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Buongiorno we’re going to find your. perfect italian partner. hey welcome to online for love your. number one resource for dating by the. numbers. today we’re going to be going over the. top 5 dating sites for those who are. interested in dating italians. now i want to be clear here that this. list is for people who are. already italians living in italy looking. to date other italians but it’s also for. those who are. not currently in italy but who are. looking to date italians in italy. before we dive into the list make sure. to check out our free online dating app. quiz. this quiz is going to pair you with your. perfect online dating site and it’s a. really great jumping off point before. you dive in. further to any other dating sites out. there so it’s a great quick personality. quiz it’s fun it’s free the link is in.

The description. go ahead and take the quiz and then come. back here and let me know in the. comments what your results are because. i’m really curious to know if your. perfect online dating site is actually. going to be listed. in this video while you’re at it make. sure to check out our deals page which. is also linked in the description down. below. because we here online for love are. always getting all sorts of awesome. deals for different. dating sites and dating apps and you can. definitely check out those deals. by using our affiliate links if you go. to the deals page which is on our. website which is linked in the. description so don’t forget to do that. to save some money because. why spend more money if you don’t have. to so without further ado. let’s just jump right into the video. with our number one site which is. so medic is a european network for. online dating is an italian site but if you don’t. speak italian you can actually use the. site in. english you can browse sites on this. site without having to pay any fees. but contacting other members is reserved. only for those who do pay it’s. definitely worth noting that when you. use the site when you sign. up for it your profile even though it’s. free will be not only accessible to the. side but also. all the other sites on the medic network. so your profile can be available not. just for italians but for. all sorts of different countries as well. through the music network so you should. keep that in mind when creating your. profile. you actually do have the option to avoid. this if you’d like so make sure to click. that if you. don’t want that to happen when you’re.

Setting up your profile most people on. this site are about 30 years old and. over. and the good thing is it does seem to. have a low amount of scammers and bots. which is great although you should. always keep a lookout for them because. even if you think there’s not any there. definitely are so keep a lookout for. them but. this site does seem to be pretty good at. keeping them at bay every profile. description and uploaded photo. is actually reviewed first by the. administrative staff who then have to. approve it. before they are viewable on the site an. interesting feature that the site offers. is that you actually have the ability to. see when the person you’re talking to. was last online. something that’s kind of interesting is. that if a man. using the site is like not. horrible he gets a badge saying that. he’s a gentleman.

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So that’s kind of kind of interesting. odds of the bar for men. could it get any lower anyway but that’s. just an interesting. interesting thing yeah if a guy on the. site is not vulgar and he’s treating. people politely he will get a gentleman. badge on his profile so. it’s interesting besides this site also. has a lot of search parameters to find. somebody within. whatever certain uh niche you’re looking. for so you can search for people based. on age. location personality education and many. other things like that. so who is this website for well. obviously this is for people who are. interested in dating italians. but it’s also for people who are. interested in dating maybe. people of other european countries as. well because this is such a big. network but also the people on this side. are about 30 years old and.

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A lot of them claim to look for a. serious relationship while others are. looking for something more casual so. it’s sort of a mixed bag of what you’re. getting here but that’s my honest review. of meeting.i see before we move on to. number two on our list. please make sure to give this video a. thumbs up and subscribe if you’re. enjoying it so far so it really helps us. out specifically when you give us a. thumbs up because it shows youtube that. people are enjoying our content. so then it pushes our videos out for. more people to see so we’d really. appreciate your thumbs up. and your subscriptions so number two on. our list is so this. site is part of a bigger network of. online dating sites that have been. around since 2001 and that is called. world singles. this was designed to help people in.

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Different countries around the world to. find. love so obviously italiano singles is. part of this network and it’s for people. who are. looking for love in italy or people who. are outside of italy looking to find. italians. they really like to hype up their staff. they even claim that the ceo themselves. will help you find a match if need be. their aim is to help people establish. genuine connections with real people. and they really try to keep the number. of bots and scammers at. as minimum as possible so obviously this. site specifically is for meeting. italians but if you change your mind and. you want to find people outside. of just italy you can go ahead and. switch your parameters by using. the world plus option you can browse. members of all the different world. single sites. it’s actually free to create a profile.

And join the love seeking community. you can go ahead and look at people’s. photo galleries you can use live chat. or you can use the site’s compatibility. system to help you find your match. it’s not obligatory to be italian to use. this site it can be any person from. anywhere and join it if you’re looking. to find. people who are italian or who live in. italy so italiano singles offers a bunch. of different ways to help you get in. connection. with the person you’re talking to by. using instant messaging using ecards. virtual flirts and even icebreakers but. there are some special features that are. limited to those who pay. a membership fee they do actually also. offer tips on how to create a. solid profile to help you find more. matches so this is your first time using. online dating or specifically. italian online dating they’re really.

Trying to help their new members to. have more success when you make your. profile you have the option to answer. tons of questions you can answer as many. or as little as you’d like but. we’d recommend answering a solid amount. of them or questions that are really. going to. show people the major aspects of your. personality maybe you don’t have to. answer every single question but some of. the more important ones who really show. who you are. it’d be great for you to answer those. and that could really up your chances of. finding someone who’s compatible with. you so who is this best for it’s best. for anyone looking to. date italian people um who are looking. to you know maybe use it for free and. just see what’s out there or pay a. membership and get more serious. the people on this side are looking for. anything from casual dating to longterm.

Dating but. it is a good place to go and check out. people from a whole different country. before we move on to number three on our. list i just want to remind you once. again to always make sure to check out. our deals page which is linked in the. description if you want to save some. money through our affiliate links. when you um are signing up for any. online dating sites why spend more money. if you don’t have to so don’t forget. about our deals page if you’re. interested in any of these sites. see what discounts we have so number. three on our list might be a name that. you’ve heard before. it’s so zusk is an. international and widely spread company. online dating site that caters for. people who are looking for. love all over the world they have a huge. community of people on this site and a. large number of italians.

And i also have a matchmaking algorithm. that’s set up to help you find your. personal perfect match. their behavioral matchmaking technology. is very interesting and it learns. um its ai and all knowledge by watching. and observing what you do as a member. they observe the profiles you look at. the ones you send smiles and hearts to. the keywords you enter and things like. that what it observes is then used by. smart pick functionality for matchmaking. because of this tech there’s no need for. members to complete a. long personality profile quiz or. anything like that when they sign up. interestingly enough there is a dating. insight page on the site which will. allow you to see. your behavior on the site and what the. ai has seen you can use this data to. help you transform. the type of moves you make on the site.

And hopefully to help yourself. find someone who’s compatible most. members on this side range from ages of. 25 to 34. with just about an even gender ratio all. profiles on this site have to be. validated so this definitely helps to. cut down. on scammers and fake profiles the signup. process is very simple. and it’s quick to do because again you. don’t have any lengthy quizzes to. fill out you don’t even have to upload a. photo when you’re first signing up. although you have the option to do that. later if you’d like. you can boost the credibility of your. account if you link your social media. profiles like facebook or twitter so who. is his best for i would say that. zeus is best for those who are looking. for italians who are nearby them. not necessarily from italy specifically. itself or who are. living currently in italy but this can.

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Be a great site to find. italians who are nearby because it’s. huge it’s got such a huge user base. and tons of different people on the site. it’s one of the biggest sites out there. the age range for this site is all over. the place as well there’s younger people. and older people so. it’s a good site to kind of check out. and possibly give it a try if you’re. interested but if you’re specifically. looking to find someone who’s. literally living on the shores of the. amalfi coast currently. it might not be the best make sure if. you haven’t already to like and. subscribe and we’re going to move on to. number four on our list which is. eharmony so much like. zeuski harmony is not specifically an. italian only dating site and it’s not. specifically. for the country of italy itself or. people who are living there currently.

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But it’s one of the biggest dating sites. in the whole entire world there are tons. of italians. on this site so if you’re looking for an. italian person who might be nearby you. or an italian person who lives anywhere. this could be a great site you could. possibly find italians actually living. in italy though because this is a global. site. they boast a community of millions of. active members from all over the globe. eharmony is of course one of the biggest. online dating sites in the world and it. has. tons of success stories i mean all you. have to do is go onto the eharmony. website. and look up all of their testimonials. you can go on google reviews you can go. on youtube. there’s tons of people who have used. this site and gotten a lot of success. from it. so the registration of eharmony. requires you to answer some quizzes and.

Questionnaires about yourself. to really gauge your personality for the. ai of the site. it’s there that you’ll enter information. about yourself including something like. you’re looking to meet. an italian person the signup process. might be a bit lengthy because of all of. these personality quizzes and. and things of that nature but it’s. definitely worth your time. when you go on other dating sites and. there’s basically no sign of process you. can just dive right into it right away. there doesn’t tend to be a a really high. success rate for those sites all of the. time. because there’s no sort of commitment. like when you are signing up for a site. and you put in the commitment to right. away write a lot about yourself. be honest with what you’re looking for. and take a personality quiz it shows. that you’re dedicated to finding love at.

Least. a bit you know so going ahead and. doing these things are really going to. up your chances of finding someone who. is similar to you and who could be a. really good match for you and it shows. that you’re serious about looking for. love in order to really appreciate this. site though and use it for its full. capacity you will have to become a. member which means you will have to. spend money. the messaging is not really set up in a. way that’s advantageous for those who. are just. using you know the free version or the. cheaper version of this site so. it might be best for you if your serious. body harmony once. you’ve tried it out to go ahead and. become a member if you are interested in. that and you’ve decided that at that. point but. without being a premium member there’s. not too much that you can necessarily do.

So who is this best for eharmony is best. for those who are serious about finding. love. they want something real they want a. longterm committed relationship. and they want a website that is. committed to helping you get there and. who has a lot of success stories i mean. tons of success stories so if you’re. serious about love this might be. a great one to check out i’ll ask you. once again to like and subscribe before. we dive into number five on our list. which is another familiar name. much like the other two sites. we’ve already mentioned. although match is not specifically an. italian’s only site. this is one of the biggest dating. websites in the world and it is a great. place to go and find italians. match is one of the oldest dating. websites out there this started all the. way back. in 93. an interesting feature that match.

Offers. is on people’s profiles you can actually. view the amount. or the percentage rather of. compatibility that you have with that. other person. right there on their profile you can see. if they’re compatible or not or. how compatible or not they are amount of. details on everyone’s profile depends on. the individual user. they can choose to answer more or less. questions about themselves. again if you’re really looking for love. here or you’re looking for something. serious or looking for something. specific. which is dating in italy or dating an. italian this is a great time to fill. that. out in your profile let people know what. it is you’re looking for. you’ll have the option to fill out a. summary of yourself answer several. questions and upload some photos. only premium members can contact other. users. so who is match4 match is for people who.

Are serious about their online dating. journey and serious about finding. someone who is italian whether they’re. living in italy or they are italian. themselves. although matches not specifically in. italianonly websites. um they’ve got a huge user base you can. feel free to write what you’re looking. for on your profile and you have a high. chance. of finding it so those are our top five. dating sites for those looking to date. italian people so if you are not. satisfied with all of the options we. have here for you or if you just want to. hear some more. definitely make sure to check out our. free online dating app quiz which is. above me and linked in the description. down below this will pair you with your. perfect online dating sites. while you’re at it make sure to check. out our deals page which is again. above me and linked in the description.

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