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That’s the face that gets you in trouble. that’s the base they make when they are. about to up your life that’s the. face of the temple always bald as. he’s kind of sexy let’s see what. he got to say welcome back to my channel. Scott welcome back to my channel guys so. in today’s video I’m doing something. completely unexpected I know you guys. probably thought based off my last video. I was giving up on man I was working on. myself and you know what I am and then. this ad on Facebook popped up I will put. it right here I was like you know what I. don’t discriminate but I love me a nice. chocolate me and okay. message oh you know so I was like let me. sign up for this this is B okay so I. went ahead to sign up for B okay. pretty much the purpose of this video. I’m signing up for blk which is a black. dating website so black man looking for.

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Black women black women looking for. black men black men looking for like me. maybe black let me looking for black. women I’m looking for me okay so the way. they have it advertised are these. bombass sexy ass dudes on it so I’m. like I want to do like that you know I. want him so we’re gonna get on be okay. we’re gonna see what these dudes are. looking like okay so we’re gonna be okay. I went ahead and I signed up I have not. been on here I’m not message do you want. I have not swiped on anyone this is the. first time we are going to be looking at. everyone and pretty much to judge all. these people so I’m trying to find. someone who just looks like body face. teeth I love a good grill you know I. love good about me so first thing I. realize is that the way they advertise. it. you look like you’re getting a model or.

Something so I could either put like a. really bomb and shoot a picture on there. or I could do something a little bit. more like natural normal shine I’m a. normal person so my profile picture is. this one and then I have this picture. right here shows them a little bit more. you know get some body Hey I have this. right here let’s be real nipples me and. my nipples ain’t have a soul. I mean this right here booty okay. okay for my career I put that I’m a. socialmedia influencer you know I’m. speaking things into existence you know. uh and then yeah so info um in my by but. looking for the perfect man to dust off. my box haha JK I have merace sense of. humor but I want someone to joke around. with follow me on IG @ sh Marty’s world. schwarz under sport world you guys do. that too so we are done with that let’s.

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Go back let’s see what blk has so let’s. see that this person is about he’s cute. well he really liked me too he’s cute 30. years old personal chef hmm I love to. cook I’m a chef and I’m adventurous. I’m all about having fun. follow my hygiene so first thing I. notice I’m gonna be real picky okay. honestly. where are your where your punctuation is. where your periods your comments like. this is a big this is a big runon. sentence your cuteness on but. it’s gonna be a no for me is it this. been nothing yeah ooh that’s definitely. a no shredded 24 spa photographer. brighter I didn’t look at all these. pictures of terrible flirting there. Shawn no pictures. yeah. it looks like he has my skin okay he’s. looked Aldi guys I can’t up his tall. mallanna’s I don’t think it’s very cute. man people take pictures with a middle.

Finger up and every single picture. that’s not cute. I’ve been smoking pictures you’re cute. this is kind of classy okay let’s see. you he has 17 is vile why don’t any of. the dudes look like this. sorry crash sorry TJ really put guys I’m. gonna tell you something my type where. should I get a ticket that’s nice I’m. necessarily necessarily go for like. black white asian that’s my thought okay. if they’re trying to be man. okay but anyone who’s tall nice teeth. like those with physical attributes I. look nice skin like clear skin take care. of yourself it’s a big ass blackberry. yawn this video probably to look so. shallow but the point of this video is. that video came says you’ll find one who. looks like this but really his dues like. this. okay let’s see Marcellus. you know it’s crazy cuz I wanna learn. like student lights canoes but they.

Would be the ones they’d be the ones. taking the best pictures Carlos. obviously Carlos you’re not even black. to me was Carlos the . Carlos ain’t even have anything in there. not even anything saying like oh I. really want I literally love black women. not bad bro bye mom he look like a teddy. oh no ask him oh I don’t know a damn. thing about Mose either andö Eskimos I’m. from Alaska get me back you know people. my art gallery that’s the rights. music he’s a producer he’s an engineer. this thing is the rapper oh this is what. I’m talking about this is who we are. looking for Marshawn let’s see yeah Wow. girl. I’m not known how to pimp I work a nine. to five but I make my own money straight. LSF please do baby Jesus please let’s. please let us match look at these arms. on him. like singing right now babe. Hey. I will get backto-back cuz ya’ll I arms.

Dating A Black Man

You just don’t know Santana but flirting. oh my god. Cisco it seems like this in pictures. that’s how I scuse me. what. I guess I do have points gotta know it’s. got enough you know besides the fact. that he looks like he has money he’s. sitting on a private jet you know he. actually is very attractive bill. director I travel and film for work good. vibes on me work nice skin. you know obviously you get the type of. lips that looks like they’d be going to. work God know what first of all first of. all sorry my ass is it you excuse me I’m. not even I’m not here to roast people. I’m simply here to see what type of. quality of men this app has ok that was. not it. wait a damn second Cheers. what’s the achievement see yes. give me a jar I’m shy at first text me. when I taste me if we take each other. be oh okay that’s W T that’s all I’m.

Saying. Haven look at that face. that’s the face that gets you in trouble. that’s the face they make when they are. about to up your life that’s the. face of the devil. oh he’s bald as and he’s kind of. sexy let’s see what he got to say. absolutely nothing he looks kinda short. he looks shortest thought honestly Oh. Haven I’m sorry not seeing that this. video I’m getting a couple messages. starting to scroll through I think the. ones I actually like and would talk to. all the ones that I’ve seen so far so I. am ready to close out this video to make. sure you like comment share and. subscribe make sure those posted of. vacations are turned on you girls you. know what I’m really I’m sick enough. everybody was I really I should have. known that everybody loves me finest but. but for the most part a lot some of them.

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