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I don’t know why I’m doing this realness. so I’m just going to talk you know as. you do and basically I saw all these. sugar babies and like how much money. they were going through I own that. PayPal balance and stuff and I was like. holy shiz a lot of money and I was. thinking like why don’t I sign up to a. sugar daddy website and disclaimer I’m. not doing this to get more money I’m. just curious. it’s like to be honest I see how much. money these girls make and it is. thousands he’s gonna get a sense you. know handbags they get good she. lipsticks do couch even do lipsticks I. see this is how like I’m materialistic I. am I miss hit C and C was about so. basically I have this website it’s. called C key arrangement you probably. heard about it before like telling mojo. spiel know stuff like that. that’s Starscream according this and.

Sign up yeah I machine no clear what the. Frick is what’s happening online let’s. get to business boys and girls I am a. woman I am a shoe baby interested in men. birthday fourth of January Terms of Use. oh my god that is a lot of terms and. conditions and I do not have the time so. read through them I agree and I guess. torino I’m signing up for to be honest. choose a username Brad Ruby 23 yeah sure. red ruby 23 add a photo they use names. rate anchor and a first of all red ruby. oh four oh good choice cool okay what. the picture is what will make me. appealing to a sugar daddy no not a. picture of my boyfriend I’m gonna go for. the classic in a holiday short I know I. haven’t got any of my assets al but. that’s not the point people we’re here. as an experiment not as natural sugar. baby remember that I don’t want things.

I’m a catfish because I’m here. so if your sugar now you go I’ve spoken. to hi where am i no Kate did oh my god. this is such kind of scary. what do I look like oh my god asked with. my height weight I’m I’ll just say. average you know I just see okay white. Caucasian was a level of education I. don’t wait some point I just dismiss you. American scientist you’ve no idea what. I’m not you’re answering right now I’m. gonna say graduate yeah sure. relationship that’s just a single cuz. there’s no taken and now obviously why. the Frick would you be in a relationship. and all the sugar daddy website you know. yummy children know he smoked nonsmoker. do you drink social drinker luxury. lifestyle don’t want an emotional. connection no offense I am seeking to. find why men try to find. man who can treat me well my face cuz.

I’m that innocent right heading brought. eyecatching first impression socialite. we lost an expensive lifestyle I’m a. young wild free teen right for the big. wide world come and explore with me ill. no no no oh my god why does it feel like. I might fill out a CV I should be that. more laidback okay oh I don’t know she. was you cringe so much you’ve been. thinking about doing that but finished. okay all my mother’s does she happening. show me successful members oh my god it. shows them all their network oh my god. six million holy Shh no I’m just. realized I wiped out she just signed up. for oh he’s good net worth three million. bloody hell oh do I have a profile. picture in review why they’re reviewing. my picture by Purple’s pending approvals. what the Frick am i doing something all. these bloody mess just people who don’t.

Even and reply as soon as I profile is. like Dahmer being reviewed I’m gonna. like start messing them because. obviously their profiles on review no. can see what I look like they’re proving. my catfish there wouldn’t be interested. in first place so basically I’m gonna. wait for that to do that so piece art. and we’ll see you when I’m sugar baby so. hey guys we’re back I’ve officially. become sugar baby yeah it’s been a while. Brian let’s just say that everything. that happened I didn’t know expect a tub. I know it’s not gonna go on this app. ever again gots to delete my whole. entire soul new internet so I can. actually regain my sanity oh yeah sorry. well you wanna grab my hoodie was from. well it’s actually my much so yeah I. might emerge the link is down in the. description because this is a new one. she’s got a little out like the back you.

See earth that was hand drawn by me and. kind of crazy cata cool but yeah let’s. go back onto me so into sugar daddies. disclaimer I did not get any money from. them I did not meet up with any of them. I kept so very much PG I did not do. anything except impose in online so yeah. that’s gone to the first candidate John. oh my god he sent me a full paragraph. I’m a brief you’re more he sent me. basically he said hey pepper doing well. love your profile hope it would maybe. looking similar things he wants to be. available for support and mentorship. mentorship for what I’m not applying for. a degree or anything. so I end it with Jay and he was like. well not really the put that’s for. another conversation I was like John has. undercover name interesting are you. married John and this voice this man he. had a net worth of six.

Million six million pounds people that’s. a lot of money i all those profiles said. children prefer not to say and that’s. just it isn’t it he’s obviously married. that’s why he’s like undercover or. whatever he didn’t revise that though so. am I surprised not really oh my god of. course an issue on his relationship. thing it says married but looking are. you serious now this dude this was the. funniest thing ever so I went to his. profile basically he’s got two children. and he’s separated in his relationship I. wish he popped up terminals like oh my. god you have kids bro did you want to. babysit and I was like yes oh my god how. could you tell from your opening. statement it’s unlike you want to. babysit and not an SD Ibis he’d most. read that complete and I said oh my god. I thought you said STD and I was about.

To eat myself at this conversation he. was like lo never ever how are you and. how do you find si I was like it’s a. very interesting outlook on life I have. daddy issues so I came on here to fill. my empty heart or for I she did not. carry this boy and he was like I want to. fill your heart it’s really a real name. I was like what name do I look like to. you and he was like so I really English. like Becca or Lucy Lowell and I like. nope not even close I had the same name. as royalty. I said Catherine Kate Elizabeth oh my. god he literally just said my youtube. name it I just like it kind of like. boarded me as soon as I got a message I. was like oh my god she look she said. Kate Elizabeth so I was a bit free tiles. like he’s hacked into my camera is. watching what I’m doing he knows I’m a. youtuber I’m scared but I was like your.

Person you think loves Beatrice because. I also he didn’t want to know my name. did I he was like I was just about to be. it just to Lowell you’re just about to. Beatrice everything makes sense but okay. till I left that because I think we’re. getting a bit too close for comfort. because he literally said my name so. this guy’s Vincent all the names they. give on this having fresh or fake like. they’re not gonna give their own is cuz. like that’s kind of dumb isn’t it like. you imagine bumping into your dad on. like this seeking right now yeah hey. Ruby how do we head starting I’m Vincent. our culture and movie addict oh god here. we go. I just want best directed my first film. ambassador and a finalist in Florence. and nods in Berlin Edinburgh Melbourne. recently this dude’s a director like who. is he kenny old Teager or some Wow.

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Big filmmaker this sugar baby loves that. I’ve cringe so hard like the way I like. spokes there i just i’d hate there he. asked me some questions you like. favorite spots you visited or you’d like. to see what does or dude do that annoys. and I was like what you don’t show. emotion or annoying AF then we’re gonna. get along fabulously I was like and the. big filmmakers I want to be a movie star. when I’m older so it’s only for sure. baby he must be moved stars my weight. sold if you’re already in had all the. time is now I’m already taking acting. lessons t he obviously . agent reply so that was successful. nothing really came out that didn’t even. ask my number so now we have a daddy. which statue called daddy oneto-one and. he has a net worth of that million 30. million pounds people okay let me just. reevaluate the fact that I let you chat.

To him hi how are you hoping to me. if I wanted to connect with and Trust. also who’s in for a fun arrangement no. just no PSP the skills lack of focus my. profile and I don’t need speed screen I. was like all married you really play. this game seriously don’t you think to. reply happy talking about my marriage. situation showing me. I live in Monaco by traveling 80 month. on business would you fly me out some. wanna code that could be arranged with. regards financial support do you have. any amount in mind for allowance I was. like I have very high standards how much. you willing to pay in my previous. arrangement in London that allowance was. a thousand pounds each time he met. that’s insane I would love that. I like to ask question he’s like sure. and I was like if you’re an animal which. one would you be. and guess what he didn’t reply sorry.

Daddy once you want if I wasn’t looking. for anything childish or youtuber trying. to make a really good video this guy’s. called Kristen gray in part 2 now for. the 1.2 million his profile said a. different sort of daddy hey less profile. very poetic and I was like very poetic. and my profile if she says socialite who. loves an expensive lifestyle how is that. poetic in any way I have some free time. coming up on you son interesting so. please read mine let me know if you. think you might get along I think we. would based on what you wrote so I think. you should come to an adventure with me. and I’ll be happy to help you take a new. direction. honey I want to take a new direction I’m. honestly fine since they look like I. have time to really CV and yet you had. the time to reply don’t sass me mate if. you saw his profile it was it she a.

Frickin CV it was an essay about himself. just a little bit cringe gotta sugar man. oh God very scary no worth 475 K you. know Pierre lower than likewise his. fights in base okay if we’re still gonna. give everyone a chance. I don’t goddess you like a BDM. submissive men and I was I only got to. scary it was like sorry I’ll be a good. boy for you oh my god even scarier he. said oh sorry. I’m out I’m so out this now cunningly Oh. net worth nothing. I know income nothing so I don’t even. know how much she earns or whatever you. could just dress nice you never know. he’s 54 years old by the way like she. was always my dad my dad Jesus Christ hi. there love you profile you’re a. beautiful lady just back from the US. when this is a fun star I was like hello. Leo thank you so much I parison paper. IVF for no reason he was like perfect.

I’m glad they did we should meet what. would you do if we met out what would. you like drinks dinner passion war. passion what let’s just say punctuation. makes up for a lot I was like I’m just. off my mom and she said no sorry. he was like ha ha ha hilarious and I was. like whoa check out the sarcasm bro like. Jesus Christ trying to crack a little. joke but de leo I even know how to say. his name but this is Virgil is Ruth he. is that worth 1.2 million yes get that. money boy not gonna lie don’t really get. the concept of like how you can she. prove that you have like a net worth of. like that much maybe like if you are. choking out you have to like put in your. bank statements or something but like. Jesus Christ like they really want to. flex why I donate anyway he was like hey. shall we cut to the chase my ideal girl.

Would be someone who’s adventurous. spontaneous open minds and naughty no. strings attached. but maybe some broach kiss kiss Oh. something just came up then you know oh. yeah cut the boy open up that game I. just did not want to reply that message. at all not gonna live but you know I’m. dedicated this video so I did it always. have to have some scissors standing by. just in case you’re Barry style shabari. style schmear I don’t know I still don’t. know he was talking about I don’t think. I want to know he’s talking about I left. it there I was not doing this video to. earn money or to meet up with any old. men like no thank you. this guy could play donek he has a net. worth 1.2 mil on his about me I said I. once held a woman’s hand apparently I. was very good at it I babysit him you. boney held a woman’s hand virgin I’m.

Sorry I’m sorry. it shouldn’t be taken literally and all. that I’m screaming he was like ha good. afternoon. which I’m guessing means off yes I. went this guy and could enjoy your life. which is very like inspirational cuz I. do want to enjoy my life and like I’m. enjoying life net worth female children. prefer to stay so he definitely has six. kids and brace married but looking. that’s interesting hey you’re hot how. about meeting for cocktails and compare. notes and expectations compare notes I. ate a score anymore sweetie. here’s like. okay that’s me and have fun and I was. like oh god no and he was like what are. you looking for. they spent same lifestyle pretty much. Westwood favorite restaurant I was like. no boot off shall we go and I was like. pause right there I’m out so I left. so enjoy your life thank you I’m going.

To enjoy my life now that I have stopped. talking to you oh my god Stirling’s this. guy blocked me which is absolute . man his thing is called Reda profile. basically the jobina profile was like. some shitty little chat up line or. something like that and I said that joke. in your profile was a solid one out of. 10 and he sent cave. let me she just came that means I’m not. interested I don’t care about your. opinion since you yourself are one out. of ten oh my god they said to me but. good luck to you and I’ll say okay. thanks I guess bloody hell backhand it. confident my right intrigue in London he. messaged me and hey I think we could get. along very well he seemed expensive and. I love that I was like I am literally. gold your expectations financially such. materially speaking Louie Gucci Fendi. product you know the Blueface baby song.

And he was like available today and I. was like to get them healy yes what’s. the budget berth shopping day is usually. around 4k 4k plus he hell did you not. put in your network since that March he. was like yes I inherited it and people. would not take me seriously the base he. has a trust fund so do you want to keep. a secret even for me. yes story I already tell you that I’m a. millionaire but when I tell you the. amount and then I said to him if you had. 10 minutes to live what would you do I. need in reply yeah just rejected things. thanks so much for that conversation. shrinking London I was very intrigued by. it. so James 1.2 million annual income three. hundred ten thousand. Wow he said on his bio no your average. guy so I basically message and I was. like what makes you not an average guy. and he was like thanks babe that’s not.

An answer to my question but okay I’ll. let you figure that out once we go on. our first date haha and he gave me his. number and I was like Tommy something. that will entitle him want to message. your phone number James he was like haha. why do people do how has with the space. in between each hat like it’s just. freeze not cold not gonna lie I’m happy. of course to support you financially if. you have a good connection I can see. that you’re looking for a luxurious. lifestyle and I’ve certainly able to. help you with that now is like James I. see you are a very wealthy man how did. you get all of it thank you through hard. work of course it was any consolation my. father was a postman haha stop doing the. Hat it’s not cool. I was like wow you really start up from. the. then he just sent a winky face nothing. really much else I could say to him so.

See ya next guy is cool Thomas chilled. six million net worth whoo he approached. me I know he actually approached me I. hope you have a nice day and a long time. of ragin with a law student which ended. recently dude in the UK pursuing her. degree and what’s the u.s. to pursue her. high studies I was paying her allowance. every month apart of the monthly. allowance I spoiled her with gifts I. watches jewelry and shopping it was fun. and good companionship until she left. the UK the allowance was 500 a week. which is a total of two thousand a month. would you be interested in similar. arrangement hello Sam Wow this is truly. inspiring to me you’re such a big. spoiler aren’t you nice they’re on the. same page. can we start with the companionship of. me out for drinks and dinner so we get. to know each other. I don’t reply because I was busy but a.

Day later you said dear beautiful woman. good evening have a super lovely day. keep smiling when you freeze me Doug I’m. always traveling the moment so the next. few day we’ll pray be around 2:30 the. feb are you around then if you don’t got. a joke please check yourself he was like. haha febri has 30 days and I was like. didn’t think you realize the joke long I. didn’t reply and I just didn’t really. get any further than that because I. wasn’t asking for no money or I wasn’t. gonna ask them to meet up because I. ain’t about that life I have a boyfriend. I am and a happy stable financial. situation I don’t need that dog Samus. child if you really want to make me. pursue my dreams you can DM me again and. we can turn me into a film director. thank you a guy called charmer. oh my god his pictures bro everybody. just like seen us at first I feel like.

Also the thing this is so scary about. this app is that like you see these. people and you see these types of people. every single day you won’t pass on the. street you work with them like your boss. Kabir show daddy you never know anyway. he’s got on net worth three million and. he’s divorced I has zero children it was. like to me gorgeous and I was like I’m. not normal when I guess why and he was. like tell me why miss are you from Venus. oh god no I’m IVF low sizzles are made. properly he was like I guess there are. probably a few millions miss low I don’t. care he was like Stein style like the. movie the hustle ha ha ha and Hathaway. and rebel Wilson ha ha ha brilliant. what like actually like what like at she. was I just don’t get it so thank you. Charlie for that its proper entertaining. like messaging these men and stuff for.

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