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I was just thinking it gotta hurt to see. me go viral all the time see me on your. timeline and no we don’t with each. other no more all my old friends all my. exes. i know you wish you had a time machine. hey y’all welcome back to my channel the. girls want to know what the sugar. daddies is at for the summertime i guess. i gotta make y’all video and i’m gonna. make sure y’all know exactly where to go. because there’s a lot of websites that. do not end apps that do not be on. nothing it’s no point you even wasting. your time you probably don’t want right. now it’s gonna be fast it’s if y’all. want more details on you know. sugar daddies and all this stuff and how. to do the bio and how i go what you. should say blah blah blah i would do. that in a separate video because that is. a whole another thing but this video.

Right now specifically to tell y’all. where to go to find these people yeah so. i’m gonna make it short and sweet and. simple because i hate when i watch a. youtube video and i’ll be ready to get. to the information and they just yeah i. don’t care this is gonna be a quick. conversation. from the most what i like the most to. what i like the least well yeah okay so. my favorite my number one is sugar. babies okay. you go up there and they already know. what they’re looking for. if you’re a fandom or you’re a sugar. baby i prefer. to be a fandom i’m not really into being. a sugar baby because i really don’t like. giving up my goodies to old ass men that. do not attract me for me to want to lay. down with you it’s going to take more. the money i have there’s something it. got to be something in here okay but um. luckily i haven’t really met no crazy.

Tail people but that’s another story. time i just said i was going to do all. that anyway so. they already know what they want they. know what they up there to do they’re. not up there to that is what. they’re there to do is to get a sugar. baby i’ve met plenty of men. plenty of men plenty of me and they just. give me money through this internet off. of me talking like all i do is talk chat. all i do is chat y’all know that anyway. you really just gotta know how to talk. um again that is off the subject so. sugar berries that is i think that’s a. website it’s only a website i’ve never. looked for the uh the app so i don’t. know maybe they do have an app i don’t. know but sugar babies and then the. second one is. luxie this is these are like where. you’re gonna find the millionaires the. people the money the money not nobody.

That’s. trying to talk to you to death over the. internet we don’t have time for that the. summer is coming nobody got time to be. talking and wasting our time. sexy is where you can find. you can no because he was all in my. grill. you can buy anything on luxie you can. buy anything on sugar baby but you have. to be um. what is it all you have to be accepted. like you have to like fill out a whole. application for uh luxie and my friend i. got accepted but my friend didn’t get. accepted and i was so confused about. that so that’s a hit or miss if you. accept it it is definitely a gold mine. because they literally tell y’all how. much these people make. like that’s the crazy part you could you. could go off of. what you want to you know go off of. which is the money so if you see. um. somebody that i usually only go for.

People that have 500. that make 500k. and more a year that’s that i’m. stuttering because somebody’s staring me. in my damn throat. dang i come outside for peace and y’all. staring in my face still. anyway so yeah. luxie i don’t go no lower than 500k. because what is what are we doing here. what am i chatting about like if i. wanted to talk to somebody that made the. same money as me i talked to somebody my. age duh um. but not my age i ain’t saying that they. broke but you know what i’m saying like. if i want to do that i just talk to. somebody out here but um no i’m looking. for the gold mine so luxie definitely. have the gold my sugar baby has to go. mine. um but you ain’t have you don’t got to. go through too many steps to do that. like. you don’t but um luxie is the gold mine. you can see how much they make because.

They have the men have to. put up their their i guess they pay subs. and stuff or how much they make so yeah. you gonna know who you want to talk to. right off the bat you ain’t gotta answer. nothing. because you can see how much they make. that’s it um. then okay so it’s sugar baby luxie then. bumble bumble is my shaking one okay. yeah i love me. bumble is the sh okay. only mainly because they ain’t kicking. me off like he and she did because they. both the same thing but. mainly because they didn’t kick me off i. can’t do it because i was telling this. man like i’m not about to talk to you. for uh. nothing what am i doing i’m not talking. to y’all for nothing don’t feel bad for. talking to nobody i mean not talking to. nobody because these people is trying to. use you just as much as you’re trying to. use them so don’t feel bad anyway so.

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Yeah they kicked me off because i told. me i guess he reported it i told him i’m. not no i’m offended i’m not here for. your little uchi kunchi whatever you got. going on down there i’m not here for. that okay so. yeah anyway i tell them straight up. straight forward because i you’re not. gonna waste my time and i really suggest. that you do because they love. they love to waste your time and it’s. like a job you gotta the whole. thing through because if you don’t you. probably won’t get the job so you. definitely gotta come with your a game. but yeah so. bamboo i love bumble because you can. find i live in colorado but i’ll be. finding millionaires everywhere but you. know colorado got the people. anyway yes oh my gosh i set all my stuff. up to. my distance i set it up to whatever the. radius is i said it far out however far.

Can go i set it for that because i’m not. here to meet people in my area anyway. i’m here to meet people with the money. okay i don’t care if they say. japan. give me the money and that’s another. good thing about these apps like you can. meet people from everywhere not just. here. but um and they be giving money i just. got to fill you out in there but that’s. another video. um. but yeah so bumble i love mumble because. it’s like it’s like social you can. show who you is and all this stuff i. don’t know i just like bumble i’ve met. so many gold mines on bamboo and hinge. until they kicked me out you but i. still like a hand so i heard tinder um. i’m gonna just throw that in there. because okay i ain’t going to explain or. touch too much on hinge because bumbling. he’s like damning the same thing but. i gotta intend to they kick me off.

Tinder too. because i told them what it was so you. got me messed up i’m not here to hump. you. like they really be mad when you tell. them that that’s not no i’m a fandom. if you looking for a sugar baby that. does not say that in my profile move. along i’m not going to change my mind. cause you wrote me so i guess they get. mad and they report me i do not care i. got another email i will gladly set up. another one you got me phone no. but um. oh no hands you cannot set up another. one i don’t think you can set up another. one i tried but bumble i definitely i. think i got i think maybe i deleted. bumble or got kicked off i don’t know. but i made me another one. but um. either way so uh. tender that’s what i was talking about. tinder i heard about tinder i always see. it on um. tick tock. where all the sugar babies be on tinder.

And stuff i don’t know i don’t deal with. tinder i really don’t even like tinder. because it just it just gives off bad. vibes but they kicked me off anyway so i. didn’t really have time to even like it. um. so yeah that is that uh. i guess you got to watch what you say in. the messages i guess uh on tinder or on. any of these i guess i don’t know but. where i’ve been getting away with saying. what i want is on sugar babies. and on straight forward like period uh. on sugar babies and one um i’ll be. standing on bumble too because i’ll be. carrying them more so i say what i want. to say on bubble two and what is the. other one luxie they do not and they’ll. be doing all that monitoring stuff but. they do we said like um. don’t give out your stuff but i hope you. know not to give up show information. that’s another video but i really hope.

You know that but um yeah so i don’t. know too much about tinder a lot of. women gonna tell you different things. about tinder i’m not the one that’s. gonna tell you that because i don’t know. but um that is no okay and then. one other app. that i’ve tried which is ashley madison. i only tried it because. at one point in time it used to be on. the news so it must have been something. serious or it used to be they used to. have a day gone commercial so i tried it. um do not i would recommend not to. unless that’s what you’re into because. all they’re gonna say is ping ping ping. ping ping pictures all day long that’s. not what we’re here for i don’t want to. see your little. shriveled up nonsense and it’ll be a. young man too and i’ll just be clicking. out of them because i don’t even. another video i don’t set my time i mean.

I don’t set my own age too young. get up out of here i don’t want no young. boss like i can go outside go to the bar. if i wanted a young boy like what i. always said master city you know you got. me up anyway yeah so you would. probably do that anyway because the. young people love to talk don’t have no. money the talk don’t have no money. older man they definitely know. they got the money and they really just. be one company that’s another thing like. it’s not that you have to throw sit here. and be like yeah i’ma do this to do this. for 25 or 40 dollars you don’t have to. do that please carry yourself a class. because they already gonna smell it. from a mile away they’re gonna smell. that this is not what you do and they’re. gonna try to take advantage of you so. again that’s another video that’s a. longer video i keep touching on but if.

Y’all want to know more about that just. let me know but this is really just the. apps video what apps to go to what apps. i don’t really recommend and i know a. lot of other apps i wouldn’t recommend. but that’s not what this video is about. so i just threw in the ones i’ve tried. those are the apps that i would. recommend okay i’ll leave them all down. below. um if y’all want that video let me know. get this video to 200. uh. likes yeah get it to 200 likes. and i come out here and tell y’all. everything. how i go how to make money without. without doing that like literally. without doing that like you might not. have the same personality as me but i’m. telling you people. you can change your personality it’s the. internet you can act like you just this. i’ll be telling these people that. they’ll be like oh what you doing i’ll.

Be in the bed the whole time i was like. oh just uh ran some ass. you know just laugh just make it seem. like i’m just so busy and i’m you know. because to make it one. when they feel like you have other. things going on and you just this you. know i guess looked at as a successful. person which you probably you can laugh. it’s the end of that it’s the internet. like i said um. yeah they start to respect you more give. you more like yeah that’s. that’s where it’s at but anyway um let. me end this video because it’s trying. i’m trying to speed this up and get. through it uh because these people. staring me down my soul. and i understand why. but yeah so uh that is the apps if y’all. want to know more just let me know make. sure you like comment and subscribe i. answer all questions i need to go back. to doing that you know you know i’ll be.

Looking at your stuff i swear i’ll be. seeing it all the time in spirit i am. replying but. i’m a reply i got y’all but i’ll be. saying it i’ll be so touched i’ll be so. happy that y’all come back and check on. me because i know youtube will be doing. its own day you don’t think don’t be. sending out the notifications so i swear. to god i appreciate y’all i just been so. busy on different. platforms and doing other things like. you know but i’m still here okay and i. see your comments so if you have. anything you want to ask me and if you. want to get to me quick you can ask me. on snapchat or instagram. because i’m always up there let me know. um down in the comments if y’all want to. know anything else. yeah cause you don’t know me from the. web you straight into my facebook. but yeah. all right y’all this is the end of this.

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