Can You Be Someone’ s Valentine Without Dating

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Hi everyone it’s susan winter welcome to. my channel if you’re new. if you are one of my fantastic youtube. family of subscribers. welcome back so happy to have you with. me. today i’m talking about something that. is completely illogical. and i need to have this discussion. because i love love love talking about. the things that we never think are the. reasons for our discontent. take this scenario you’ve been rejected. there’s somebody that you sense. is attracted to you and you’re. certainly attracted to them but it’s not. moving. it’s not going and they’re hesitating. and they’re pulling away and they’re. pulling back but your gut is telling you. this is and you can’t let it go. and it would never occur to you if. you’re rejected. that the reason is that it’s something. good. most of us our goto is there’s. something about us that’s defective.

We’re not pretty enough young enough. rich enough in shape enough we’re too. tall too thin. too big too small to this to that. so we tend to look for a negative. because it only makes sense. you’re being rejected so there’s. something you lack. but we rarely think of the fact of our. being rejected as the direct outcome. of being exactly right. so today i want to talk about when you. are rejected. because you are the one they could love. so what prompted this today as i worked. with a public figure. beautiful i have famous people and. you know it’s interesting one one of. them. has a relationship problem of this. nature because you’re thinking. okay you’ve got to be crazy who. who would not run headlong into this. beautiful phenomenal figure talented. fun real interesting i mean. incredible person right really down to.

Earth and. so magnanimous and then you think to. yourself. and the guy is pushing back. so of course she went to the negative. like what’s going on and. i just figured he’s not into me and i’m. like oh no no no it’s just the opposite. he had mentioned to her several times. that he had a fear being hurt i don’t. want to be hurt i just don’t want to be. hurt. now the only one who can hurt you. is the one that really has enough chips. on the table to have you fall in love. with them. that whatever your combination of stuff. is that makes you fall in love. they’ve got it so she was being rejected. because he could have feelings for her. and if he had feelings for her he. worried. that he could get hurt so the mere fact. that he could even like her. pushed her out of his life and here’s. the weird thing. you will notice if you think back on.

People that you felt rejected you. because you weren’t enough now i want. you to think very carefully. did they move to someone lesser did who. whomever they dated next did you go. really that that’s what you wanted. i don’t get it but remember disposables. you know people can engage with. disposables. what i mean by that nobody is disposable. as a human being but what i mean by that. is that a person who’s dating can. categorize. another person as someone of little. consequence so that dallying. with that type of person would leave one. relatively. unscathed they could have a dalliance. have a little emotion a little. connection. and escape should they want to but there. was never the potential to have it be. so potent that they could be harmed that. it could activate love and that love is. scary and we can’t control it and it.

We could do those things – Chad Diamond, Freya Wynn

Might make us. you know hurt and we might be upset. so you might be rejected. right now because you’re somebody they. could love. i can help you with that understanding. and should feel a little bit better than. say oh obviously. i’m not pretty enough i’m not rich. enough i’m not talented enough i’m not. charismatic enough it could just be that. you’re all those things. but i cannot help you fix that in that. the other person has to overcome their. fear. you activate their fear because. you have enough raw material to. come up in the category that goes ding. ding ding ding this is. significant relationship material. we cannot drag them through that door of. selfdiscovery we cannot. help them this has to be something that. another person wants to achieve. in the art of loving we will get hurt. we need to make peace with this up front.

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