Can You Be Someone’ s Valentine Without Dating

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Can You Be Someone' s Valentine Without Dating guy another chance if
Valentine’s Day. Now, Valentine’s Day is a test to your relationship, and what are you supposed to do if he fails that test? Hello my beautiful ladies, it’s Greta Bereisaite here, dating and relationship coach for women. For the best videos, please subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when I upload a new video every Wednesday and Sunday. So why do I say that Valentine’s Day is a test for your relationship? And what are you supposed to do if the guy that you’re dating haven’t really acknowledged it? In this video, I will share with you two points on where you should give a guy another chance if he hasn’t acknowledged Valentine‘s Day, and where you should actually let him go if he fail the Valentine’s Day test.

So let’s start with the first one. This is ladies, where I believe that you should give him a second chance, okay. So for example, if you’re dating a guy, and you have not been acting 100% high value, you have been needy, you have been clingy, you have been obsessive, jealous, insecure, you have been losing emotional control, chasing, pursuing him, attention seeking, calling and so on. If you have been acting this way, very likely, I could nearly bet 100% he is not going to acknowledge a Valentine’s Day because he’s just not gonna have that much attraction for you. So he will probably come up with an excuse where let’s say, "Oh, Valentine’s Day is just another day.

"Valentine’s Day is a spam. "I’m really busy, I’m studying, I have to work." He will totally and completely ignore it by giving you a lame excuse. Why? Because he’s not that into you. And he’s not that into you because by behaving so low value, you are actually turning him off. So if you are in that position where you know that you have some lowvalue behaviors, and your guy has not acknowledged the Valentine’s Day, he literally didn’t do anything, no flowers, no chocolates, no restaurants, like nothing. He literally ignored the day, then in this case, I would not tell you to let the guy go. I would not tell you why.

Instead, I will tell you to work on yourself. and become a woman of high value,. to pay attention to every single detail of. how you are behaving in your relationship.. It’s very normal that he has not acknowledged. the Valentine’s Day because. he’s not gonna say happy Valentine’s. if he doesn’t feel the love for you.. If he’s turned off by your lowvalue behavior. and he doesn’t love you,. he will avoid a Valentine’s Day in this case.. Therefore what you should do if he doesn’t acknowledge it,. you ignore it and let it go.. And instead of nagging,. "Oh, you didn’t do this, you didn’t do that.". Let’s say he didn’t want to show his love for you. ’cause he doesn’t have any love for you,. you cannot make him love you by saying,. "Oh, you didn’t do this, you didn’t do that.". Right, the love from the guy to you needs to come freely,.

It needs to come naturally. So instead, you need to think, "How can I get his love for me to come freely and naturally? "How can I work on myself and how can I improve myself "so he falls deeply in love with me and next year "he sweeps me off my feet for that Valentine’s Day?" Ladies, in order to know why you’re behaving low value, I would really recommend you to watch my video right here so you don’t make these crucial mistakes and ruin your relationship. Now, the second point where you should let a guy go if he doesn’t do anything on Valentine’s Day is if you are already behaving as a woman of high value and you’re nailing like, every single thing.

Okay, so if you are controlling your emotions, if you are complementing each other’s love needs, if you are being the best version of yourself, if you’re following every single tip that I coach and he does not sweep you off your feet for Valentine’s Day, if he doesn’t acknowledge anything and ignores the whole thing, this is when you should let the guy go. Now however ladies, let me tell you one thing. I have never had a girl who has been paying attention to every single detail that I coach, who has been acting 100% high value, that her boyfriend would not acknowledge a Valentine’s Day. That has never happened and I coach thousands and thousands of women.

So ladies, if you are behaving high value, if you are being the best version of yourself, if you are controlling your emotions, if you have goals, dreams and ambitions, if you know how to complement each other, there is no way on earth that he will not acknowledge a Valentine’s Day. That literally has never happened. In my coaching, it has never happened. What does happen though, if you are that queen that he is dating, he will take a Valentine’s Day as his chance to show his love for you in every single way possible. In the ways that you have only dreamt of. So ladies, what is a woman of high value? Please check out my video right here.

And ladies, I totally forgot,. I actually have a special 70% off Valentine’s Day offer. for you ladies who are watching this video.. It is my Ultimate SelfLove Course. because in order to be we, first you gotta be me.. First you gotta learn how to love yourself.. So just for Valentine’s Day,. my Ultimate SelfLove Course is 70% off. and you will find it in my video description down below.. I also have an amazing free test for you to take. if you would like to find out are you a lowvalue. or highvalue woman and I will drop that test. in my video description below.. So ladies, thank you so much for watching.. If you like this video, please press Like,. subscribe to my YouTube channel,. let me know in the comments below. how many of you are dating a guy. and if he has disappeared on you for Valentine’s Day,. and how many of you are dating a guy being high value.

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