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Gorgeous I love this outfit no I was. thinking I could wear it without I know. we punctured your eardrum for that last. how so my beautiful wife married for. like two months and I feel like anyway. as I was saying today my beautiful wife. is going out you know try on some. bathing suits that I know don’t forget. the B word so yeah I leave the try on. some bikinis that I’ve never seen before. they’re new and then I’m gonna write. them so it’s like it’s me writing my. wife bikinis yeah and the link for the. bikinis are in the description because. this nice place sent I think some free. bikini so yeah this video is not. sponsored and it doesn’t even have. anything to do with this channel but. anyway we thought we’d do it do it here. yeah yeah yeah by the way I’m gonna be. raiding the bikinis no yeah yeah yeah. give her like always like a hundred out.

Of ten beautifully the bikini itself and. how do you feel oh I’m really excited. for an I’m nervous because you know I I. have a trial problem with going on to. the beach in a bathing suit it makes me. feel incredibly selfconscious and. that’s normal for anyone who isn’t for. example thin like you even though I know. thin people who fit this sort of. stereotype of beauty you know they also. quite often experience feelings of. insecurity but it is you know I’m a lot. older than you and I have a body that is. not conventionally beautiful but I’m the. most beautiful thank you. I mean good things do come in different. packages happily but it’s one thing to. feel that in an intimate level with my. wife and to feel very valued and loved. and respected you know and those are. beautiful things but it’s quite another. another to go public with one’s body so.

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I’m really really nervous about it but. I’m glad we’re doing it here and I. didn’t say this to you but one reason is. because you do have really beautiful. subscribers who are very very supportive. and in a sense I want public response. now I know some of it won’t be pretty. and I know some of it will you know I. mean we’ll underscore why Oh anyone that. body shames anyone is like a total tool. but you don’t have to watch if you’re. gonna be body shaming oh you’re so. wonderful it’s one of the reasons why I. love you because you’re just such a. powerful advocate oh I mean you really. anyone should be like honestly everybody. is different and there’s so many. different body types I don’t understand. why people have decided that just one. body type is beautiful or acceptable and. I don’t understand why people judge each.

Other because of that is that doesn’t. give someone the right to then you know. say mean things to me. you know this is my prerogative to for. me to embrace this now whether I will. wear these when we’re next in Brazil and. whether I’ll wear them when we go to. America I’m a thank you sure I mean if. they fit nicely then I will yeah great I. am so proud of you you have turned me on. to this possibility of other ways of. being like you bring this perspective in. to your relationship that is beauty is. not what it used to be it’s whatever we. say it is exactly that’s a really. beautiful thing that has really helped. me and it’s made me have the courage to. want to do this. it does feel nice to fight back and to. say you know I’m still sexy I know like. I’m sexy I mean I know my confidence you. know what I mean and I know what I have.

I can still wear sexy and. selfacceptance as easily as one does. who books is gifted with a bunny like. yours you know you’re like I’ll go on so. anyway so thank you for doing this with. me and for being so supportive and. so beautiful you know beautiful. so thanks darling ready go yeah yeah. okay so before we start raiding the. bikinis my god really loves please. subscribe because I post new beaches. twice a week follow both of us on. Instagram for amazing pictures they’re. gonna totally change your life I mean it. doesn’t fit the food well you know it’s. great it’s such a relief to put on a. bathing suit that has so little attached. to it in the coverup like oh really now. didn’t I go up here just sort of give a. sort of closeup yeah did my belly you. know college eyes from my belly there. was a time in the Victorian era when.

Being chubby was like yeah so I God you. look stunning I think I’m gonna take one. point away just because the. so I’m going to I really yeah boobs and. then I’m sure my tracks are showing. I love it I love it yeah oh my god I. need to borrow my cell I’m so glad you. like it. I need to buy it for myself because it’s. perfect you say look because blasian. easily cute it’s a Thor my greattasting. bikini thank you very much I mean I. don’t think it fits to be honest but I. don’t think anybody would know that. necessarily on the beach you know what I. mean. I can’t tell they that’s seriously real. comfortable yeah I mean it feels fine on. the bottom and everything I have room. it’s not like that’s the wrong size but. it seems quite small on the top and my. boobs are literally my cup so I mean. this is very stressful but you make it.

So much make everything like just fun. very simple isn’t it yeah it’s perfect. we like it’s perfect I think it’s. supposed to be like an oldtimey mom. sort of Vegas I love it I love it I knew. that beautiful very flattering in these. very like practically yeah yeah thanks. for tuning of cards is he late David by. the woman I absolutely loved it I love. the shape of the top it’s very nice okay. so which air so this one is 10 out of 10. okay that seems reasonable it’s great oh. good okay like the two previous yeah I. loved it I loved this one too but I. don’t know other ones like it’s kind of. your. do you like it glad you like it. that’s so pretty oh my god this can go. up but I don’t think it should no no. so rather like it’s so stunning this. cleavage let’s show the viewing audience. I’m so lucky you’re so cute thank you.

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