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Is. i have a live audience today. okay okay i’m gonna stop being a. no i can’t. okay. you can say action maybe that might help. me hey guys what’s up. it literally feels so weird like tandy’s. always here but you hear is like i feel. like i’m literally performing in front. of madison square garden listen one day. it’s going to be mad it’s interesting so. we need to. get this okay. hey guys what’s up it’s amber and. welcome to a new vlog and happy. christmas in july for today’s vlog i am. taking you guys on an adventure with me. and if you could not tell from my outfit. we are going to a red sox game and i’m. gonna be going with some of my friends. because we’re off from work today and to. make it even more confusing it’s. literally the fourth of july it’s the. fourth of july but i’m over here. celebrating christmas i just got ready.

And i did my little braid pigtails that. are the fan favorite so. you’re welcome for that that’s pretty. much it i’m running late as usual we’re. gonna get on the road. all right you guys we made it after 97. detours because it’s literally the. fourth of july and there are parades. everywhere and i knew that but i’m a. dumbass but anyway i’m just about to. change into my shoes i’m wearing my. converse that match my jersey then we. are gonna take the train into the city. you guys are literally just having a. full like red sox boston city day with. me. all right you guys come with me to. fenway park first we have to get on. train number one which is going to bring. us from where we live into south station. which is right in boston. so once we arrive at south station we. have to get another ticket and make our. way to another train train number two.

And we are going on the red line to park. street. so here’s where it gets interesting. after many many stairs and lots of. walking we have made it to the green. line train number three which is where. we are going to go from park street to. fenway only you have to fight for your. life to get on this train it is so full. okay so that train was not the worst it. actually was not as full as usual but. that’s because we were running late to. be fair. so once you’re able to get out of the. mob that is the train station you will. see the citgo sign and that is a sure. sign that you are almost at fenway right. now we’re walking on yaki way which is. the street behind fenway that has a ton. of bars restaurants there’s lands down. street that has all kinds of food all. kinds of merch and different entry gates. into fenway.

We finally made it to fenway park this. is the beautiful view when you’re. walking up into the stadium. we had standing room tickets which is. not an actual seat so we had to run up a. million steps to get all the way up to. the top. once we got up here this was our. beautiful view and there was even a. private bar up there or i don’t know if. it was private but it was a bar that was. very convenient to our section. we made it. this is amari. you’re going to meet everyone today but. this is. they literally sold out as we were. almost ready to buy them we secured the. bags. she got mustard on her camera. i spilled mustard all over my camera the. lady was like pointing at it. i don’t know what’s happening. by the. what i way. just resting my camera on. a little hack if you get the standing. room tickets like we did after like the.

Sixth seventh inning a lot of seats free. up people either leave or seats that. were not sold open up so this is a. perfect time to go scavenge for seats. which is exactly what we were doing. time for the seventh inning stretch. okay guys now that we’ve drank all day. it’s time to get ice cream. hi. may i please do the um ice cream helmet. but i’m just going to do a twist. all right we got the ice cream. hold on. taxi rides back to the train on these. bikes let’s go we got this. i’m. this is the best day of my life. actually. oh my god. this is it. oh god. thank you so much. okay you guys it is the next day the day. after the red sox game oh my god i. literally can’t even believe the day we. had yesterday it was so much fun so so. much fun and then after the game i came. home and i had plans to go back out and. i was going to go watch the fireworks.

And like have a whole night but tundy. bear poor little tundy queen was very. afraid and having an anxiety attack. because of the fireworks so i didn’t. really want to leave her so i ended up. staying home and i had a night in with. tandy which was amazing but tonight i am. about to go out on. a date. why why is that who let that happen i. don’t even know. i don’t even know what’s going on but i. am about to go on a little date so i. figured i could get ready with you guys. and i was just in my robe and i was. gonna do my makeup first and do my. outfit last but we are running late well. i’m running late it’s nobody else’s. fault by myself i’m running late and i. could not afford to fight with my closet. and have the outfit not work out and. like i just needed to know that the. outfit was done before i sat down to do.

My makeup and my hair so this is the. outfit let me show you i have this cute. little cropped shirt that has like. flowers all over it and it has like. these puffy sleeves i just think it’s so. cute then i’m wearing these highwaisted. jeans from american eagle and i wanted. to wear these blue strappy sandals. because i don’t really have any other. sandals i’m also going to be wearing. this blue bag even though it’s not the. same color blue just pretend it is also. i apologize if you hear that noise in. the back it’s my fan it’s so hot in here. i i can’t i’m stressing already the. reason why i did my outfit first was. because the other night when i was. getting ready to go out somewhere i had. this outfit on like whatever it was the. outfit i was wearing all day but i was. like i can’t wear this out this is more.

Casual it’s not like you know night out. look so i literally went through my. whole entire closet after doing a full. face of makeup tried on like 97 outfits. then after my room is covered in clothes. i decided to put back on the thing i was. wearing first and left. like come on and you know what’s even. worse is when i got there to the place i. didn’t even end up going in i was having. anxiety and did not want to go in so i. was sitting in the parking lot for like. 30 minutes and then i went home yeah. that was my weekend now i’m just feeling. so much better and i feel like i’ve had. a mental block lately and i feel like i. was kind of just standing in my own way. so to speak and i feel like lately i’ve. just kind of had like an awakening and i. just i don’t know i see the future i see. it it’s bright it’s coming but yeah.

Yesterday was so much fun i hope. everyone who celebrates had a very happy. safe fourth of july me and my friends. were more celebrating just getting drunk. honestly i’m not gonna lie we were not. really there for the holiday but it was. such a good day i love being from. massachusetts and being like a new. england boston sports fan because i. swear there’s just no other energy than. being at a red sox game or a patriots. game or i mean i’ve never been to a. bruins or a celtics game but i imagine. that the energy there must be just as. amazing there’s just something about. boston i don’t know guys it’s. i love it i really do but yeah i’m sure. you guys are gonna probably want the tea. on this whole. date thing so i’ll definitely like give. you guys some tea in the future but for. right now i’m. keeping it a little secret i feel like.

I’m just such a very secretive person. that it’s weird for me to tell my. business you know but anyway let’s. make this face look a little more cute. shall we i don’t know how i feel about. this camera angle i’m sitting in a. higher chair than normal usually my. chair is lower so like the angle is. better and like. i don’t know i’m just i’m stressed i’m. running late let’s see what time it is. awesome we have 15 minutes this is this. is awesome i love this for me i’m. putting on a little bit of rare beauty. concealer just to kind of attempt to. cover up some stuff on my face some. pimples i cannot even deal i feel like. my skin will clear up and it’ll look so. good and then it’s like just a tease. like we’re back what did i do to deserve. all of these pimples i kind of want to. do some light makeup just because i.

Don’t really know what the plan is for. the night so i don’t want to have like a. ton of makeup on and it’s kind of humid. out and i don’t want my makeup to just. like slide off my face even though this. elf poreless putty primer is fire and. usually never has my makeup sliding off. of my face but you never know in other. news we are almost done with the first. week of july so far we have started. christmas in july we went to a red sox. game i am definitely bringing the. podcast back don’t worry guys i have so. many people in my dms that are like. where is the podcast i promise it’s. coming back i am not gonna lie though. full transparency i literally threw the. podcast completely on the back burner. this year because i just had so much. going on in my life and i know that i’ve. shared a lot of it with you guys but.

Christmas Dating train to go to

There’s also stuff that i don’t share on. online for obvious reasons like you. never know who’s watching and as much as. i want to share everything with like my. boos who watch this who i’m close with. and who i talk to online all the time. and who i’ve built relationships with. like obviously i want to share it with. you guys but i can’t just like guarantee. that it’s only gonna get to your ears. obviously so i do kind of tend to. not share everything on here but i. promise that you guys will know. everything you need to know when the. time is right but the podcast will be. coming back i promise i forgot i’m out. of setting spray that ruins my plans i. just got contour on my jeans bro what. the let’s hope a lysol wipe gets this. thing off i just dropped this on my. pants why am i such a mess. it looks like literal i’m not even.

Kidding. why why does this happen to me. literally ugh this sucks i do have time. to go but like do we think that’s gonna. work. let’s try. you know what’s funny actually speaking. of tide to go a funny story when i first. went out on like a date with this person. that i’m going out with tonight he got. something on him when we were going out. we were going on a train to go to a red. sox game actually something got on him. and i was like wait i have tide to go. and i pulled this out put it on him and. by the time he got off the train the. stain was gone he was impressed by that. he was impressed that i had time to go. on me and my battery’s dying oh i love. this for me so much. luckily my hair is gonna be really quick. because i’m just gonna retouch up the. ends with a curling iron this is just. very accurate depiction of my life.

Always running late spilling all. over me all the time i don’t have a. single item of clothing that is not. damaged by products of some sort or food. so the podcast is coming back i’m back. to uploading youtube videos more. consistently and i feel like i just kind. of needed i don’t know i don’t even know. what i needed everything just kind of. plays out the way it’s supposed to and i. feel like i kind of just lost that trust. trusting the process so to speak i feel. like i kind of lost that and kind of. just was like why aren’t the results. happening right now like why can’t i see. all the answers right now and i was just. getting so impatient and just so. overwhelmed honestly with life and now i. feel like i’m getting to the point where. i’m like you know what i have made it. this far i have survived everything that.

I thought i was not going to survive and. i need to just trust that it’s going to. continue to be that way and i’m going to. continue to survive all the bad things. so if you guys are stuck in a rut right. now please please listen to me when i. say that it will not be forever and that. someday it’ll make sense and i know. everyone says that when you’re in the. thick of it and you’re like shut up you. don’t know you don’t know like you don’t. know that but um i promise you it has. proven to me time and time again that. that is gonna happen and. it just is i promise guys i promise it’s. coming okay we did a quick battery. change because my battery died this is. probably a better angle and it seems. like better lighting so i’m gonna leave. you there for now life just has a funny. way of working out you know you gotta.

Just trust that something. is gonna get you through it think of it. the way i just said you’ve made it. through all of the days that you thought. you were not gonna make it through so. just to like kind of put that into. perspective it’ll get better this rare. beauty blush is so insanely pigmented. it’s not even funny can you see that. selena really knew what she was doing. with this blush and since i’m wearing. this like cute red shirt i want to have. some rosy cheeks to match oh my god i. literally need to leave the house in. like eight minutes this is not gonna. happen i got my maybelline fit me powder. back i don’t remember if i’ve shown this. in a video yet but i was out of setting. powder for a long time and i was using. like all different kinds i was trying to. just kill my makeup drawer and i was. using the kylie one for a little while i.

Tried a makeup revolution powder i think. it was just like a clear translucent. powder and i was not a fan i went out. and i repurchased my fit me powder and. now. all is right in the world i’m so mad. that my little stain is not going away. on my pants that is making me really. aggravated all right time for a little. bit of bronzer. and i haven’t been going too crazy with. my brows either like lately i’ve. honestly just been brushing them and. kind of touching up the tail of it like. filling in the arch and the tail and. then just gelling them because my. eyebrows are kind of like in a growing. state where they’re growing a little bit. i’m gonna try to like cut them soon and. reshape them. i’m gonna wipe away this powder all. right what do we think i feel like i’m. gonna go no mascara honestly now it’s on. to hair and i’m quickly quickly quickly.

Just going to touch up the hair because. of my new makeup setup over here i’m. using this stool currently which is why. i’m like slouching because i can’t see. into my mirror this stool is too tall so. i have to like slouch in order to see in. the mirror i got this mirror actually. from wayfair and they sold one that was. vertical whereas mine’s the horizontal. one and i thought about maybe just like. selling this one and getting that one. but then like amber that is ridiculous i. could literally mount this one on the. wall there are so many other options but. i’m always like let me just buy a new. one like why am i like this so another. thing on the agenda for july other than. a couple of like secret things that i. can’t tell you about but in a couple of. weeks chance and i are going to a. concert and i’m so excited we are going.

To be seeing the weekend and originally. it was supposed to be the weekend and. doja cat which we were really really. looking forward to because he loves doja. i mean i do too but like i feel like i. was kind of more going for the weekend. he was more going for dojo now she sadly. had to cancel but we are still really. really excited to go and i’m gonna of. course be vlogging so it’s gonna be a. really good time and it’s at gillette. stadium which is where the patriots play. obviously i told you guys a little while. ago i’m a boston slash new england. sports fan so i am just so beyond happy. to be seeing a concert at gillette i. have not seen a concert there in years i. think the last concert i saw at gillette. was actually ac dc some of you guys. might not even know who that is because. you’re so young which is crazy they are.

My dad’s favorite band a rock band and. that was like one of the most iconic. moments of my life because that was like. the coolest show ever they really put on. a good show so the concert should be a. really good time and anytime i’m with. chance it’s so much fun so that vlog is. going to be iconic i cannot wait all. right guys we’re almost done. i just feel bad i already wanted to be. like out of the house i do love this. shirt though i bought it last year and. i’ve only worn it once i don’t even. think i wore it out in public i just. wore it to take pictures for instagram. which was such an embarrassing day oh my. god can i just tell you guys the story. real quick i was taking pictures for. instagram and i had a couple of shirts. that i needed to post about because like. i bought them from a small business and.

I really wanted to post about this. business but also while i was there i. brought this like cute outfit and wore. this shirt right so i didn’t have a. tripod at the time for my phone i. obviously have like a real tripod but i. didn’t have any sort of thing to put my. phone on me being the smart. person that i am popped to the hood of. my car and put my phone like on. something i don’t know some piece of. equipment under the hood and i’m sitting. in this parking lot right like this. pretty much empty parking lot at a golf. course taking photos of myself on self. timer and this kind man who thought he. was just like my knight in shining armor. pulls up in his work truck and is like. are you okay do you need help and. instead of being like no i’m good i. am awkward and had to be like no i’m. actually just taking pictures of myself.

And as soon as i said that he was like. already in reverse skirting the out. of there like he was like okay weirdo. yeah that was very embarrassing i will. not lie but it is what it is i got some. cute pics and. that’s really all that matters right i’m. just kidding stay in school. so some final touches i am going to be. putting on ari by ariana grande this is. one of my favorite perfumes and then i. really like mixing this perfume with my. victoria secret bombshell perfume i. think this is the bombshell celebration. if i remember correctly yeah it is then. for jewelry i have this adorable little. like tiffany inspired necklace that i. got so i’m just gonna put this on so. then i also have a matching bracelet of. that same tiffany inspired design i’m. ready to go what do we think. but yeah so that is it for this little.

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