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Hey professor c columbus how you doing. hey ah you all racing without lifeguards. how are you down all right here we go oh. crap oh crap how how are you so much. faster than the duck oh grandma. oh man i gotta start serving hey take it. easy papa john. we’ll consider this our last run. papaducky because you. are done i’m not even gonna leave you. out here for someone else. to snack you up. i’ve had it what’s going on everybody. how are you doing my name is papa. cleverson bibino and i am winded after. that tropical spill you know i was. reading some comments people were saying. not to breathe on camera i tried it i. really i did i passed out i woke up on. the side of the road crashed and i was. breeding again so a couple years ago i. was riding around and i started talking. to this girl and she wanted to come for.

A ride we went for a ride it was fun i. never talked to her again but she. recently found the video and she. messaged me on instagram she was like yo. that was fun let’s go for another ride. okay so she said pacific city that’s a. specific city i don’t see her. i don’t see anybody. that looks like her. but i don’t know how i would even stop. here you know maybe there’s like a back. let’s go run back okay here’s the back. i don’t see her back here either so. hopefully either we get ditched or we’re. just gonna keep driving in circles. until we see her. okay i found her i found her i see her. okay be cool. be serious don’t creep her out at least. at least not yet. hey how you doing. are you live streaming you were live. streaming last time i saw it looked like. you were live streaming. oh my god how are you hey good how are.

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You it’s nice to finally see you again. it’s been what like five years since we. last went for a ride it’s about time and. you have a tag on your shoe which is. pretty cool i’ve never seen that before. i should actually try it myself. it’s like you’re supposed to have the. tag. enough that’s actually the year my. mother was born. all right. here you go. can you figure it out it’s kind of like. a crazy contraption. hey jenny. okay you did that last time too this is. like a reincarnation of last time. okay here you go. so have you been on a motorcycle since. you came with me you’re the last person. was that the first person. i’m the first and last that’s an honor. we gotta buckle your helmet for you look. at it it’s super unsafe here let me see. so tilt the head up here we go. there we go okay you ready. there you go hop on we got the tag.

All right oh crap crap crap crap. we almost just fell over dude that would. have been like our first crowd your. first motorcycle crash at least your. first motorcycle crash would have been. with me all right we’re gonna merge in. this is gonna be super dangerous here we. go. we made it i think that went okay i was. trying to keep it like pg14 and like. not creep her out. because that’s what i did last time i. was like being serious and i creeped out. so many people that day i was like no i. don’t want to creep this girl and it. worked she came for a ride and so we did. it again and now she’s here. she’s on the bike and we’re flying down. the road. oh crap you know what i actually have. something for her hang on a minute i. just realized. perfect side note you know you actually. have to legally wear this it’s a. it’s a plantbased mosquito repellent.

Van oh crap crap we can’t be littering. dude all right we saved it so this is. freshly opened i mean you just saw me do. this you know those sketchy business. here hang on anything you can fit. through there there we go. i like your green fingernails did you do. that yourself how’d you do that like my. finger knows they never change they just. stay one color it’s crazy i don’t know. how you did that my bag has all these. straps and they’re like flapping around. all over. it’s probably painful. slap all your troubles away with the. slap chop slap oh crap cop we’re. spinning we’re slowing down hey papa. gino hey it’s good to see you sir you. know i just had a quick question you. know not a telemarketing scam or. anything so i’m going to be painting my. toilet soon within the next few days and. i’m wondering should i go with.

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With the well which one should i go with. yeah we got the regal purple and then we. got the regal purple well they’re both. actually the same thing. oh my toilet your toilet yeah it’s going. to be a purple toilet i know it’s crazy. you know it doesn’t make a ton of sense. but you know what you got to be you got. to be royal on the toilet you know. royal’s the purple color. yeah okay that’s what i’ll go with enjoy. that foot rub hey have a nice day. i love that guy all right we’re stopping. again you know people don’t love when i. do this but some people do so you know i. gotta do it for the boys here we go. oh. oh my god okay this is one of the. prickliest bushes that i’ve ever been in. my entire life you know sometimes i sink. right in and i damage them out now this. is like a thorn bush dude what is going. for all the makeup i’m on to have on.

Your helmet that’s okay you know i. forgive you wait you’re putting it on. wait you’re putting it on hey i gotta. help you with this strap you don’t. understand see this strap is. it’s blocking it’s blocking you it’s. quick you know we’ll just go on strap. all right you know i’m not gonna crash. we’re gonna look at this hey. i love that car hey i love that car i. had a red one of those it was burgundy. red it was really great you know it was. fat look at me smiling he’s out of here. okay so i can tell you’re getting a. little nervous i’m worried you’re gonna. run off on me so without any further ado. let’s eat. guys you just noticed that we have the. delete tinder by a motorcycle key tag oh. crap i’m dropping on the ground and that. was actually the name wait what. yeah that was the name of our first. video that’s the first time that i.

Thought of that and now here we are it’s. come full circle we got this. and you know we’re gonna we’re gonna be. massaging you guys you guys can’t see it. all right screw we’re gonna be massaging. your head in it get your crap up. because you were telling me why we’re. eating that you’re basically famous now. like you were on american idol since we. last met. i’m trying to make it up though. and then eventually you’ll be at like q. and then like w and then it’ll be like. insane it’d be like the whole outfit. you’re gonna go through they have. alphabetical order papa johnny hey she’s. going through it give me a little nod. you know that’s all that’s all that. really matters and he said you’re making. an album like what is it what kind of. music are you making. music. you know i saw you full moon with that. thing the entire ride you know it’s.

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