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Yo yo yo we. are live what is up guys welcome to. episode. three of the fresh and fit podcast. it’s your boy myron gaines right here. with. your boy fresh prince ceo hello we’re. alive. we got a good one for you guys today man. this is gonna be uh. it’s gonna be a very informative one man. for you guys and we’ll basically guys. the topic. for today is five tips. to improve your online dating and it’s. not going to be the conventional ones. that everybody else. has been teaching you guys obviously as. you guys know if you’re not familiar. with the channel. i run a fitness and you know game type. channel where i teach guys how to deal. women how to get in shape how to be. aesthetic. uh prince right here has a channel where. he does pranks and he also teaches guys. how to maximize their social media. influence. uh with youtube coaching and instagram.

And stuff like that. uh we’re pretty much neighbors guys we. live in the same neighborhood in miami. and brickell. oh he lives right down the street from. me and we linked up and we just been. like oh you know vibin and. you know we’re doing this stuff for you. guys because the thing is this guys. we’re in the game. we’re in like one of the hardest cities. in the united states to deal with women. man and. you know we’re going to share our w’s. with you guys we’re definitely going to. share our elves. we’re in the streets right now yesterday. actually we’re in the streets right now. for linking us up though solo tv 84 tv. 84 man everybody. go subscribe to him man uh that’s a good. that’s a good content creator right. there man. so um before we get into. the topic at hand prince tell him what’s. what’s new with you man what’s going on.

With you. uh pretty much man i’ve been uh like i. always do put dhv post on my instagram. i’ve been like you know just working out. a lot more uh. networking a lot more and bro like. honestly like. i’ve seen a lot of improvements and also. as well i got a new sponsor for my next. video. so i’m excited bro yeah what’s up man. that’s what’s up. and as you guys can see we’re improving. the content quality you know i’m saying. we got prince with the with the dslr. camera now you know. we’re bringing some uh you know some. heat right now with the better content. quality so make sure to like comment. support. the channel it doesn’t hit the thing. don’t forget. yesterday we went on a double date we. could talk about that later yeah we’ll. talk yeah we’ll give you guys a little. we’ll give you guys a breakdown we did a. double date yesterday and we’ll break it.

Down for you guys because like i said me. and prince are really out here baby. so um cool man so we’ll get right into. the topic guys i’m gonna open up the. phone lines at the end uh and we’re. gonna have an open q a thank you guys. for everyone. that’s in here don’t forget to like. comment and subscribe. on the content and let’s get into it so. this isn’t even gonna be. tip number one this is gonna be because. like this is so basic but so many guys. mess this up. i didn’t want to put it on the list. because i don’t even think it’s it’s. worthy and i. every other youtuber says this but um me. and prince are going to touch on it real. quick just because it’s like needed. guys you got to get professional photos. you know what i’m saying uh this that’s. like. it is so important that i’m not even. going to put it as one of the five like.

That’s like the foundation of your. profile because you guys got to. understand. so here’s the thing online dating and. i’ve done a bunch of research on this as. you guys know i’m real big with the. studies and everything like that the. empirical evidence with the fitness. the reality is this eighty percent of. online dating users are men. okay so the fact that only about 20. of the users are women guess what. happens we have a skewed. marketplace like we have right now where. women that aren’t necessarily as. attractive have higher standards so. basically girls that are like sixes and. sevens maybe. and and and the way they look they’re. basically trying to deal with guys that. are like eights nines and tens. why because there’s so much options for. them where they can afford. to be picky so the long story short guys.

Is. the only way that you’re going to be. able to compete and stand. out among the crowd is you got to have. professional pictures man you just. you just got to do otherwise you’re just. setting yourself up for some elves man. so. go ahead you princess i know you. probably want to add on that yeah i got. out on that for sure um guys. literally if you don’t have good. pictures just forget it. like we’re in a day and age now we’re in. a social age a very digital age. and think about it girls have a lot of. uh good pictures to get you to look at. look at a profile what do you have. a selfie in the bathroom you know stuff. in your dirty room. not cool you need to have good quality. pictures and guess what. you don’t need a photographer i mean i. would recommend a photographer but you. can get you can use your iphone i have.

My phone right here. just a good iphone with a good camera. good lighting. good lighting you’re good to go you know. what i’m saying and here’s the thing man. you guys got to understand if you don’t. got good pictures you’re going to get. denied and the thing is that like you. know. girls are already and this is why i. always say you need to have good. pictures that put yourself in a good. light like this is the this is the. the framework i want you guys to be in. when you’re taking your pictures. can the girl envision herself next to. you as you’re taking that picture if the. answer is yes. it’s more than likely a good picture and. it needs to convey some kind of high. value that you’re doing things that. you’re like um you that you’re like a. guy that’s like out there doing things. you know what i’m saying like you can’t.

Just be. like like let’s talk about some don’ts. real quick with pictures. um no mirror selfies right i always tell. guys don’t put shirtless pictures of. yourself unless you have like visible. abs. you know what i mean and even if you do. you it’s got to be like. it can’t be deliberately taken and what. i mean by that is like it should be like. you want a beach or you participating in. some kind of activity. like you don’t want to be you know you. don’t want to end up being stupid right. and taking like a bunch of dumb pics. uh just like mirror selfies whatever. like. it’s like nah man because like that. that’s gonna basically turn the girl off. cause she’s gonna kind of look at you. like. she’s gonna look at you like you’re. trying too hard so um. what do you think prince and uh real. quick shout out to afi kingdom for the.

Five dollar triple chat. that’s my brother go follow him uh he’s. a big supporter i learned a lot from. happy kingdom bro thank you support man. yo go sub to offi kingdom guys he puts. out fire content man he’s like a veteran. player bro like he’s. he’s he’s really out here too man me and. him did a podcast on how to run game in. in uh in the bay and also some. international game and like yo he. dropped a lot of gems on there so make. sure you guys go check that. that video out and then of course also. as well so. another example right like guys uh i. don’t think you understand the power of. using good quality pictures because if. you did you wouldn’t even. uh want to take bad ones uh let me. explain so. you go on a tinder you go on any dating. app you see a girl right. what is using filters right. why is that because it makes your.

Pictures look better i know we’re men we. don’t want to you know. touch up our pictures make them look. like super exposed but i’m telling you. i use filters all the time and it makes. it pitch a little way better so don’t be. afraid to use filters. don’t do don’t be afraid to use tools. use it because they’re free to use and. trust me it works so. girls are professional photographers bro. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve. like i’ll talk to a trick on the. internet and then i’ll meet her in. person i’ll be like. what the because like all these girls. bro they’re like pros with like face. tune. and like face app and all those other. stuff so you got to give yourself an. edge too man so if you need to use. filters. you need to take it in certain angles. whatever it may be that’s fine as long. as you’re not like editing it to the.

Point where if she meets you in person. she’s like nah bro what’s going on here. so. you know you want to put yourself in the. best light without being misleading you. know what i’m saying like that’s you. don’t want to be dumb and like you. put yourself as someone that you’re. really not because that’s going to cause. you issues you know i’m saying that. she’s going to end up when she goes on. don’t put on your profile i’m six foot. three and you’re really like five foot. five. she’s gonna show up on a date and be. like. she’s going to not want to deal with you. know what i’m saying because that’s. going to because then if you lied about. that what else are you lying about you. know what i’m saying like you want. congruency is really important when. dealing with women man you don’t want i. always say when the flags in her head.

Are red. you ain’t getting head bro so you got to. make sure that you don’t have. any type of um behaviors that are going. to make her. her radars go off and feel like yo is. this guy a serial killer like you know. what i’m saying like. you don’t want this run run. you know i was saying like you don’t. want those alarms going off in her head. so the picture’s got to be you guys you. know what i’m saying. uh anything else you want to add to that. prince before we get into the first one. now let’s talk into the topic bro and. get these uh knocked out let me let me. hit these uh these super chats real. quick yo anthony vasquez with the 999. super chat thank you so much brother i. appreciate the support. um and then we got christian matico a. small contribution to the boys good. stuff guys thank you bro thank you thank.

You thank you man. appreciate that for the guys that just. tuned in because i see we’re jumping up. in viewers uh so. guys we’re going to cover five topics. the first thing that i don’t even. consider a topic is taking good pictures. that’s. that’s a nonnegotiable we’re not going. to mention that as one of the five. right need professional photos that put. yourself in an attractive light and the. litmus test is this if the woman can. look at the pictures and see herself. next to you. whether you’re in a cool location at. turks and caicos islands or. you’re in you’re in the city walking. around with a nice backdrop like she. needs to be able to envision herself. next to you that is the metric for a. good picture it could be a pool it could. be a jacuzzi it could be a hotel. it could be you by a beautiful lake. whatever it might be.

Make sure it’s good lighting and you’re. looking using a good camera so. cool so number one guys. use multiple apps okay. now what you guys got to understand is. that you know what i’m saying like. yeah we gotta we gotta give a little. quick round of applause for that one. um what you guys gotta understand is. that this is a numbers game dealing with. women in general. is a numbers game guys like girls like. we talk about all the time on this show. women are going to curve you women are. going to reject you you’re going to get. left on scene whatever may be and the. thing is guys you got to understand that. like a lot of the times when girls. you know deny it’s not really your fault. bro like. it’ll maybe there’s something else going. on in her life there’s a guy that’s like. taking a lot of like mental firmware in.

Her head. she can’t really see herself dealing. with you right now like and then she’ll. come around a few months later you know. we’ve talked about on this podcast where. like. chicks have flaked right and then come. back and hit us up later and we’re able. to close the deal so. it really depends on where she’s going. through go ahead friends also. don’t forget guys i’m sorry to say this. but if you didn’t know. majority time when you go talk to a girl. you’re like number three or fourth in. line. two or three dudes he’s talking to so. you come in pitch. for the pitcher for the first time. you’re not gonna be you’re not gonna be. number one yeah. don’t even try to be that number one try. to like be cool calm. and go with the flow and then you become. number one over time but not right away. yeah bro like you you just can’t you.

Can’t internalize a rejection because a. lot of the time it’s against you now. with that said this is to set up the. stage for why you got to run multiple. apps. the reason why you got to run multiple. apps is that you’re going to deal. you need to basically be out think of it. as being at multiple nightclubs at once. you know what i’m saying like you’re. basically extending your reach to women. that you otherwise probably would have. never been able to meet because here’s. the thing there’s a bunch of girls that. will never be caught on tender. but they’ll jump on bumble you know what. i’m saying so because like. like tinder has like if you talk to any. chick tinder has this negative. connotation that it’s only a. a hookup app which in reality is not. like you. you know you can definitely meet some. you know uh some good chicks on tinder.

But a lot of women have that connotation. and me and prince talk about this all. the time bro. the way you meet the woman is very very. important than meeting her. you know what i’m saying like sometimes. it’s like like sometimes you might be. better off like let’s say you see a bad. chick. right but you know you’re going to run. into her because you guys have different. social circles. and let’s say you see her at the mall. you’re like do i see that girl all over. the place right with your dress bum and. you don’t look that good. but you know you’re probably going to. run into her at like a friend’s. party right it would be better for you. to wait and i hate saying this because i. know some of you guys are going to use. this as an excuse to not approach. but the point i’m trying to make is that. it’ll be better to meet her.

Through a friend right where he makes a. high value introduction for you. and then the way you meet her is going. to be better because. make no mistake about it guys the way. you meet a woman needs to be memorable. otherwise she’s going to forget about. you and like the chances of her. flaking or acting weird or whatever. maybe it goes up. so when you meet a woman in a certain. kind of way it’s going to help you with. uh you know standing out and being like. someone that she doesn’t want to flake. on so. how do you make it more important go. ahead also as well you should be using. multi. multiple acts because think about this. right each app has a certain perspective. of how the girl thinks of you. so for example tinder i could be any any. dude she wants to meet and probably get. a fling with. one night stand or even well not really.

Relationships but you get it one night. stance. so that’s kind of like your your. perception of you on the app. bumble the ghosts have all the power so. you’re kind of like below. waiting for them to you know approve you. to even talk to. to them basically and then you got like. uh chispa. you got a hinge so depending on what app. you use is going to determine. how she looks at you now yeah um also as. well there’s one that we use. uh as well i don’t know if you want to. say it but uh say. yeah see seeking is one as well but. that’s a whole other yeah that’s a. little bit more advanced and you know. let’s go through the apps real quick for. the viewers in here like which ones that. they should use or whatever so. like these are the ones you guys got to. be using right you got to be using. tinder you got to be using bumble you.

Got to be using hinge you got to be. using. um if you live in a latin based city. like we live in miami so chispa is good. here. you know what i’m saying which is a. spanish joint um you know which it’s. more like for latinos. um i don’t like plenty of fish but i’ve. heard. some people use it with with with um. with some success and then you got okay. cupid as well. but the problem is is that you just need. to have multiple fishing rods. in the ocean you know what i’m saying. because like i said this is definitely a. numbers game. um cleans up on plenty of fish. yeah you just probably listen to this. right now and you’ll be selling. the lowest of the low but he does it man. i don’t know. yeah you know you could definitely clean. up on these apps and then you got. seeking arrangement which is like a. sugar daddy site but like that that’s a.

Whole other we will probably have to do. a video on that uh just a podcast on. that alone because. that’s a whole different type of game. and like if you don’t know what you’re. doing you’re gonna put. you could be cruising for a bruise and. going on there and not knowing what. you’re doing bro you could take a. serious. l that would be for high value men that. know what they’re doing and they’re. right. yeah yes yes you got it you got to be. aware you know what i’m saying you got. to be rp aware because like you’re going. to. see a side of the h word we’re keeping. it clean here. it ends with emmy you’re going to see a. side of that that might. shock scare or even offend you you know. what i’m saying so you’re going to have. to be like really calloused. with it very good outside of of nature. you can’t go back so be careful relax.

Bro like you guys think you get mad when. you get a fake. phone number fight that’s the wrong. number. you guys are gonna get mad when you get. on there i’m sick. so um so anyway so yeah so you gotta get. on all the apps. and use and use uh a bunch of them and. those are some that we named right there. that you guys and you and did we miss. any of them right there. facebook dating chris shout out to. christian matico for bringing that up. uh facebook dating i just found out. about it like maybe a month ago. facebook actually has a dating app. installed into it so you have a facebook. account. you automatically get approved for the. uh dating uh side of it and it’s pretty. it’s pretty good man. it’s a lot of like you said single moms. on there too but you know at least it’s. uh an. extra thing you can use to get more uh.

Exposure because guys. very important nobody knows who you are. right most girls don’t know who you are. you said your house all the time you. don’t go out much. how are you going to meet girls guess. what if you’re going to do online uh. for your main sourcing you need to be on. multiple apps because. you get multiple exposure and by default. she might be on tinder but she saw you. on bumble vice versa so just. make sure you’re on using all as much as. possible yo and let’s touch on that real. quick bro. so here’s the thing also guys like. so i’ve and i’m sure this happened you. two prince if a girl sees you on. multiple dating apps she’ll be more. prone to match with you. you know what i mean she’ll like say oh. i saw you here or whatever because like. like we always talk about. girls have zero game so they need some.

Kind of excuse sometimes to open you up. so like if she sees you on tinder but. then she sees you on bumble well when. she messages you she’s probably going to. say haha i’ve seen you before or let’s. say you match with her. right and she gave you some and. you unmatched her because i’ve done that. before too. oh sorry i got to keep the swearing down. or she gives you some bs right. and uh and like you unmatched with her. or like it didn’t work out well. if she sees if like if you let’s say you. delete the app and then re. put it back on she’ll match with you. again and be like hahaha let’s try this. again you know what i’m saying which i’m. dealing with that right now with a chick. you know what i’m saying like. uh and i’m kind of like clowning her. from before because obviously like you. know you don’t just take a girl back and.

Say it’s okay like you got to like. kind of hold her to some standard you. know i mean like whoa whoa whoa what are. you. let’s let’s. what’d you do last time okay and then. you got a clowner for it you know what. i’m saying and then boom that’s how. because you let her know that there’s. consequences to her uh bad behavior. yes but uh but it helps you being on. multiple apps because just like we said. guys some girls that are on hinge would. never be caught dead on tinder it’s. below them you know what i’m saying and. then there’s other girls that you will. only see on seeking that will never use. any other dating app you know i’m saying. yes. so that’s why you got to be on different. um. fronts and you’re basically like doing a. full court press on online dating use. multiple profile. using multiple um excuse me different um.

Apps okay all right we covered we. covered number one detail. so number two you want to introduce this. one prince so number two on the list is. going to be. get her off the app as soon as possible. guys. don’t delay this yeah this is gonna be. key in getting that date and getting. that uh. oneto-one um connection because if. you’re talking an app all day. she’s doing that with plenty dudes but. how you’re gonna get in front of them is. by getting her off the app. getting her maybe to your instagram into. your phone into facetime so you got to. get that. rotation and that connection all the way. through. yeah so the thing you guys got to. understand and i’m sure if you guys are. watching content like this you guys. already know a bunch of these dudes are. chasing these chicks around you know. what i’m saying like oh baby come here.

Oh. you know what i’m saying and it’s just. like the thing is is that um. okay so when you deal with chicks guys. it’s a compliance ladder basically is. what it is okay you’re the leader. and you’re putting her through steps. right to work it all the way from. you know talking to date to intimacy. right. so in order for that to happen obviously. she’s got to comply. with your program and one of the. quickest ways. to get rid of a time waster because. let’s let’s make no doubt about it. especially here in miami and we’ll talk. about this a little bit too. girls go on dating apps a lot of the. time for just validation like they’re. they just love getting attention and. they love getting matches with guys. and just talking to them and just having. like because you guys got to understand. like women. they base their value a lot of the time.

On the caliber of men that they can. attract and the volume of men that they. can attract. you know what i’m saying like girls are. totally content with sitting there and. talking to you and gets just getting. free attention. so one way to quickly kick those girls. out of your potential pool you know i. mean like your funnel. is to tell her hey uh what’s your number. quickly you know what i mean and if she. tells you some bs. like oh um uh i need to talk to you on. the app more. wrong if she tells you oh i don’t. normally give my number out. wrong if she tells you some bs like oh i. need to. get more comfortable with you like blah. blah blah. because here’s the reality bro if you. were future or drake would she. make them do that dumb stuff no she. wouldn’t she no sir. he would give her social security number. to those guys bro so like.

You know you over here asking for a. phone number in 2020. when everybody knows that phone numbers. don’t mean anything anymore like a girl. can block you on imessage now like if. you give someone. your number it’s not a big deal and it’s. like girls don’t need to give you a fake. number anymore. so so i’m gonna give the viewers for. being attentive and being in. in the the live stream today one of the. tips from the course. this is this is a small tip this is. going to be like a small little like. piece of the course that’s coming from. us. uh just so you guys know me and marin. are going to do a course on instagram. how to maximize that to get more dates. more hot girls. and also get better uh maybe clients or. you know people to watch your. your stuff so that’s coming up soon uh. stay tuned for it but yeah. quick tip when it comes to getting girls.

Off the app so what i do right is that i. have a. pretty good instagram setup and i have a. pretty good like um set up for all my. social media. so what i’ll do is i’ll say hey you know. um how are you. you know you’re my cute by the way and. it’s kind of like okay. after that it’s gonna it’s gonna die. down so i’m like you know what. hey uh real quick are you on instagram. cause i’m hardly on here boom. i mean like i would say like seven or. ten times i get instagram and then when. you see my instagram is like whoa. you have a lot of followers what do you. do and it’s right from there so. uh quick tidbit just go ahead and make. sure you uh try to get out as soon as. possible. and you feel like a good instagram or a. good like uh another social media. get around that and then you know use. stories and use other things to.

Kind of like expand on who you are so. you can see you as a high value person. yeah so yeah that’s a that’s a little. tip right there that we’re gonna you. know we’ll teach you guys how to funnel. them correctly. to your instagram in a way that’s high. value um but here chris. with the with chris was one of our guys. here in miami we know him in person. he said had a girl telling me last night. on chess because she’ll see me in two. weeks after her trip. long story short she send me nudes at. night don’t fall for the bs and that’s. facts bro it’s a compliance test you. know what i’m saying like yo do you. really like me you’re just trying to. seek attention like here’s the thing man. a lot of girls are going to think. that you’re you know what i’m saying. fall for that you know what i’m saying. she’ll be thinking like oh this guy.

Dating App For Bearded Guys

Doesn’t know or. i’m just going to sell this purity and. the thing is guys these girls if you let. them. they’ll try to sell themselves as sugar. and spice everything nice purity. you know what i’m saying and it’s like. nah bro get out of here. you know we’re not stupid you know we. know that you get down we know that you. give your phone number out so like. don’t let her if she doesn’t comply it’s. goodbye you got to be willing to to kick. her to the curb right away. and real quick guys what if you okay so. this is very important too. you gotta know when to stop right so for. example if she’s not giving you. any information i should just like give. you like i’ll let you know are like oh. um i need to get comfortable with you on. the app just drop it move on to the next. one bro. and then maybe maybe some hiccup later.

On but don’t stall on that one trick. trying to get her to do it again. just be like yo okay cool and then move. on yeah with the. shout out to super chat real quick uh. myron what’s your goto script on tinder. you say hey she replies hey where do you. go. from there personally all right we’ll. answer that at the end of the q a. brother yeah. we’re going to do a q a at the end shout. out to robert but thank you for this. for the 699 canadian super chat bro. appreciate it uh for the support. but um but don’t worry we will. definitely answer the questions at the. end but yeah guys that’s why you want to. get her off the app quickly because what. that does is it helps you discern. time wasters from chicks that actually. want to deal with you if a girl actually. finds you genuinely attractive and wants. to deal with you.

She’s not going to give you no bs like. oh i don’t let’s talk on here more or. anything like nah bro like get out of. here we’re not. stupid like comply or goodbye you know. what i’m saying because you don’t want. to sit there and waste time giving her. free attention and then you invest. because here’s the thing you guys got to. understand. the more you invest in a girl the more. you’re going to. start conducting behaviors that are not. attractive conducive to you winning and. what i mean by that is. you need to keep your investment low. with these girls man because. when you start to invest too much time. you’re gonna start to care too much and. when you start to care too much she’s. gonna feel that and then she’s gonna. start having the power. so you need to act as if you’re. indifferent to her bs. and quickly move on because um because.

That’s the only way that you’re gonna. put value on your attention is if you. make it. scarce man so the way to do that is you. always. reward positive behavior and you. negatively reinforce. bad behavior so she gives you her number. cool then you text her. you start the conversation if she. doesn’t kick her to the curb because. she’s not complying and the thing is is. that women have to invest. for them to take their relationship. seriously when you invest too much off. rip. she’s going to lose respect for you and. assume that you’re low value because the. high value guys. yo think about it you think drake is. over here in future like. crazy investing in these chicks no these. girls invest in them first. because they’re high value to the point. where you got to work for my affection. you guys got to treat yourself the same.

Way as if a rapper you know what i’m. saying that. like you guys got to hold yourself to. that same standard with women principals. so i have um a lot of like athlete. friends like basketball players football. players. and the funny thing is like those guys. don’t give these girls any attention. and they get all the attention now. obviously they’re stars but just think. like an athlete think like a rapper. think like someone that’s like. high value and say hey if i did this. would this make me look simpish or would. this make me look good in her eyes. probably not so i shouldn’t do it that’s. that’s why i think about it so. yeah bro always be willing to walk away. and don’t like you got to make the. interaction because. let me tell you guys something women men. have an abundance mindset but it’s got. to be earned women have an abundance.

Mindset off. rip so you have you have to basically. act the same way they do the difference. is that men are kind of shamed. for dating multiple girls at once and. women are kind of like they just they do. it but they just don’t tell nobody. you know what i’m saying like any chick. that attractive guys is talking to like. easily 10 dudes banging probably like. two of them you know what i mean and. then she’s gonna sit there and tell you. like. oh i’m celibate you know what i’m saying. the lie detector determined. that was a lie like like bro don’t let. them sell you this bs like every girl. is no girl is ever single she’s always. dealing with somebody you know. and they’re going to try to sell you. that purity and it’s like nah bro we. ain’t. stupid demarco yeah bro uh. so um okay so uh that’s good for number. two.

You ready to go up to number three all. right so number three is gonna be. how to set up phone calls so this is. gonna lead into what i was saying uh. earlier about. getting her off the app maybe it’s. instagram then maybe phone number then. facetime. so on it guys yeah you’re building your. a funnel. so i played as a business i applied to. dating as well i have a funnel i i. i go through basically and if they pass. all the tests. then we go on a date so my first step is. to. hit them up see how they’re doing you. know what’s up. hey i’m hardly on here let’s talk on. instagram. great she sees my pictures she sees my. stories okay cool he’s a cool dude. he’s not a creep awesome talk a little. bit more hey you know what at this point. you seem really cool here’s my number. okay cool text me. you know what facetime boom and between.

That that face time. is 10 to 15 minutes no more we talk and. set up a date. and we’re done so that was all. interaction of maybe like. what 20 30 minutes the most and we’re. done. and i’m back to work on my business i’m. about to work on my goals and i’m not. focused on. texting her all day i’m wasting my whole. day when she might like she might. even flake after that so don’t even. invest all that time into that um. situation yeah we’re gonna we’re gonna. talk about that too a little bit. um on like the the the investment stuff. a little we’re going to touch on that a. little bit more at the end. but yeah man like you guys got to. understand that um when you do a phone. call number one it’s unorthodox most. guys are terrified. to like call a chick you know what i’m. saying so for you when you do it you’re. basically doing something out of the.

Norm. number two when you talk to a chick on. the phone like i would say a 15 to 20. minute phone call. is the equivalent of like texting for. two days as far as like building rapport. so what you’re doing is you’re basically. quickly. right like getting building rapport to. get to to. to reduce the flake rate because make no. mistake about it bro in 2020. this flake rate is astronomical like we. did a whole episode last week about. why girls flake and we broke it down in. in detail why women. really really flake and all that other. stuff and yeah obviously there’s some. unflattering realities in there about. the sexual marketplace but. we’re gonna we’re gonna tell you guys. the truth and the thing is man no matter. how high value you are. there’s always someone that’s a little. bit more high value or a guy that has a.

Little she has more. investment in so she’s going to flick on. you for him so. knowing that the flake rate is so high. phone calls are going to help you. kind of minimize it now i’m not saying. if you talk to her on the phone it’s. going to drastically drop. and make it zero percent because no one. can you know destroy the flake right. it’s just. guys we get flicks on we yeah we get. flicked on all the time so it’s like. it’s just it’s just the reality of the. marketplace especially when you live in. like a city like miami. new york city l.a whatever and you’re. competing against celebrities athletes. you know uh millionaires whatever it may. be because like every playboy is here. you know what i’m saying or in la or. whatever. yep so you just got to understand that. flaking is just a part of the game. especially when you’re dealing with the.

Most attractive girls because they have. the most options so knowing that. you want to you want to kind of mitigate. that high probability of flick rate by. doing phone calls and then on top of. that. it also limits the amount of time that. you invest because. make no mistake about it bro you don’t. want to be sitting around texting these. girls all day like. and they’ll they’ll get there and do it. with you if you let them so you got to. let her know offrip like nah that’s not. how we roll you do a 1015 minute. phone call make her qualify to you on. the phone that’s another big thing like. you can’t. like go on the phone with her and like. you know start. start kissing her cheeks like oh you. know you seem so cool nah man you gotta. make her qualify to you and that’s the. thing like a lot of guys make the. mistake.

Where they’re qualifying to the girl. they’re running what i call i hope she. likes me game let me try to impress this. chick. and right there is low value because if. you’re high value. she should be trying to qualify to you. you know what i’m saying so. and i talk about this in my book uh. unplugging from the. uh fitness matrix fitness and uh the. matrix of fitness and game. uh the free ebook man make sure you guys. definitely download it get a copy of it. in the description. guys it’s really good but really good. book but uh yeah um. but prince you want to add anything else. to that with the phone calls man yeah. man um. i just want you guys to picture this. right imagine you have. work to do right you have stuff to do. for your day whatever right. you’re very busy you might have kids you. might have work a job. your own business and you spent the.

Whole day texting this girl right the. whole day. that’s from like nine in the morning. till 12 at night. you set up a date right let’s say you. talk to her on monday. the day is wednesday so you spent the. whole day texting her right. that’s all your your whole day you could. be productive doing other stuff. and then wednesday comes along and she. doesn’t show up. yeah so very important guys make sure. that you’re not spending the whole day. doing that set up a portion of time. and that’s it and another big reason why. we’re telling you guys don’t invest too. much is because i know. how men think like like here’s the. reality like if you talk. if you text her all day right and then. you expect her to meet you on a date and. she flakes what are you going to do. you’re going to start you’re going to. start chasing after this like.

You know what i’m saying because here’s. the thing i’m going to give you guys a. reality. men are taught right from a young age. the more you invest. the harder you work at something the. greater the return on investment right. you invest and then you’re going to. get a return back on that investment. right however guys you got to understand. dealing with women. it does not adhere to that basic. principle that you’re. taught as a man you understand like when. you invest more in girls a lot of the. time you end up taking an l. and then you’re going to start to. exhibit behaviors that are low value. because you’ve invested and now you. start chasing her and when you chase her. she has the leverage and then she’s. going to put you in the same category as. all the other sims. giving her free attention so the only. way you’re really going to be able to.

Put respect on your attention. is by limiting it and making her earn it. and that works by not. investing a lot so you guys need to. throw away those morals that you were. taught as a child as a as a boy. and work hard and invest when it comes. to dealing women they need to invest. first. because at the end of the day they’re. the ones with the options and the only. way that you’re going to be able to. discern she really likes you. is for her to invest because make no. mistake about it guys women will invest. in you. if they like you and that’s how you’re. gonna know and and they’re not used to. it so they know. that i’m only gonna invest in guys that. are worth it that’s that’s how you got. to do it man the girls got to invest in. 2020 bro the days of. relationship equity all that stuff done. man like you guys. like dating in the modern day world.

She’s got to invest first so you know. that you’re not wasting your time. and then lastly so you guys know the the. other side of it. so imagine you’re chasing after her. right she’s with a dude like in person. she’ll be like hey look at this guy. thirsting after me. oh what a lame guys that’s how you look. to the dude. like me that’s literally me looking at. you like bro. this is why she’s with me right now not. you so don’t chase. that is facts bro some girls will sit. there and like give you a little bit. just so they know that you’re gonna. chase right and then you know what. they’re gonna do they’re gonna go to. their friends and they’re gonna be like. yo. check look at this stuff look at this. guy stupid you know what i’m saying. they’re gonna clown you looking at your. text messages like look at this guy he’s.

Having a whole conversation by himself. and they’ll make a. video on you or they’ll like clown you. or whatever man you don’t want to. you don’t want to set yourself up man if. she doesn’t respond or she’s not. complying. you know what i’m saying just be cool. with ending the game and walking away. you know what i’m saying like there’s. plenty of other girls out there man no. chick is worth losing your dignity for. bro and. we’ll talk about that a little bit real. quick robert wants to don demarco he’s i. think he’s massively. got you bro we got you um okay so uh. we’re gonna go move. over to number four which segways. perfectly so for the guys that are just. joining thank you we got 114 live. viewers right now guys. get them likes up please thank you guys. make sure to like. comment subscribe to subscribe to uh. prince’s channel’s.

Ceo lifestyle and uh fresh prince ceo. both of his channels one is the prank. channel the other one he teaches you how. to. build your um your online social media. influence great tips he’s taught me a. bunch. myself so with that said just to give. you guys a quick recap before we go into. point four. the first one well for we didn’t even. count this but number one get. professional pictures guys if your. profile sucks she ain’t. she ain’t even gonna read your bio none. of that okay so that’s number one. number two get her off the app quickly. you need to do this to basically. start the compliance ladder and then as. well also make sure that she’s not just. an. attention and here’s the other. thing too i forgot to mention this so. like in miami. especially girls will get on tinder. girls will get on bumble and what.

They’ll do is they’ll advertise their. instagram or their only fans or whatever. like that’s why you got to get girls off. the app quick because a lot of girls use. the app just to get some clout you know. what i’m saying so. the way you’ll be able to tell she. really likes you is that she’ll get off. the app quick so that’s another thing i. forgot to mention. and then number three set up a phone. call 10 to 15 minutes. more importantly on the phone call guys. you need to make her qualify to you one. example of this is. ask her what are your hobbies and i love. asking girls this bro because it throws. so many chicks off because what’s gonna. happen is most girls just keep it real. like especially the pretty ones. they don’t really have like hobbies like. that like they’ll tell you some stuff. like oh i like to go to the beach or i.

Like to. you know go shopping or whatever those. aren’t hobbies so what you can do is. you can kind of clown her for that and. you need to knock her off that pedestal. like let her know like ahaha. you know what i’m saying and like you. can kind of clown her for not having any. real hobbies. and what that’s going to do is it’s. going to make you come off as higher. value because. you’re one of going to be one of the. first guys to like kind of like let her. know like yo. this you’re kind of lame you know what. i’m saying because most girls aren’t. used to hearing that you know what i’m. saying. so um that’s why you got to set up your. phone call so. number four prince you want to go into. it yeah so phone calls guys. i know some of you are kind of scared to. get on the phone call and i get it it’s. kind of intimidating.

But imagine you don’t get a phone call. with her. and you don’t see her in person and you. get on the date or. you don’t hear a voice whatever and. you’re gonna you’re gonna date and like. it’s like you’re not even like. the least bit like interested in person. so for me i used that. as a qualifier as okay you know what i’m. gonna facetime you because i want to see. you first of all. yeah yeah you are show up and she looks. like freaking you know like a gargoyle. because yeah guys look i’ve never really. been catfished i mean i’ve i’ve been. like disappointed but i haven’t really. been catfished like that because i’ve. seen a person. uh face to face so one that doesn’t. happen to me and then two. i can talk to her for like 1015 minutes. to figure okay you know what do do do. you want to see this girl. i don’t want to focus on all my business.

And then i can decide from there what i. want to do. and save you guys try to see if you can. get that phone call i know you might be. a little bit scared but just do it guys. and. get over it and the more you do it the. better you’ll get at it and then before. you know it you’re going to be pro at it. so phone call. 10 15 minutes get to know her a little. bit invite her on a date. close the call that’s all you need to do. and important make her qualified to you. on the phone. so number four set up dates asap. i’ll let you touch on this one first uh. yeah rinse. one of my favorites important okay okay. so. guys i love dates right just because. like i get to meet someone new. i get to interact with the person or. maybe someone i’ve seen like. you know for a long period of time and. you know you’ve got a new spot go to a.

Guys On Dating Apps Are Losers

New restaurant whatever cool. right so for me like if i’m talking to. someone for the first time on a dating. app. or on instagram where i’m talking to. them at. i want to make sure that i can um give. her a good time and that means like okay. what does she like to do for fun so i’ll. say hey uh you know. let’s set a date up but what do you like. to do for fun okay cool i like to go. you know to eat seafood i like to go i. don’t know um. skating whatever right and then figure. out what do you like. those options so for example let’s say. like she let’s go eat okay i’d like to. go eat too. so come along with me for the um. experience so it’s kind of like you’re. setting up yourself to. take her where you’re going that she. might like as well. so it’s kind of a give and take right so. if you’re on a. dating app if you’re on instagram all.

You’re gonna do is you’re gonna talk to. her like normal. get on the phone and you’re gonna say. hey when are you free. so we can get together right you’re not. gonna say oh i’m free thursday friday. saturday let me know which one is better. no you say. when are you free and if she likes you. and she’s interested she’s going to tell. you hey. i’m free on saturday at this time. okay perfect you might be free too i’ll. come pick you up at. 8 or uber to me at eight and we’ll go. from there don’t be. dilly dallying like oh um i might be. free just not. let her tell you today and if you can. make it work. don’t be back and forth for all that. shmup right so that keep it very simple. keep it to the point. get that day and then stick to it and. then you’re good to go. pretty much from there yeah so like uh. and here again. like as you guys can tell on this list.

We have it basically where your. um it’s building upon each other so the. compliance ladder number one. get her off the get her off the app. right then start communicating with her. then get her on a phone call. on the phone call guys is when you set. up the date at the end of the phone call. it’s just like a sales call dealing with. chicks is sales guys. so what you’re gonna do is when she’s. talking to you on the phone and you like. her you know you’ve established that. she’s not a gargoyle or she’s not gonna. catfish you or anything like that. and she you know i mean and she’s. actually who she says she is then. you can set up the date right there and. then when the buying temperature is hot. and you always want to set up the date. quickly guys you can’t. because here’s the thing here’s the. reality if you made a hot chick on.

Monday. right and you set up a date for let’s. say friday in between the time she met. you on monday. she could meet another high value guy. right because all these chicks have. a bunch of you know options she can um. she’ll basically curve you. or show flake on you to go hang out with. him because let’s say you said let’s go. get drinks. well this other dork said hey let’s go. on a boat yeah party. let’s go on a yacht party what do you. think she’s gonna pick bro you know what. i’m saying. you’re just going to end up taking the. elf. so that’s why you got to set up the. dates quickly when it’s hot when the. lead is hot so that you can close you. know what i’m saying because. these women get so much attention that. their chances of you be. uh the longer you wait in between the. date the greater your chances of getting.

Flaked on man. so shout out to chris von erick by the. way with the five dollar super chat. myron is the man loves seeing you you’re. producing great content yo thank you. brother i know you’re gonna go live and. you’re going to talk about. um tommy lawrence so guys make sure you. tune in to chris vaughn eric later. tonight i think at 90 is going to go. talk about tommy larry and that chicken. freaking she that’s an example right. there with this uncle woman that wrote. the cc if you guys know what i’m talking. about you know i’m saying now she’s. starting to realize her options are. going down. shout out to chris yeah um also real. quick uh. uh this guy’s name is rasheed thomas in. the chat just follow me so i just follow. you back bros love. so thank you for being a part of the. podcast thank you for the support.

Gentlemen thank you for the support. so yes you guys got to set up the dates. quickly man because. uh you know you basically decrease the. flake rates. you gauge your interest level and then. more importantly the most important. reason. a girl that is just seeking attention is. not going to meet up with you on a date. say that again you know what i’m saying. hold on. rewind. a girl is not going to meet up with you. on a date if she’s solely. looking for attention guys yep. so. so one of the best ways to actually. stest her. you know i’m saying is get her on the. date get over here. and if she does then you know that she. deals with that she actually likes you. and then you’re dealing with a chick. that. um isn’t just attention seeking like the. biggest difference between a girl that. likes your attention more. the attentionseeking chick will never.

Meet up with you oneon-one on a date. she never will. so that’s how you basically ask test her. to gauge her compliance level her. attraction for you. and discern whether she likes you or. she’s just seeking attention because. make no mistake about it guys we talk. about this all the time. on the podcast women’s like. how we value sex is how they value. attention you know i’m saying like. that’s their currency that’s what they. want. shout out to roger allen curry we talked. about this yesterday. no free attention guys no pay attention. you know what i’m saying i’m gonna have. them on. 31st go ahead prince also don’t forget. as well right like. in this moment right you guys are trying. to get her. to go on a date but you need to get your. interest. and guess what it’s just very if she’s. very interested in you. she’s going to make it super easy like.

Super easy you won’t even believe how. easy. it is going to be so i personally don’t. date. low interest girls because like teams is. a waste of time and then two is kind of. like okay. i got a bunch of high interest rates. over here i want to see me. i’m gonna go with them instead because. the last one is less work and then two. yeah she likes you so. don’t focus on low interest girls it’s. just going to be flake here like. i’ll let you know if you can go on a. date yeah people move in. i find the one i actually want to go on. a date set it up i’ll go from there and. guess what you’re going out with that. chick that she wasn’t gonna deal with. you. she might even see that on your story. whatever if you post it on your. instagram that’s like another. technique there and hey what are you. doing uh you know this day because i.

Want to see you too. boom there you go so here’s the thing. too you guys got to understand when. chick tells you something stupid like. oh i’ll let you know or we’ll see she’s. basically assuming that you are. stupid and she’s going to bring you. along what that basically means. let me translate that for you guys okay. yeah she says. i’ll let you know or i’ll see that is. shout out to my boy donovan womanese for. i have other options that are probably. higher value than you. if they don’t want to hang out with me. then i’m going to hang out with you. say that again please i got to say that. one more time to really internalize it. to you guys when a girl tells you i’ll. let you know or we’ll see. that means i have other guys that i’m. talking to right now. if they don’t fall if they don’t come. through i’ma chill with you you’re going.

To be the backup option. so you need to sit there and tolerate. that you’re not stupid. that’s a slap in the face honestly if. you think about it because she’s telling. you oh you know what you’re not good. enough for me. maybe brad over there uh is probably. gonna be better for from you so i’m. gonna let you know. tyrone or pookie and ray raise this yeah. so. yes it’s time to say it like yo you’re. not you know i’m saying don’t let these. girls take advantage of you guys like. you know like if a girl tries to make. you an option you tell her no i’m good. you know or you say oh don’t worry about. it you know and then you let her pursue. like you’re not gonna sit there. and let her try to like get free. attention from you or whatever. like try to dangle the carrot again hell. no like you know what i mean. you can’t let these girls like try to.

Dating Apps That Work For Guys

Try to do that to you you know i’m. saying and you guys got to assume this. you can’t get too invested because at. the end of the day you need to have this. mindset. she belongs every single time unless. proven otherwise bro. you know what i’m saying so uh shout out. to josh timsey with the. 10 uh i think that’s 10 euros uh i first. seen you on donova’s channel and you’ve. always kept it real as. af ever since then i have enjoyed. watching you keep doing. a great job you’re making man great. again thank you brother i mean me and. prince that’s why we teamed up bro. because we’re here in miami. dealing with the same bs and we’re like. yo listen if we’re doing what we’re. doing here in miami i think a lot of. guys can learn from our not just our. wins. but we also share ourselves with you. guys you know what i’m saying a lot of.

Guys don’t talk about their l’s they’re. just over here telling you. hypergamy i’m an alpha chad like oh you. know well no free attention. and they’re doing all this stuff but. they’re not telling you guys the else. because here’s the reality. you guys are not going to learn from our. w so you guys are going to learn from. our elves. yup because then we could break it down. and tell you guys what we did wrong. and we have the humility to tell you. guys like we’re human too we made. mistakes like yesterday we took a l. we’ll. share that one for the end of the show. for you guys yeah uh. but you know it is josh thank you for. that donation. and uh yeah guys very important too like. guys. you’re never gonna get like every single. every single girl that you want. it’s it’s a it doesn’t happen that way. because think about it like.

She might like a white guy but i’m black. that doesn’t mean i’m not a cool person. but that’s your preference. so don’t take it personal a lot of times. when we get like you’re rejected or we. get like you know put down because guess. what. there’s some girl out there for you you. just got to be open to her. and make yourself available for her to. um you know be receptive pretty much. so yeah yeah that’s a fact man because a. lot of the time you guys will. sit there you’ll get you know deny and. then you’ll like get. mad like oh you know what i’m saying and. the thing is you guys got to understand. that like chicks. have preferences too like some girls. just don’t like black guys. some girls don’t like asian dudes some. girls don’t even like white guys they. only deal. you know they might you know they’re. strictly uh they only like chocolate if.

You know what i’m saying right they like. prince so you know that’s fine and you. can’t get mad because like sometimes. you’re gonna take a l no matter. who it is you know what i’m saying so. like you just can’t internalize it. so we’ll go number five yeah number five. bro introduce this one i’m gonna get the. phone line set up. okay so number five this is a very long. title. this is discovery trump’s disclosure. so basically uh this is very. very good because think about it guys. right so. like i said before if you’re gonna be uh. trying to get girls and you’re gonna be. like home during corona. you know things are kind of tough to go. to a party think about it. if no one knows who you are if no one. sees you how do they. even match you how do you even talk to. you right how do you stand out. how do you become a part of like what.

She wants how do you become like that. guy that’s okay you know what. instead of picking brad i’m gonna pick. i’m gonna pick uh johnny because johnny. is cool. right so that’s kind of kind of like the. basis of uh discovery versus uh. disclosure but go ahead uh myron yeah no. um i’m getting the phone lines fired up. guys i hope you guys didn’t mean to mind. a little feedback there but. um long story short guys you gotta. understand is like trevor uh you gotta. let the girl find out things before you. tell her and what i mean by that is. number one you need to keep your. community that’s why we tell you no no. free attention keep your communication. limited. once you get the date you know what i’m. saying like you don’t want to show we’ll. go live in five seconds you don’t want. to expose anything. three two because we got the australian.

Lady count down. so um talk radio. yep so we got the phone lines fired up. guys i’ll put the phone number up right. now. but the thing you guys gotta understand. is that you don’t wanna because here’s. the thing. you can talk yourself out of it you know. what i’m saying like you can definitely. talk yourself out of the action if you. talk too much you disclose too much. you might disclose something that’s. unflattering you know what i’m saying. and she’ll like not want to deal with. you now. i’ll give you guys a perfect example of. this right now let’s take a little walk. down memory lane right i got the story. too bro i got a good story too. sorry okay first okay so. back when i was in my blue pill days a. couple years ago you know. those days were not good bad but i went. through it. uh watch that yeah man so. i finally finished work i had a date.

Lined up. took a restaurant told her about myself. you know where i came from. i’m very ambitious blah blah she’s like. oh that’s so cool. and then you know we go for a walk down. by these shops this is like. some place in florida pembroke pines and. um you know she. she’s holding my hand we’re talking. whatever and then i made the great. mistake of talking myself out of the. play. what does that mean i saw myself out of. the bedroom literally. i just ruined it so i told her nah. like like yeah try not cool yeah man. like you know. um i’m pretty cool because girls hit me. up on instagram all the time blah blah. and you know like i feel like you know i. can get any girl i want. that was a big turn off for her because. she’s like oh. well i like to be the only one in a. guy’s. frame whatever and she even told me like. and she’s like look.

I’mma go home but you kind of ruined it. by telling me about all that stuff. because. i’m not into guys like that and guys. literally. the less you talk the less you talk. about yourself and you try to get. yourself exposed. the better for you i keep it now very. simple. i let it go talk about yourself a i. learned to tell me the whole story about. herself like where she’s from. family what she likes to do she does all. the talking i just say. oh yeah that’s dope really no way. and it works out better that way because. one she she’s like curious about me she. doesn’t know about me. and two she doesn’t know talking so she. feels like okay you know what this guy. listens and i do listen all the time. and uh you know from there it’s a lot. easier so very very careful to talk. yourself out of the situation because. you could literally do that.

Very easily so be careful yeah man you. guys don’t want to end up you know what. i’m saying. getting game over on yourself so i’m. going to take you guys down memory lane. for me as well. more l’s taken so last week i was uh i. met this girl. off hinge right and i just reactivated. my hinge and. we had the date all set up you know i. mean and let me i’ll give you guys a. little quick little pro tip what i’ve. been doing to. to confirm dates is i’ll actually tell. the girl hey what’s your email i’m gonna. put you in my google calendar. yo we’re giving a free game right now ah. free game bro pregame right now bro. and the thing is because what what when. you tell her that you basically tell her. i’m very busy whatever and you put in. your google calendar which i do use the. google calendar for my day to day to be. honest with you guys.

But like it puts you in a different. level because like oh like this guy’s. actually going to set side. it’s going to make her take the. interaction more seriously you know i’m. saying. that she knows like oh she’s on the. she’s he he’s put me in his calendar you. know what i’m saying. so um basically i had the date all set. up this girl was attracted whatever. right. so i got greedy bro i ain’t gonna lie. you know what i’m saying i got greedy. and because at the time i had one of my. uh friends visiting me one of my one of. my good friends and she was here hanging. out so you know me i’m like you know i’m. getting cocky now i got this chick with. me. so i tell this other girl hey uh. check out my youtube and i give her my. youtube thing i’m like go go like. comment subscribe bro. and bro oh man. that was a definite mistake bro.

I did that she she uh she went and. looked and the top video on my joint is. how to get girls right and the thing. when. when you uh when you’re like an open uh. woman player you know i’m saying one or. two you’re gonna get one or two. reactions. right it’s either gonna be she’s gonna. be like oh that’s really interesting. like it’s really cool that you’re like. you make this kind of content and then. you’re gonna get other girls. oh hell no. with this guy bro because here’s the. other thing too this girl was older you. know what i’m saying so she was getting. closer to her epiphany face she was. looking for something a little bit more. serious. getting the wall yeah exactly she was. about she was literally about to hit. that wall like. you know what i’m saying so um so the. thing will hurt. is that when she saw that she like.

Here’s the thing because like girls will. put you guys in categories you know what. i’m saying like she’ll look at you and. be like okay. this guy’s go with ladies that means i. can’t really manipulate him. he knows what he’s doing i don’t want to. deal with this because a lot of girls. don’t want to like have to be. a part of your rotation or like compete. with other women you know what i’m. saying. but if she had found that out about me. versus me openly telling her follow my. youtube so i can give him another sub. and like or comment or whatever right so. i’m trying to grow my channel. she would have found that out on the. date and it would have been way. better than me disclosing it guys so. that’s an example right there real time. of what happens when you just when you. disclose things that you probably. shouldn’t especially if it’s kind of.

Like unflattering. versus if she met you in person and you. displayed that thing i’ll give you guys. another example let’s go down memory. lane one more time. real quick uh this is why me myron. put ourselves on the line for you guys. because think about it our content is. very like. targeted to help you guys win and some. girls take it the wrong way like oh. we’re like gonna use them no we don’t do. that but i’m just saying like. we’re doing this for you guys so. everything else for you guys because. we’re doing content about. getting girls so bro we’re crashing. every day. bro you know i’ve lost i’ve lost like. three days so far. i had a girl toss the ball on the. podcast and she’s like oh. i’m done with you uh fresh i’m done. yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah hold up. yo prince tell them about the girl that. we talked about last week with the.

Flakes and what she’s. what she said when she saw our broadcast. oh no no no okay okay okay no no i don’t. want to talk about it i don’t talk about. it. we cool we cool we cool right now we’re. cool right now i don’t want to talk. about it. but yeah guys we found something on the. line for you so this is a good game for. you guys but we we lose at the same time. so. don’t forget that yeah we’re we’re. definitely you know we’re taking hell so. make sure to like comment subscribe. really nice out there for you guys but. let me. take you guys through memory lane one. more time with. discovery versing this discovery versus. disclosure because i really want to. hammer this home guys. so um another girl like and this chick. was kind of like. like a pseudofeminist you know what i’m. saying and we’re supposed to go on a. date and i made a comment like yo i.

Don’t follow. what women say on a date like i i’m i’m. the leader. you know what i’m saying and that. obviously caught like some kind of like. she felt some type of way about that. and she like tried to get an argument. and i was like oh man here we go i just. saw the car. slowly getting ready to you know what. i’m saying. so uh so you know and. but here’s the thing if i had just shut. up and went on a date with her. and she saw that i don’t follow her lead. i lead her to every. location and i’m like you know i’m. saying i’m like taking the initiative on. a date. you know whatever i’m being the leader. that she could defer to if i had just. shown it. she would have been way more accepting. of it but like the fact that i said it i. vocalized it. that was the problem you know shout out. to rolo tomassi always says demonstrate.

Don’t explicate it’s very true man. because. if you explicate things right like i’ll. give you. i’ll give you guys an example that’s why. you can’t listen to female dating. coaches because. if you explicate to women the things. that. they actually find attractive it’s. unflattering. so their natural instinct is to rebel. against it i’ll give you guys an example. if i tell a chick yo i don’t follow. women you know i’m saying men lead women. follow. we all know that here that that’s the. truth like women don’t like to follow. a dude i mean sorry women don’t like to. lead a dude they always want to be able. to defer to your authority and follow. you. but if you vocalize that right. what are you basically saying you’re. insinuating women can’t like you know. when girls hear that they’ll me. immediately. you know especially if she’s like a.

Masculine chick or whatever she’s going. to look at that and kind of try to fight. back even though it’s what she’s. hardwired to follow. you want to follow a strong guy but when. you vocalize it and say. yo you got to follow me i’m the leader. whatever you’re. exposing an unflattering reality about. female nature and her instinct is to. fight you on that. so sometimes guys it’s better to just. show action rather than words. and i i find the best and just to pick. back on this i find the best approach. is to just have a good red pill action. and you’re going to get a good. result from her just because she it’s. hard she’s hard work to write a certain. way to you. and just having like the good actions. you know what leading the um situation. oh uh you’re at a restaurant you you. know what she wants on the menu. hey she’s gonna have the lobster and uh.

And rice or lobster and shrimp. whatever right you’re the one that’s. gonna dictate and. give the order because you’re the one in. charge so stuff like that. just have that don’t pat you don’t need. to tell her that stuff just do it. uh you know instinctively and you’re. going to see the results. over time all right so we got some. callers on the line i’m gonna get to you. right now let’s take the callers. we got 604 on the line. 604 you’re on live on the fresh and fit. podcast with myron and fresh prince bro. where are you from and what’s your name. what’s up brother. you guys are fire and ice that’s all i. gotta say man. love man love i mean what’s your name. bro. yeah my name is kelvin kelvin. from vancouver canada okay and uh you. guys brought up something really. interesting. uh that app right facebook dating i.

Started. using it last night and man i freaking. love it. first and foremost don’t have to deal. with. us and um in fact after the girl last. night and started talking to her. turns out she was a dom. oh oh really don’t even know what that. means oh here we go. yeah interesting playing it cool and all. that like because i was teasing her. without going in too much details we’re. kind of like just bantering back and. forth. and and uh talking about butt and i was. just making fun of her and saying yeah. i bet you have a pancake but you know. unless you prove me otherwise. and then she said well how about you add. me on snap. and i was like man i don’t know snapchat. that’s for 18 years old yeah yeah yeah. i legit yeah what do you think i’m 16. like i don’t have snap you want to. follow me. add me on instagram she was like oh well.

That’s too bad you know. you got to add me on snap or fetch. life or something and i looked it up. phet life is a website for people with. fetishes oh man whoa. anyway already. she belongs to the streets yeah bro. that’s a fact she belong. please bro hey kevin. i would keep snapchat just for stuff. like that though just have it. as a handy tool because some girls will. only send you pictures. on snapchat because it go it goes away. so yeah just in my pocket you know. yeah like here’s the thing with snapchat. bro when you when a girl says snap. basically. you’re at a crossroads she’s either. going to be really into you. right and she’s like trying to send you. nudes or she’s just trying to get free. attention so snapchat is kind of like. that fork in the road where a black. sword. you know i’m saying it could work and it.

Could also like mess you up so. uh so yeah bro what’s your question go. ahead what’s your question. so yeah i mean i’m giving you some free. faith you know i know you wanna wanna. rush it up. but um so anyway. finally got her i was like hey look just. give me your number and all that she. didn’t want to do it. and then she created a new ig account. and followed me and then she sent me a. picture of her booty. yeah and i was i was already talking to. her like how okay you’re a dom. it doesn’t work for me i don’t i don’t. sub you know uh. i would die and i start telling her. exactly what i’m gonna do. pull her hair spank her doing all that. stuff and she was like oh yeah like so. she sent me that pic she asked me do i. lie that’s nice chloe i mean it’s nice. nice butt but like where’s your number. like i want to push things forward just.

Like you guys said right and then she’s. like why can’t we have some fun here. first. a number is a personal thing you know. and i talked about eating. much matcha ice cream like a japanese. type of ice cream off her ass. am i well haha eating ice cream off your. ass girl so. i’m like shut up and give me your number. silly your secret statement. and that’s it she just left me on scene. and that’s it like i’m like okay cool i. know she belongs to the streets. yeah but i’m kind of like i want to. challenge myself with this. like how would i reengage how would i. move things forward. if you were in my position what would. you do okay. go ahead prince you you cut you you go. you cover it first and now i’ll touch. after. and and uh 978 we see you on the line. we’ll get you in next brother. yo kelvin my boy you i mean you did.

Pretty good man you handled yourself. pretty well there. yeah not bad yeah not bad at all okay so. how do you get back into the frame and. get her to like give you her number. what i would do bro because she’s. already giving you like a tip that she. wants to send you some dirty more. you know 30 pitches or whatever and she. did already on instagram i would just. say you know what at this point like. let’s do instagram uh instagram call. video call right. because once she’s on instagram anyway. until you can see your person because. it’s very. important like sometimes guy uh. sometimes guys you might find a. situation where you’re talking to. a guy not a girl right or that girl. is being pimped out by a guy you’re. gonna be able to see that girl. talk to her and you know show me your. spot because you gotta be very very.

Careful you never know who you’re. talking to. so i’ll do the video the video time on. instagram and then go from there. uh get that going you know what i’m. saying yeah. um bro for my opinion man honestly i. think you should have charged her. sooner you know what i’m saying like as. soon as a girl is like not complying you. know what i’m saying you tell her. get over here if she doesn’t come like. she doesn’t do what you say. like you just need a kicker to the curb. right away bro because like. when she’s not complying it’s basically. her. like not deferring to your authority. which means she doesn’t respect you. you know what i’m saying like a girl. that like is submissive basically that’s. another way for her. to convey that she’s attracted to you. and here’s other thing too bro. i did uh i did a show with my boy uh.

Cooper sterling who’s a porn star. and we talked about this with dom chicks. bro i’m gonna keep a roach dom chicks. are frauds man they just yes say that. and they think that you’re. stupid but nah bro we ain’t. because like here’s the thing he’s had. sex with a lot of these girls bro and. they still love being dominated so. they’re frauds bro like these chicks. i’m a dumb like. we’re not dumb bro we know how you. really get down we know what is like. viscerally women loves uh like visceral. attraction for women is like they need a. guy that can dominate them so. the thing is is that a girl like that. bro she probably gets off a little bit. like she gets enjoyment from like having. guys like you. jump through hoops and the fact that you. jump through the first hoop. you’re done bro it’s a dub like you know. what i’m saying.

You should have cut your losses earlier. understood that this was a yeah. and move on to the next girl bro because. girls like that get off on that you know. what i’m saying i wish i could send you. guys the screenshots man i wish you. could get. like send you a screenshot just take a. look you know do some deeper analysis. but yeah i appreciate it no that’s all. good man i mean yeah bro. we all i’ll give that a shot yeah no we. all take elves bro like there’s nothing. wrong thank you for calling in. uh you know you you did you didn’t simp. out too hard so it’s all good bro i know. we were just having a little bit of fun. with you on the air but bro girls like. that. like that don’t comply immediately kick. them to the curb bro. so we’re going to move on to the next. caller thank you for calling in brother. much appreciated you guys take care.

Nice later brother 978 we’re getting him. on the line. from massachusetts matt from. massachusetts hey what’s up brother. what’s up matt. hey i really appreciate what you guys. are doing right now you’re really doing. the service to the millennial generation. it’s really awesome. getting a younger perspective on this rp. stuff it’s really good we’re trying bro. we’re in the game taken elsewhere in the. game. brother we’re in the game right now we. out here bro like you if you guys saw. like man. man a lot of crashes a lot of w’s but. else too so go ahead brother what’s uh. what’s your question. all right so i was wondering what you. guys think about profiles so it’s really. important for the online dating. community to have a solid profile. really engage them and make them. interested before they even swipe i know.

A lot of it’s visual so it’s pictures. and whatnot that’s great. but sometimes you get the girl to. actually read something so what do you. guys think about that. okay before we answer that let me just. shout out super chat real quick chief. lifestyle minor and prince dropping. truth bombs thank you brother for the 20. euros super chat yo. real quick greatly uh that is um. um that’s one of your guys right one of. my students and yeah yo guys literally. here from like 240 um followers on. instagram. that over a thousand um followers and. he’s doing what i told him. and guys instagram is chief lifestyle i. believe he’s blown up on instagram and. he’s getting. a lot of um engagement so guys if you. want to learn how to go to instagram and. get girls hit you up. hit me up for sure but yeah definitely. he’s a cool dude um shout him out he’s.

In portugal right now. thank you bro charles okay so matt your. question sorry bro uh so. basically you’re asking like how do you. set up your pictures to be most. attractive. well not pictures but really the verbage. like the bio writing to make people. yeah the bio prince you want to handle. that first and i can go after. sure so the bio actually i tested this. out as well on my on my tinder. i have over like 700 matches now and. it’s funny because i got a. big surge of matches when i did in my. bio. to something very funny and very like um. relatable so basically it was during. quarantine i was like hey. um you know i’m looking for a quarantine. bae uh make sure she. she’s symptomfree uh you know she has. um her. her stuff together and she’s willing to. clean and cook this is. something funny that’s but like a smiley.

Face right so it was funny it was. engaging. and i got a lot more matches doing that. with the added pictures as well. so i find the bio does help to an extent. uh i wouldn’t say go too far with it. but make it funny light and engaging. that way she can be like oh. you want a quarantine bait huh well i. don’t cook but you know it’s just. something that they can respond to. uh so make it funny flirty and also like. um at the same time very concise and. short. yeah uh like basically you guys got to. understand that girls have like very. little game you know i’m saying like if. a girl has to open you she’s always. gonna like. wait what i gotta i gotta do something. you know what i’m saying so like a lot. of girls it’s like. it’s like kind of difficult for them so. what you gotta do is you gotta kind of. throw them a bone so if you make a.

Uh your bio needs to be like engaging. funny and like socially calibrated but. you also need to disqualify her. so um and what i mean by that you could. do something simple like. yo um if your hobby is shopping at the. store cool i’m sure there’s a bunch of. other dorks on here. that take mirror selfies you know what. i’m saying that would be perfect for you. and that’s like basically something. where you’re like also showing that like. you have standards. and you’re disqualifying her but like um. with the bio bro like i wouldn’t put too. much effort into it because your. pictures do most of the talking. she’s only i’m gonna say that i’m gonna. say this she’s only to read. your bio right she’s only going to read. your bio. if she finds you attractive in the first. place bro i’ma say that again. because a lot of guys put too much steak.

Yes a lot of guys put too much steak on. the bio the picture needs to be. if your pictures aren’t good she ain’t. even going to read your bio. she ain’t even going to read your bio. unless she intends to go out on a date. with you. so um a bio is afterthought but as long. as you put some stuff in there like just. like prince was saying that’s funny. you know what i’m saying and it like is. engaging and it more importantly. creates the ability for her to strike up. conversation with you because let’s keep. it real. women have zero game because they never. have to talk to dudes and. initiate conversations so you gotta. almost spoon feed them. leads so that they can like you know i’m. saying uh initiate and talk with you. so if you can do that it’s a successful. bio bro and i call them triggers. just things that make people uh react to.

You so set up a trigger in your bio but. make sure. the biggest trigger is your pictures so. facts. so does that answer your question. brother it’s awesome thanks it’s called. no problem man no problem love bro we’re. gonna move on to. 905. thank you for calling in matt. thanks bro. we got 905 on the line what’s your name. carla where are you from. hey hello hello what’s up brother my. name is adrian. i’m calling from toronto canada okay. yeah so i just i wanted to know prince. where can i get in touch with you. because i want to grow my instagram man. like. oh okay so uh you can follow me on. instagram at fresh prince ceo. and then in my bio i have a link that. goes to my consults and also my uh. my uh courses and stuff like that so. just follow me at freshpayceo on. instagram. i’ll put it in the chat but pretty much.

Like also myron as well has also. um a lot of good tips as well from his. dating course so check it out as well. um but yeah i’m on instagram bro. okay all right yeah that’s it that’s all. no no questions. yeah um well i guess since i got you on. the phone. oh god go ahead go ahead bro i’m this is. me for free bro we’re here yeah like. go ahead and ask the question um so. yeah tinder like uh. kind of thing yeah because i i have. trouble getting like matches. would you say it’s worth like paying for. for tinder gold okay uh yeah you wanna. okay no no you go first you go first. prince that’s a very good question. brother and. you know what’s funny like i was always. opposed to paying. because i’m like what if the pay for. dating app. like i think that’s but come to. know like. quarantine time especially i was like. you know what let me just see how it.

Works. and tinder goal is okay but i find that. like the. the likes you get are very like not what. you even want anyway. i’m gonna explain that i know why go. ahead did you tell them your opinion. then i’m gonna fill that fill it in with. the. and when you pretend the goal yeah. exactly those those girls are not. hot at all bro i wouldn’t even bother. about that uh. so if you’re gonna pay bro like uh i. paid for it i paid somebody to cut you. off but i paid for it i paid for it and. it’s they’re not it’s a trash you’re. like. exactly now what i would focus on bro. like i said it’s good quality pictures. find out how you can get that with an. iphone photographer or whatever and then. a funny. light bio i can even give it like a. script whatever at that point. that’s gonna be your main goal and then. i’m sure myron has like a hack here for.

Tinder he did a more uh extensive. experiment with tinder so yeah. oh yeah i’ll touch on this real quick i. i put out a course called pandemic. up with my man john from modern life. dating shout out to him which by the way. get assault course guys it comes out. this monday. yes uh it’s going to be a really good. online dating course you know what i’m. saying but long story short when me and. john were um. making working on panda we pick up we. did a lot of tests okay. and without disclosing too much. information but i’m since you guys are. watching this thing live i’m going to. give you a nice little like tidbit right. now man so i hope you guys are ready. because i’m about to drop. take your notes um yeah just get your. pen and papers out somebody exposed. right now. okay guys so the reality is this the. dating apps are 100 designed to fleece.

You financially. okay the the these losers at tinder. bumble etc they know for a fact that. most of the users are men and they know. that the guys are trying to get women so. what they’ll do is is when you make a. brand new profile you’re going to get. pushed to the top of the algorithm and. you’re going to get a crazy push. basically any chick that logs on is. going to see your profile first if you. make a brand new profile. here’s where things change though once. you have the profile for a bit. they show your profile to everybody and. then they slowly start to decrease your. elo score and put you to the back of the. line so other new you signups. can be seen to the women now here’s the. thing they show your pictures. to all the chicks that are more likely. to swipe right and guess what. which chicks are the ones to swipe right.

Mostly. the big ones that you don’t want to deal. with. hell no bro so the girls that you. typically don’t want to match with are. the ones that are going to see your. profile they’re going to swipe right on. you this is where they get you. when they when they see that all these. girls are swiping right on you what does. tinder do. hey upgrade to gold you got 90 matches. you know what i’m saying but what they. don’t tell you is that their bunch of. beluga whales. yeah bro you’re going to be disgusting. when you see the pictures. so tinder is banking on the fact that. you’re going to be. stupid and upgrade you understand. so the reality is you don’t upgrade to. gold the nice tier that you. upgrade to is plus if you’re gonna buy. it because plus puts you in the middle. so they’re still incentivized to show it. to keep your profile at a decent elo.

Score again. no one knows the tender algorithm but. from the test that we’ve done. it kind of seems like this is how it is. and. um and then what plus you’re able to. swipe on more chicks you know what i’m. saying. so you’ll be able to like basically be. unlimited but in general. do not get tinder gold uh it’s designed. to fleece you. and understand that the apps are. designed. 100 to extract money from men because. they know that the. the sexual marketplace is skewed in the. female’s favor. so they’re going to monetize that uh. right away you know what i’m saying so. that’s a little trick right there i hope. you guys. uh wrote that one down because we would. just drop some heavy game that we should. that we typically put behind the paywall. but that’s just a little bit just a. little bit. of like the type of stuff that me and.

Prince are going to be giving you guys. and i would show you guys my instagram. i’m starting my uh my. tinder but for some reason i can’t focus. on my camera but i have like. bro it’s you can’t see it right now but. yeah whatever. yeah so we got receipts but uh bro does. that answer your question adrian. yeah yeah gold like gold i was tripping. i’m like you’re right i’m looking at. these girls i’m like bro. what is this yeah they were terrible. right. yeah you just you just like look and. it’s just like you know terrible looking. chicks probably right. i know you touched on that before like. multiple accounts and stuff like that. like what’s your take on that. uh it helps you man it helps you. basically um corner the market. you know i’m saying like you just get. you just get more chances it’s like. being in multiple nightclubs at once.

Okay. you know what i’m saying all right. appreciate you guys thanks so much. no worries bro all right we got. uh 636. on the line. 636. what’s your name or where you. calling from bro. you’re on with uh myron and uh fresh. prince all right. what’s up guys uh my name is dante i’m. from puerto rico right now. what’s your name danzi andy. sa-n-e-i chancy. okay no like santi like uh oh santi. santi santi. okay and you’re calling from pr capital. hey what’s up bro. okay bro okay i don’t know. that’s dominican bro it is dominican but. you know. get over there bobby go ahead. but um actually the last caller had some. pretty good stuff about uh. tinder so i kind of you kind of took my. questions but. i’ll follow up with a question about new. accounts. when is an appropriate time. to make a new account. um i would say pretty much once.

You notice that like matches start to. drop off you know it depends because. like every city is different wherever. like you guys gotta this is why i gotta. be on different dating apps because like. like some like i know for example like. hinge i know in san diego’s fire. you know what i’m saying but like here. in miami it’s not that it’s like. you know what i’m saying like you’ll get. when you first make the app you’re. they’re going to show you all the hot. girls but after it starts to get. terrible you start to deal with like a. bunch of. oh no i’m saying and you’re like no. thanks. so um so it depends on where you’re at. but like typically. it’s like somewhere between one to three. months that you’re going to probably. more than likely have to do a reset. and and real quick guys i don’t know if. you heard my last.

Um podcast with um myron but the biggest. dating app. is instagram and once you make one you. don’t have to make a new one. that’s it that’s your that’s your. foundation that’s your platform and you. like i said you showcase your lifestyle. you showcase whatever you’re doing you. can get multiple. um you know dms and hit his day my one. seen my instagram he’s seeing my. my dates i got like three three days. like uh almost like a day. like just for my instagram so guys i. would say as well you use instagram as. well once you get it. worked up and use it to your advantage. too yeah girls value instagram a lot bro. like we know chicks that like they’ll. take a picture down if they don’t get. 100 likes you know what i’m saying like. it’s like girls value it a lot so um and. a lot of girls like they value their. social media in general so that’s really.

Um what it is so like if you’re able to. be attractive on one of the top. platforms. you know i’m saying it speaks a lot to. you and it gives you some more clout do. you have anything else bro. cynthia no that’s it. thanks for putting out the fire content. all right man thank you so much for. tuning in and bro we’re going to take. you on to 302. 302 you’re on the you’re on the call. you know what’s good can you hear me. yeah we got you bro what’s your name. where you calling it from. yes sir it’s professor rich it’s. professor rich man i’m just calling him. yo what up professor rich man shout out. to bro. guys go subscribe to his youtube channel. man puts out fire content. you know what i’m saying what’s up bro. how are you man. ain’t nothing bro i just got back from. the gym i saw you guys were on live so i. always like to show and i mean.

We’re all content creators so we all got. to support each other man so i was just. going. for some love bro keep doing what you’re. doing man. thank you bro yeah man what are you on. the show bro we got to bring you one. because. you have to talk about delaware how to. run game in delaware yes. you know what i’m saying so yeah yo. ain’t a funny dude. rich is it rich is a real good. example of how you should run your uh. youtube because he’s consistent. he doesn’t just post videos every now. and he posts videos almost every single. day. and it’s good quality content so shout. out to rich go follow him on youtube and. also on. instagram really cool dude which plug. your stuff real quick bro please. where can they find you uh. i i gotta type in the chat bro i’m on. i’m on my phone right now. oh okay yeah yeah type it in the phone i.

Was gonna say if you could just tell. them like what your instagram and your. youtube channel is. yeah bro are you uh just follow me on. instagram at the real professor rich. and you can search up the club channel. on youtube and should come up. okay dope bro real pro at the real. professor rich guys go give them a. follow man good content creator bro. thank you for calling in and showing. love man. any time bro you guys are welcome on the. show with number two bro so. oh yeah absolutely what you’re doing all. right brother thank you so much. you take it easy later man uh so. okay um we had another question in super. chat which i had to go back on my phone. and look at it. robert robert had a question too yeah. robert tsonamis asked. um earlier myron what’s your goto. script on tinder you say hey she replies. hey where do you go from there.

Personally. so um this is how i do it man and we’re. gonna stay on for like another. five minutes guys and cut the broadcast. but uh basically i’ll like say. uh my opener you guys can steal it is. what’s up trouble and then i’ll use like. a gif or something like that right it’s. simple or i’ll say like you look like. trouble or i’ll say. um you’re almost as cute as me like my. inperson uh opener right. and then i’ll use like some kind of. funny gif uh and the studies show that. a woman is shout out to john from modern. life dating he found this out that girls. are like. 30 more inclined to respond you if you. use a gif um and then from there. facts trying to number close immediately. guys like like you’re all you’re. opening simply to like try to get a. number close and get her off the app. immediately or. you could do an instagram uh you move.

Her over to your instagram which. prince was discussing earlier how we. basically um hey are you on instagram. and then boom he just uses the ig funnel. because there’s two funnels you can use. you can use a phone number one. or you can use the instagram one you. know what i’m saying uh and. that’s how you typically do it but. that’s how i do it prince you want to. talk about how you you. do it yes i’m a little bit uh risque in. terms of like well. i’m going to risk it but i’m more like. relaxed because like for me i have so. many. so much options i just like i’m over it. like trying to figure out like a. technique so to speak so i’m just going. to say hey how are you. so oh i’m doing good i’m like yo like. you know what are you doing today. blah blah blah yo i’m hardly on here are. you are you on instagram. yeah my instagram dude once i get here.

Best Dating Headlines For Guys

Instagram it’s like okay i know for sure. i’m probably gonna like. get the rest of the way all the way. because um like i said i have a pretty. good instagram setup. uh it’s pretty good for dhv just showing. high value. and she’s like oh my god who are you i’m. youtuber i’m a cool guy. so but yeah overall just i have like hey. how are you and that’s pretty much it. for me. and then from there it’s just basically. get over here. so you know what i’m saying you gotta. reel them in you know you. you know girl because girls do the same. thing guys they put up like these sexy. pictures themselves and bikinis and. stuff and. they sit on the sink and all this other. stuff trying to thirst trap you so you. gotta thirst trap them back man you know. what i’m saying. fire with fire baby guys guys i want you. to imagine right. a girl has options for like double.

Booking or triple booking so she’ll make. a date with you. but she might have two three more. options that same night i do the same. thing now. i double book or triple book dates so if. i and i choose the best one that i want. to go on so you do the same thing bro. you you set it up so you can have. multiple dates if. you get it done correctly and then you. choose the one you want to go on and go. from there. yeah man the reality guys you got to. understand is that these chicks have way. more options than we do and they’re. always always talking to a bunch of. dudes if some girl tells you something. you’re the only one i’m talking to like. i swear i don’t mess with these other. guys blah blah blah like. why the . like like remember guys you guys got to. understand this like once you understand. like. the ma the male dating strategy in the.

Female dating strategy it becomes very. clear you know shout out to royal tomas. he talks about this. like women want to basically consolidate. on the highest value mail that they can. and seek like and be able to be with. that guy right. so women fundamentally understand right. that in order for them to secure a high. value guy they gotta sell purity. and what i mean by that is that they. can’t be around like show that they’re. super promiscuous and they’re not like. you know and they’re not a good girl or. whatever because no guy’s gonna want to. commit to that. so she has to sell you that pipe dream. to be. able to like get some kind of commitment. from you but if she told you the un. the realities you know i’m saying like. how she gets down when she goes to. cancun. or she comes down to miami meets prince. at a boat like oh i had to hook up with.

Him. the lie detector determined that was a. lie. like you you can’t you got to go in with. like you know with your eyes wide open. and understand. that they’re going to try to sell you. that purity so knowing that. you just you just basically go under the. premise of this she belongs to the. streets. unless she proves you otherwise man and. that’s how you guys are going to keep. yourselves from getting your heart. broken from investing too much in a girl. that isn’t worth it. from like you know simping all this. stuff is understanding these fundamental. truths. and let the girl prove to you she’s. worthy you know what i’m saying. so that’s really it uh we got a couple. super chats here. yeah um robert had another question yeah. go ahead ask the question no no. i think you put in a chat he said uh he. just said uh myron.

Do you talk on the phone to every girl. you match with before date. okay i don’t i don’t but here’s the. thing though. yeah i i don’t but like um but like i i. i for me it’s like i have a lot of leads. so like i can’t sit there and talk to. every single. chick but i highly suggest like for the. guys that are like newer to this. just do that just do it because that’s. going to help you a lot especially like. with guys that aren’t as. familiar with dealing with chicks you. need it you need to do it you know what. i mean because let’s keep. a lot of guys like a little more uh. they’re a little more shy a little bit. more quiet so. you guys gotta you know i would say for. like the guys that aren’t as advanced. you definitely want to get out there and. talk to the girls on the phone and it’s. gonna help you. with your with your flake rates a lot.

And it’s better than a cold approach. because you’re not in front of the girl. so it’s way. way easier in that sense yeah and what. i’ll do is instead of. here’s another tip we should uh we. didn’t touch on it too much but like. i’ll send like voice notes. yeah very good that makes it more. interactive like you know what i mean. but like. i’m a little bit more advanced you know. what i’m saying so like i don’t suggest. that for guys that are like trying to. get into it like you want to definitely. do the phone call route. and you know that way it’s going to. number one let you be more. comfortable talking to her because i. know a lot of guys have approached. anxiety or just like talking in person. so talking to her on the phone is going. to alleviate a lot of that stress for. you so that because when you meet her in.

The date. it’s not going to be as anxious because. here’s the thing guys you got to. understand there’s three points in a. date where a woman has her anxiety super. high okay. one of them is when she first meets you. so if you’re able to like kind of. deal with that objection beforehand by. talking to him on the phone it’s gonna. be like two friends are meeting up you. know what i’m saying so it’s gonna make. things more natural. especially if you’re a guy that’s like. an introvert you’re shy it’s gonna help. you more because here’s the thing you. guys gotta understand. the date is made or broken. by you you know what i’m saying you say. that 100 percent. 100 if the you make or break the date. because if. let’s say she sucks and she’s not fun. she’s still going to blame you for not. having a good time. on the date because you’re the leader so.

You so you need to put yourself in a. position where you can win so if that. means a phone call. to not make you feel nervous when you. talk to her do it you know what i’m. saying prince you want to answer that. yeah man um i mean for me bro like if. i’m going to meet a girl. like if i get to that point i’m going to. call her on the phone. but like for me it’s morally mainly. facetime just because like i want to see. the girl. um but i don’t call every girl i just. call her girl i’m i’m going to go. on a date with so if it’s serious let me. get to that point then i’ll call her but. i don’t call every single girl like hey. you know. what are you doing now yeah one of the. ones that i want to see yeah yeah don’t. don’t call every girl man only call ones. that are like legit leads that you want. to see. uh tim timzy asks a good pretty good.

Question here how long do you wait for a. girl to reply. to your message before you cut her off. uh you you go ahead bro. this is this is your domain i don’t cut. off really yeah. so for me bro um i have a different. approach than prints which is why it’s. good that like you know you got two. different guys on here giving you. different perspectives. like if she’s not texting back or. whatever i’ll just like i’ll get it man. like what the most i’ll do is i’ll like. uh like let’s say you text her and like. so let’s say you texted her first right. and then she started like she’s like. responding to you in a timely fashion. then cool you can like if she doesn’t. respond then you can send like a. question mark and a lot of times that’ll. fix it she’ll say oh i’m so sorry. whatever. and she’ll respond but if she leaves you.

On scene again or she doesn’t respond. this is what i’ll say i’ll say something. like uh i didn’t take you to. you know i i didn’t take you to be this. kind of girl whatever you basically like. kind of shame her a bit. and then and then she’s and then that’s. going to make her break either she’s. going to respond to see i’m sorry. or she’s just not going to respond you. just like dead it you know what i’m. saying but. um but like when it comes to text. messages like no i don’t i don’t do i. know prince has another strategy to talk. about a little bit prince if you want to. sure so i’m i’m i’m opposite of myron. i’m a little bit more uh pc more. peaceful humble so to speak yeah. myron has his firm stance which i which. i appreciate i just. find a different way to do it so for me. um. and this is coming from an abundance.

Mindset i also don’t. really uh take things personal so for. that by that i mean let’s say i talked. to girl right. let’s say instagram and i sent her like. a text and she she’s put on a scene i. didn’t respond to me right. um i wouldn’t even i wouldn’t uh i. didn’t think to that i was like you know. what cool whatever dope. or let’s say girls like oh i’ll let you. know if you want to go on there or not. i’ll say okay cool but guess what in the. meantime we heard. that stuff i’m just gonna go gonna go on. a different date regardless if she says. yes or no. so because i’m gonna because i wanna. have fun so if she said no you get cool. someone else is gonna say yes and at. that point i posted up my story. i post like high engagement um you know. uh stories whatever. over time she’s gonna be you know what. this guy can see is pretty cool let me.

Set up a date with him so for example i. keep him in like a. like a chamber i don’t ever like kill it. because i’m like you know what that’s. the lead that might come back. later on sales funnel um you know so i. keep it very open and i just keep it. very uh kosher. so i just say okay cool all right i’m. gonna respawn but i don’t ever. like kill it i can’t kind of keep it. like still in the air so to speak. yeah and you know that’s basically. keeping the leads in the thing like i i. just did it because i’m like whatever. but like you know. there’s two different ways to skin the. cat you know what i’m saying and like if. you have a good instagram it helps too. because like they’ll see your stories. and they’ll make it come around we. talked about this last week how like i. had a date with it. like me and prince were literally.

Talking the same girl at the same time. right. and uh long story short she didn’t she. ended up trying to reschedule me. to meet to meet with principal what you. get what the thing is is that she had. flaked on him twice before. but she saw his instagram and like he. had been on the boat the day prior. and she was like i’m gonna meet up with. this guy so she went with him you know. i’m saying and put me on the back burner. so that’s how like a lead can come back. around and you know kind of come to. jesus and realize. you know what i mean that she made a. mistake so um. so yeah bro but um we’re gonna close it. there guys. um prince the uh where can these guys. find you and all of the stuff bro. all right guys once again it’s a boy. fresh prince ceo that is at instagram. at fresh prince ceo also my youtube for. pranks.

Is at fresh prince ceo but i’m gonna be. doing like high value. advice for dating money and lifestyle at. ceo lifestyle. so check it out um and stay tuned. yeah guys i hope you guys enjoyed this. broadcast as you guys know myron gaines. this is my youtube channel. uh we’re going to be doing this this. podcast every single. thursday on 6 p.m eastern standard time. as you guys can see we’re up in the. production quality we’re really trying. to get you guys good content we got like. a bunch of live viewers today which is. awesome. um you know what i mean and you every. time you guys come in you’re going to. notice like we’re just going to keep up. in the quality making the show good. giving you guys questions answering. questions helping you guys out because. we’re in the game man so it helps you. know um and then with that said guys get.

My free ebook unplugged for the matrix. of fitness and game. uh the link is down in the description. then you can also text 305 i think zero. triple zero. uh to get on the wait list uh not to get. to get text message updates on like when. we put out content. and uh yeah man every thursday 6 p.m. guys. real quick also i saw some questions in. the chat that we didn’t get we needed to. answer. if you guys want a oneon-one consult. with me or myron hit us up on instagram. and we’ll get that done for you as well. guys so. yeah hit us up on ig or um or emails we. got our contact info below you guys. we i put both mine and prince’s contact. info below uh yeah guys so like. as you know with the more viewers of. stuff we got to prioritize the super. chats and the phone calls. right so um so you know what i mean but. like just hit us up on the side guys.

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