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Christmas Dating got kind of cheated on

Today i let a christmas elf control my. date night my husband scott and i had to. compete in all of these fun different. christmas themed challenges stay to see. who ends up on the naughty list this is. our friend larry do you think you can. put all on this costume yep all right oh. my gosh. larry you look incredible. and here we have haley larry’s wife. haley don’t worry i’m not leaving you. out you can be his little reindeer scott. i have a surprise for you welcome oh my. gosh. the beer is really weird. i’m a heavy christmas album. are you ready for larry the christmas. elf to control our date night he’s gonna. control her i thought this was a normal. date night nope you’re so in love with. each other i thought this is me and. scott’s date night you know we’re better. off without them this is a giant. gingerbread bounty castle let’s play the.

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First game. all right just like the egg game we have. a spoon we have an ornament we have to. get as many ornaments from our side to. the other in a minute ready no dance. oh okay. oh they both got one right away okay he. got kind of cheated on the stand up. scott and i have three lies each you. lose a round you lose a present no. presents left and you go straight to the. naughty list don’t drop it scott don’t. drop it you got this but 30. seconds three. only three ornaments so let’s see what. scott has here oh my goodness i think. keeley won. what’s that losing because scott has. five. you know what that means. so in this game we’re going to be. playing hide and seek they’re going to. go and hide behind one of the. inflatables and i’m going to try to pick. that flavor you’re stepping on my phone. all right i’m angry he’s an angry elf go.

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Hide. scott where are you going oh no scott. don’t think you’re not three four five. six seven eight nine ten here we go. they’re pretty good at this. the snowman. ah. heavy hanukkah. he gets three chances. that was right oh dang he got scott i. got him that’s one round the best out of. three go hides ready two. three. four. that’s not good this is not good for us. it’s a tough one. happy hanukkah. wait a second. dinosaur. there’s keely. okay so that means that scott has been. found twice which means. well you’re right. for our next date night activity me and. scott have five minutes to create a. gingerbread house and larry the elf will. be judging our house on durability decor. and i don’t know however else you want. to rate it it’s got stuff eating the. candy what are you doing. three two one go. start now with a firm foundation i see.

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It’s called jesus christ jesus christ. where’s the rest of the house uh oh i. have both of my things on right now so. i’m kind of crushing it me too doing it. gotta say scott don’t think that’s gonna. hold together very well wait a day how. does. maybe you have to go behind the chimney. she just broke the chimney off oh. interesting technique here let’s see how. it pays off i gotta do the same thing i. think it’s uh looking like you just hit. the three minute mark okay okay okay. what is that. is that the dorsal fin it’s a shark. house. oh. uh. don’t mind that where did that just come. from what oh she’s doing. lines you know what these are they’re. not waves they’re actually christmas. lights. i’m an elf i’ve experienced in the arts. guys leave a comment down below what. kind of lights you prefer plain oldborn. yellow lights like this christmas tree.

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Or the multicolored lights like my dream. are you hanging on larry’s christmas. tree this is literally my christmas tree. i think it’s a beautiful christmas tree. i’ll keep seeing this christmas tree. looks better okay it’s not a competition. coming up about 30 seconds left no no. wait we’re for real for all for real for. real oh my this is where we separate the. men from the boys the little the little. elves from the big elves oh scott’s. going all out with it look at that look. at that technique five. no no. no no no no no. oh no one put your bags away put your. bag away first looks like a key lease oh. wow first off i can see she has a. redneck front porch. just throw everything on the front porch. that’s how that works it’s festive okay. and uh the christmas lights what um they. were they were still putting them up i.

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Gotta say i love the dorsal fin on top. that is that is great right. that was quite the touch let’s go over. here to scott’s house. hey no driving the elf what are you. doing it wasn’t buy me anything it was. just how much i didn’t. let’s see interesting very unsturdy. foundation scott i’m i’m thinking that. that might have shifted and it correct. it might lose the durability test but. we’ll have to find out why when it comes. to the decor i definitely like your. front yard a lot more than kiwis. i think when it comes to the looks i. give the looks to scott boom but we’re. about to test the durability okay. oh decent. that’s pretty good let’s test guts. are you kidding me wait actually. that was way harder. and the final test the one that you did. not know which one tastes better this is. what i present to you all right here we.

Go. how does this compare to all of the. amazing gingerbread houses you’ve had at. the north pole so good and crazy. i’ve got this dorsal fin right here for. you to try. all right ready. look at those crunches you’re gonna. break your jaw a little bit crunch in. there. this one easily goes the cue oh my god. take his present. so we are at dollar tree and uh larry. the christmas elf is going to judge. scott and i’s gift giving stuff you dare. pull my beard we have five minutes and. five dollars to go all right see you. suckers i’m gonna get you a 10 out of 10. gift bye. what should i buy scotty boy well i can. get a birthday card oh a card would be. nice i know she’s probably gonna like. sabotage me but i’m just gonna try and. kill you with kindness animal nose mask. collect all five like yeah. also where did larry the elf go i better.

Not be helping scott i’m just looking at. people’s reactions. my heart for sure i mean think about it. because with santa when he comes to your. house what do you leave dude. so that he leaves you gifts exactly you. just learned your way into the system. please. no that was the coolest experience i. know all right. scott likes to build i’m gonna get him a. sailboat he can build love that for us. all right mr larry the christmas self i. have a gift for you are you ready scott. i have a good for you that’s funny. i got some boom chicka pop. stars. george and stripes cola it’s gonna be. flat soda and. i hope you know much it lights up my. heart just knowing there’s a you in the. world and look at it it’s got little. penguins on the front wait baby this is. a good game. oh wait i’m nervous i’m scared now wood. shop. you like to build that’s kind of cute.

What’s your name victoria hi doria nice. to meet you did you want to too yeah. what’s your name david nice to meet you. david you guys want a picture with a. christmas elf. oh they do. happy new year. holidays. okay anyway back to my present. um. this is a great gift yeah he looks great. who won the gift giving challenge cutely. i’m so sorry. oh no i’m so sorry scott wins this. challenge oh no i’m gonna be on the. naughty list. for our next date night challenge we are. going to be doing a gift wrap challenge. we have a minute to try and wrap the. other person whoever’s looks worse you. know the drill can steal a life from us. okay larry count us down all right. one minute starting three. he’s got help he’s got assistance. this tape sucks oh she’s going right. over. okay okay. oh clever technique from scott. nice nice. 15 seconds.

We need to make it two minutes i’m gonna. add one minute to the timer because it. looks like you need a little bit of help. okay thank you thank you thank you okay. i’m giving you a spot one minute. oh. oh wow. very nice is that a collar or a scarf. that is a scarf. scarf bow oh wow that’s a really how you. look kaylee has made a christmas. cucumber. oh look kelsey’s in there. i don’t know what to do with the rest. oh scott is ripping up stuff. 20 seconds. oh wait. 10 seconds. that’s exactly what it is it’s a tiara. five seconds. three. two. one. you had a straw coming out like um. you look like a popsicle larry the. christmas elf come judge the costumes. wait he’s biased that’s his wife yeah. but you’re my sister kind of a loselose. situation for me. um. so. i’m gonna go ahead and say both win and. nobody loses a present wait really yeah.

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