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Are you really eager to learn to. approach attract and date a more. attractive women in your life. if so then today I’m going to share with. you seven books you absolutely have got. to read obviously the skills and lessons. that I teach men when I’m helping them. to be more attractive to women I didn’t. invent them they come from psychological. research papers and books that I’ve read. over the years because I’ve learned to. trust proper data proper scientific. research more than I trust socalled. pickup artists so today I’m going to be. sharing with you seven books not written. by pickup artists that you’ve absolutely. got to read if you want to become more. successful with women keep watching to. find out what they are now book number. one on my list is no more mr. nice guy. by dr. Robert lover and it’s my most.

Recommended book these days why because. it helps men deal with what’s called the. nice guy syndrome and looks at it from a. psychological standpoint not a pickup. artist and point so dr. Robert Glover. what he’s realized is working with a lot. of clients as a psychiatrist he’s. noticed that there tends to be a pattern. of behavior in men who use niceness to. try to get women and men but often women. to like them and that that creates a. cycle of men feeling resentful feeling. like they’ve been walked all over by. women feeling like women in general just. take advantage of them and they never. end up in relationships where they feel. valued and loved that sounds like you. and it quite possibly does because so. many men that I work with struggle with. this myself and my past included then I. highly recommend you read this book book.

Number two on my list is surprisingly my. second most recommended book to guys. it’s called the female brain by dr.. Louann Brizendine now I stumbled across. this book by accident I was just. trolling through Amazon one day. wondering what I would read and thought. this looks interesting. and essentially dr. Brizendine she looks. at the the mature ation of the female. brain as a woman goes from being a child. a little baby to becoming a fullgrown. woman to become an older woman and I. face value you think well that might be. but how will that help me with. attraction well it really does because. the female brain it gives you this this. really clear insight into what it is. like to be a woman not changing hormone. levels what they do to you how the brain. changes as women age is the different. emotional cycles that women go through.

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And that insight really enabled me to. not just connect with women when I’m. talking to them but it enabled me to. alter the way that I approach and. attract them because I had a much. sharper understanding of really what’s. going on inside of their minds book. number three is called the inner game of. tennis by Timothy Galloway actually one. of the few non doctors on my list here. don’t let the name of this book fool you. although this book is all about tennis. and then a game of tennis. it applies massively to the inner game. of anything including being more. attractive to women see a lot of guys. struggle with the internal dialogue that. happens inside their heads they think. about all the negative past experiences. they’ve had with women they think about. all of the the lessons they’ve been told. the negative lessons by wellmeaning.

Family and friends about women and what. women want and how women behave and they. let that guide them you know and they. can’t let go of it you know a lot of men. struggle and they feel like I have no. value to women how do you change that. how do you overcome this negative. selftalk. well the inner game of tennis goes in a. great deal of detail about how to change. a lot of these negative beliefs a highly. recommend book number four on the list. is one of my personal favorites it’s. called how to fail at almost everything. and still win big by Scott Adams now if. you don’t know the name Scott album. Adams he is actually the author or the. the narrator the drawer of the Dilbert. comics and basically it’s a story about. his life and all the massive failures. that he had in his life but how every. massive failure that he had was 100%.

Necessary for him to him to achieve the. big successes that you have in the end. and not in the end ongoing in his life. and this was you know it’s a very easy. lesson to hear and to understand. logically yes you’ve got to fail in. order to succeed but the reason why I. recommend this book to so many guys is. because we really need to internalize it. it’s one thing to under. stand up here but it’s a it’s a complete. other to truly believe it in a gut and. to truly understand how important it is. to fail in order to succeed if is so if. dealing with failure is something that. you particularly struggle with this is. my most recommendable to deal with that. issue specifically book number five on. my list is called the like switch and. it’s written by dr. Jack Schaeffer who. was actually an exfbi recruiter and he. realized that the FBI has really.

Mastered a number of skills because if. this study human behavior for a long. time and one of the things the FBI’s got. really really good at is approaching. people and making those people like them. and be influenced them by them highly. effectively because the FBI needs to do. that it needs to turn people into. informants it needs to get people to do. things they’re scared of doing worried. about doing unsure about doing right. we’re about creating massive amounts of. trust and likability in a really short. amount of time so as you can imagine. this is really really powerful when it. comes to dating and attraction as well. because oftentimes when you approach a. woman you’ve only got a small window of. opportunity to make her like you and. make her want to connect with you. so the strategies in this book proven to.

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Be really powerful I’ve loved it I got. some of my biggest insights from this. book so I if this is saying you really. want to work on you struggle them to. hook in interactions to get women to. like you quickly wanna hang out with you. this is the book for you number six on. my list is called influence the power of. persuasion by dr. Robert Cialdini now. this book is rare in there it’s one of. those few books of whether that I picked. up and I just could not put down it was. so riveting it was gripping because it. really talks about all the secret ways. in which humans human behavior is formed. and shaped and controlled right and. after you read this book you look at the. world around you and you will you’ll be. able to see these principles in action. everywhere you won’t see a commercial. and ad campaign you won’t see you won’t.

Talk to a sales person isn’t using many. of these techniques and strategies at. once you’ll get to suddenly realize that. influence is everywhere so this book is. really a primer on human behavior and. how it gets controlled controlled as a. bad way because we’re not trying to. control women but how it can be. influenced. right by the actions that we take and. what we do in the way that we position. arguments in the way that we are market. ourselves so this book is probably the. third most recommended book of all time. that I tell men that they’ve got to read. plus it’s just riveting it’s really real. written I definitely suggest you go a. copy and have a look through it number. seven on my list this could be a little. bit controversial it is Dale Carnegie’s. how to win friends and influence people. so why would this be controversial well.

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Its controversial for the same reason. that I put it at the end of my list. first of all it’s an old book it’s been. around for a long time now the reason I. put it at the end of my list is because. if you suffer from nice guy syndrome if. you’re in the habit of constantly trying. to please people and suck up to people. this is not the first book you should. read you see a lot of the strategies in. this book are incredibly powerful they. really do form the bedrock the baseline. of how to be likable there’s a reason. this book is still popular to this day. it stood the test of time. but the problem is that you can easily. apply the lessons learned in this book. in a way that just makes you look like a. suckup like you’re trying to make. people like you and it won’t work at all. so if you suffer from nice guy syndrome.

You absolutely must read my number one. recommended book all right no more mr.. nice guy before you read this however. once you’ve got that under wraps this. book is still the bomb right it is still. okay you can still use these strategies. to create massive likability now there. is some crossover between this and the. likes which that I mentioned earlier but. honestly this is the granddaddy of all. books when it comes to being liked by. other people and at the end of the day a. woman’s gonna like you to want to sleep. with you. you know say what you will she’s gonna. like you some part of it has to really. dig you just one example lesson for. example that can easily be screwed up if. you for example we like people who. compliment us but if you’re China if you. go up to women you just complimenting. them trying to suck up to them they’re.

Never gonna like you they’re gonna see. you as a suckup they’re gonna be. repulsed but if you learn to make women. work for a compliment in other words you. only give you a compliment sparingly but. when you do the few times you do you. make them really. really genuine and really really. specific and that person that woman. feels like she’s earned it she’s gonna. continue to work for compliments from. you that’s just one example of a lesson. from how to win friends and influence. people that is really powerful and. really found its way into a lot of my. work. speaking about ways that a lot of these. books have found their way into my work. guys you can read these books and I. highly recommend them but I’ll tell you. what these books and so many more the. greatest the greatest hits from each and. every single one of these books has.

Found its way into my sincere seduction. online program if you’d like to avoid. having to read all these books and. instead follow a course that that takes. the best of these and puts them to a. course focused on attracting beautiful. women then check out my sincere. seduction online course basically as 20. hours of online Theory contact where I’m. gonna hold your hand every step of the. way teaching you how to overcome your. fear of approaching women overcome your. negative dialog how to approach how to. build attraction how to build rapport. how to tease how to flirt how to. sexually escalate how do miss sustain. casual sex relationships have a. sustained healthy longterm. relationships and absolutely everything. in between and what’s more I’ve got a. really special day actually it’s a. really killer deal running right now go.

Ahead and check the discount code that. I’ve put up on the screen right now. follow the link that I’ll put up in the. corner and down in the comments below if. you’d like to take advantage of that. jump on it because the special offers. only gonna be available for a very. limited time so have you read any of. these books are there any really great. books you think I should recommend in. future videos because if you guys like. this one there’s so many more books that. I’d highly recommend I had a huge. difficult time trying to recommend. trying to pick just seven for this list. any more recommendations I’d love to see. them any I haven’t heard of I’ll give. you a special shout out in my next video. because I love to find new books worth. reading let me know in the comments. below as always guys if you like this.

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