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Huh Scott dustless does games and. another does watches sorry about lack of. content guys I’ve been very ill with it. it’s just this bizarre virus that like. started in my head and worked its way to. my stomach and it I have just been ill. that is that is all I can say about that. that’s all you want to know still. feeling a little bit under the weather. but I just want to get back and out of. bed I can’t stand it just sitting around. doing nothing. love comes in many forms we’ve reacted. to people on this channel that love cars. we’ve reacted to people on this channel. that love the same sex reacted to people. in this channel that loves animals and. whether or not we agree with these. things love is love is a force to be. reckoned with you guys on Twitter have. asked me to watch a video that’s called. grandmother lovers all I know is it’s.

About two guys who love the elderly you. guys wanted me to watch it so okay we’re. just gonna do it we’re just gonna do it. I don’t know so let’s dive in shall we. meet latin lover Octavio I’m looking for. that passionate ripping each others. clothes off and sex matt cail old power. to you my friend particular type of. woman my very first internet search was. grandpa’s the oldest woman that I’ve. been in a relationship with is 77 I mean. I know it was coming I knew I knew what. I was getting into but when you see it. it’s just like you know it’s like seeing. the Grand Canyon for the first time you. know it’s gonna be amazing. but when you see it like damn that’s a. pretty big big thing I’m looking at. Bellevue’s friends are shocked by his. series of elderly lovers please don’t. finish that sentence i I don’t want to.

Know I don’t finish it stop you know I. think approaching this I just need to my. mind needs to be open I need to be an. open book you know my mind I need to be. openminded all brownies on the go. his youngest is 68 because me angel. his oldest is 92 my mind is a. prison. it’s a prison it’s unlocked down oh oh. oh oh oh that’s my god and his boldest. is 80 dynastar pork sausage was Stern. with that with the finger man grandmas. are nasty. what a nasty Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is. home to Kyle Jones he’s heading out to. the suburbs to see his lover Marge Marge. was such an old name isn’t it Marge hot. no no her room is hot judging by her. temperature gauge over here see that god. damn is she knitting him a condom I hope. so. they’ve been seeing each other for the. past six years and great granny Marge. always dresses up for the occasion.


This is a bodysuit looks like what they. bury you in what is that. no no nan no but in Hansel crotch that. didn’t happen I didn’t see that hey I. don’t like it I don’t like it. I can’t. the first kiss was all amazing ooh I. felt like a dripping down my leg I was. gonna get a subway after this I was. gonna go it’s gonna could get a subway I. just don’t I can’t do that now can I. can’t do that. are they’re on a date on the tram. amazing since her generation properly. built it all lovers younger old never. forget their first night together. well the first time a cow came we went. to the bedroom out of his pockets comes. three tubes of lube and 12 condoms why. 12 everything you do with that lube well. neither he said you’re old Nathan I make. my own no no you make your own jam. that’s what you meant right. oh god no no I mean he makes a beautiful.

Lover Oh selfie oh the city ring she. spent most of our life sitting for oil. paintings that must be No. Oh God we were in that bedroom for two. hours and then he took a shower so you’d. have some more oh my god but he’s only. 25 of them you know it’s just amazing I. mean right I know they’re not hiring. anyone and they’re happy and they’re. both getting what they want. I’m just I’m just reacting to it how I. ROI how I would feel. in our situation you know and I think. most people that this isn’t their sort. of thing you know. everyone has their favorite flavor of. tea mine is just not 90 years matured. it’s home to 30 year old octavio kelly. Cheney and his Shih Tzu Lola. yeah she’s pampered she has to be he’s. the only woman in my life right now so. Octavio has recently broken up with his. girlfriend Joan they were together for.

18 months. she’s 77 that woman is 77 younger than. me what does she drink like virgins. blood she look like that Octavio’s never. lost his appetite for older women I’ve. been in four serious relationships with. other older women and as far as having. fun with. I’ve been a fear maybe anywhere between. 20 and 30 Oh Charlotte oh my god no the. man has slept with an entire retirement. home by the sounds of things I’ve dated. men probably 30 years younger. a lot of one’s 12 years younger I guess. I’m walking down the street like you. wouldn’t think anything of it would you. you just think that’s his mum or or nan. or something like you wouldn’t you. wouldn’t think they were dating unless. they were just doing stuff you know like. they were in the beginning. dear Jesus Christ where is this going I. don’t I don’t know where this is too big.

Performing horny men now she’s got. an audience it’s mogees why is she. putting the cats. why does she have so many why is she. whipping them dragon. oh that one Joe okay that’s enough I. mean I’ve heard of crazy Catwoman but I. didn’t know they actually existed what. was that for what’s the purpose severe. you have a shed full of cats that you. and you show him your whip I don’t know. man. over there’s like that ain’t happening. that’s not happening oh I love that I. love that despite having several. granny’s on the go. he’s always looking for more and the. beach is the perfect place to find them. he’s kind of wrong though I mean I I. hope the other old woman know that he’s. you know gallivanting around with other. old people right I hope I hope they know. that he’s cheating I don’t know I mean. what’s more wrong the fact that there’s.

A huge age gap or the fact that he’s. kind of using them all in a way like. they’re so old that they’re not gonna. the odds of them finding someone their. own age and starting a relationship at. age 90 is very slim you know and I guess. it gets pretty lonely at that age if. their past partners have passed and. stuff and they don’t have much family. coming to see them and then there’s just. these guys that just do this I don’t I. think that’s more wrong really I’ll send. some things Dazzlers I’ve seen some. things well um it’s not really much more. to us like the four documentaries like. 40 minutes long or something if you want. to see it all go watch it I don’t know. damn I mean like I’m saying like I guess. main heart in anyone I mean like it’s. not my cup of tea. I’m very happy with my girlfriend and. she’s not 107 you know all power to.

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