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Like fish of men’s swim go do whatever. all kinds of guys those like it was full. of people that you can just go and. handpick all body types o body shapes I. was just like all you can eat buffet and. I was living for your picture and just. like mmm yeah definitely I want to read. the book back cover I want to read this. book by the cover hi beautiful people. welcome back to my channel so today I’m. having like it to set up where I just. read out of my bed and talk to you guys. about certain things which I’m sure you. guys are already interested in knowing. about cus you read the description and. you read the title so if that is why. yeah as always welcome thank you for. coming my name is Tina I would love for. you to subscribe to my channel watch. this video and share your friends to. that a lot of people come back here and.

I check out that awesomeness much I know. I basically went undercover on the web I. sat down in my room I want my sunglasses. to Mission Impossible music I was like. oh anonymity and everything so that I. could go and get the tea so that you. don’t have to like stress it’s after all. this process I want to tell you what. trash for it’s not trash what’s good. what’s not good and then you can. conclude for yourself what your way to. do but I basically went on the internet. I went a couple of apps I was on apps. for this month and I have come to tell. you the tea on the various apps you. could go on to find love to find form. and to find the I seek a to find a lot. of things up as you can see I’ve got my. few country and I’m rich because I made. notes Oliver. apps so without any much further ado. let’s get it right into the video if.

You’re not subscribe at this point. you’re cheating like seriously you’re. not being fair just subscribe okay just. hit that red button and then like this. video share with your friends and. comment down below. I may have me some else but this was. just like the basics for this in. Cameroon where you can find love many. pleasure whatever you’re looking for so. I’m just going to go for my least. favorite to my favorites not really for. me but I’m just going to start with this. one because they were okay so the first. one on my list is afro babes online and. it’s basically a website where you could. find sugar daddies I don’t know like. most people and most people just go on. the app to find sugar daddies so if you. want to go and you’re looking for it. should get at me you just go after babes. online comes and you sign up your.

Profile you put in what kind of guy or. what kind of you put the inch the age. range you’re looking for maybe talk. about it to be by yourself and that’s. just it since it’s a profile this really. since it’s like website there’s really. nothing much you could do but it’s pro. Android and iPhones you can meet you get. a digital meet man you have to subscribe. to message people though because when. the thing is distracts me because like. when I got on the website I like I. didn’t want to spend any money cuz who. has money like that to be spending for. these things. I think subscription is $15 or something. so you have to pay before you actually. reply people because people will send. your messages you put your pictures you. poor you what you’re looking for people. will send you messages but you kind of. actually you reply them you will see.

Them but you’re not reply you cannot. reply them so you have to actually be. subscribed and ain’t got money for that. ain’t got time for that so you have to. pay before use and if you give out like. info cause I try to you know this name. he and I tried to like include hey you. want to talk to me get me on insta and. the blocked my account so don’t try that. if you if you’re looking for sugar that. don’t be cheap just pay your money and. do what everything okay alright so next. one is afro connections so this one. actually has an app but you cannot find. it on gusto somebody somebody I met from. another app actually told me about this. one’s hard to like go and then check it. out but it wasn’t there so I cannot see. much about she basically has the same. format for the afro beeps online you. just put in your profile you talk to.

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People you swipe you put your age range. in sana and that is it moving on now we. are going to go to battle so the battle. is an app it’s like addiction app is. usually like whenever you get did end up. in cover the first thing that comes up. is mind. badow like if i was saying that i met. somebody on an app the first thing would. be like was it bad oh you basically need. to drink. stay hydrated people all right. so bad oh I’ll just read you can use it. on both iPhones and Android you have to. use a picture so you cannot really like. go there and be catfishing people. because by double verifier picture I. tried to put some kind of picture I was. having blurry and they blocked there is. didn’t block it but they were like I. cannot message people if I don’t wear. picture because it’s not fair cause the. other people have pictures on so your.

Account can get verified like you have. to go through taking pictures verify a. number or an email so that if you like. talking to poem bad though I think this. is thick man and in the shoes that I’ve. verified tinder has something tinder. recently did something like that so. there’s account verification it gives. you points I don’t know what to do with. the points I’ve not been long enough on. that apply that to know what the points. are for but they do give you points and. then they give you they will actually a. couple of questions I mean like what do. you like what I’m looking for in a guy. do you want a longterm relationship or. a shortterm relationship are you. looking for a true dating are you. looking for a long time long term thing. all those kind of things like that so. that’s what do I ask you I feel like it.

Makes sense so that people know what. that gets into but again you could. always just write while you’re looking. for down in your bio so all again the. app if I find then my favorite thing. about this battle was that it gives the. location like even show why the person. was on tinder you just showed 300. kilometers away 100 kilometers away 2. kilometers away and it’s really. confusing because Mars did we match in. my head and I don’t like much anybody. like that so that’s it for battle I. think that was kind of cute in its own. way but there were many cute guys there. I’m sorry but battle had like really old. people we had pictures somebody was. posting his football certificate or. something we’re really weird on the ABS. like like people people. dating profiles and the app makes zero. sense to be like like I want to see the.

Apps I want to see sexy I want to see. mmm give me that I want to see like I. want to look at your picture and I want. to swipe because like before even. reading your bio to see whether you have. sense or not but I want to look at your. picture and just be like mmm yeah. definitely I want to read the book back. cover I want to read this book by the. cover moving on the next up we have is. Louisville and I kind of liked it the. app was really bougie it works for both. Android and iPhone sorry I’m spiritually. alert it works for both Android and. iPhone and you like at a beginning when. you sign up they will ask you a couple. of there were actually a couple of. questions. as with the other I want to see like see. what you’re looking for to narrow people. down so that you can have your perfect. match this weapon is the same.

Swipe right I love you swipe left I. don’t care about you separate yeah I’m. interested I don’t know what so that’s. basically the whole situation with the. apps they give you rewards and credits. again I wasn’t there long enough to know. what that was for you can’t go on life. you can call people on life I think this. one’s actually good cards on tinder. you’ll see my pictures and as if you. cannot call me or anything serves to. give you my phone number or my other. solutions and I don’t really think. you’re safe cause yes I did start out. with it to undercover work but I also. had to meet people in real life to see. when I okay you’re not just catfishing. me or something so you get what I’m. trying to say I feel like they can do. much more becca like tinder I mean it’s. in the anyways I get to see that but. this one they give you like you can call.

You can go like people serve life such. I don’t know why all the green laughs. and he did some up you can add as many. pictures as you want you can edit your. bio it also gives like actual location. of where you are it shows where this. person is and for me that makes a lot of. sense also you cannot cut fish on this. app because you have to verify like you. have to verify your picture you cannot. just post the pictures was like two. pictures which is you and then they will. verify it and something like that so. that’s it for logo until the other ones. OkCupid. alright so I’m sure that when you yeah. ditching apps buddy. is a man come on you should think. OkCupid like if I’m sitting out on my. editing apps. II think OkCupid so I really like so. this video has been a long time coming. like six no it’s almost a year since I.

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Actually did go on the Quran this absent. I don’t know why I did not do the video. and then I kind of lost all my. information and then I had to go back. every create profiles to do the in try. to get the info and sign out so OkCupid. they actually a lot of questions like. they ask you maybe close to 20 questions. to kind of try to get like your perfect. match try to get a sense of who you are. so that you can get your perfect match I. think the site is very secure because I. have I could not pass one of these. security measures alright my leg just. acting up so let’s get on with the video. real quickly but there are a couple of. security questions I could not get past. I think though actually a couple of. questions that were attitude very fryer. I come by taking pictures and they have. like a really slow time to process it.

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Because even to verify my no magic a. couple of these before I could get on. the app and then I kept on like trying. to take pictures take pictures take. pictures to try and verify my profile. and I finally give up but yeah so we all. did security I don’t think that anybody. will be catfishing anybody at all. I don’t think that you’ll be getting. catfished on OkCupid and I think like. that’s bonus points for the app so that. you can go there and maybe find the love. of your life but it basically has the. same swipe left swipe right culture so. it’s nothing new like when you actually. think about it okay so okay it’s gone. out like my favorite like the bad it’s. the one only all right so tinder was. kind of my favorite because it was. really super spy easy to used like you. log on there you verified you can sign.

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Up to Facebook or you sign up to your. number it’s pro Android and iPhone and. the it has like very little security the. only added the verification now so that. you could actually like send a couple of. pictures to verify that this is you so. I’m just going to say it so avoid being. catfished my catfish before somebody. tries to cut fish me yeah somebody. definitely catfished me cuz I was. meeting the person I met the person in. person. and the person’s not bleep like you’re. passing on the prophesy all right if I. I’ll give you guys like a mini story. time okay this one guy we swiped another. okay let’s hang out so I go now to the. meeting like he says he’s going to come. and pick me up so I run go to this next. Junction because obviously I’m doing. like investigative work I don’t want to. know where I stay for you so I go to.

This Junction he come and gets me from. day and when they can so I don’t. actually see how he it’s cause on his. prefer he looked tall and good handsome. and this person that was talking to me. now was none of the above like he was in. the car I was driving so obviously a. Dean sees height but he was not the. person in the picture looks like two. different people and then when he. dropped from the car hey girl I was not. ready for my I saw these girls like like. I’m not I’m not shaming short people or. something. I am very tall and I am big so if you’re. a short guy it makes me really. uncomfortable like the height difference. and then he was sure and then he was. small based on his profile he looked at. all so please people take pictures by. doors so that actually is to make you. high. okay I’m joking but am i joking right.

Go figure you will not be getting. catfished from now on until now because. there’s actually verification. you cannot verify your height dog by. just be like much people have the height. in the biased oh yeah she knows actually. very fun and easy to use like like I. said you created your account you put a. couple of pictures people are going to. swipe right if they like you Department. to swipe left if they’re not really. interested I got my feelings broken a. couple of times because I swear I saw. some people and they didn’t swipe right. for me needs other side all right but I. met like the cutest of people from this. app like like there was some really. super super cute people I met from. tinder and we did hang out a couple of. times I have made some lifelong. friendships from there cuz I have made. like a couple of very good friends Cena.

I made my celibacy crush on tinder and. you know just like just like you doing. they say going to the world or you oh. you know like wrong analogy so you know. like when people say there’s plenty of. fish in the sea. yep since I was like fish of men swim go. do whatever all kinds of guys was like a. whole cesspool of people that you can. just go and handpick all body types all. body shapes I was just like. allyou-can-eat buffet and I was living. for it okay like I had so much fun on. the app I’m not even sad that I’m no. longer on the app I didn’t miss it some. days because some days I want to go back. and just be like oh yeah this is the. whole clock so let me just want swipe a. couple of people so that I can disturb. them for the evening so just like. child go back and forth and then go back. to my boring life but yeah my heart’s.

Got to be serious so now that I am doing. this video I don’t think that I will be. going back on the app if I didn’t meet. my significant other during this period. I guess that is it for me I would never. meet my significant other from the app. so Tina was quite fun I don’t know why. people shy away from it the bad thing is. there’s a lot of catfishing on the app. because every time I did meet somebody. else Moyer real I thought that I was. going to be catfished I’m like no I am. real and something something I actually. really like cool because whenever you’re. acting like so what are you looking for. in the app or be like social experiments. and then they’ll be like oh cool. and then some point actually like. interested in getting to know the whole. social experiment thing and then I’d. like I have a couple of questions to see.

The ones participate so I’m just going. to say shout out to all those tinder. guys who I subscribe to my channel by. the way shoutouts you who follow me on. my social and then I agreed to watch. this video so shout out to making this. video like something really really. possible okay you guys are the real MVP. so I hope that you find whatever you. look upon the app and I just remember. this cheap guy I didn’t give my number. to Wow Wow. so i’m cinda you could literally put. that what you want even if you want to. just like sugar daddy or just like down. to or just like meeting new people. there was like no options so that people. see what they’re getting it’s not like. your situation where somebody else come. and lights you for a couple of months. before you finally find out who they are. or what they are or what they give me to.

Do so I feel like this apps just give me. like that shred for what like there’s no. middleman blind police or something like. you’re on the app I’m getting this and. I’m moving on so I feel like these apps. are really necessary moving on to the. last three of my list this one is I kind. of met somebody on this one and he was. official. we did make it like the relationship was. like so the end everything does what a. noun but he is still one of the favorite. people I have met in my life. okay sweetheart as we met on Twitter if. you go on Twitter dislike if you go on. Twitter and you do hashtag Romero Tita. or if you search on Goku there’s like. many impressions on this particular word. because it’s a natural thing like people. go on Twitter it’s basically you’re just. interacting you’re chatting with people. and they actually DM somebody and a.

Relationship flourishes from the DM. right like my situation Eddie who is let. me try and be professional. I’m serious yeah so we met on Twitter. it’s a big thing so you should not just. be just ranting all the time because. your significant other maybe aunt Rita. you should get that email. Bianchi tell your friends benefits your. DTF person maybe on Twitter like you. should not just forget like oh what’s. his Twitter no people have made the love. of their lives on Twitter and it’s I. feel like it’s a really fun thing the. issue it’s sweet sweet is you have to. actually be funny or you actually have. to have personality because on the other. apps you could just write whatever and. then because you’re prettier going to. get back but on Twitter so actually get. somebody’s attention you have to have. personality like you cannot just come on.

Just the same not rubbish and then you. people notice you know so I feel like. for people who are not really out there. out green or whatever that may be true. that may be a little bit like difficult. for you or something but I just wanted. to know that it’s not very difficult to. have personality even if you’re a. crackhead somebody likes crackheads. though it’s been sit down for you like. that so this theta and then moving on. this Instagram I will see however. there’s the only one person I ever met. from Instagram 10th out. very fit stupid guy my really stupid but. he just really wasted my time and I. don’t know I don’t know how to feel. about it so Instagram it there as always. you post pictures people may see your. pictures unlike you I want to ask you. out but I have had like a couple of. people come on come on Instagram dreams.

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And like just chat me up or something. but I wasn’t really interested cause. they were really like how you like yeah. I know I’m pretty you just come hello. pretty and they and they’re like how you. supposed to make me struggle to make me. laugh at this and then we have facebook. on my list Facebook is the last thing on. my list so as always again it’s an app. before Twitter before Instagram before. Chindi bad OkCupid all these apps. there’s always been Facebook people have. met the husband’s on Facebook probably. posting a picture post a a Facebook. update and then people or maybe met in a. group chat on facebook or something I. don’t know how people mean obviously. this is really difficult to navigate. like I feel like I’ve really grown not. old but I feel like I’ve just forgotten. Facebook so it’s really difficult to.

Navigate for me but I do remember that. there’s this one guy who asked me when I. was in secondary school and we only. reconnected through Facebook it was it. was horrible like a disaster but I’m. just saying that you could reconnect and. meet people from Facebook I feel like. Facebook is even like one of the pioneer. details because everybody is on Facebook. and all you need to do is just go and. set your high school crush his name I. remember this one the mods mean some. serious detective Inspector Gadget work. and I was researching my crushes name. cuz I just remembered I saw a crush on. this guy and his name popped up his. whole family and everything i if I was. serious I could go and like text him and. see if we could we can do all sweeps but. our I’m not serious like okay so that is. you guys those were the couple of apps I.

Went undercover on. I went like deep down on the internet. like deep down dig deep down into the. deep web yeah so does basically eat I. did to all these so that I could come. and tell you guys that dating is very. possible cause I’d like posted this one. tweet and my friend had replied I was. like wait comer has details like video. idea yeah Roger that you know so that is. basically just it not this whole mess. that is going on it is the middle of the. night as always it was raining or any. for the rain to stop slack literally but. that’s basically it so thank you guys. for watching till the end I feel like I. may have left a couple of apps there is. one app that just literally skipped my. head I went on my App Store and then I. was like checking scrolling down to see. if those an app because you know like. Apple keeps you your app history so I.

Didn’t see the app but I know this one. of those really really difficult to get. into I really wanted to get into the app. but I guess they planted something so. that’s basically it for this video thank. you for reaching yep if your fridges. probabilities which I reach the end like. writes down the comment section I reach. the end I just want to know how many. reach this far so thank you for watching. as always I love you subscribe to my. channel and I will see you in my next. video. ie and also just to be guided if you do. go on these apps make sure that you’re. being your best genuine self like you’re. not lying to people or something you’re. not trying to be a catfish cause. somebody told me that one person was. trying to use me as a catfish and it was. just fear does like really madness so I. just feel like if you’re going on the.

Apps you should be genuine you should be. truthful whatever thing you’re doing you. should stay true to yourself cause. that’s the only thing that we can do at. the moment and that’s basically it. I hope you guys have fun for my ladies. who like to party. another hates me interesting people on. these apps for other people will. have fun I know that if I feel like. you’re going to meet every kind of. person on this app so if you have the. patient if you’re careful enough if you. want to like leave the experience or. anything. go for it sis I am here for you as. always I went to link my socials in the. description box so that if you like. stock anywhere anytime text me I. literally stay up all night and during. the day so it takes me I mean to get. back to you I want to hear like you. people’s love stories like I met on this.

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