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We all know roblox is weird right we can. all agree on that the people who play. the games are weird the games are weird. it’s just bad so i had a weird idea i’m. gonna type in the word date in the game. search bar and i’m gonna see what games. pop up there’s hearts coming out of this. building no way oh my god it is them. it’s them what are you guys doing if you. guys do this stuff in roblox actually. unsubscribe for my channel. we might join in a few games and see. people dating each other this is gonna. be bad all right i’m searching update. hopefully there’s nothing bad. well uh boys and girls night date a cute. anime girl simulator dirty place date. hello you know what we’re playing that. one first it’s got a ton of this i need. to be cautious of this what are we about. to see here okay so there’s people in.

Here somebody just said gay land what. top time played 19 days what somebody. has played this game for 19 days what is. wrong with you top 20 donators somebody. donated 2 000 robot you’re weird you’re. a weirdo what do we do in this game oh. my gosh what are these people doing over. here okay let’s let’s hide let’s hide in. the trees we can still see him though. what are they doing she’s typing dude. this dude has the same idea this furry. dude he’s being creepy he’s watching. them yeah i like to hide it but i mostly. like boys what kind of both though. what’s wrong with you why are you guys. talking about this on roblox i said. what’s wrong with you and isla said your. mom. oh there’s banana peels on the ground. whoa. these banana peels make you go crazy. someone just said join me with a winky. face uh i wanna i wanna i wanna delete.

This video oh there’s a picnic oh can we. actually eat okay i’ve never seen. somebody eat like that but that’s okay. maybe we can just stare off into the. night sky eva bear just said i have a. kind of crush on a girl someone just. said hot dog hi i wanna what does he. wanna do to me you wanna do what do what. he said never mind uh yeah bye weirdo. all right this one caught my eye it says. dream island and then this picture is. like people just chilling girl the. roblox girl in her swimsuit like what. okay let’s see what this dream island’s. like hopefully we can get jacked like. this guy we’re gonna try to find the gym. we’re gonna go to the gym all right. collect my daily reward okay nice oh the. gym is right in front of us let’s go. take a swim oh my gosh somebody in the. chat said can i call you baby and the.

Dude said sure but what about daddy and. then she said i can call you that oh no. call her mommy weird uh got him that. dude just cussed me out apparently he’ll. call her honey let’s hit some weights. all right let’s talk to our gym bro. right here welcome to the gym i don’t. really need a hundred dollar gatorade i. think i’ll be fine all right let’s let’s. get some rip hot dog abs right now come. on how do i lift uh am i doing it right. hey hey bro am i doing it right help. help help all right punch the bag go. they just said in the chat i’m ready i. can be i’m not gonna say it but. we have to find them i need to see what. they’re doing because dude they’re weird. we have to find levi the master and star. princess sparkle where is star princess. sparkle at where is levi the master. they’re probably not in the adopt place.

I hope they’re not adopting a kid and. talking like that they have to be in. like a house or something where are they. where are they i have to find them okay. there’s hearts coming out of this. building no way oh my god it is them. it’s them can we get in here i can’t get. in no way oh my fall up here oh my god i. think i can find a way look at this look. at them no way look at this if i crawl. up here what are you guys doing what are. they doing what are you guys doing he. just said something that got blurred out. and then lol i don’t think he sees me. right here i’m kind of like crawling up. his house i’m spying on these guys look. at what they’re doing bunch of weirdos. if you guys do this stuff in roblox. actually unsubscribe from my channel i. know i say unsubscribe as a joke. sometimes actually unsubscribe if you do.

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This stuff get out stop watching this. video are they gonna do it again though. that’s the thing i think he spotted me. somehow i think he sees my name well. while they are just standing there let’s. try to find a way to get in okay can we. jump through the window i mean i’m a hot. dog maybe i can be like hey anybody. hungry i don’t know i don’t know what i. can do we jump through these windows. okay we can kind of um maybe i can buy a. car is there back door online. i was gonna say maybe i can buy a car. and then like crash into their house i. know that sounds really really messed up. but i need to get to the bottom of this. why are these little kids doing this in. roblox dude if their parents knew this. oh my gosh maybe we can lure him right. let’s see maybe we can. what type of vehicle could get us up. into his house he said sorry afk you.

Know i’m gonna go to the movies okay so. he’s coming outside he’s going to the. movies wait in the gamer in real life. he’s going to the movies in the game he. is okay okay we have to hide okay he’s. coming to the movies he’s going to the. movies hopefully i can go in behind him. when he opens the door to his house i. can go in behind him he just left his. girlfriend and now she’s typing what is. she going to say she’s typing she said. oh now they don’t know i’m watching them. star princess sparkle what are you doing. levi the master one two three what are. you really doing with your life answer. my question what are you guys doing with. your life i think i’m gonna wait for him. to leave he’s gonna go to the movies and. he leaves through the front door i’m. gonna jump in his house then when we’re. in this house i’m gonna hide what are.

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They doing why did he just lay down what. is she doing peeing on him or something. like why is she still why is she. standing there he knows she’s being. walked but she doesn’t know who’s. watching her he jumped up out of bed he. was he was tired of her wasting his time. he wants to go to the movie whenever his. character lays down why is his legs up. is he trying to poop while laying down i. don’t think i’ve ever laid on my bed. opened my legs up and tried to pull oh. someone’s behind us noella’s canto it’s. nothing i’m just a decoration don’t mind. me dude this person might it might. expose my location i’m just a decoration. they’re not chatting or anything they’re. just standing there hey just joined this. server i’m a police officer and i go to. different roblox servers to try to. prevent online dating i’m doing my.

Checkups now so i said hey i just joined. the server i’m a police officer and i go. to different roblox servers to try to. prevent online datings i’m doing my. checkups now watch this i’m about to. scare them star princess someone. reported you i’m scaring her bro so i. said star princess somebody reported you. for being with a boy on roblox is this. true let’s see what her reaction is i. maybe her boyfriend’s gonna start. chatting and say hey we can do whatever. we want the boyfriend got up he saw the. message why is she laying down oh my. gosh oh my gosh look at this the girl’s. laying down he’s on top he said suck. lick lick and now there’s a hearts. coming up oh my god what’s happening to. our generation what’s happening to our. generation i i don’t know i i’m done. our young generation clearly lost i. searched up date on roblox and this is.

What i found we have a few more games. still to play and this is already. happening in game number two i don’t. even know what’s gonna come up man oh. while we’re sitting here watching this. let me know what should i search up on. roblox net for the next episode in this. series i’m gonna search up a certain. word on roblox let me know what i should. search up in the next episode roblox if. you see these uh username levi the. ma-s-y-e-r123 i’m actually going to. remember his username we can go right. here levi the master dating we’re. reporting him for dating was doing bad. stuff dating oh my god oh my god he just. said slurp no no no no i reported him. once and i’m reporting him again you. know what in our next episode of roblox. we’re gonna search up this dude‘s name. and we’re gonna see if his account got. banned you know what we’re gonna leave.

These weirdos alone we’re gonna check if. he got banned all right this one’s a. little bit different it says date a cute. anime girl simulator so let’s see like. what this is i’m probably gonna throw up. why do i spawn with a rocket launcher. what what oh my gosh. are there people in this game i see. people running people are playing this. game. okay this dude is a creep he’s shooting. missiles under here dude you’re a creep. okay mikaroo look at him he’s even. putting the light so we can see up there. okay you’re messed up dude. i’m making a video soon i’m gonna go. into a bunch of roblox games and find. the stupidest characters like the people. who think their character is so cool. because i got that. black hair. two hours later someone just said your. mom and then someone responded my mom is. dead i told this dude to change his.

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