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Yeah what’s up this is a who dad who. dead oh hi hi. and we’re just way about a tricycle and. yeah we’re just hanging out. but you want to say today your family. joke so yeah we just hang it out enjoy. the day nice day it’s actually clouded. over which is nice not so hot. so you want to go to disco tonight yeah. sure we’ll see I want to see you shake. your booty shake your booty. you don’t dance for me. like I like sexy dance on a pole I like. that you want to watch me dance. go so you had a little experience today. you’ve got to do something you never did. today you want to elaborate am I good. teacher huh I teach you very things that. are different. hmm so how do you like being with me so. far. you don’t know really oh you got a bug. on me hey scare bugs. your way. yeah are you smoking cigarettes you’re. gonna smoke either.

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You know it’s all good. oh geez Ben she wants to do videos so. she video today I let her do her first. youtube video she wanted to do it what. did you do it at we’re at in the CR were. you on the toilet oh she did a shower. video for you guys that she was telling. expats what were you telling foreigners. like that so what are you favorite foods. oh you keep saying oh what’s your. favorite like. Oh so where are we going are we going to. mcdo yeah so what do they call macdonald. macdo here you like Delhi be jelly beans. not your favorite it’s not mine. I like jollibee chicken I think the. chicken is really good I like the spicy. chicken now I just spaghetti I like. traditional homemade Filipino spaghetti. I don’t like mcdo is I I don’t know just. like got too much sugar in it so he. starchy lumpy and it has cheap hot dogs.

In it I don’t like that you like. McDonald’s what’s your favorite there. the chicken french fries french fries. and your cheap date. honey it’s a little handful of foods. well I’ll tell you guys one thing so. when you do go out to eat with your. Filipina you’ll see you know the first. time you go on a date you’re gonna want. her to order her own thing but you’ll. notice that she will never never never. eat it all so what’s typical here is the. man orders and a Filipino will eat off. your plate so. it not only saves you money it’s just. it’s practical because they will waste. the food but they really love rice rice. lover you want to dance for rice though. so anyways we’re gonna go we’re gonna go. to mix dough and we just want to say hi. I think they’re beginning to love you. too because I love you. and yada you special way my gut and.

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