Can A Divorced Catholic Dating Without An Annulment

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Can A Divorced Catholic Dating Without An Annulment state of

Hey everybody welcome back to another. episode of the Catholic talk show today. we’re gonna be talking about what the. Catholic Church teaches about divorce. and annulment that’s right we’re gonna. look at the words of Jesus on divorce. we’re gonna look at all the grounds for. annulment of the Catholic Church we’re. gonna look at divorce rates in the US. population and we’re gonna look at the. Petrine and the pauline privileges so if. you’ve always wondered what the church. actually teaches about divorce and. annulment well let’s stick together and. find out. I was dig in here thanks for being back. on another episode of the Catholic talk. show oh good to see you guys it’s always. good to see you guys I’m glad that we’ve. stuck together for the kids I know yeah. we care about you I mean what more can. we say it’s for the kids it’s for the.

Kids do it for the kids this is a word. for the kids I have left you guys a long. time ago that’s right all of you who are. children who enjoy our show. we’re staying together and that’s what. we’re talking about today is just for. you divorce and annulment mmhmm people. who don’t stay together mmhmm and this. is a really very serious issue though. facing our society and our culture and. it’s one that I think in the face of a. lot of the I guess culture rollers that. are going on right now between samesex. marriage and abortion and politics that. the fundamental and grave issue of. marriage between Catholic people does. not get enough discussion because it. really is probably more of a detriment. to the body of Christ than just about. any other issue going on right now. including those ones that maybe get more.

Highprofile news and get compared to a. hundred years ago I mean the divorce. rates in the Catholic Church are through. the roof when you think of a world war. two generation or World War one. generation Catholicism. you know they they stuck through. everything together and most definitely. you know we could look at culturally. what gave rise to you know divorce and. what contributes to it and that’s how I. always prepare my couples I always. Express to them the three leading causes. of divorce being finance sex and. religion and religion thrown in there is. an important point because you know a. lot of times religion is the one thing. that a lot of couples avoid even. discussing before entering into the. state of marriage because it’s just not. important to them in their early 20s but. down the road when they start having.

Kids and they want to start raising the. kids Catholic it can become a crossroads. of one party not showing up to the. Sunday Mass yeah and let’s let’s talk. about that state right like what is the. state of marriage. when two Kinetico give us four lovers oh. no that’s really not my cup I live in a. street that has Connecticut in the name. and I have to every time write it out I. go connect I cut okay. something like Wednesday you have to say. wet wetness that that’s temporary. anyway divorce and annulment yeah I mean. what you’re divorcing your what your. annulling what is the state right so. it’s kind of like we should probably. like look at what happens to a couple. when you know they get married and and. in the Catholic Church what makes it a. Catholic marriage and what makes a. different Union well I mean in the.

Catholic Church marriage is one of the. sacraments this is not like how general. society views marriage as a temporary. thing this is a vow this is a sacrament. of the church that you’re making before. God and in the church in the Catholic. Church the sacrament of marriage is the. only sacrament that people effect on. each other they are not the priest does. not perform the sacrament of marriage he. witnesses it mmhmm you are performing. the sacrament of marriage on your spouse. so it’s a really unique sacrament in. that respect and that it is the holy. sacrament that we have a very unique. participation in both in its effect but. also in how we live it out that that is. for married people a sacrament that. happens every day. mmhmm and for a priest as a witness of. that marriage. you know I sign my name down on the.

Documentation yes to make it legal. civilly but I’m stating as a priest that. this is something that God is joining. together that’s why I really love to. spend time in prep with the couples. going over a lot of different materials. to discern is God truly calling you. together and it’s got the author of this. of this beautiful bond that we will you. know that that ultimately you will you. know confess with a living faith your. undying love for this for this person. so it’s it’s important to realize you. know granted you know so many people. that I grew up with went through divorce. you know divorced families I come from a. divorced family you know it’s there’s. grounds for annulment there’s grounds. for and reasons why people separate. that’s the difference between an. annulment and a divorce I think that’s. the fundamental question that would be.

Most people doesn’t understand mmhmm. but to get into that I think first we. understand have to understand what a. marriages yeah and if you were to find. out what a marriage is it means there’s. a commitment between two parties right. with four commitment to you your. commitment to us is to go to the. Catholic talk show website at Catholic. talk show comm check us out on all of. our platforms and most certainly we give. you thanks for contributing especially. to our patreon family members that. support the show and help us to continue. to reach new markets we do that because. of your generosity so we thank you so. much for being patrons and for our new. patrons out there that are interested in. giving please go to and you could support us there and thank. you so much for being in a great bonded.

Relationship with us yep say I do too. becoming a patron yeah that’s like. that’s a good way to put it that’s what. you should have said I know I know that. I lean into you everything with big. whiff ah so so a marriage as defined by. the Catechism in the church is it’s a. matrimonial covenant by which a man and. woman established between themselves a. partnership of the whole life is by its. nature ordered towards the good of the. spouses in the procreation and education. of offspring this covenant is between. baptized persons and has been raised by. Christ the Lord to the dignity dignity. of a sacrament now some things in there. that really. point out what marriage really is that. it’s a covenant between baptized persons. right so you asked well what’s the. difference between a divorce and. annulment baptismal state has a lot to.

Do with that with differentiating. divorces annulments. but a divorce and annulment so a lot of. people think of an annulment as a. catholic divorce and that is not at all. what an annulment is a divorce there is. no divorce in the catholic church you. cannot get divorced because we go by the. words of jesus himself in matthew 5 he. said but i say to you whoever divorces. his wife unless the marriage is unlawful. causes her to commit adultery and. whoever marries a divorced woman commits. adultery there is no divorce and he. talks about how in the old covenant men. were able to divorce their wives and he. says that Moses allowed you to do this. out of the hardness of your heart but he. Jesus in his authority abrogates those. can those I guess concessions towards. the hardness of people in the New. Covenant those are not valid anymore.

Commanded by Jesus himself so no. Catholic person can legitimately get a. divorce so and what an annulment is is. just rendering the fact that what was. once held to be valid it’s it’s. essentially nullifying that there was no. grounds for true love and that you were. meeting the conditions for marriage so. an annulment conditions are like you. know you have to have a free will right. like you have to be acting so the. conditions for it to be valid or the. spouses are free to marry so that they. aren’t in a previous bond they’re. capable of giving their consent to marry. they freely exchange their consent and. in consenting to marry they have the. intention to marry for life to be. faithful to one another and to be open. to children they intend the good of each. other and their consents is given in the. presence of two witnesses before.

Properly authorized church minister. see I think one thing that I understand. about annulments is it’s not something. that the church grants necessarily it’s. something that the church certifies and. recognizes an annulment really is the. recognition done by a proper ecclesial. research in canon law that a valid. marriage was never contracted mmhmm. that’s the difference so that’s what you. have tribunals out there yeah and. there’s an evaluation process between. the person who is presenting the case. and and you know seeking the annulment. and you know going back and forth. between the parties and really. discovering what was yes that’s a tough. thing to go through known a few people. in that process and very difficult yeah. and I think you know with recent. encouragement from Pope Francis and. efforts done by judicial vicars around.

The country as well as the bishops I. think that we’re taking steps in the. right direction and what I share with. people you know I just walked with a. couple most recently and you know a. tests it tests the patience with the. process and it could be challenging. where you know very impatiently we we. you know try to rush toward what we want. but at the same time if we go through. the process it can actually be a very. healing process really and it can enrich. the relationship of these people with. one with God two with the church and. then hopefully prepare them for entering. into a state of marriage that is valid. you know and one of the things so. there’s a lot to annulments right and. we’ll unpack those throughout the course. of this episode but understanding the. difference between divorce and annulment. is very fundamental right the church and.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church. number 23 82 between the baptized a. ratified and consummated marriage cannot. be dissolved by any human power for any. reason other than death that there’s the. only thing that can grant the. dissolution of a marriage death death. that’s it. till death do us part that actually used. to mean something and there’s there’s a. lot of nuance with a divorce and. annulment so we’ll get into that but I. think the thing that we really need to. address is the societal impact of what. divorce is having on on individuals and. children. there’s just generations of children. being raised without a mother and a. father and it’s causing so much. brokenness and so much hurt in this. world that it can’t be overstated the. impact that’s having on our society and. if you look at the societal decline that.

We would experience in the last 50 years. I mean it is tracking very much. alongside divorce rates mmhmm yeah and. you know it’s the the children a lot of. them psychologically think it’s their. fault or that they did something wrong. because they look at that Union Oh a. father and a mother and and they look at. the love it’s supposed to be between it. and reflecting back upon them as a. nurturing you know sign of God you know. as you know and so when you fracture. that a lot of kids just feel like you. know it breaks them yeah it just means. them a child should have their mother. and their father they should be excited. for Christmas morning and have mom and. dad both there they should be excited to. have mom and dad both there for their. birthday parties or to take them the. first day of school or you know they.

Have dinner with them at nights that is. the the good of the child necessitates. that a wholesome environment that is. that is powerfully nurturing both from. the masculine sense and the father and. the feminine sense in the mother and it. gives that environment of nurturing by. way of the affection that comes uniquely. but collectively as as marriage to the. to the fruits of marriage I mean the. church I’m sorry the family is the. domestic church and when the mother and. father divorced that that’s a schism in. the domestic church and that’s that. bears terrible fruit in children. I mean my heart and breaks for all the. children out there I know you were a. childhood of a divorced family I mean. what kind of impact did that have on you. well I mean it certainly you know has an. impact because of you know just.

Different desires that you have to be. close to your to be close to your father. if your father and your mother divorce. and and you’re living with your mother. you know for me I had I had the great. example in my grandparents who you know. really put in a ton of time and you know. my early years all the way up to like my. early teens they were there every single. day and even when I went through high. school I mean they were still super. supportive so that was helpful but at. the same time there’s there’s a vacuum. and in it all you know so you know like. you’re searching for the constancy of. fatherhood. I mean it’s the Divine Plan it is the. way that God created us is to have a. mother and a father and a family and. it’s something fundamentally lacking. when that not available and I know that. your your grandparents had a great deal.

In effect in raising you but our. generation mmhmm our generation is the. last generation that have grandparents. that aren’t divorced I mean the next. generation so the and Z and their. grandparents are probably going to be. divorced. mmhmm by statistically their. grandparents will be divorced they’re. not going to have the safety net that. our generation had that assure parents. are divorcing but they at least have. stable grandparents to save the day yeah. I mean it’s the problems like I think. you know I’m a divorcee right I guess it. was it was considered a defective form. of marriage so I got into the seminary I. had to go through the tribunal that’s. the output was was this defective form. of marriage there’s a lack of form. there’s a lack of form right so that was. just because we got married and like a.

Baptist Church mmm which eventually. burned down after the divorce but you. know. possibly no I mean it’s it’s like you go. into this relationship and you I mean. really had really had the wrong idea. about what a marriage was and this was. before my conversion you know until you. know I encountered Jesus and then. decided to follow him and the best way I. knew and I look at the difference. between my previous marriage and then. the marriage that I had now where you. know she and I discerned marriage. together you know in prayer and of. course we we had a you know love for. each other affection for each other but. the end of the day it’s like I don’t. want to marry anybody that God doesn’t. want me to marry because that because. that’s kind of bringing him into it and. you know and that’s I’ve seen it I see. the difference between it and I think.

That’s what a lot of people do is they. they get married for the wrong reasons. thank God the Catholic priest said. though I’m not gonna marry you goodness. you know thank God he said that the. Catholic priests would not marry it. would not marry me I said I don’t I. don’t think I’ve ever heard that stories. the guy at resurrection who lost his. wife and then became a priest a father. oh man fight yeah I know exactly you’re. talking about yeah he was just like I. was like yeah in Catholic you know he’s. like you know what a mass like that. quite you know and he just looked means. like I’m not married you guys mmm that’s. all that’s all I said he’s like you’re. not I’m not doing Wow. yeah good for him and said don’t go to. another Catholic Church either you’re. not you’re living in sin and I was like. whatever you know but those are being.

Grounds for an invalid marriage right. right marriage that the church would not. has yet is having actually been. contracted right my previous marriage is. not considered a it’s not really I mean. you weren’t married I was playing. dressup mm-hmm you weren’t married. right I mean civilly or he may have been. married but according to God you weren’t. yep yeah so that’s a you know the. distinction that I think people miss. with divorce and enormous is that you. weren’t married if you’ve got in the. Roman Rite and marriages sacrament. requires both willing and active. participation right in respect to both. parties Jen and I did exactly since its. you know your sacrament yeah yeah so. there is in canon law there are grounds. listed for a marriage annulment right. and they’re pretty well defined so some. of them are the insufficient use of.

Reason that you and your spouse did not. know what’s happening during the. marriage ceremony because mental illness. lack of consciousness drug abuse like so. people go to Vegas and get drunk and get. married that would be a grounds for. annulment for the insufficient use of. reason you have the grave lack of. discretionary judgment concerning. essential matrimonial rights and duties. so you or your spouse were affected by. some serious circumstances or factors. that made you unable to judge or. evaluate the decision to marry right. yeah that sounds kind of yeah you have a. in capacity to assume marital. obligations because of serious. psychological disorder so if you are or. have some psychological issue I wonder. what that means for like people who are. battling with depression like you know I. mean really that’s that’s one of the.

Things that a lot of the case of. annulment are getting a lot more wide. open and I think pretty famously the. Pope said something to the effect and I. want to get it right I’ll get the number. somewhere living the episode that most. marriages are not actually validly. contracted because there’s so much. baggage in the world that yeah. depression or lack of understanding of. what they’re actually getting into now I. think that is a bit and and don’t take. the word this use of this word wrong but. I think that’s too liberal of a reading. I that I would I don’t think the Pope is. binding me to that statement but I think. that’s a wrong statement I don’t think. most marriages are invalid but I get the. point he was trying to make yeah yeah. it’s it’s a pastoral point and and. that’s what we have to keep in mind too.

Especially when Pope Francis is sharing. I mean he shares very passed early in. relationship to the people that he. served and he continues to serve and and. having that pastoral sensitivity is. ultimately the most important thing that. I try to employ in my priesthood is just. meeting people where they are and I. can’t tell you how many couples that. I’ve met that you know they have every. grounds for divorce and it comes down to. the question is do you want to work on. this relationship or not you want to. bring bring this faith into the yeah. because for a lot of these people Dave. they didn’t have faith when they got. right Mary it’s called Jesus you know. there’s so common they they went because. their parents were pressing them to do. that whatever you know and that’s what. they’ve always dreamed they went to a.

Catholic you know they were a flower. girl or whatever and and that’s what. they’ve always wanted whatever it may be. the maturity level of somebody in there. you know mid 20s or early 20s and you. know it’s like there’s a desperation. there I want to be with somebody I don’t. want to be alone and I’m willing to look. past certain things just to be able to. have. yeah and I see that I see that in a. number I’ve seen that in some really. people close to me where they were. heading towards the altar to get married. and the guy was like I don’t think I. should get married I don’t think this is. right and he’s like but I’m gonna. probably go through with it because this. will break her heart cuz she wants to. get married and I said it’s a dude wrong. idea that’s the wrong idea. she’s if she’s so hellbent on being. married I guarantee that if you do the.

Right thing here and don’t marry her in. the church when you don’t have the. intention of staying with her she’ll be. married again within a year or she’ll. get married within a year and sure. enough within like a year that girl was. married and now this guy went on to have. kids and he dives that bullet there. because he had the actual problem proper. discernment mmhmm but speaking to that. kin in 1095 xxx that I’m sorry section. 110 96 the ignorance about the nature of. marriage and I think this is what Pope. Francis was talking about that most. marriages today could be ruled invalid. that you or your spouse did not know. that marriage is a permanent. relationship between the man and a woman. ordered towards procreation of offspring. by means of some sexual cooperation most. marriages today probably could be.

Invalidated by that because they don’t. have the full understanding of what. marriage is so that’s the grounds that a. lot of people are going for annulments. now. there’s a lot of other reasons fraud. willful exclusion of children you know. one of the spouses I don’t want children. you can get an annulment for that a. willful exclusion of marital fidelity so. you had no intention of being monogamous. and being faithful to your marriage vows. you know willful exclusion of marital. permanence you wanted to get married but. you had no intention of being married. forever so there’s a lot of reason force. you can’t be forced into a marriage so. someone shotgun marriages are not valid. those are grounds for annulment s’right. or fear you were you married someone. because you were afraid that if you. didn’t you would be physically abused.

Things like that don’t allow for a. marriage to be properly contracted so. those are all in the Canon Law you can. find those and I can put the link to. that but those are reasons that. annulments happen now what happens when. a person wants to get recognition from. the Church of annulment they go before a. tribunal and then the tribunal will well. in essence you meet with your pastor. your associate priest or there’s a. number of task forces there in. different parishes where a number of the. laity who have either gone through the. annulment process to try to give you a. sense of support so if you are going. through the process of divorce and and. seeking annulment in the church then you. know what I always recommend is before. you even sign the papers and get. divorced. come see the priest if you go through. your marriage preparation in the church.

And you meet with the priest a number of. times you should probably meet with the. priest before you process you know a. divorce so that’s first and foremost to. get the support there before you take. those steps and to help you you know. there I’ve done and I know a family that. went through divorce and then got. remarried again divorce from remarried. again and the kids are always on a. rollercoaster you know and that’s not. healthy you know but anyway you start. there at the parish level you fill out. information we send that to the tribunal. for review and then the tribunal will. begin the investigation and the calm. stations between parties and then. ultimately it will be sent back in the. affirmative or not you know to to move. forward. I just got an affirmative letter just. the other day and you know it was able.

To bless this this couple that have you. know striven to do what’s right in. relationship to the church now wouldn’t. you say affirmative that means that they. the church or the tribunal Church. affirms that there is ya the nullity of. that actor of that relationship so yeah. yeah there’s a got the the blessing of. knowing two guys who were in an. annulment are trying to get annulments. in both scenarios the wife left and it. was just like that’s it and and one of. them you know didn’t get it and he was. pretty upset you know because he’s like. you know look at me I’ve got you know I. can’t date anybody or whatever you know. and and then I can date somebody just. can’t get married and you have to remain. chaste right and and and then the other. guy was you know he’s like I can’t I. know I can’t get an annulment and my.

Wife is in sin right now and I’m praying. for her and any waited almost 20 years. for her she eventually came back really. yeah it was a beautiful story a really. beautiful story of you know because it’s. like it’s not what we want if it’s the. gnomon out there it’s not necessarily. what people are looking for and and. because of it you know you have a lot of. people who just rebel and say this is. just dumb yeah so for example some of. the terminology in the obviously keeping. the people’s names from from this that’s. good yeah the tribunal of the Diocese of. st. Augustine rendered an affirmative. decision on the petition for the. declaration of nullity in the above. named and numbered marriage nullity case. so that’s determined the canonical. terminology they got so they essentially. got the annulment which would then which.

Would then open them up for a bond or. you know. a new bond is there some responsibility. that’s kind of been overlooked of people. who are priests and and who are. preparing these people for marriage of. it is there you know like the guy that I. went to if he was just like mr. happy. priest like yeah sure I’ll marry you. like is is there is there some training. that you guys went through or absolutely. I mean there’s marriage preparation and. very keen uh no it’s it’s very very. detailed so much of your activity as a. priest is towards preparation of. marriage I’ve abstention it’s a. substantial amount and and granted it. ebbs and flows but you know I’ve got. I’ve got easily seven seven files and a. few messages already preparing me for. twenty twenty requesting that I would. prepare a couple I take it extremely.

Seriously yeah you know and and if. there’s a couple that needs more time. they get more time now granted there may. be priests out there that don’t take. that type of proactive stance but you. can’t get around the prenuptial. questionnaire you can’t get around going. through the impediments of of marriage. so you have to go through each and every. single impediment and ask the question. you know are you related by blood you. know are you for seeing this person. intimate you go through all of these. different all these different steps and. then on top of that you go through the. focus inventory where your inventory in. this relationship and you’re looking at. their social dynamics and you know. you’re you’re really inquisitive in the. sense of questioning and really trying. to come to the truth of what is this.

Relationship and how I can meet you. where you are and walk with you and and. and continue to cultivate the sense of. relationship with the church and what. the sacrament is and relationship to. marriage so there’s a couple other. things that I think we should talk about. that a lot of people get wrong about. marriage number one is that Catholics. can’t get separated if there’s a. situation where one of the spouses at. physical danger or grave psychological. danger the children. separation can be a valid a valid. approach and the Catechism says the. separation of spouses while maintaining. a marriage bond can be legitimate in. certain cases provided for by canon law. it also says that if a civil divorce. remains the only possible way of. ensuring certain legal rights such as. the care of children or the protection.

Of Harriton inheritance it can be. tolerated and does not constitute a. moral offence which I never should have. never heard that I’ve never read that in. the casting that a civil divorce even. though it’s still maintaining the. marital bonds is something that the. church can allow strategically if it. provides for children being if there’s a. greater good well it’s maybe if you have. a marriage with a between a Catholic and. a non Catholic and the only way that the. one of the spouses can raise the. children Catholic is by through a civil. divorce mmhmm well then the church. would like that in that situation say. that that is a licit thing to do another. thing that a lot of people had get. confusion around is the reception of the. sacraments for divorced people who can. receive Communion if I’m divorced. if I’m separated if I’m remarried who.

Can receive Communion I think that’s a. really that’s a thing that there’s not. enough clarity on you want to offer any. clarity I know a woman god bless her man. for years she stay committed to her. husband even though her husband left her. and she remained steadfast she never. went into another relationship went to. daily Mass never received the Eucharist. because she was under the impression. that she was not allowed to receive. Communion because of the quote/unquote. she was she was filed so that there was. a civil divorce but she still maintained. her commitment before God on the altar. so she could have been receiving she. could have been receiving for years and. that you know I literally cried when I. distributed Holy Communion to her for. the first time and she was overwhelmed. and wept this was at a this was at a a.

Mission that I preached no I can only. may. to the tears oh I needed to anchor to. hanky Sankey’s administer her. administered to her you know throughout. that ordeal who’s gorgeous yeah it was. absolutely gorgeous so yeah there’s and. that’s so yeah so if having the. conversation with your priest having the. conversation with your pastoral. ministers your deacons at your parish to. have these conversations because you. miss situation yeah you we need to know. your situation and we need we need to be. able to help you you know and that’s. what we’re there for and it may take a. little bit of time but in the big. picture of things mmm you know it’s. worth it so a spouse who is divorced who. has not remarried and remain chaste. continued to receive the Eucharist yes a. Catholic who was in availed the. contracted marriage who gets a divorce a.

Civil divorce and remarried cannot. cannot receive Communion and I know that. there’s certain places and certain. things Germany that want to change that. but that’s not okay and I think if that. ever really gets pushed through in the. church that could be grounds for a. schism because that just that’s people. want to push forward for that because it. would solve so many pastoral issues and. making priests jobs easier but it’s no. bueno that’s not okay that’s different I. guess the vow of a like professed valve. like a religious sister or even the bow. that you make you know you see priests. leave the priesthood and nuns or. whatever leave leave the convent you. know what’s different about their vow I. mean obviously they’re marrying God or. the church but what’s different about. their vow to where that’s so easily it’s.

Not it’s not easy okay I mean and. there’s also the second the nature of. the sacrament that they received whether. it’s a vow not sacramental or ordination. the nature of that ordination is not the. same as the ordination of marriage if. you if you look at the prenuptial. questionnaire prior to you entering into. nuptials there is a question that. clearly identifies have you made a. perpetual vow. you know in a religious institution have. you ever been ordained a priest or a. bishop yeah. have you ever so you’re going through. all of these various impediments because. ultimately you have to go through the. process of laya cessation if you’re. going to do it right and the church. doesn’t want to speed up that process no. like if you’re struggling in your. vocation of priesthood there’s some good. men who were priests who discerned after.

A long time of priesthood that it would. be better for them to be Leia sized and. then to enter into a marriage and. there’s some good priests and there’s. also the priest and don’t go about it. the right way but that that happens it. happens and it’s life its humanity and. there’s always a road for everybody and. and that’s the thing that’s why the. conversation no one wants you only Jesus. thank God for that. thank God for that but you know there’s. always a path for each one of us and. that’s the beauty of it and that’s why. having the conversation is so essential. and to walk slowly you know to walk. slowly is something that that you know. yet the Church of the Catholic Church is. going to have expectations for your. preparation for marriage but you know. that should enrich the overall process. of your prep as well as enrich your.

Whole marriage because you aren’t going. to be entering into it ignorant ly. you’re going to be answering into it. with a certain sense of this is a. commitment for my life mmm so one of the. biggest factors in divorce now Oh 41% of. all first marriages fail. 41% that’s crazy oh well you weren’t. Melissa Jarrod you weren’t Mary thank. you we got it yeah I could be in. yourself on that 50% of all marriages. fail 50% of all marriages fail but 41%. of first marriages 60% of second. marriages and 73% of all third marriages. fail Wow you seventy three percent of. the time yeah right there’s like they’re. like the one that I was in I know. they’re not technically marriages I know. a guy who was married five times and he. was married to the same woman he calls. her he calls her thirty five or twenty. four because he was married to her two.

And. for ya the first marriage only there’s. one woman divorced her got married again. remarried number two divorced her again. now he’s on like five or six right but. when you know their habit marriage. becomes cheap to you marriage just. becomes dating it’s not really as weird. they don’t even know what marriage is in. that in that perspective it’s nothing I. think part of it for me it was like it’s. it’s kind of societal yeah and then you. know it’s like oh we’re in love or. whatever and you you know it’s just all. great you’re like well that’s just got. to be the next step. yeah right I mean it’s it’s it’s me. telling you I love you more yeah no you. hang up first no you yeah yeah the five. professions with the highest divorce. rates are dancers which I can only. assume what kind of dancers at the local. Polish people have but yes the Bulls.

Yeah bartenders 43% of dancers their. marriages end in divorce. bartenders 38.4% massage therapists 38%. gaming cage workers I don’t even know if. that is probably cuz casinos no game. right gaming cake oh yeah oh yeah those. are the people that are in the behind. the cake yeah and then gaming service. workers so probably the other yeah it’s. it’s a whole casino environment the five. professions with the lowest divorce rate. but you didn’t even talk about active. duty military oh gosh no that’s like. Ritz right bro like we’re see list it’s. probably right below no oh like the. seals active duty yeah is like 85%. really active duty seal it’s it’s so. high in the military it’s it’s. astronomical yeah that’s why I love. working with no get benefits in stuff. like that too and so there’s a lot of. it’s driven by and a lot of separation a.

Lot yeah yeah a lot of separation I mean. a lot of it’s just genuine like struggle. with with you know being separated. yeah the professions with the lowest. divorce rates farmers podiatrists and I. guess what Doctor Who I don’t know why. clergy hey yeah you not we’re talking. about father and father Justin right yes. yes optometrists and agricultural. engineers that’s weird. I was thinking talkshow host but. whatever well Catholic talk show hosts. right yeah you’re really lowering her. average right now I’ve been married for. 17 years. yeah Wow I count Seven teen years yeah. I’m not even 40 yet and I’ve already. been married for 17 years but you’re. broke you’re lowering the average the. 50% of all Catholic talk Wow no it’d be. yeah onethird of all Catholic talk show. marriages end in divorce because it was. like I guarantee you the marriages in.

The Catholic Church that are not that. dissolve are going to divorce to quote. marriages I guarantee there is a. defective there’s just something wrong. with them entering into it that was not. uncovered in this process a lot of those. divorces probably would be annulled. that’s what I’m thinking probably would. that’s what I think that’s what Francis. was saying and that comment earlier. which I disagree with sorry Holy Father. but I think that what he’s saying is. that a lot of people are unnecessarily. removed from the church because they had. had a divorce yep and that if they would. just talk to their priests and the. tribunals that a lot of them would see. that their initial marriage is because. they were so improperly formed and. catechized. were not validly contracted marriages. and they probably could become married.

In the church and get their marriage. recognized and come back to the church. yeah and you think about like maybe. somebody with Down syndrome or something. like that or somebody who has some sort. of impairment physically like where the. church you know lands on that you know I. mean there’s an impairment or if there. is you know like if there’s impotence. for example like those are clear grounds. for. holiday yeah I mean if you can’t. consummate the marriage. I’ve never been consummated yeah yeah. okay there’s two other things that are I. guess grounds for annulment there’s the. Petrine privilege in the Pauline. privilege now these are always been a. little bit hard to I guess explain for. you or to understand you have any of em. hmm grasp of them well because I have it. I have a handy little chart well good. let’s go make it easier choices benefits.

So so why I mean it’s it’s an in. relationship to people who converted to. the faith that’s that’s basically it’s. like a like some sort of you know if. this right in this you have to you have. to consider especially when when this. was being applied past early how many. people were converting to Catholicism. how many people were converting to. Christianity opening now and it’s still. happening out but like and I mean we’re. talking about like staunch pagans or. staunch you know other other types of. practices or no faith whatsoever yeah I. think the paganism one that you’re. talking to is definitely the Paula Deen. / yes. so the Pauline privilege would be. and an unbaptized person marries another. person who was also unbaptized the. nonbaptized of both can be proven the. marriage ends in a civil divorce the. unbaptized person desiring a Catholic.

Marriage wants to be baptized as a. Catholic the privilege takes place at. the time of the new marriage so because. they were both unbaptized but they were. civilly divorced but he wants to now. enter the church and marry a Catholic he. can be baptized and because of that. baptism he can then enter into a new. mayor into a marriage validly and you. know I was trying to work a pole line. privilege a while back and it’s. challenging to identify proof but the. person was not baptized and granted you. can get testimonies from the parents or. whatever but it’s it’s challenging like. I can prove I was baptized even if I. don’t have the certificate the church. burned down you know or any of those. other circumstances because say I have a. picture you know of you not being. baptized know of being baptized like. it’s easier to prove that like waters.

Bouncing off here’s me next to it my. brotherin-law and my sister and my. brotherin-law got an annulment and my. brotherin-law actually qualified for. the Pauline privilege mhm and he had to. have it sent to Rome and it was sent. back and confirmed and mmhmm he’s never. remarried my sisters were married but. they can both validly. receive I was actually as after the. after their divorce I was actually as. our CIA sponsor oh wow and kind of he’s. like you know after the divorce each. time in our time it did and my sister. and him still get along great but that. was an interesting process oh so that’s. the Pauline privilege now the Petrine. privilege. it’s called Pauline because it’s in. reference to first Corinthians and Paul. making an exception where he says I Paul. say and he’s basically making an. accommodation for pagans who the former.

Payin spouse wouldn’t go along for the. trip. now the Petrine coverage is not based on. st. Peter but it is based on the chair. st. Peter on the Pope and a baptized. Christian marries an unbaptized person. the non baptism of the one spouse can be. prevent the marriage ends in divorce in. that case the baptized person can. petition the Pope and the Pope can. personally set aside that marriage. that’s the Petrine privilege so those. are both kind of the those are the. advanced trigonometry of annulments. right trigonometry trigonometry and the. tribunal that’s it trick Roger you’ll. try again I’ll show ya so a couple. factors that lead to divorce I think one. of the biggest factors that you’ll see. and I think over 75% of all divorces. cite this as factor is pornography and. for our listeners you know if your. marriage is struggling with pornography.

Or you are struggling with pornography. and it’s affecting your marriage there’s. one of our sponsors covenant eyes they. have a really excellent program that. helps people overcome pornography or if. you don’t have a pornography problem it. helps you never develop one in the first. place and it’s an app that allows for. the accountability of a person to avoid. the temptation of pornography which is. destroying marriages destroying people’s. libidos destroying people’s selfworth. and their image of God so if you go to. come in a nice calm /up come in a nice. calm and you use the promo code talk. show you get 30 days free of Catholic. Rite Catholic at all Catholic tongues. the promo code Catholic you talk some. canonized calm use the promo code. Catholic talk and get 30 days free of. coming in eyes yeah and another option.

I mean exodus 90 is a fantastic program. for men it is and one one of the. stipulations is that you would not use. internet or your computer or tablet. phone for any other use but for business. and among other types of austere. practices and it renews your masculinity. and gets you get you going and revs. those engines so that plus covenant eyes. is a wonderful way and and both of them. are based in accountability so check out. Exodus 90 for sure our sponsors are out. there. we’ve got some pretty awesome sponsors I. wouldn’t take any other sponsors any old. sponsors I mean they’re people that are. actually those are groups that are. actually in line with what we’re trying. to do which is to educate people and. through practical knowledge and. application make better Christians and. better marriages and better lives hope.

Is that it’s supporting you know like I. know when when I’m here with you guys. it’s a huge support I mean our. conversation last night you know it’s. just so supportive to me and my. priesthood and and my journey and I hope. that I’m providing that same sense of. support to you guys as married men and. it’s it’s always a joy to come out here. and shoot these shows and you know to. know that we’re you know receiving your. support in prayer as well and that this. is providing you a supportive you know. and and nurturing platform like that’s. just it’s wonderful mmhmm. so before we get going mmhmm I’ve got. an inquisition for you oh no I say no. and void no yes either drive you know. you don’t get to make that you do not. get to make that disseminate this is a. pretty easy one but I think it’s just. understanding how different scenerios.

Work out. man very man can’t man loved a woman. stay focused you’re trying to sing your. tap dance your way out of this it’s not. gonna work. it won’t work shucking and jiving boy. yes can a man marry his widow sister and. his man can a man marry his widow sister. now is is she is he of the same blood or. is it like a house is it’s his widow. sister it’s not it you know this is an. incest thing. his sisters Widow no you like presenting. these things to me I could see what’s. the answer absolutely not for anyone who. hasn’t caught on yet because she’s not. alive no a man cannot marry these widows. sister because that would mean it made. the widow. it means he’s dead so he can’t marry. another paradox it’s another kind of. shield yeah. just present these obscure thing no that. was good good job man he just went. through his checklist in his head he.

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