really detailed, wellwritten response he had his full name, he had his. occupation, he had where he was living, and he had a story about why he was in. New York now and that I should drive around the area and see how I like it. from what he says, it checks out, it makes sense. we emailed him back and I asked him a bunch of questions like I just want to let. you know that we’re serious applicants because that’s what he put in the title. and are you actually in New York, can you give us a tour and so he didn’t write us back. and then I was like hey you know he gives me his full name, his job. and address why don’t I just Google it just to see what happens and he. actually checked out, he’s an actual person on LinkedIn so I signed up for a.

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LinkedIn premium membership so that I can email him (which I. can cancel after a month) but I emailed him on LinkedIn. and I said hey are you the guy who is renting out that condo on Craigslist. I just want to make sure all the details match up and then he didn’t write me back. and then the guy on Craigslist. didn’t email me back either and I. checked Craigslist he actually refreshed and reposted that posting but he didn’t. respond back to me you know in that same time frame and the sad thing is when. you’re really desperate like when your lease is coming up and you’ve looked at. a lot of apartments like we have and you’re not finding. the thing that you want but this Craigslist posting somehow seems really. good it clouds your judgment you know especially since he was an actual person. on LinkedIn, we actually started to really consider oh maybe we should live here.

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So you know we had our list of priority order of places we wanted to. stay and this Craigslist posting was actually first. We were actually thinking. about not renting at this other place because we were waiting to hear back. from this Craigslist guy. So we were looking on Craigslist still and I found. another listing it’s just a little bit under market value. it’s not so big of a discrepancy that you go what this is clearly a scam. it said that it was in a certain community, it gave a community name so I googled that. community name and it says that it’s like a community for people who are 55+. so I emailed the guy back and I said um isn’t this for a community of 55+. and I wasn’t clear but in my head I thought well maybe you. know you just need somebody who is 55+ to buy the place but maybe. they can let like their grandkids live there or something like that so maybe it.

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Would be okay if we live there. It’s like you know your mind concocts all. these justifications and whatifs so the guy actually wrote me back and he. said no you can live here, people of all ages can live here, the open house is in. two weeks and since we’re desperate and we’re in a rush I go well could we go. see it tomorrow or the day after because we can’t wait you know, and then the guy. goes well if you want to see it before then then you have to make a reservation. that’s when the red flags went off in my head and I thought okay maybe I should. look up like Craigslist housing scams and it turns out there’s like a ton. there’s a ton of Craigslist rental scams just because I guess it’s easy to grab. pictures from an existing listing and post them on Craigslist, you’re. pretty anonymous, you can get people to pay an upfront.

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Deposit and you can scam people easily that way and then the first guy. wrote me back he had his supposed realtor email me to. fill out a form and of course the form asked for all sorts of personal. information so I went and I checked out all the different info in here I tried. to find Joel Gibson as a realtor, just a lot of things started to not match up. and then I went and looked at because that email looks really official. and I found out that other people report scams from this email so. you can pay for this domain name and that’s probably how a. lot of people get scammed and then I found out that they pulled these from existing listings. so not all Craigslist listings are bad. we actually found our current place which we really love it’s really awesome. from Craigslist because it’s from an actual apartment complex, they don’t post.

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