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Hello everybody and welcome the black. it’s a dating site for. black people now I am not black but that. doesn’t really matter it’s not like. they’re gonna know so anyway this is for. my good buddy nause he wanted another. dating site video so here we are I’ve. got some racist jokes in my head and. everything what are you looking for. looking for some black people I am man. seeking women from I see Africa you. telling me this is a site for black. people Africa is not even on the list. maybe it’s listen to something else. maybe it’s listed in African Zimbabwe. close enough weight is in Bobby Effra. probably i don’t i don’t know city &. state I have to make something up oh my. god it’s go to Google oh man let’s look. up some in Zimbabwe zoom out what. zimbo I’m the shitty okay everybody um. city state in Zimbabwe yeah what’s it.

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List of cities and towns in bins up oh. my god we are getting this dawg I’m. getting arrested yeah so anyway while. waiting for this I’d like to tell. you a story I was sick yesterday and I’m. better now but my head feels kind of. weird my voice probably sounds really. weird too and I think an alien laid eggs. in my ear I can’t hear anything out of. it so yeah all right we’re going below a. oh that sounds believable LOL bola way. up LOL alright by the way LOL let’s do. it usually I’m and password must between. 4 16 characters and leave all right my. name is Tyrone mmm wait for this yeah. okay Tyrone good enough password you. guys don’t need to know what my password. it is I put one end though keep going. data all right I was born. right I can’t go that far back yeah. email we won’t show this eve under for. the other members of third parties for.

Marketing purposes okay i’m probably. going to get a confirmation for this. and I don’t want you guys to know. my email so I’m going to cut this part. out see ya okay and in my email the. username you entered is already in use. please enter another username or one of. these your names we have suggested all. right let me see that where is it. Tyrone Tyrone man meat no that’s way too. obvious then the troll okay Tyrone a. Jaguar I don’t know what I came from yep. ty room Jaguar that is a good man come. on now keep going what’s taking so long. here uh yeah all right add photos all. right let’s upload a photo you know what. oh my god the most racist thing in. America the gorilla we’re in sunglasses. people won’t know the difference oh my. god that’s racist a gorilla on. blackpeoplemeet well how many times. that’s happened what happened wow you.

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Look great yes they don’t know that I’m. a gorilla here’s an example seriously no. pressure just about you don’t worry you. can always change letter this is my. favorite part oh yeah here’s my ring. said I laugh at myself all the time I. want someone who lives tell us about me. okay I am six foot four and i’m also a. seven feet tall yeah I get that that’s a. dick joke haha ok I need to take that. off though because nobody’s gonna. believe that I’m six foot four and. black as [ __ ] okay and black no. yeah I’m six foot four and played the. bass yeah. yeah all right uh I don’t know what I I. like watermelon and kool aid and chicken. okay sorry I got some mustache look swag. as f I’m I’m pretty cool once you get to. know me even though most people’s first. impression is that I’m a serial killer. hahaha LOL yolo have to go well all.

Right keep going here whatever i don’t. know i’m off today said i was sick. yesterday so not as fun as this could be. safe or later no i’m not even try to. pronounce that agree to racist we’re. gonna keep going anyways even though you. have to upgrade to actually do anything. because this is funny um this woman is. pure african pure bred african a what in. the name of what is that is that. her hair surely not oh my god [ __ ]. oh let’s go to instant match it’s gonna. instant match see if that is oh. yeah big booth oh yeah are you. interested in her hell yes hell yes oh. because since I selected Zimbabwe it’s. only giving me people that live in. Zimbabwe well screw that i want people. that live anywhere okay entire planet. i ain’t racist of any age to ain’t. getting picky here I’m. expert is my dicks about to fall.

Off yo what is that what is that thing. is that a gorilla two gorillas need love. gorilla and gorilla that is not black. not black not black at all 52. Fayetteville Arkansas why are you white. kick it off the site oh my god I’m gonna. die uh okay then big chin for eyes mmm. i’ll start off like a mother in sauk am. 20 years old 5 9 mm you don’t look for. the twine yes she looks kind of 20 I. don’t know what she’s doing there trying. to look cute but she just ended up. looking like a demon yeah whatever I. like today to demon yes next profile. come on how many of these do I got a. select if you click yes they will be. sent a flirt oh we’re just doing this. for all of eternity 48 Kevin’s cat um uh. you guys think I need to see a doctor I. don’t know that cop didn’t really sound. very well what what what no give me that.

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Bag do you guys see that it’s that. somebody view my profile I would see. that again what the that woman that. I just flirted with she viewed my. profile you you piece of out there. you view my profile you want to view me. you gotta send me a flirt come on. send me a flirt I’m waiting body. type a few extra pounds yeah be modest. about it yeah you know black guys like. the big ladies we go hips and they go. kitties and oh man we’re getting all the. views wait a minute wait a minute that. is not one that i selected know what. divorced yeah because you float somebody. into thinking you were black you paint. yourself black and married him and then. the paint were off and they were like. man what you telling me you Caucasian. you and then BAM divorce custody of. all the mixed children wait yeah. mixed mixed children change your life.

Only six minutes and 24 seconds left. before this upgrade special expires. upgrade now to find out who’s flirting. with you send and receive unlimited. messages and much more get special offer. upgrade yeah new members in my area I. know that ain’t no man mari was you full. of you tell me that’s a woman 45. haha what the female oh my god you. telling me you got some corn rolls . you need to get the biggest afro ever to. make it look like you at least 5 foot 9. 45 what does Russian ship status. never married well they don’t tell me. she could have a boyfriend. girlfriend could be a single let’s look. at this body type no answer. everybody type no answer cuz you ain’t. got nobody education you’re just a head. and feet that’s why you’re only four. foot tall education finished high school. I believe that I guess income I’d rather.

Not say that means none looking for a. friendship well wasn’t a sure you do pet. birds this woman ain’t no this. ain’t no woman faked his shits figure. than my profile and my profiles as fake. as it gets so that gotta scares me what. is safe for later mean okay whatever. today’s birthdays let’s go give some. women a big old birthday present my dick. in a box all right there’s only three. birthdays today on this entire website. which I’m assuming as millions of. profiles that is 58 female. never married slender nonsmoker has no. children this woman is the best i have. ever seen so far greeting spontaneous. about the one I’m looking for well . the you are cooking I really enjoy. cooking yeah you better you’re. going to be making me sandwiches all. night how passion do you consider. yourself very patient are you romantic.

Quite romantic how punctual you. typically always early do you enjoy your. going to. please enjoy it how much do you enjoy. going to live theatre not really keen. how much do you like reading okay I. suppose depends on what i’m reading if. i’m reading you know a porno whoa the. Bible you know how it is this is the. most black woman stereotypically sexist. racist feminists and hippies are gonna. be up my ass tonight it’s not my fault. though go kick her ass not mine okay I. don’t think this is even worth. investigating any further because I. can’t even do anything on this website. that’s get flirts and profile views and. obviously my body wants me to die so i. think i’m going to see you guys later we. will not be coming back to this website. I’ve got enough comedy out of it but so. yeah thanks for watching see you guys.

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