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Yes yes the moment is here personally. I’ve really wanted to talk about this. couple for a long time I believe for a. few months now for whatever reason I. just never ever ever touched this. account touch this Tick Tock couple. until now I don’t know if you can tell. by my voice but I’m legitimately excited. to finally talk about this unique couple. if you will no you’re not mistaken this. is not a mummy he’s a real person right. here we’re gonna watch this video then. we’re gonna go to their Tick Tock. account it gets pretty interesting what. do we want more than anything right now. can this woman even stand on her own. like no hey but if she can’t even go to. the toilet by herself can she really be. talking about having a big baby a baby. you know what this woman looks like I. don’t know if you guys have seen the.

Show Ozark on Netflix and I forgot I. think her name’s Dory if I’m not. mistaken this looks like her she looks. like that character and if you guys seen. this show it’s pretty much the same. situation here just an old lady. with a young adult bro come on is she a. billionaire does she have a million. dollars is there extra room for another. one please I would love some money 5. million wouldn’t hurt anyone right. please hit my DMs and let me be part of. the couple anyways and I’m sure if this. couple right here had a baby the outcome. will be two things it will be a mess an. alien and I meant to say three things. but I forgot because I’m 80 or the baby. will be born so old with. wrinkles. oh what’s his name Daniel look. what the . anything for that bag I guess anything. to get that PS5 you could tell on his. side he’s screaming please save me.

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Please save me just imagine scrolling. through Tick Tock and seeing your. grandma making these videos I. mean I’m so glad I don’t have grandpas. or grandmas that you know they can’t do. this and they did I would. legitimately clown on my own family for. views. well that was disturbing but it gets. worse when someone tries to tell me my. wife is my grandma why I’m sure you can. pull some other who are 90. unless you’re really dedicated about. that bag shout out to you I guess. respect Tick Tock has no chill. can you please show us pictures of your. grandma younger is she right. okay that one was actually pretty good. that wasn’t that bad how about that Will. Smith incident huh Will Smith more like. will simp anyways let’s just get into. the next one. I’m sure when you eat her out Sam comes. out it’s so dusty and it’s like crawling.

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With spiders and I woke up today. and I chose violence I really beat juicy. violence when I wake up like this I know. they’re both consenting adults but it’s. online and they put it there so I could. talk about it and if you’re in it for. the money bro just start selling drugs. just start doing nft scams anything is. more respectable than waiting for this. old lady to die. you know what this looks like it feels. like this man is posting with the mummy. from like 500 BC. first of what the was that signal. while this comment is out of pocket any. day now tombstone in mouth H caps like. these are gross and I don’t. think there should be normalized or. allowed you the most beautiful woman on. the planet cap what planet are we. talking about I get ignorant in normal. situations what what you mean. what the you mean what are you.

Talking about what the [ __ ] is you. talking about oh ain’t no one. starting beef over your grandma no one. wants to smash your grandma okay I don’t. want to smash your grandma my friends. don’t want to smash your grandma no one. wants to smash your grandma I doubt this. happens this guy’s like oh yeah oh these. guys are always hitting on my woman I’ma. call Cap here no one’s doing this man. it’s safe no I want to steal her from. you because she’s very unique because. she’s very unique and she’s yours and we. don’t steal other men’s girls when my. fake wife walks by I think from where. stop the cap bro I didn’t know exactly. who you are. Lord have mercy we must stay focused. Brothers we must stay focused if that. turns you on I feel sorry for you. where’s the thing the thing is. bro what the f I have more ass than her.

Check out my Instagram to prove that. what the once again The Tick Tock. comments have absolute no chill bro sees. her Holy Spirit like how you mad at me. for being mad at you but some of you did. to me that just don’t make sense to me. bro am I right women start [ __ ]. for no reason I think I gotta watch one. more video actually. hey yo hey yo hey yo okay this is. definitely the last video I react to. when she says peanut in me Daddy I want. to throw up. not imagine looking down to my chest and. seeing this I am shocked and I am not. kidding here I feel like throwing up. right now so I think I’m gonna stop the. video now Bros hitting ashes this should. be illegal she was a grandmother before. you were born she. have the comment section is brutal. I want you won the grand Lucy. I’m done I’m done I’m done if he’s.

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