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Guys welcome to better bachelor my name. is joker. and i had to change my camera angle my. laptop died on me today so i’m back. using my old desktop. it’s okay it works but now i gotta see. what’s going on with my old laptop so. different camera angle i hope my audio. is okay i hope the picture’s okay we’ll. get this figured out eventually. um well they came and nuked the. guys going their own way one and two. forums on reddit and i knew this was. going to be a matter of time. that’s what i’ve literally been talking. about the last couple of weeks they’ve. both been cor. excuse me the main guys going their own. way mg. tow that forum has been quarantined for. a year or two it’s been around for i. don’t know how long. and it kind of got a little bit rough in. there um as a matter of fact. i was kicked out of there because one.

Time they showed a guy a girl slapped a. guy and he picked her up and. and did a suplex on her and like knocked. her out and uh i was like. to me that’s a little extreme like i i. think that was a little bit of a harsh. reaction and boom i was kicked out of. the. the forum um but i i was in the uh the. guys going their own way too. and i can’t use the acronym because. youtube um. so i was i was in in the other one and. somebody posted on the forums today they. said hey they. they’ve wiped both of them and sure is. anything i logged in to see. and uh you can see here that uh somebody. took a screenshot on locals. shout out to my locals members for. posting this so i was aware of it. content is banned sorry you don’t have. access to this content it may have been. removed or set to private. uh there at one point there were 120 130.

000 people on this forum and again they. call it poisonous and toxic and bad. and all the other isms and everything. else on there. um and here’s the main thread that i. wanted to talk about. and this is a the a subreddit that’s um. what’s this one uh it’s called subreddit. drama but anyway. as of a couple three hours ago they’ve. said the guys going their own way has. been banned. and the thing of it is that you know. it’s one thing to say. um well we don’t like we don’t want. negative subreddits on here. but reddit has some pretty heinous uh. they have some pretty heinous subreddits. i’m not going to get into them but you. can go up to the search and do some. searches and find some. i mean you can find adult spicy stuff. you can find. you can just you name it it’s out there. um but this is the one they decide to.

Remove. but the thing of it is they haven’t. removed the equivalent which is female. dating strategy. female dating strategy talks very poorly. about men. they call the scrotes they call us a. dozen other names and they basically. talk about how men are worthless but. but certain ones and they’re just as. negative as the guys forms but again. it’s just the men’s forums that have. been nuked. and and the thing is if you just look. through the forum responses to this. um which i’m gonna scroll down through. here you can see that uh they’re like. well i’m just gonna read through some of. the posts female dating strategy. meanwhile keeps going strong. lmao someone else says they can go their. own way. some of uh other people say i see a lot. of people saying 2x is female. going their own way and they couldn’t be. more wrong 2x is about dealing with life.

As a woman. and unlearning harmful ideas about. ourselves. yeah that’s kind of what the guys going. their own way thread was about. someone else yes everything along with. the internet and one convenient sub. and someone else says i haven’t even. thought of that sub for like six months. i wonder what. what i did to successfully avoid it for. that time can’t block it. uh and they just go on and on and on i’m. not going to read all of them uh if you. guys want to check it out you can just. go to reddit and do a. search for uh mike. golf tango oscar whiskey. and and you’ll be able to find it but. this is the beginning of what i was. talking about. where they’re going to start i mean now. they’re coming strong. youtube has their as of their latest um. as of their latest uh uh terms of. agreement toa. they’ve come down even harder where you.

Can’t make fun of certain groups you. can’t make fun and one of those groups. more than likely is gonna be women soon. even though it’s not official. um they’re removing guys talking about. certain things. and and here on reddit they’re removing. the the. forum on this and now they’re talking. about going after. uh men’s rights i mean men’s rights. there is a. if i come down here there there’s uh. where have all the good men gone they’re. going after that they’re gonna go after. men’s rights. um it won’t be long until men’s rights. gets gets blown out and and again. it’s because guys just want a place. where we can talk. um we just and you know what yeah we’re. going to crap on people and yeah we’re. going to make fun of situations and. we’re going to make fun of karen’s and. we’re going to make fun of. dating profiles and we’re going to make.

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Fun of of women’s unrealistic. expectations. and we’re going to talk about men’s. issues too and and when they say well. yeah but a lot of times that’s very. negative or it can be very toxic. look the thing is when a lot of guys go. into say aaa when they go to. or a lot of people go to alcoholics. anonymous or they go to. a meeting group maybe where they’ve used. illicit substances and become addicted. they don’t go in there and talk about. kitties and rainbows. and like the good time they had with. their. with their brotherin-law fishing maybe. they do i don’t know. they go in there to talk about what. their problem is to get it off their. chest. to get it out in the air to get it out. um. to where they can kind of say look this. is bothering me i’m bottling it up i. want to talk about this or here’s why i. had this problem in this relationship or.

Here’s why. i have this relationship with alcohol or. something like that. and and hearing that story from other. people. lets guys know or the people that are in. these type of forums that it. makes them understand they’re not in. this alone and that they talk about what. their problems are so when. men want to talk about like look at all. these bad things that women have done or. look how men have been hurt. or look at um here’s my divorce story. the reason why that’s so powerful and. it’s so strong in sharing it is because. it lets guys it’s almost like uh it’s. almost like making a slit and a wound. and getting the fester and the pus and. the poison out. that’s what a lot of these things are. about and that’s why why a lot of times. guys will say hey can you do something. that’s. like um i don’t know an uplifting story.

Or something that’s positive and i. should. say sure and then i’ll do that story and. it gets 40 000 views. but then when i talk about karen and how. she screwed up and she wishes she had. kept her husband that gets 300. 000 views because if somebody wants to. learn about financing they’ll go look up. financing if someone wants to look up. how to camp in the woods they’ll look up. how to camp in the woods but when guys. want to vent their frustrations. uh when guys want to vent their. frustrations and when guys want to get. that. angst out of their soul this is where. they go is forums like this. and when they take this away from people. all they do is they go either. underground or they go. someplace else to kind of get their vent. and and that’s one of the things you. know you guys i. i are probably going to get tired of me.

Talking about it but that’s what my. locals forum is. where guys are just like i have a thread. that is all about memes. and we have a thread that locked at the. top of it that’s all about just. inspiring music and guys are posting. stuff that are like hey. here’s a dating profile here’s uh. somebody acting badly here’s a link to. this. it’s what we do you know it’s not always. about. about finding it’s not always about. finding positive things which is a good. thing. and a lot of times on the guys going. their own way forums and over on locals. we do talk about that stuff too. but it’s about being able to vent and. and you know even when you’re past. even when you’re past the red pill phase. and when you’re up or not the red pill. the red rage the. red pill rage phase and you’re saying. you know what i’m okay with life and i’m.

Okay i’m good about this. when you talk about this stuff my. especially myself i get angry. and i get frustrated not over what’s. happened. to me not over because of or not not. because of where i. am in my current life i get all. frustrated and angry because i see what. young men are going through. today and i they just want a place to. talk about this stuff and they just want. to find commonality with other people. and that’s being taken away from them. constantly. and this is another situation where it’s. being taken away from them. guys when when they remove you from. facebook and they remove you from. twitter and they remove you from you. youtube and they remove you from reddit. wherever other places. it’s to shut you down it’s to shut you. up it’s to make you go away. and for some reason they think well if. if these young men can’t talk about this.

Anymore. they’re going to snap in and fall into. and be a good little soldier. in society and they’re going to listen. to mainstream news and they’re going to. do as we say. that’s not how this works this just. drives men. underground further and it doesn’t allow. light to be shed on it and i think there. is a way to vent your frustrations and. talk. ill of your past but when you don’t have. a counter voice of. whoa dude you’re going a little dark. you’re going a little deep maybe come. back out. maybe kind of don’t leave society here. just find a positive. a positive way to vent your frustrations. when you take this away from men. and and take away their ability to talk. about this you end up driving them. underground and this is where you can. get people that go a little too far. it’s the same thing when they talk about.

Speech that’s design deemed oh that’s. kind of hateful speech. if you drive them off the internet they. make little clicks and and pockets of. societies that are not on the mainstream. web. and then yeah maybe they do go down a. dark uh. rabbit hole or something like that and. get into a bad place. i think you can’t i think you can’t. drive this out of society it’s something. that we need to talk about. and and men need these like a positive. place to be able to talk about this. um and so on the men’s rights forum i. just glancing over the side here. i see that it was started march 19th to. 2008.. i can’t look and see when the guys going. their own way was started because. well they’ve blown it up now but um but. guys. guys this is part of the thing that. again they’re just going to shove you. off to the side and expect you to.

To be quiet and be be a positive member. of society. that’s not how this works um so there it. is this is the first step of of. more removals guys uh i i don’t know i. don’t know where you’re gonna go to to. get your fix for this stuff. i know there’s manosphere dot tv i know. there’s guys going their own way the. mike golf tango oscar whiskey dot tv. um there’s r there’s rumble there’s uh. library there’s. locals there’s you’re gonna have to find. alternative platforms this is reddit. today but tomorrow it’s probably gonna. be youtube or. more stuff on twitter facebook i just i. get frustrated. because this is not this is not a. positive thing to happen to anybody. guys if you enjoy original content if. you’d like to see dating profiles of the. day where i. roast roast dating profiles that women. are putting online.

If you’d like to get new original news. every day where i talk about various. topics and if you’d like to. see the losses of the day i’m moving all. of those to the end of my content. and they’re going to be exclusively on. that’s. you can also join several other creators. over on locals such as. coffee with scott adams the reuben. report with dave rubin. tulsi gabbard viva barnes law better. bachelor of course yours truly. michael malus and let’s see who else. we’ve got on here we’ve got donald trump. jr. we’ve got prager university the babylon. bee uh. who else is fun carpe donctum is over. here paul joseph watson dr drew. uh we got tons of creators that are. unique and everybody is moving over to. well when i say everybody. everybody that’s smart that is. so if you’d like to see original content.

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