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Today’s askra did post what ruined. religion for you. oh boy this is gonna be a good one let’s. get started. being kicked out of christian school. prior to the third grade because my mom. bought the wrong edition of the bible. haha i got kicked out of catholic school. for gluing my head to my desk. learning that my mom got alienated and. bullied after she tried creating a. single mom’s club at our church. my motherin-law got ridiculed for. leaving her abusive husband. never went to church again since it’s. sad how unaccepting some church. communities are. oh this the one time i remember my. father being openly angry with people in. our church was when a few of the old. dears. his words convinced a young lady who’d. recently become a christian that she. needed to go back to her husband. he’d been beating her up dad only told.

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Me about it some years after the fact. i was really young when it happened but. he was still livid about it. my mother used to be in a christian book. club and a woman joined who was a former. addict. once she shared her story all the other. suburban women in the book club started. to distance themselves from her. it’s pretty awful the way some people. completely ignore the whole love thy. neighbor thing. my parents told me at a young age that i. would go to hell for asking the question. how do we know god is real. they could have simply said to read the. bible or something like that. but instead they told me that i would go. to hell. i guess it was the idea behind blind. faith your childhood must have been hell. to tell that to you as a child i mean. wag were they thinking. me too scared to death as a child of. going to hell but not knowing what for.

Confusing i ended up with mental illness. because of it. southern baptist ocd perhaps i blame my. christian upbringing for. obsessive thoughts of purity sin and the. apocalypse. these have not gone away even though i. stopped believing when i was 12. 25 now. the nonanswers to all my questions as a. kid you just have to have faith as a. dumb way to respond to an inquisitive. mind. i was riding the bus with my son he was. six years old. we looked out the window and saw the. moon clearly visible during the daytime. he asked mommy why is the moon out right. now. i told him i didn’t know but that we’d. look it up when we got home. my phone was dead the bus driver pipes. up and says because god wants it that. way. what a thing to say way to. encourage intellectual curiosity. jerk off god sure seems to micromanage a. lot of random details.

My infant brother’s death i was very. little when he died at three days old. but it always bothered me being taught. that jesus was the only man that ever. lived without sin. i thought what could this helpless. little baby have done that was a sin. he never even cried when i asked my very. catholic grandmother about. it she told me to watch what i say. because i was being blasphemous. when i asked my very catholic. grandmother about it she told me to. watch what i say because i was being. blasphemous. that would have been the red flag for me. if your argument could have been. defended against. then that’s what should have happened. but nope shut up. and don’t ask questions that’s what. years of indoctrinated fear does to a. person. grammar telling the toddler to shut up. or our eternal torture a savior will. hear us.

How hypocritical the people in church. were they would judge you and condemn. you for drinking as a teenager yet i. would see the pastor and all the deacons. out drunk and driving home at friends. houses whose parents went to the church. i went to the same church as a few. people from my high school and they had. found out that i had sex and called me a. had the youth minister preaching to me. about abstinence and and two of the. girls ended up pregnant our junior year. the hypocrisy of it all was hilarious to. me because i wasn’t religious. i only went to get away from my parents. fighting. i went to a catholic high school and the. amount of girls who got pregnant by. senior year was just ridiculous. lol that’s what happens when you. preached abstinence instead of taking. the actual effort of teaching sex. ed we all know that teenagers will have.

Sex. abstinence or not religion or not it’s. ducking natural. so instead of acting as if that doesn’t. happen it’s better to give them the tool. and knowledge to have sex safely. comma we all know that teenagers will. have sex well that’s just not. necessarily true. i made it through all my teenage years. without ever having sex. it was extremely easy comma. someone telling me that it was god’s. plan for my unborn daughter to lose her. life after her mother was pushed. downstairs by an openly racist. man if that’s what faith in a religion. gets me. then i’m out edit person telling me it. was god’s plan and openly racist man are. two different people. i hope you’re okay now i’m okay. i’m on my own now but therapy definitely. helps but in truth i haven’t spoken to. god in years since then. a good therapist does more of god’s work.

Than god has done in the last 2000 years. god’s work too often involves raining. fire and brimstone on an entire city or. drowning millions of people including. babies. was told that dinosaur bones were. planted in the ground by satan to trick. us into believing in evolution. excuse me what the duck yes i remember a. pamphlet from my church as a kid that. said the same thing about caveman bones. the catholic church has accepted. darwin’s theory of evolution since like. 1954 though. plenty of noncatholic adherents of. christianity. certain evangelicals that believe the. catholics are satanic and that they are. in on satan’s conspiracy is lol. the first world religions class i took. in college. realizing other people in other faiths. also believed their religion was true. gave me the courage to consider maybe. joseph smith didn’t really see god and.

Jesus in a forest in 1820 a few years. before sticking his head in a hat to. look at magic rocks. that helped him translate golden plates. inscribed with the history of jesus. visiting north america and a jewish. family sailing around in a wooden. submarine lit by rocks got touched to. make them glow. then i thought yeah none of that. happened and it was all over for me. molested by a youth pastor as a kid damn. this almost happened to me too. we all went to this shady ducking group. called young life. it was like youth group light they did. the bunch of skits and and sang. some songs in the shortest sermons. barely even religious but our leader was. a pedophile. 100 our weekly meetings were in this old. farmhouse in the woods. it was desolate out there the leader. whose name was john. im not even changing it duck that guy he.

Would say he was mentoring four of us. i never thought about it until later but. the four of us all look the same. we were all really athletic muscular but. not big. kind of live all skinny and all fit. there was one wrestler. one swimmer and two of us were track. runners. all with the same body type we didn’t. even know each other and we were from. three different schools. he brought us together took us to. concerts. hung out with us on our own i’ll never. forget the time he tried to get me to. come back to his house. he put in radiohead’s creep in the cd. player when we were sitting at sonic. just the two of us and he asked me if i. would come back to his house alone. i’m getting the creeps right now just. thinking about it. i said no but later i found out other. kids didn’t. it was a really sad realization in my.

Life tldr. don’t let your kids hang out with youth. group leaders. the leader whose name was john i’m not. even changing it. oh not john he’s as good as court now. bullied at school mixed with toxic. religious mother mixed with growing up. god never answering my prayers about. bullies was definitely one of my first. dominoes. sorry god decided that a football game. was more important. s bullying sucks and it’s awful that. happened to you. dear god could you fix this match for a. team of multimillionaires please. but just if you are not busy giving. cancer to babies. amen. being told that every good nonchristian. person will go to hell. i decided then and there that i’ll. happily burn next to gandhi and buddhist. monks. edit oh an award that’s a first. thanks you i’m with you in your first. sentence. but gandhi was not a good person as he’s.

Portrayed to be. he’s constantly dropping nukes that evil. mastermind. hell hath no fury like a gandhi scorned. civ. 6 3. religion ruined religion so many rules. like why can’t i just be a nice person. and not do harm. why do i have to go to a building every. sunday and listen someone drone on while. surrounded by a bunch of fakes. why do we shun those that make mistakes. or reject those that don’t believe. exactly what we do. why can’t we embrace the differences and. just say it’s okay we don’t believe the. same. we both do good and don’t hurt others. team religion. but know we kill in the name of god. because of differences. enforce rules that are almost impossible. to keep in modern society and then act. like we are following those rules even. when we aren’t. it’s all just gross my personal. conspiracy theory is that the religion.

Was used in the old kingdoms of europe. and the middle east to create a de facto. surveillance state before they had the. technology to. create a proper surveillance state sure. it might have started out as a genuine. religion with true believers but once. nations were trying to consolidate power. they needed a means to keep their. peasants in check what better way than. using other. peasants if everyone is too afraid to. speak up out of fear of their neighbor. tattling on them to a priest resulting. in public shunning. or worse legal consequences no one will. speak up. especially when one of the possible. punishments is eternal damnation in a. lake of fire. it’s a pretty common belief for many. societies. religion may have started off as a way. of interpreting the world around them. this was modified by some to apply a.

Level of control or power over others. we see this in kings queens and leaders. who are said to be representatives of. divine beings on earth. in addition the men of punishments and. negative consequences of people’s. actions represent a policing of. behaviors. both from self and from others whilst. also maintaining control and power over. others. i couldn’t figure out the difference. between the abuse and manipulation of my. family in that of my religion. looking at it critically i realized it’s. just abuse all the way down. raised catholic the idea that one. religion is right and all others are. wrong. the idea that so many people suffer on a. daily basis but god loves us. the idea that we must love each other. but religion teaches you to hate those. who aren’t like you. and above all else the idea that’s him. invisible.

All powerful being exists somewhere in. the sky i. stopped believing when i was 13 my. biggest issue was always that god is. kind of a dick. we must always put him on a pedestal and. hope he doesn’t strike us down because. he feels like it. same here god says envy is the biggest. sin. but he’s a jealous god wtf comma same. here. god says envy is the biggest sin but. he’s a jealous god. wtf god is an academic because it’s. blasphemy when people don’t credit him. for his work. being told to tell your sins to a man in. a box as a child. yeah i just made stuff up hell no i. ain’t telling my sins to some old guy in. a box. learning about original sin in church. school when i was nine. i couldn’t get over the unfairness of it. and that started me questioning the. whole religion thing. i was a freshman in college in 1995 at.

Clemson. this was the inaugural season of the. carolina panthers. and because the stadium in charlotte. hadn’t been completed yet. they played their home games at death. valley it was cool. the town is well equipped for tailgating. and stuff. but not on sunday sunday is church day i. was a methodist. i well recall the pastor of the clemson. united methodist church allowed himself. to be quoted in a newspaper. complaining that the panthers. organization owed all the churches in. town for the donations they didn’t get. on sunday because everyone was at the. big games. the donations not the souls that weren’t. saved. it was the money. just realizing how illogical it was to. actually believe it. yeah actually reading the bible and. other religious texts was enough for me. for people who supposedly read the books. all the time.

They sure don’t seem to know what’s in. there most raised catholics don’t even. know a damn thing except the basics. i mean i just found out a lot of stuff. when i turned atheist. heck i could even use certain bible. readings quotes. to get what i want i used to do them. when i was around. 14. my family would then think i’m this. super religious person. i stopped doing it though because it’s. kind of cruel. now they still have no idea that i was. an atheist since 13.. yeah i think i gained a greater. understanding once i left the religion. that kept telling me not to ask. questions about it. i was fully committed southern baptist. and filled in at times teaching my adult. sunday class. i then read the end of faith in the god. delusion then i had a realization that. all of medicine and biology is based on. evolution.

I prayed for god to make himself real to. me and really wanted to believe. now i realize every evidence of god i. saw in 40 years of church was just. confirmation bias and placebo effect. can’t tell my family i’m atheist it. would kill them. still go to church to see and make. friends. awful family with 10 years old i would. ask god why i was being so punished. and received no answer that’s how i. became an atheist. i wanted to be an atheist when i was 7. or 8 because my church was watching a. documentary on god and how he made earth. in the part where god made adam. the documentary then said that adam. proceeded to name all the animals and. that’s obvious they were trying. to teach to kids. kids that don’t know better the first. time i ever questioned religion was. because if dinosaurs lived millions of. years ago and there are fossils of them.

Why are they not mentioned in the bible. the second time was when i was 10 and i. questioned myself. why would god make me go through. leukemia of three ducking years old and. put me in chemo for years. then my parents bought cable when i was. 10 and it had science channels on it. i was instantly hooked. the amount of human misery it has. produced saw a sticker in the back of. someone’s car that said smile. god is watching and i said to my mother. wow i wonder if that’s what they told. the people who were burned at the. thousands during the spanish inquisition. being burned alive because you’re a jew. and be told from your executioner. smile god is watching. that people would try to force their. religion onto me and make me feel like i. was a bad person if i didn’t have the. same beliefs as them. ego death but he killed starlord’s.

Mother. besides he was just a god with a little. g he may have been quill’s father. but he ain’t his daddy his daddy is mary. poppins. in the third grade my teacher who was a. good person. didn’t believe that cavemen existed. because they weren’t mentioned in the. bible. my teacher gave my class a lecture about. how cavemen didn’t exist. despite there being a lot of evidence in. the fourth grade my teacher was required. to teach the theory of evolution to the. class by showing a documentary she also. gave a lecture on why evolution was fake. during my time in middle school i. realized that it was all. crap if cavemen didn’t exist because. they aren’t mentioned in the bible then. penguins don’t exist because they aren’t. in the bible le mayo. nuns passed around a jar of a chopped up. pig fetus and told us it was an abortion.

That’s just gross and wrong. part of it was the hyper religious. you see spouting off bible. quotes on facebook and the other part of. it was that the bible says you should. love thy neighbor but yet how many. christians have you heard of hating. lgbtq folk for no good reason versus how. many have. you seen that don’t but not all of them. are bad. but still i have a hatred for anyone who. set foot in a church service so i am. sorry if i ever sound bitter. no need to feel bad about being better. it’s a pretty common and normal stage in. recovering from religious trauma. i’m still going through it myself. religious hypocrisy and cruelty can. leave long lasting scars. i think i’m going through it now my. parents always shoved religion down my. throat and they still do. for some reason now i just hate hearing. anything about god and religion.

I legitimately get mad when i hear. someone say praise god or when my mom. listens to her imam preaching. i hate stepping inside of a mosque. whenever i have to go with my dad. i just feel anger even when i’m in. public and someone who has their own. life and nothing to do with me says. something religious. i always think to myself that i. shouldn’t be mad. it’s their life they can believe what. they want and i shouldn’t be mad but i. just am. i feel like an because of it. god could have stopped so many things. from happening oh and science says no. religion is just ridiculous there’s. probably one out there that is actually. somewhat close to the truth. who knows maybe the root of religion is. from an original religion that is. actually not . or complete a web of lies that. veered from a story told to children to.

Scare them and keep them in line. the thing that ducks with my mind is no. matter what created the universe in the. beginning of time you can still ask what. created that say god created the. universe. what created god what created the. original big bang. what created the creator of god you can. ask that question infinitely. having it forced on me clear sign of. desperation. religion did it is illogical and. contradicts itself. all the time also people in their greed. i read the bible what an absolute mess. the old testament. is it’s blood or vengeance. let me make it clear i am technically. catholic. although i am not heavily involved i am. okay with. religion as a whole but i disagree with. some of the ideas. see below comic god loves everyone sends. people to burn in the depths of hell. but he still loves them comic god.

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