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Dating when child free i am. 25 f an issue i run into so often with. dating cis men in particular is that. they all want me. to have their children which is not. something i want to do ever. i enjoy kids but do not want to raise. kids of my own. i’m looking for a bf or any partner. really who i can own a small plot of. land with. have a garden and raise some chickens. goats and maybe some. sheep but most of the men i meet either. know they want kids in the future. already have children or are older in. age. like 40 plus and don’t see me as an. actual partner. just a fling or romp to make them feel. young again. what is a child free gal to do do i just. start accumulating more cats. i already have two. rip your inbox. you will find men who are child free too. trust me i’m also a child free woman. bit older than you though and i did also.

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Struggle but they are out there. i did find it became less of a sticking. point in my 30s. i think it 25 people are still expecting. you to change your mind and . you know equally cats are always a good. option. i live with my partner now and i can. tell you. wholeheartedly i would prefer to share. my life with an animal who shits in a. box than a man. i love him but i can’t wait for him to. move back to his own house when lockdown. is over. i’m looking for a bf or any partner. really who i can own a small plot of. land with. have a garden and raise some chickens. goats and maybe some sheep. there are legions of people you can read. on these subs who have zero. interest in ever raising kids but i am. not convinced there are legions whose. life goal is this specific dream of. yours. keep looking i am a child free guy who.

Also would love to own some land in the. country and raise some animals. we’re put there but we’re probably rare. just be upfront about it when looking. for partners so you. don’t waste too much time. how are you meeting men if it’s online. add these things to your profile my. husband and i are child free. but it was something we chose to do. together. don’t give up they are out there. i haven’t met any man who wants to have. kids with me lol. i’m child free as well and i don’t have. any issues there. it might be a cultural thing i never. date conservative men and they’re. usually that have muh. babies type. maybe we should switch places since i. have the exact. opposite problem tears of joy all the. men i meet. don’t want children while i do moral of. the story. there’s plenty of people out there who. want the same thing.

There are child free men and you will. meet them. my husband and i are child free just. make sure you don’t wait too long to. bring it up when you find someone you. like so you don’t. get too invested in a mismatch. eventually. it will happen. you just keep dating just a note i met. my partner. after i gave up on dating happened to. run into him and we hit it off. live your life and don’t make it. dependent on finding someone. then they’ll appear. child free married with a younger man. small farm owner here everything is. possible. sounds like it’s not the child free part. in itself. it’s finding someone who shares your. whole vision and dream. that is definitely worth waiting for. if you’re doing online dating put it in. the info. keeps the wrong men away if not. tell it early then the disappointment. isn’t as big for you.

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Maybe not on the first date but before. getting serious. according to gallup in 2013. only six percent of americans from 18 to. 40. did not have or want to have kids so you. are going to have to play the numbers. game a bit. but you can definitely find someone. i just gave up with men and started. dating a lady who also doesn’t want kids. lmao. working out well for me so far. i’m a child free guy and there’s plenty. like me. i also want to have that countryside. farmhouse dream one day. a bit far into the future though don’t. worry you’ll find one. there’s actually a big child free. movement happening among younger men. my 28 f and i 28. are child free i know lots of other. couples in this same age group who are. also. child free the older men still have. older ideas about. family but if you look from men in their. 20s to early.

30s then you’ll find more child free. souls out there. good luck child. free guy here too old for you now. but didn’t want kids back when i wasn’t. so don’t worry about it. just stick to it be vocal about it buy. your. own chickens in the meantime and get a. running start by the time he shows up. i think it may have to do with your age. and you’ll have more luck as you get. older though not like. you should stop dating now or anything. people are programmed to think that. eventually they have to get married and. have kids and. 25 for some people is too young to make. a decision about whether they want kids. i spent my 20s trying to convince myself. that one day i’ll want kids. it wasn’t until i was in my early 30s. that i realized i never wanted kids. i just thought i did because everyone. else did. i’m now married to a cf man.

Well i mean as harsh as it’s gonna sound. let’s be realistic here. 1. many men do want kids some don’t but. many do. 2. you want to live in the countryside. and have a garden with chickens and. goats. most men aren’t after that and those who. are more likely to be traditional i.e. they want kids 3. you are a cam girl. most every guy at the first know would. have a problem with this. also once again a traditional. countryside guy would likely not be into. a cam girl. 4. gonna sound harsh but you are. selfproclaimed. bbw some guys are into that body type. but many aren’t. i know it sounds harsh but it’s true. so look at all the points above your. potential dating pool is going to be. extremely small given the parameters. it is not surprising you are not able to. find someone. it’s not the child free thing that’s the. issue.

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