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Youtube what is going on man it is your. boy. once again fly only back at it. again with another. video video. man look y’all know that mic that i’ll. be using stuff like that to do my uh. you know saying live streams and stuff. like look with that mic. and with the knowledge i know and the. software that i got. believe me i can make a song better than. god dang you know what i’m talking about. huh what’s the boy name uh. jacquies oh yeah real easy on a bit man. you feel don’t say. look how i’m looking man look look i’m. feeling good i’m smelling good i’m. looking good you know what i’m saying. hold on. let me let me bring some little a little. bit of my hair down real quick so you. can see the real. you know what i’m saying the linkage you. know i’m saying how we looking and stuff. like that you know what i’m saying like.

Look at the kid man like come on man. you know straight america oh man look. your sister your mama your auntie. they ain’t got more longer hair than me. man you see me man look how i’m looking. man look at the eyes and stuff like that. you feel me you know the shame in here. still looking. you don’t tell them how crispy got the. day going cartier’s on the eyeballs you. know what i’m saying. mmm look at them that’s real pretty a. little dry but you know i’m saying. don’t tell nobody you feel me but. there’s another little small. talk you dig man look check this out. right so. once upon a time not too long ago i did. a video. about basically the black tender. blk whatever black lives matter yeah all. that you know what i’m saying. and um in that video we pretty much. talked about you know. shane the local people in my area you.

Know saying. judging the quality you know what i’m. saying just like when you go to the mall. or when you go to the grocery store or. whatever you judge the quality of the. clothing. of the fabric of the food of the meat. you know what i’m saying and for the. most part you know i don’t know. you know i looked look believe me that. app so far when i did that video. really don’t you know shane speak the. general of what i’ll be seeing out here. so you know we’re gonna let that slide. but. in this video right here what we is. about to do is. just like with tinder you feel me this. app has a. a paid subscription whatever where you. know. you can like as many people that you. want to like uh what else can you do. with that bad boy i think. uh oh you can also check and see. everybody that liked you. without you having to like them then.

Them having to like you then they become. a match. but you gotta pay for it. i ain’t gonna hold y’all youtube man you. know what i’m saying uh your boy fly was. a little curious you know what i’m. saying because uh. if you remember from the last video you. know i’m saying i had 99. plus people that liked me you know what. i mean so i was a little curious. of who all had liked me now we just seen. who all liked us you know what i’m. saying. we’re not doing nothing else we need to. know how let nobody we’re not going to. do none of that you know what we’re not. talking we’re not doing another. we just seen who likes the kid you know. what i’m saying so. i’m sorry something that i usually don’t. do to me. i feel like tricking but for me to even. make this video happen and for me to. even. you know saying see that part of the.

Feature your boy has spent twenty. dollars man you know what i’m saying. just to unlock something man but it was. you know look it was just one time now. so we got i’m not subscribed to this. stuff i don’t got no subscription. i just paid it for that one time then i. canceled subscription right away man you. know what i’m saying that you know you. know how apple works man you got 30 days. to use man you paid it for the month man. you know what i’m saying. so we’re gonna go ahead and jump into. this bad boy right now. and see who all likes us. anybody be good you know i mean y’all. know what i go for and stuff like that. yeah. don’t don’t tell nobody but. it better be good you feel me it better. be nothing but. up here so let’s go ahead and jump into. it shout out all right. so here we go y’all i’m gonna go ahead. and jump into this that right now man as.

We speak man. you feel me um i’m not gonna lie to. y’all boys. i haven’t i haven’t looked at this we. often look at this for the first time. you feel me so you know i’m saying it it. is what it is and stuff like that. um as you can see i ain’t got no. messages or nothing like that man. like i said i ain’t talking to nobody on. here and stuff man but. let’s see who all likes us man and look. i’m in a good mood. i sprayed on some of my yxl cologne you. know what i’m saying. look i i got my glasses my favorite. glasses that. you know i like to wear it but it’d be. good man. please do not disappoint me please man. like. i’m fly only bad like look i’m. looking good i’m smiling. i’m talking good bad you don’t say 99. plus man that’s a lot of people man it. better be somebody on there that’s. looking like something you feel me oh.

A little coroner’s came up but let’s go. ahead and jump into this man let’s go. ahead let’s go ahead. so. what what is this enjoying black no i’m. not raiding nothing i don’t rate apps. so wait a minute wait a minute. wait a minute wait a minute wait a. minute wait a minute wait a minute. wait a minute wait a minute why is there. why is there one two why is there six of. the same three people right here. and they all ugly. all right how many people got matched. with all right so look it says right. there i have. 131 likes so that means 131 people like. me i’ve been having this app for like. i don’t know a couple months now no no. i’ll take that back a couple weeks now a. couple weeks now. so let’s let’s see what we got going on. down here. um um. what sorry no picture of it what. i think of food what okay i i see. something that might look like something.

Uh. is that a guy all right all right so. let’s. let’s do this let’s do this let’s do. this let’s go one by one because you. know. sometimes that first picture it could be. line so let’s go. wait a minute so everything just changed. so wait do i got to refresh it. okay maybe it was a bug i don’t know all. right so let’s look at the first person. so. the first person is this person right. here uh and we’re going to run through. these people man because 131 people man. so we got to run through these people so. no get it out of here next person. what no get it out of here. hold on hold on next person. what is this wait a minute what is that. why are you taking pictures with. somebody else get them out of here. next person what is this what is that. you really took the same i’m not gonna. say nothing. whatever why is it showing me you again.

I just. blocked you next person. okay no not okay whoa. okay next person. it keeps on lagging you see this it. keeps on lagging and showing me the same. person. i don’t know why it’s doing that. look hold on hold on hold on hold on. something ain’t right. look i’m looking at this person. bro bruh. bruh bruh. next person and you gonna show me your. face uh get out of here. i blocked you i’m hitting the x on you. who is this person uh. uh. should we keep them me me personally. really not my cup of tea. no disrespect i mean women y’all have. y’all purposes i have my preferences. next person what is this. why i keep on doing that this app is. laggy this app is very like. what is this uh. you was never you you was never 22 years. old. never never no. selfemployed get out of here. next person sorry no picture available. how ironic let’s click on it anyway it.

Keeps on doing that laggy stuff man i. don’t know why it’s doing that and they. really don’t have no picture at all. all right all right so we got games. being played people playing games with. me. we got a thing of food that likes me. well does the food at least look good. can we see what the food looks like. you know what okay that’s you but. the food the food looks good i must say. the food looks good you were smart on. this one you got three pictures or four. pictures of food. and you only got one picture of yourself. which is that right there. i’m gonna like you because of the food. and not because of you. so it’s a match when it comes to that. right there okay so. we we we working we working we working. we got a little something something. going on. let’s see what this person is they all. got no other picture they only got that.

One picture you know. i’m skeptical when it comes to persons. or people when they only got one picture. they ain’t got no bio they ain’t got. nothing. you got to get up out of here i’m sorry. i’m skeptical when it comes to stuff. like that. all right so who is this person three. miles away hmm. how ironic all right. i don’t know man you might be fake i i’m. scared. you you might be fake you know what. i’m not gonna like nothing i’m just. gonna leave it alone i’m not gonna like. it i’m not gonna exit out. i’m just gonna leave it alone you feel. me all right next person what is this. 23 years old. uh the my brows uh. look look look look i know i know you. ain’t got to tell me i know i’m not the. finest thing. under the sun you know what i mean but. hey i got confidence i got motivation. you feel me i got i got i got dimples on.

Both sides. you feel me i i’m crasmatic with the. most spectacular finagling you know all. that stuff that i’ll be saying in the. beginning of my videos. i gotta skip you i’m sorry if the shoes. on the other foot you would have skipped. me so i got to skip you you feel me all. right so let’s go to this person right. here i. already looked at you man so let’s just. go to go to this person. who is you don’t got no bio. um. i feel like i feel like busting rhymes. back in the 90s you know yeah yeah. yeah get out of here it’ll be uh okay so. i don’t know why he keeps on doing that. well i already looked at you. why keeps on taking me back to you all. right so who’s this person right here. 30 years old um. oh you like to go out in a club okay. uh you graduated somewhere it looks like. some type of medical. yeah health field okay all right oh them.

The muscles them legs look like you’ve. been through. you look like lebron james from the. waist down like you got 17 years of just. i gotta go i’m sorry i’m not funny i’m. not funny i’m not trying to even be. funny. you feel i’m just trying to get through. these pictures man that’s all i’m trying. to get through these profiles. and and live that’s all i just want to. grow up that’s it. all right 38 years old how can you. follow me that you’re 38 years old. i got i got the the age range set that. why i thought i had the age range set. lower than that. whoa whoa okay yeah okay. yeah you got to go you got to go i’m. sorry i’m sorry all right so next person. who is this. okay whoa okay sideways post. always on a bit you know what’s saying. she know my lingo sideways on a bit okay. she got android that’s why i’m going to.

Exit her. it’s not because of what she looks like. it’s because she got android y’all know. how i feel about androids. so i don’t want to hear she has an. android. y’all know how i feel about people with. androids i don’t trust them i don’t want. nothing to do with them i don’t want to. be your friend. you’re sneaky i feel like you’ll steal. something you i feel like. you’re still you know what i’m saying. the butt piece of my charger. just to plug up and hook up to your. phone you know what i mean you ain’t. gonna steal my core but you’re gonna. steal the butt piece. i gotta go you know what i mean that’s. how i feel yeah you know what i’m saying. i’m a rock with that lot you know what. i’m saying hey. you know but all right next person okay. you got somebody in the background doing. this all right. um all right okay another picture on the.

Can we get a full body picture um. hold on now something looks fishy now. now. now now you know i’m not the smartest. person in the world but. why would you give us face shots boom. boom boom boom then give us. a bottom part but not showing your whole. face like. something smells fishy and i don’t like. the smell. all right i gotta go i got you man like. look. i’m not trying to be mean man. i don’t trust it i don’t trust it all. right so next person okay. what you looking like okay you look cool. you know. yeah you know you. you got a cool little bio human. resources oh so. you work for hr hopefully you won’t be. part of my hr department. next person i got to say next person i’m. sorry. 18. you you know what you’re too young. we got 10 years of a gap that that’s. what i’m going to use yes. you’re too young you know when i was 18.

You was i don’t know three i gotta go. all right so. next person who is this 100 miles away. uh you’re too far away i’m sorry. you’re too far away i don’t even have a. car you’re too far away. 100 miles i can’t walk that the buses. don’t go that far. i gotta go i gotta go i’m sorry like 60. miles away. uh you got a tattoo a couple. you remind me of my sister i i’m sorry i. can’t you you look like my sister you. remind me of my sister. it will be weird i gotta go i got i’m. sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i gotta go i. gotta go. all right so who is this. friends dating first looking for a. well did keep yeah. okay i like a bio but i still gotta go. you know me all right so who is this. oh this just a little this is this a boy. please don’t tell me this is a boy. come on man i’m not with that that that. that homo. homo you know i mean come on man that’s.

A dude right there man. do stuff whatever i i i don’t wanna. oh man we gotta get you up out of here. and it’s gonna show you again man the. double is always working i swear. who is this all right so okay you had. iphone. okay that’s what’s up you got iphone you. know iphone x. r i have xr2 don’t tell nobody here. yeah i got yeah i got iphone xr yeah. yeah that’s the iphone that i got alex. xr yeah i mean so yeah yo. you know what you look like you smoke. i don’t like being around people that. smoke because i don’t smoke so we had. nothing in common i’m sorry i’m just. we can’t waste each other’s time you. smoke i drank. we don’t have nothing to come i’m sorry. you like apples i like oranges it’s that. simple. all right so hold on get out of here all. right so the next person. all right you have a nice long bio 43. miles away.

Bree 32 um. yo you showing you showing your snapchat. oh y’all want to follow her follower. uh well what it says if you don’t live. near the chicagoland area. i’m not interested uh. i live in the suburbs so i i’m sorry i i. can’t. you say chicagoland area i live in the. suburbs far far far. far suburbs i’m sorry i gotta go all. right so next person. uh hold on why is it showing me you. again you’re gone bye. all right so this person 19. come on man you’re a baby you’re a baby. i’m about to be 30 like. what can i do with you you know what i’m. saying like it’s not you it’s me. like you your life is just now started. my life has been going. you know i i you gotta date somebody. around your age i’m sorry i appreciate. the like but. i gotta go uh you know what i mean i. appreciate all these females that like. me. i appreciate it you know what i’m saying.

But you know i’m just pointing out stuff. like. you know this is what i’ll say if the. camera wasn’t rolling so you can’t get. mad at me. what i’m saying you know it’s probably a. thousand people that say the same thing. to me about my picture my profile and. how i look you know. like i said you know let me take my. glasses off um. who is this i’m looking for a best. friend. uh boyfriend. red and black okay you like the gang. bang all right what up uh. you’re very colorful okay um. yes you’re you’re very colorful like you. wear bright clothes your. bright colors you got bright colors on. your face. you like bright colors i like dark. colors as you can see. i’m not colorful i’m a dark person i’m. an evil dark person. and i worship the devil i i gotta go. we’re not gonna we’re not gonna work. all right so who is this stop showing me.

You man god. all right so who is this all right uh. nurse assistants okay. she said what you say 5’3 slim thick. what is slim thick i thought it was. thick or skinny all right so there’s a. middle. um um. maria borrow real quick um i have a. levio. uh we are a package deal. the only packages i want is coming from. amazon. next person and it’s going to show me. you again lord have mercy. who is this um. wait what does it say single ass elf. hit me up don’t be scared. shoot your shot if you want my number. just ask 200 miles away. yeah see uh you know. how travel is working right now with the. corona you know. you’re too far away i can’t what can i. do. i’m sorry and i’m only at 103. oh. lord this is gonna be a long video um. i’m just going down the list y’all like. i kind of gotta speed this up a little. bit like. i’m just at 103. you know.

Uh um. once again too far you know. oh man this is all right 37 miles. i’m skeptical i’m real skeptical you. know i mean. i ain’t gonna lie to y’all it’s not just. atlanta that has. and i’m not saying this is that but it. could be that. because they out here too now don’t. you know what i’m talking about so i’m. unsure and my mom’s always told me. if you’re unsure don’t jump in the car. and i’m not jumping the car i gotta go. alright so the next person. uh. you look like. you look like one of my aunties so. i don’t want i don’t i don’t want to. look at nobody that reminds me of family. members you feel me. all right so next person it’s going to. show me you again man the devil is. always working man. we just now broke into the hundreds man. this is going to be a long video it. might have to be a part two. of this because i don’t want to hold.

Y’all too long you feel me. but for what i’m seeing so far bro. uh it’s not looking too good for the kid. bro like. wait a minute is that the same person. the devil is alive. wait ain’t never these are multiple. people. either way i’m confused okay okay okay. okay okay okay. all right so look check this out check. this out. i’m not trying to be mean once again i’m. not trying to be mean. i’m just going through the list. like i said women have what they’re. attracted to. and what they’re not attracted to and. men. like me i have things that i’m attracted. to. and when i’m not attracted to it doesn’t. mean. that you’re ugly it doesn’t mean. that you’re not an independent strong. young successful. black entrepreneur. selfmade self-paid. woman you know. it’s billions of people out here. don’t let me speak for your school. please uh.

Just let me talk on youtube please don’t. don’t let me speak in front of a crowd. of people i’ll embarrass somebody yeah. or. embarrass me alright so look the next. person we’re gonna go and talk to i mean. not talk to you but look at oh i’m so. confused um. okay 44 miles away oh they got a car. what is that. is that a nissan okay nissan joint okay. you got the car. all right you know got the iphone okay. yeah. okay um. look nice yeah okay you know. you get you get a heart i give you a. heart all right i i i did it too so far. y’all can’t say i’m being me i like to i. like the one with the food. i like the one with the food and i like. i like her doesn’t mean i want to date. her but i like her because she’s young. she’s 18. she has a car. she looks like she’s on her stuff at a. young age. you gotta support and honor that.

Because there’s a lot of women that’s my. age and older. that’s not doing that so that’s why she. gets the heart. okay okay okay next person. 32 uh. uh got a lot of tattoos. whoa whoa. you you like to go out too much i don’t. like women that like to go out i’m sorry. only i can go out i don’t like women. that like to go out because. when women go out they get drunk they. get high they do. whatever they do uh they with their. girlfriends you know. they’re in an environment where there’s. other men. they under the influence confusion. you might mess up i don’t want to be in. that predicament next person. all right it’s going to show me you. again lord have mercy. who is this um uh university of memphis. okay uh. okay you go to school i went to school. i’m looking to date. i’m ready for okay. ready to build okay okay. i love life okay working out travel.

Sports. mary jane drank whoa okay um. being a gentleman was back in the house. me and the child okay um. it sounds like you have your head on. your shoulders i’ma give you a like. because of that. because you have your head on your. shoulders that’s the most important. thing. to have your head on your shoulders you. feel me. look at my face if you don’t have your. head on your shoulders. you’re not gonna be nothing prioritize. i think that went right with this. conversation. all right enough being goofy all right. so next person. next person all right 19. um. uh. you young you’re young i’m sorry you. you’re a baby i i’m sorry. it’s cause you’re a baby you young i got. nine years old what can you do for an. old person like me i’m just i’m just i’m. just being honest what can you do. with an old person like me all right so.

Who is this. uh um. uh super chill laid back smell smell. good i hope you smell good. have good teeth um i have no kids no. drama. good vibes only see see that’s a lot. when females say good vibes only that. means they’re toxic. remember that y’all i know this younger. people that watches me. if a female has anywhere on her bio. facebook or you know back in the old. days when you used to text people you. could got that signature text where it. always texts that same thing like a name. or whatever. if you see it says good vibes only. anywhere. containing to that female that means. she’s toxic because she’s telling her. lies she’s gonna keep on telling that. lie. she believes it you know so it’s not. true. you got to get up out of here remember. i’m old i’m older. i know these things i’ve been down these. roads before you feel me.

We gonna do two more people man cause. this video is getting long all right so. this person right here i i just looked. at you this person right here. didn’t i just look at you too. um wait a minute is that a mustache. look see i don’t know y’all know i don’t. go that way. bro see this is gonna take too long man. we only had 93 like like i said this is. gonna have to be a part two. this is gonna have to be a part two of. getting through these females that like. me. um this is the last one this is the last. one and i’m done this is the last one. i’m sorry and it keeps on showing me you. i don’t want to look at you. where they at hold on show me them it. was this person right here. this was the last person right here i. know where i was at. okay okay um. what the bio say i’m a mother of two. beautiful children. my voice is cracking excuse me that’s.

Corona. um if you can’t accept them they don’t. even bother talking to me i’m looking. for. a king to sweep me off my feet all i’m. acting is honestly lois. 21 two kids. and she worked at jimmy jazz. all my people from chicago you know that. jimmy jazz is uh. you know saying shoot so right you know. what i’m saying like you know all the. jordans. the ones you know what i’m saying new. releases hot joints and stuff like that. like. a jimmy jazz for anybody else that’s. like a dtlr. and you know that’s like one of those. type of stores. i like your occupation i like you. because you’re occupation. and it’s a match and that’s a wrap we’re. gonna we’re gonna we gonna finish that. another time so i hope i hope. i hope i didn’t offend nobody you hear. me. i’m not trying to offend nobody i’m just. i’m just going through the list you know.

It’s just like this look at it like this. you like me well you like my profile or. my picture or whatever. you know you like me i have the right of. it as an american. to not like you back it’s a it was it. was a lot of female that i used to like. they didn’t like me back so as me being. american citizen i have the same. right if i didn’t like you i liked a. couple people. i like the person with the food the one. that had all the dishes. all the plates all the food i like them. i like the person with the car the young. one. the 18 because she was on her stuff at a. young age i like that. and i also like the the one that worked. at jimmy jazz. because you can get all the shoes and. all the accessories and stuff like that. to keep this lightness. you know somebody got a campaign. somebody got a few of this fighting you.

Know i’m saying i contribute to the. campaign you hear me. but other than that it will be a part. two of this if y’all like that or. enjoy that. bro i don’t have no faith for that app. right there bro i’m just being honest. that black cap i’m just being honest i. don’t have no faith for man. but that’s that’s what’s being shown out. of chicago. so if you like the video man make sure. you rate subscribe comment all that good. old stuff man there’s your boys flashing. on the bed you don’t say rock and bullet. cool let’s go to the little bit that. ain’t bad. yeah man follow me on all social media. platforms i should only 773. on everything you feel me other than. that peace love and blessings i’m gonna. put on some glasses real quick man if i. feel good about myself. okay yeah there we go peace loving. blessing everybody man y’all know we.

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