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Hello welcome back to my channel for. those of you who have already subscribed. welcome back for those of you who have. not please subscribe and hit like I. really like seeing the likes because. then it tells me whether I’m helping you. or not okay so today we’re not gonna. talk about nutrition I know I’m the. health guru always talking about. nutrition but today I’m not going to. talk about nutrition today actually I. want to talk about dating sites for me. it’s really important because in this. day and age dating said sure how we miss. you to meet each other and they’re very. important and well it’s really important. to be able to find a good dating site. and I’ve been having this complication. because it’s really hard to find a good. one I was on bad to you which I liked it. was nice but the promises overloaded you.

Get so many messages so many likes and. so many people that are interested in. you it’s in pop it’s impossible to. actually connect with them if anyone. online movies there’s just too many. people and sometimes the description. isn’t even that good you look at the. profile and there’s not very much and it. seems like kind of a booty call kind of. site in my opinion people don’t seem to. be going on there for true love just. kind of day hitch and it’s kind of thing. anyway so bad who wasn’t my favorite so. I kind of you know yes I’m single I’m. the more a market I recently got. divorced so I’ve been going on dating. sites trying to find a good one and I’ve. learned a lot of not bad ones well at. least they have real profiles bumblebee. was nice I don’t mind that at all it’s. nice because it’s more about connecting.

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With people than anything and it’s kind. of nice because I have questions I love. dating sites with questions we answer. questions and they compare you with. other people and also I have been on a. doctor medic which is French but it. wasn’t really my favorite but one. particular site that I really want to. talk about today this is me debunking. dating calm because I was I’ve been. on it and it’s very expensive I know. most of us we can’t afford that and you. know me I’m a waitress I can’t afford to. spend a dollar on each message I sent. send this somebody I mean even if it’s. looking for the right kind of guy and. even if the guys I mean if the guys. we’re all awesome and amazing it’s. something expensive if I love it. shouldn’t be that expensive. it should be free actually um so dating. was up I’ve been recently on dating site.

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And I did spend a little bit of money to. send messages to people but the problem. is is there’s a pigeon on my balcony. okay that has nothing to do with dating. sites but I don’t like pigeons on my. balcony and that’s why I looked over. there but I’m gonna continue it for ten. the pigeon is not much okay so okay back. to the dating site so basically I was on. dating conte and one thing I noticed. about it is and I mind the thought has a. bit on there’s a ton of profiles and. they’re like perfect men and imagine if. your men is the same for a women you go. on there and it’s all perfect profiles. like everything is done perfectly like. beautiful pictures the profiles nice. it’s romantic and then immediately you. start getting a ton of messages romantic. messages every single message you get. and I’m telling you tons of message it’s.

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Some really romantic thing like hey I. really enjoy our men’s romance. how about you would you like to be. romantic together and get get to know. each other but like every every message. is perfect and I know from being on. baddabadda you and other sites that one. guy’s message to you generally it’s not. this perfect romantic message it’s like. hello my name is a Xavier I work at an. office what about you you know it’s. usually very common what you would. expect from people you but this site. every single message you get from. somebody it’s something like roses are. red violets are blue. sugar is sweet and I think you’re nice. and it’s just too perfect do you know. what say and at first I was like okay so. maybe they have like a question here. where they you know give you an you know. you can choose you know a message to.

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Send to somebody so you don’t have to. actually type it but it gives you a big. list so maybe it’s that but there’s so. many different ones like it’s insane the. next thing I noticed and I was thinking. okay well the guys all look perfect like. every single guy looks like Prince. Charming you know and it is best and so. I thought okay because it’s really. expensive so I’m being myself figured. out a way to send a few free messages to. to the guys and so I thought because in. every other dating site they’re always. trying to get my you know my facebook or. my snapchat or my what’s up they’re. always begging for it I’m normally I’m. the one reluctant to give it because you. know I don’t want my facebook flooded. with messages from guys you know what. I’m saying and so I thought okay well. since these guys all look really perfect.

Anyway I’ll send them all a message I. have another Facebook that I used for my. dating site this might kind of make my. dating site Facebook so if I like a guy. I let him on this Facebook but it’s not. my real Facebook it’s kind of my dating. site Facebook to keep you know you know. the psycho is away from my real life. because you never know who’s normal in. his psychic so basically I started. giving every guy that seemed nice which. is pretty much all of them my Facebook. and I’m like hey here’s my facebook name. you know I I would like to talk on. Facebook it’s really expensive to talk. here I mean it’s literally like almost. $1 our message it’s ridiculous and so. and one thing that was weird. first off was the both the first guy was. like no I prefer to speak here like one. thing is weird is even guys with the.

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Money don’t want to waste their money. you know they’re not gonna sit there and. go oh no no my purse I prefer to speak. with you on this site where I have to. spend a dollar every time. since I mean that’s so weird and then. okay maybe this guy’s just really rich. and he can just throw his money in the. trashcan like that but not every guy’s. gonna be like that so I messaged several. guys on this site several guns and every. single guy said the same thing every one. of them oh my I prefer to speak come on. here ah but maybe later but let’s talk. here for her for weeks and get to know. each other oh every single guy they said. the same thing. and I started thinking this is so weird. like this is not normal that everybody. insists on talking on the site rather. than talking on a man what guy whose I. don’t have a Facebook and I’m like okay.

Well what do you haven’t he’s like oh I. prefer to talk on here and I’m thinking. this is so weird. so I come to the conclusion and you can. try it for yourself I mean keep your. eyes open I’ve come to the conclusion. that the site is a scam I think that. dating com hires individuals from all. around the world whatever and pays them. per message or pays them for talking to. people and getting people to talk on. them so women and men are going on there. thinking wow this perfect person is. talking to me oh my god I’m so lucky and. they talk pop pop spending all money. obviously it’s just gonna be a money gig. because you’re never gonna get close to. these guys because that’s just what they. do for a living and it was also weird is. when you log on immediately you get. messages from all these perfect people. perfect people and none of the profiles.

With normal they’re all perfect you know. what I’m saying it’s just it’s too shady. for me and so I wanted to point this out. to you you don’t even trying it out go. on there the way to message people for. free that I found. you know is you send them an email for. some reason it allows you to actually a. message him if you the first message is. an email so you go and you say send. email and you send a melon suddenly you. can go back to the message and you can. send a few messages before it demands. you to pay and I think they purposely. made it or you can do this so that you. can these guys can kinda reel you in a. little bit and then next thing you know. you’re paying you can see like oh my god. this cute guys talking to me I’m gonna. beg ya and you can’t blame them because. if that guy is really talking to you I.

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