Brazilian Dating

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Hi everyone how you guys doing i hope. you guys are doing great so if you don’t. know me yet i’m mayani that brazilian. girl but you can call me mai. so today we are going to talk about how. to date a brazilian. girl and guys now i can tell you um. since i’m dating. an american guy. i can see clear. crazy. sorry. the difference between the cultures. so. if you’re dating a brazilian girl right. now. please. watch this video. stay here. so let’s get started um okay so. what i’m gonna tell right now. um it’s about basin on my one experience. back home and also the experience. like. uh based on all like my friends. experience it my family you know like. everyone that i know i’m not con. generalized like the whole country. because you have like 26 states in. brazilian also the capital so. like we also have it’s not like uh. different culture.

In the is the. country. usually in brazil we don’t that we don’t. text men so much you know because they. don’t like it so we always wait for the. man to text us so for example if i’m a. relationship with a brazilian guy he’s. gonna text me in the morning first. he’s gonna tell me good morning gg. sleepy well how are you. also during the day he might call me uh. he’s gonna text me asking me about my. day how my day is going. um also during the night he might call. me asking how was my day. and such things so. if you are. waiting for us to text you like if. you’re dating a reason you’re ready for. us to text you. we are not gonna text you and if you. don’t do that with us if you don’t text. us. we might think that you don’t like us. so for us you have to care like. you have to show. that you care about us. that’s the truth.

Like in brazil. people are very warm like. we show much affection. you know. so. if you’re like the kind of cold person. it might be hard for you but if you want. to be in your relationship with a. brazilian or if you want to date a. brasilia. it’s better get to know our culture. because. if you don’t know our culture. it’s not going to work. that’s the truth i’m sorry. and also. based on that. i’m going to tell you something. if you like are talking right now with. your brazilian girl. and you’re gonna like to meet up her in. person for example for the first time or. whatever please guys. here we go tips for you. first of all take a shower. yes i know it might be silly telling you. to do that but. guys i’m leaving america right now and. realize that the people they don’t take. a shower every day. so. i’m not judging at all.

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But like i understand it’s really cold. you know like but in brazil. we take like. i used to take three showers per day. so if you’re going to meet a brazilian. girl up please take a shower brush your. teeth. uh dress up and smell good because in. brazil like the man they really put a. lot of perfume you know like they really. smell. really good. so we like that and we also like to. dress up like to choose my go to you. know. also if he lives close your house or. your job whatever. uh for example he might text you hey. what you’re doing now uh. i was like close to you. and i got chocolate for you you know. they’re going to surprise you. um. sorry. anyway what i wanna tell you is. surprise your brazilian girl you know. i mean. it made it’s not just about. brazilian girl but also every woman we. like to be like surprised so surprise.

Your brazilian girl guys. please. also i want to explain like it’s my. second time recording videos in the car. i don’t like it but like where i live. like i don’t get a chance to be alone. and i’m really shy to record videos you. know like. with people around me so. i prefer to drive and stay in the car. but it’s just for a while. so. that’s it also it’s a. silly fact. i’m not gonna say like everyone one more. time again i’m not generalized everyone. but. brazilian woman like. they likey turks meh. and why. i’m gonna tell you why. it’s a different culture totally. different but. i have for example. friends from turkey. and i can tell you like. they looks like brazilians because. they’re really like. warm people. also let me explain why brazilian women. likes turks me. uh it’s because of the soap opera. you know. most of the girls watching it in brazil.

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