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If you see me. hi beautiful people. welcome to my channel. in today’s video we are going to be. talking about online dating which is why. i have a glass of ginseko in my hand. because with this kind of a video you. just. you just need a little something. something okay you need a little. something something for those who do not. know me my name is ooby and this is my. youtube channel. if you’ve never been here before welcome. and thank you for clicking on the video. um please give the video a thumbs up if. you like the video and also subscribe to. my channel. just gonna have a little sip. before we get into. this video. that was more like a golf. than a zip but who cares. you won’t check me boop. who gonna check me though. okay. so. you guys. this is not my first online dating video. um. but you know. we’ve been in the middle of a panini and.

Obviously. like i enjoy dating i enjoy going on. dates and the easiest way to get to go. on dates is buy a dating app. so. let alone me. i sign up again. and i sign up on all the apps i stand up. with tinder bumble hinge and i signed up. on another app called. that is the app we’re going to. be focusing on today because the other. apps. we talked about them. we already know about them we’re gonna. link the other video. in the description box as well as up. here so you can click on it and access. it easily um but in this video we’re. going to be talking about and. i’m going to show you guys screenshots. of messages that i received. from humans. i would like to think. on that app the reason i’m laughing is. because it’s just so farfetched like. it’s wild. it’s wild because sometimes i’m like. the thing about dating apps right.

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Like you go on you film the profile put. up cute pictures or whatever. and then you. check people out. and sometimes i’m like do people. actually. know what they look like. when they approach you. like when was the last time you took a. good look in the mirror. when was the last time you took a shower. it was the last time you moisturized. your ashy ass self. now what i’m not gonna do is put. pictures of anyone’s profiles up i think. that is. extremely shady but i will show you guys. messages um and everyone everything is. going to be anonymous like you’re not. going to see anyone’s names you’re not. going to see anyone’s like. usernames or anything like that so you. will not know who the messages are from. but i will tell you. one thing. the messages are all from white men. i just feel like you need to know that. just for some context and and the thing.

About it is like i live in ireland. there are black men here but they are. not that much and a lot of the times. when you’re in island and you go on. dating apps you do not see the black man. you can scroll like through a hundred. white guys and then you’ll find a black. guy. but the. opposite applies when you’re in the uk. so i’m not in the uk i’m in the republic. of ireland it’s not part of the uk i’m. so tired of saying this i do not live in. the uk. um but when you go to the uk and go to. the dating apps you will see a lot of. black man and a lot of beautiful black. men at that but anyways that’s not what. this video is about so we’re going to. get into this video i’m going to show. you guys and read to you guys some of. the messages that i received. while i was on so the first. one is a group of messages.

From. someone and this person actually. messaged quite a lot so i’m sure there’s. another screenshot with more messages. from this person. but it starts by saying. would you like to send me your mobile. whatsapp number no no sorry let me read. that properly. would you like to send me your mobile. whatsapp number now. i won’t actually call you unless it’s my. arrangement. i would like to send you a short music. dance video. why. why. if you prefer we can stay communicating. here instead for now smiley face. being professional and looking good is. some combination beauty and brains very. appealing to me smiley face okay. beauty and brains is not the compliment. you guys think it is you need to let it. go you drop it it’s 20 21 we’re going. into 2022 let it go please. my ex is a gp and my last girlfriend was. a neurologist.

Okay. why are you doing this. what does this have to do with me. ubi ubi. wherefore. hi ruby do you believe in love at first. sight that’s me smitten. not the same for you. give it time you will be in love with me. eventually. this was an old ass man. an old man. why. why. more messages okay. and i need a dinner companion for when. you can dine out properly again. and when we walk into that restaurant. ladies first. every head will turn to look at the. handsome couple the ladies will admire. your dress scents the guys will end me. oh my gosh. what was going through this man’s head. child. oh my gosh okay that was a lot of. messages from the same person i ignored. every single one of them um the next guy. ubi are you real. wink face. are you shy face arm emoji. ah i guess maybe maybe i understand this. one because he he might have thought.

That i was catfishing because i mean i. look cute okay. i would. that’s it. i could i could easily have been a. catfish but i wasn’t i genuinely was on. there next one. hi ubi what’s your name short for you. look really stunning by the way congrats. on that. thanks. i guess. hi oovy where have you grown as a person. in what country hello. okay first of all. that is not the first thing that you ask. a person that you don’t know that you. just. happen to like on a dating app. like why are you asking people where. they grew up. ask the first question hi ubi. how you. you speak pidgin english a big fico. why. why do white men do this why. why. why do you think that you will impress. me by saying things. in pigeon english what if i don’t speak. pidgin english. how about it what if i don’t. now what now you just left it stupid. next one.

How are you i’m pulled from kill there i. am paul from kill there. so sorry how are you how are you today. sorry. i was just hoping to get to know you. okay first of all. i do not appreciate people who shorthand. text i can’t lie it’s a petty thing it’s. silly but i i’m like what are you doing. with the rest of the time. why are you not just typing things out. in full why are you shorthand texting. like it’s you have you have predictive. text on your phone i i would like to. think if you don’t but. you have predictive text. why are you shorthand typing. okay this is a long one. this person on this motorbike. needs to chill. okay. good evening ubi. i believe ooby can be a first name and a. surname for both females and males. definitely one of the most elegant. ladies on this platform. i wish you well in your search and more.

Importantly these days with all. the rest. same for family and friends go. well. it’s almost like this person knew. they were not going to get a response. from me. so i was just like well wishes to you. and go well. thanks. hey ooby your profile pictures beat the. hell out of mine. and i work in tech i’m supposed to be. good. and i work in tech i’m supposed to be. good at the stuff. what’s your master’s in. there was so much. so much going on in that short. paragraph like. so it’s so much hey ubi. quick question. how much does a polar bear weigh. i guess this is like one of those click. baity. questions or something that you see as. like. things to ask people. on online dating profiles like. why. why would i know how much of volunteer. weight do you think i’m gonna go google. how much of polar bear weighs. i will not do that i do not care.

Ooby. you look smart woman. thank you. beautiful eyes skin hair. you look like a genuinely nice person. why thank you. i am a genuinely nice person. next. morning. tuesday morning how’s everything in your. world these days. are you referring this app yet or how. are you finding it. finding romance these days isn’t. is interesting isn’t it. what do you look for in a guy. how do you like him to make you feel. if he had just been like morning. how are you what do you look for in a. guy how do you like him to make you feel. i would have responded to his message. but him saying morning tuesday morning. i’m just like this person is gonna waste. my time and i’m not gonna reply to. someone who’s gonna waste my time. because guess what i don’t have time to. waste okay. are you my appendix because i don’t. understand how you work but this feeling.

In my stomach makes me want to take you. out or hate. you. okay. i can’t live. i like cheesy okay i like corny i like. cheesy give me all the cheese okay. no that’s funny. why did he say oh. oh my gosh. if this wasn’t a 24 year old i might. have replied to this message hi. i’m writing to find out who you. hi i’m writing to you to find out who. are you trying to find here. would i match with you. from my side i’m looking for a woman who. would like to start a family with me and. be together forever. it is easier said than done but i really. hope to find someone for good you can. answer me without any subscription so. please do if you want someone forever. and ever sincerely. yo. i hope you find someone. who is looking to start a family i. wanted to be together forever and ever. is it even legal to be that beautiful. ciao nobody’s arrested me okay so i.

Guess it is. okay this one says. at least you gotta smile i took all your. boxes i like african food jollof rice. plantain i love not a fan of yam or a. goosey soup i have two masters good job. no kids don’t drink or smoke and like to. keep fit 188 in height like to exercise. i mean to pay for price. oh my gosh. oh that’s good for you baby. you’re stunning okay the grandma please. fix it. you’re stunning i’m sure you i’m sure. you’re on a wanted list by all men in. dublin. which state you from. aye nigeria india lagos europe. are you not ashamed of yourself. are you not in bahras this is really. embarrassing. none of the above. okay this is a long one this is a very. very long one. ciao ruby how are you. i have had another profile here before. this i think i’ve tried a contact with. you then do you remember. what a pity the distance what a pity the.

Age gap how magnificent you are you are. majestic pretty face gorgeous body. classy manners good tasting dressing a. very nice name a real one. i pay you a compliment if you don’t mind. thank you. then he goes on to say. venus. venus beauty goddess of divine grace. the addiction to you. the madness for you from a distant. planet of a wandering love of an endless. fight to love you at last. from a relentless search a. diamondshaped passion in search of. venus in search of the goddess in search. of a queen in search of you. bruno miguel veloso pereira portuguese. poets my translation. best wishes take care god bless. i can’t i can’t and this person this is. actually. the person from the first set of. messages that i read like the long ones. i’m i’m pretty sure it’s the same person. next one. so how are you let’s meet for coffee if.

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You insist lol. i don’t insist 45 year old man in galway. i turned insist hi ubi how are you i. like your pictures would you like to. chat and maybe meet up for a few drinks. sometime. no thank you 44 year old. you just said it’s me. whoops. hi ubi would you like me to start this. conversation. one cheesy chat up line two or. compliments three random facts. four none of the above. yo. hi ubi your smile is so amazing wow i. just really wanted to say that i hope. you’re having fun and meeting some nice. people thanks for reading my message. you’re welcome hi ubi what’s your. favorite song. this one. just a message. random the things i would do. i’m i’m not sure if when guys send. messages like that they actually expect. a response back. hi ubi i’ve just joined hence no photos. or fully completed profile. i genuinely like your profile and would.

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Like to get to know i’m in dublin not. limbering but i can’t seem to change it. and i don’t know why it’s saying. i’m 48 so i hope this is okay i guess. i’m just a little older. wiser and more mature i’d love to hear. from you just a little older you are. almost two decades older than me what do. you mean just a little. what do you mean just a little hi ubi. how are you doing i like your pictures. and profile i hope you don’t mind me. texting. how is your week going so far. and i say your smile is amazing amazing. amazing. may i say your smile is amazing. thank you thank you. yo guys. one thing about jean seco. it’s gonna hit you. okay. wow. i wish i would crosseyed so i can see. twice. oh my gosh what are you up to let’s chat. ah so cheesy. oh this one’s from a black guy. your smile got me smiling miss. sensational how are you doing hey.

I’m doing good thank you very much. hi beautiful woman how are you. sorry you have what’s happened with. my contact. i think. come on. are you a very pretty woman i’m doing. five times. so. this person spelled contact with a k. this person has got to be eastern. european like russians. i’ve met a few russian men. here in dublin. some are called somewhat so much. like it. really depends on the person like it. really depends on this they’re very. beautiful and seem a perfect partner. are you caring tender loving and. romantic. i was a fire officer in manchester live. in colombia understand spanish and i. teach english to. i nonenglish. a furry trip away can we meet next. weekend i’m outside liverpool near the. beach. i’m looking for a loving pond. it ain’t me. ah. yo this is why i’m still single. oh ciao hello. how are you doing today you are such a.

Beautiful lady. question mark. i will be happy to know you more i’m. looking for a serious relationship and i. love to settle down in the near future. my name is. my name is. my name is my name is slim shane. okay. you are stunning looking. maybe you have an amazing smile would. love to get to know you. how are you. are you having a nice week so far. i am. i am michelle i am kind funny. guy i enjoy sports i think you are very. beautiful looking i love to meet you and. see how you get on so hope to hear back. hear back from me. probably had to do with the profile for. some of the screenshots i have the. profile. like the picture the age of where. they’re based some of the screenshots. it’s just the text messages. so. some of them i can see what they look. like now. um obviously i’m going to show that in. the screenshot cell phone in the web.

And then the other ones like i have no. idea. oh okay. so now i have um. two more messages and then i’m gonna. show you guys what i put up on my. profile. um so you guys can see what i had going. on that had. men sent me. okay so this is a black man. year old bristol. it’s from the uk so naturally it’ll. explain why it’s about that um but his. name on here is. nutty professor x. like how am i going to be serious. anyways the message goes hey beautiful. movie spoke you’re keeping well and safe. out there today. i’m a professor of. sciencebased bristol okay. your delicious plus delectable looking. profile pictures here on caught my. attention and i thought i was right. does. um. hi evie i just went through your profile. that i do find you very attractive if. the distance between us is okay for you. would you mind giving me a chance to get.

Better. okay listen guys i’m i’m not even gonna. search. and lie to you guys. i’m the type of person who cares about. personality a lot i do but i also care. about books and. one thing i’m not gonna do. ever again is. to. settle when it comes to a partner. because the reality is the person that. you want is up there and. if you’re patient enough to wait for. that person we’ll find that person and. you know it would be great or you could. settle for someone who. you know is. like takes your boxes and don’t look. like certain things but doesn’t think. about. other things. and whatever you can do whatever you. want but personally i’m never going to. settle again. i care about dogs. i care about aesthetics i’m the type of. person who. puts effort into her looks and into the. way that she presents herself and i feel. like it’s only fair for me to expect.

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That from the person that i would want. to be with. and if you. over there. are sitting there thinking you don’t. care about looks you are a dirty dirty. liar because you care about dogs that is. the way we’re socially conditioned. to. you know. be attracted to people or whatever. but when you’re attracted to a person. you attract the person’s personality and. their looks so if you want to sit there. and say that you don’t care about books. then. you can deal with that yourself but me. myself i care about looks and. not a single one of the men who. approached me was even anything close to. the top of that i’m looking for and i’m. not saying that i care about lots of. references. like fit you have to be like a. basketball player. like those things are nice but. for me they’re not like the beyond. involved able to. be presentable.

Are you able to put yourself together. and look good. that’s what i care about and obviously i. care about personality we’re not going. to go into that because i’m not on. youtube trying to find love. but none of the men who messaged me were. anything. anything that i found attractive i. probably just wanted to like. one or two of them. because i really didn’t find a lot of. these guys the chapter and the other. thing is the ones do you find attractive. the ones that are not serious and i’m. not trying to. in anything that isn’t serious. it’s just for me. at this point in my life it’s always a. problem i don’t have the time i need. energy i don’t have a desire. okay so. but yeah that’s why i was laughing at. these messages because. nothing came out of it nothing came out. of it and i paid for the subscription i. paid for six months because it forces.

You to pay for. i think the minimum. was six months. and i paid for six months and i there. was a point where literally i would. literally just go on the app just to see. what people are sending me so i can take. screenshots of this video. like i just couldn’t be ours i couldn’t. be honest at all because the quality of. men on there was just subpar. like it was below the ground it was. below the floor. there was just nothing and then what i. found with that app is that there was. like a whole other. like section of the app where. it’s i think it’s that professional to. something but when you look at the. people’s profiles and look at their. pictures it’s like okay that’s the type. of person i want to speak to. or at least try to get to know because. they are taking my boxes. aesthetically and also like on paper. like qualification that’s what you’re.

Living in all that stuff but then you. have to pay for it like i’m not gonna. pay. for two subscriptions to use the same. app like for me it just seems like very. and very like money looking skiing. and the only reason i paid for this one. because i was like okay fine you want to. be serious. you want to find something serious and. try an app where. you know. the way they market it is that you know. you’ll find something serious people are. serious the profiles are very very in. detail i’m gonna show you guys my. profile just now but. i just felt like i wasted money. on this specific app and as a result i’m. just like. dating asking this. i only did it because it’s a nice way to. not go on dates when you actually like. you know. connect people that you want to go on a. date with what. but. chatting to people. can be very deceiving and that’s why i.

Rather just need it. to begin now let’s get into my profile. okay i put some cute pics up okay i had. six pictures of. the biggest one was my profile picture. um i didn’t even write about myself on. there. i’m because you can add like an about me. a bit on there. it’s great to write something that says. a lot about you. automatically. and then i add. my specs so like sex. masters. and then other information i obviously. fill out everything because this is 11. out of 29. but i guess i filled out what i thought. was relevant. but yeah. single. marriage important. um vaccines areas vaccinated language. english heritage hair color dark brown. attractive. ethnicity black active descent. nationality nigerian. religion. and that was that was. all i had on my profile that happens. anyways guys. here comes the end of the video. i hope that you guys enjoyed it and you.

Had a little bit of fun. with the messages because they were very. entertaining to me i can’t lie that is. the reason why i was like okay i have to. do a video on this because this is very. very entertaining. um but yeah. i’m still in my pursuit of. a significant other. okay. if it happens it happens if it doesn’t. it doesn’t but i’m praying that it does. obviously and i’m pretty gonna happen. soon but if it doesn’t you know. god’s man. god’s bad day. okay but i’m gonna go now i hope you. guys have an amazing rest of you and i. will catch you back. bye. yo. yo. yo yo yo this one is like an actual. essay like and this is the same person. that was sending essays previously okay. what a pity the distance what to pity. the age gap. every time i pass by your profile i get. the urge to send you a compliment. you really are a fabulously attractive.

Woman i hope i don’t bother you too much. as you shall have noticed i wasn’t. indifferent to your profile. and i had another profile and i believe. i’ve contacted you. do you remember that. if you don’t mind i’d like to introduce. myself i’m 59 years old i’m free never. married without children i live and work. in brazil i work in the public. administration. and i am an employee of my municipality. i’m an official. i am an italian brazilian citizen double. citizenship. every year i go to italy to seasons of. 25 60 days and i always stay in san. lorenzo savannah province. where i have a family base. where i have a base family and most of. my friends are there. from the end of april until may of last. year i had planned to settle gremlin. it’s me to work with the sales managers. renewable energy company. however these new events of the pandemic.

Will keep me here in brazil for more. time most likely until next week when i. think. and i hope the situation will be far. sorry. um when i think and i hope the situation. will be far and better than now. and most of all i’ll still. open that job opportunity. meanwhile i’m getting jabs of. astrazeneca vaccine that i think will. make easier my arriving in it. living in italy has always been an old. goal and that and that only in my. maturity i’m able to try and achieve i’m. here on meets meeting. doing these friendships outside the. family circles or eventually find a. relationship. it was a surprise for me to discover. that one can visit pages from other. countries outside italy. also i write to your profile that’s very. attractive and you’re like oh i’m tired. of reading this. oh. for so i arrived to your profile that’s.

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