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So. let’s discuss a few things. about white girls that every black man. should know. now there are a lot of black men out. here who. advocate don’t date black women don’t. you know don’t take black women. date white girls blah blah blah and a. lot of black men. sort of do other black men a. a disservice and that disservice is as. they they characterize dating white. girls. as it being just all peaches and cream. it’s the land of milk and honey. right it’s it’s it’s you know dating. white girls it’s all upside oh contraire. there are many many many many downsides. to dating white girls. and i think i’ve done an episode i think. i’ve done an episode regarding that i. think i called it the downsides of. dating white girls or. or um the disadvantages of pursuing. white girls something like that. anyway what i’m going to talk about now.

Are a few things about the. about the mentality of white females. within the context of a sexual. relationship. with a black man that black men. need to know and understand okay. again listen there are advantages to. dating white girls to be sure. okay but like every good thing in life. there is a price to be paid. if you want an elite physique the price. to be paid is diet and exercise. if you want to be rich the price that. you pay you got to work hard you got to. put in 80 hours a week you want to be an. entrepreneur. guess what the 40 hour work week is over. for for females if you want a high value. men the price to be paid is don’t get. fat don’t be a. those are unfortunately unfortunately. those things have become. nearly impossible for females to sort of. stick with. these days but anyway. part of the price to be paid for dating.

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White girls. is that they are of course white girls. and there are a few things that you need. to understand. about dating white girls that you need. to get through your head. this stuff ain’t changing guys i’ve got. one two three four five i’ve actually. got six. okay number one the first thing that. black men need to be well aware of. regarding white girls. is white girls are naive about the. struggle. gentlemen white girls and this isn’t. their fault. right because they’re white girls white. girls are. positively clueless about. about the things that black males black. men. go through on a daily basis they have no. idea. what it’s like to see a cop in the. rearview mirror. and have your heart rate elevate have. your blood pressure rise. when a white girl sees a cop behind her. there’s. she doesn’t think of anything it’s just.

A cop now she feels safe me personally. i don’t feel any safe i don’t feel safe. when there are police officers around. now i don’t feel like i’m in danger or. at least not most of the time. but when there are cops around i don’t. think i don’t have that sense of. security like hey. if shop’s off the cops arrived no no no. no man it’s everything. for himself as far as the cops go and. i’ll give you a perfect example. of white females not having no idea. about quote unquote the struggle and. about see black men. black people we live in a different. america. than white people listen man i’m not. getting into the whole. racial thing i’m not mad at white people. i’m not i’m not doing all that. right not talking about white devils and. this no no but. africanamerican men live in a different. america. than white females obviously and i’ll.

Give you an example. when i first started dating devin okay. we didn’t we. we we didn’t always live together when i. used to go to her place. there’s this light right outside her. place that says don’t make a right on. red. and the first time i pulled up to it i’m. driving her car she’s like i just blow. through it i do i do all the time. i looked at her passenger i like that i. was like what the hell you talking about. yeah i just blow through it i do it all. the time. i said sweetheart you’re a white woman. i’m a black man. cops let you get away with more than i. do then she goes on and on about oh you. know the cops here in this city are. totally cool. i’m like did you not hear what i just. said you’re a white woman i’m a black. man. like cops don’t give a fuck listen you. think cops are great because you’re a. white girl.

I don’t think devin’s ever been arrested. she may have had one ticket in her life. right she’s never had that kind of. incident she just doesn’t understand. here’s another example we were watching. live pd and i talked about this way back. in episode 13. we’re watching live pd. it’s a show on a. e and there was this there’s this white. girl who got pulled over. okay and the reason why they pulled her. over is because she they saw that she. quickly switched lanes. and that is when when somebody. recognizes preemptive traffic stop. behavior if they see a cop in the rear. view. and they use evasive techniques in terms. of getting away from the cops we can’t. read our plates. that sends the cop’s mind into overdrive. okay why are they swerving away. maybe there’s warrants so he pulls her. over this chick’s. license was suspended she had a warrant.

Out for her arrest. she had she had a warrant out for her. arrest and she had two kinds of drugs on. her. cocaine and crystal meth i’m gonna say. it again. outstanding warrant driving while. license revoked. okay and two kinds of drugs the cop let. her walk. devin saw that and she was utterly. shocked. she had no idea finally i said do you. see what i’m talking about. all she could do is just sit there and. shake her head right. she just sat there and she i said look. i’m not making this up. i’ll give you another example we were. actually watching live pd the other day. this is unbelievable. they pulled this dude over they pulled a. black man over. because he made a right hand turn but. didn’t stay in the right lane. so he made a righthand turn and then. switched lanes into the left lane. i didn’t know that that was illegal in.

Ohio that’s why they pulled this guy. over. turned out that this guy had a warrant. out for his arrest for not paying child. support. doesn’t matter they wouldn’t have found. that out had they not pulled him over. for no reason. then there was a case where a white. woman was in her car. all drugged up someone saw her driving. and swerving she managed to park in a. parking lot this bitch was high as a. kite. and in the end the cop said you know. what i’m just gonna let this woman sleep. it off so that she can enjoy the rest of. her day. there you go man it’s because of things. like this. because of things like this white women. will never understand. about the struggle the second thing. you need to understand is they don’t. really give a struggle. nor should they i did an article. expecting white people to care about the.

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Plight of black people gentlemen we are. all. selfish by nature this is how it is this. is always the way it’s going to be. when we see when we see you know uh. commercials. about you know the starving kids in. africa our heart goes out to him. and we might even we might even pick up. the phone and pledge a couple of bucks. for. a couple of bucks a month to help him. out but as soon as we hang up that phone. gentlemen. we’re not thinking about that anymore. because we’re so we’re inherently. selfish. the fact that your white girlfriend. could not give to. about your struggle as a black man. that’s not on her. but you have to understand she doesn’t. care now she cares about you. right if you get harassed by the cops if. you’re racially profiled. she’s going to raise holy hell because. that’s you right. but she doesn’t give about the plight of.

Black people guys they really don’t care. listen kudos to her for trying to act. like she really cares but she doesn’t. it’s almost like the female sports fan. you get with a girl i’m an eagles fan. thankfully for me i don’t know how this. happened devin happens to be a. philadelphia eagles fan. and she really is an eagles fan like she. has an old school brian westbrook jersey. and everything so i know so i knew she. was genuine. but we’ve all met that girl who tries to. be a sports fan. but you can tell she’s not really a. sports fan because she doesn’t really. get about sports. it’s the same thing there here’s another. thing. your white girlfriend she thinks that. you are the exception. to every stereotype out there see again. this is the hive mind of females in her. mind. she wants to rationalize okay i made a. good decision.

He’s a black man and i know i’m gonna. catch some heat but he’s not the typical. black guy. he’s not a it’s not any other listen man. i may sit listen i have a podcast that. i’m well spoken and this and that and. the other. but make no mistake about the fact. gentlemen like don’t let the light skin. and the strong command of the english. language fool you. i embody a lot of the negative. stereotypes of black men. yes i have been arrested several times. yes i’ve spent time in jail. yes i have a criminal record yes i have. a violent. temper this is how it is i am listen. i am not special okay i am not the eight. well he is a black man but he said no. nothing special about me your white. girlfriend. will rationalize in her mind that you. are the exception to every stereotype. now. this doesn’t mean that i’m the. stereotypical black man obviously i’m.

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Not a hood. i’m not an uncle tom or anything like. that but for me to sit here. and say that i am the exception to every. rule out there nah man. nope now your girlfriend is gonna think. this but you’re just you’re gonna have. to be honest with her. you are not special here’s another thing. and this is very dangerous number four. white girls think they’re white. privilege. extends to you right. if you get dude the most dangerous. weapon. a black man can have in his car when he. gets pulled over by a white cop. is a white girl because white girls. don’t respect cops. right so license of registration please. dude your white girlfriend is gonna be. like what the. are you pulling him over for he has his. right blah blah blah blah. she thinks that because she’s white and. in the car with you. that the cop is then going to extend her.

White privilege to you. obviously as a black man we know that it. certainly does not work that way. but you have to understand you’re gonna. have to explain this to your girlfriend. hey listen your white privilege doesn’t. extend to me. right you’re not trying to get me shot. you want to get me shot well they’re not. going to shoot you i’m white no no. sweetie. they’ll cap out of me they’re not going. to cap you they’re going to cap. me shut them up sit there and let me. handle my business. white girls always think that their. white privilege extends to you. they think that they can take they think. that when they walk down the street with. you that you they’re that they’re not. going to catch. you know the eyes of white people they. think that they’re no no no no. white girls always think that their. white privilege extends to you.

It’s never true a couple. a couple of uh final thoughts here that. you’re really really gonna have to. sort of understand about white women. is they never think things are ever good. enough. okay and that this actually blends with. the last one. white girls always find something to. complain about. gentlemen listen i love devin to death. she’s a good woman she’s good to me et. cetera et cetera. but she complains about everything she. complains about the waitstaff. i remember when we first got together. she told me. well people really don’t people treat me. poorly in the service industry. when i was out buying furniture it took. them 15 minutes to get with me. i don’t get served well in restaurants. and i’m thinking of myself damn like is. there something about her. like what’s going on well now i’ve known. her now for three years.

And it is obvious to me that it’s not. the problem of the service industry. this is a devon problem this is a white. girl problem. devin’s a spoiled brat guys it dude. if we sit down at a restaurant and our. waiter or waitress isn’t there within 30. seconds she starts to look around. right where are drinks where are. appetizers right. this is too this is too cold this is too. hot devon if you’re listening i love you. but you’re a. complainer and you know what i call. devon a food snob all the time. all the fuck there’s all dude dude. maybe i’m exaggerating and maybe i’m. embellishing here for effect but. most of the time there’s always. something about her food that she has to. complain about. like dude i’m telling you right now. white girls always. find something to complain about so to. review. so to review the six things that black.

Men need to understand about white women. before getting into relationships with. said white women number one. they are naive about the struggle they. don’t know what it’s like. to be pulled over by a cop they think. they think cops treat everyone the same. not true number two they don’t really. give the struggle doesn’t make a bad. people but they don’t care no matter how. much. they pretend to care number three they. think that you are the exception to. every negative blackmail stereotype. number four and this is dangerous they. think their white privilege. extends to you obviously does not number. five they never think things are ever. good enough why. white girls live great lives they live. lives of privilege. and if something is just a little bit. off they feel like they have to complain. which is number six.

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