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Juggling school social and sleeping. lives might be a bit easier with these. online dating apps. hey welcome to online for love your. number one resource for dating by the. numbers. today we’re going to be going over the. top six best online dating apps for. those who are college students. now right off the bat this doesn’t sound. like the perfect online dating website. situation for you don’t worry we’ve got. a great solution for that and that’s why. taking our online dating website quiz. this quiz will ask you some personal. preference questions as to what you’re. looking for in an online dating. experience and at the end of the quiz. letting you know exactly what that. perfect online dating website is for you. personally. if you’d like to take this quiz you can. do so by jumping down into the. description down below or by clicking on.

The link that’s popping up above my head. right here. now after you’ve taken that quiz be sure. to check out our deals page our deals. page hosts multiple different online. dating website discounts for multiple. different online dating websites. so if you’d like to save yourself some. money who the heck doesn’t be sure to. check out our deals page again in the. description down below or by clicking. the link that’s popping up above my head. right here. so let’s jump into number one on my list. which is tinder tinder is one of the. most. popular online dating websites that are. out there today and. it’s for people who are looking for. quick flings and some for serious. relationships but for the most part for. people who are looking for quick flings. and casual dating. being one of the most popular online. dating apps in the world it’s.

No wonder that they have millions and. millions of followers. most of which are coming from the united. states as this trend continues there’s. millions and millions more followers who. are joining the app every day. if we’re to look at the age ages of the. users most users are aged between 18 and. 35 years old. though there are also users who are. older than that they’re just not as. common tinder prides itself in the fact. that it has a high matching and. messaging rate among. other online dating apps and on top of. that you are going to actually notice. that there are more men on the website. than there are women. so women are definitely going to be. getting more matches on this website. than men so who is this app. best for well it’s certainly best for. those college students who are looking. for a quick fling or a casual no strings.

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Attached. dating and because it’s for the younger. audience it is definitely for those who. are in college as well. limited profile information that’s. presented on the website. suggests that it’s a very superficial. website so you’re going to see that. you’re going to have more success on. this website. if you are more physically attractive as. far as the ease of use goes for tinder. it’s. pretty straightforward simple and easy. to sign up it won’t take you more than a. few minutes. as far as using the app it’s as simple. as swiping left or right. to determine if you want to match with. somebody or not so as far as an overall. rating goes for tinder. if you are looking for something that is. more of a quick fling you’re definitely. going to find it here more than other. online dating websites. you can find a more serious relationship.

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As long as you are straightforward about. it though. and as far as the success rates go it is. definitely going to be a bit more. successful for women. seeing as the majority of this website. does consist of males. so this is going to move me onto number. two on my list which is zeus although. the app is an international. dating app the majority of members come. from the united states. zeus is one of the most popular online. dating apps because the majority of. members are active which raises your. chances of meeting somebody. the maleto-female ratio is pretty. emitted at almost 50 to 50. with slightly more male than female. members the majority of members belong. to the 25 to 34. age group and the 18 to 24 age group is. a close second which makes. it perfect for the college dating site. as far as who this website is best for.

Of course as i just said if you are. between the ages of 18 and 34. it’s going to work well for you and. especially so if you are looking for a. serious relationship chances are high. that you might just find what you are. looking for here. since this is why the majority of. members are here looking for serious. relationships. nonetheless the app offers versatility. so even if a longterm relationship. is not your on your mind you can get. your fair share of action. since there are a bit more men than. women on this app as well girls will. have an easier time finding a date here. just like tinder as far as the ease of. use goes it has a pretty simple. but outdated layout and everything is. pretty straightforward. from the sign up process to the other. important features like messaging. sending gifs chat and so on as far as.

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The overall rating goes it is a pretty. decent website however you do. actually need to sign up for a. membership on zusk in order to. communicate with other users. the membership prices aren’t bad but. considering you are probably a college. student who has to pay. a lot of tuition loans it’s probably not. going to be a great thing for you to. have to pay for an online dating website. as well now i’m about to move on to. number three on my list but before i do. that i want to ask you guys to make sure. you are hitting like and subscribe. seriously we really appreciate it when. people like and subscribe to our videos. because it pushes our videos out to more. users. could really utilize this information. from us here at online for love. so this is going to move me onto number. three on my list which is frenzy frenzy.

Is one of the best. dating apps for college students and is. made specifically for college students. as well. so you’re going to find that the age. group appropriately matches that. the male or female ratio is pretty even. too at close to 50 50. as far as who. this site is best for. since it is a collegebased app you need. to sign up and have an. edu email so everybody who signs up is. actually a college student. if you’re looking to get a college. classmate for dating and you are also in. college. go ahead and knock yourself out it’s. used in over 70 campuses across the. united states. the app is for you if you want a. relationship a hookup or even. only a friendship it certainly makes. oncampus life a little bit less. stressful and so. so much more fun as far as the ease of. use goes the basic functions on this. website are very similar to tinder.

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Meaning you swipe left and right to say. if you would like to match with a. specific person or not. the main difference that lets you avoid. confusion is the future to choose. whether you want a date a hookup or to. just be friends once you swipe right on. somebody you get to pick one of these. three. options and the other side does not have. to wonder what you are looking for so as. far as an overall rating goes. if you are looking for a website that is. great for oncampus dating. you’re looking for something that’s. pretty straightforward and letting the. other party know exactly what you’re. looking for. and you like to save yourself some money. because this website is completely free. to utilize. and this is going to be a great website. for you to actually utilize. now i’m about to move on to number four. on my list but before i do that i did.

Want to ask you guys our question of the. day and our question of the day today is. what college do you represent let us. know in the comments down below. so this is going to move me onto number. four on my list which is hinge hinge has. about 5. million users worldwide most of which. are from the united states this website. consists of young professionals who are. looking for serious companionship. and the website’s motto is actually. designed to be deleted. meaning that once you’ve found your. match you can actually delete the app. because there’s no purpose for it. anymore as far as the age ranges go the. most popular age range is those between. 25. and 34 and then the next age range after. that is those who are age 18 to 24. and because it’s based for professionals. young professionals it’s perfect for. those who are college students.

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As far as the male or female ratio goes. 55 of the users are male and 45. of the users are female so this is. really close to 50 50 and really won’t. alter your experience either way. another cool thing too is that hinge. actually has a very low amount of bots. and scammers compared to other online. dating websites and this is because the. hinge team. really stays on top of making sure that. all profiles on the website are. completely filled out so who is this. website best for well because again. the app’s motto is designed to be. deleted it’s pretty obvious that this is. for users who are looking for a serious. commitment or even marriage. and because the age range is a bit. higher i’d say it’s great for those. users. who are for both looking for their love. within college and looking. for love right after graduation as well.

Even if you are not thinking about. settling down there are some users on. this website who are also. looking for a more laidback situation. when it comes to dating. but there’s definitely a very minimal to. almost. no amount of users on this website who. are simply looking for a hookup as far. as the ease of use goes for hinge. the signup process is a bit longer than. other online dating websites. on top of having to fill out your basic. information you’re also going to have to. fill out a questionnaire which consists. of controversial. topics such as religion and politics and. it also requires you to fill out. six different photos to put on your. profile as well and this is a. requirements they require all of their. users to do this. before they’re presented to other users. on the website but it does make all of.

The users. on the website have very full profiles. what’s cool too is that contacting other. users is free as long as you have made a. match between them but it does limit. the amount of likes you can give out to. 10 a day and if you want to have some. more matches. and ability to like more people then. you’re going to have to sign up for. their premium membership. as far as an overall rating goes for. hinge i’d say that this is a perfect app. for those who are looking for a serious. commitment. and not really anything else now this is. going to move me onto number five on my. list but before i jump there i do want. to remind you guys to check out our. deals page. our deals page hosts multiple different. online dating website discounts for. multiple different online dating. websites so if you’d like to save. yourself some money.

Who the heck doesn’t be sure to check. out our deals page so this is going to. move me onto number five on my list. which is okcupid although okcupid is an. international dating app. most of the users do come from the. united states okcupid also says that. it’s quite proud in the amount of. matches and the amount of activity that. it has between its users who are on the. website. and the average age of the users on the. website are those who are aged between. 25 and 34. so this is gonna be great for not just. college students but those who are. college graduates as well the male to. female ratio is. 65 men and only 35 women which is a bit. less diverse than most people would like. but it’s not too diverse where it’s. going to be really that big of an issue. so who is the site best for while. okcupid is not specifically a college.

Website per se it is a great website for. those who are college. aged and there are a lot of college age. students who are on this website to. utilize it. due to its affordable price its. inclusion and. all the features that the website has to. offer you’ll find that a lot of college. students actually really do favor okay. cupid and when i say inclusion with. okcupid i really mean it because they. allow you to choose among a. varying amount of different genders and. what you are looking for in. multiple different relationships and you. can even choose to be polyamorous on. this website as well. of all the websites that i’m talking. about on this list i would easily say. that okcupid is the best for finding. those who are likeminded to you and. your lifestyle as far as the ease of use. goes for okcupid it’s extremely easy to.

Use and i think accessing all the. features and all the pages that this. website has to offer. is really easy and there’s nothing. really on this website that’s going to. distract you. from whatever your main goal is of. joining this website as far as an. overall rating for me that goes for. okcupid i’d say it’d be. best for those users who are looking to. have a. person that they can match with that. they think is going to be great. for a likeminded individual for. somebody who is going to be a specific. type of person that they’re looking now. this is going to move me on to number. six on my list but before i jump on to. that i do want to ask you guys one last. time to be sure you are hitting like and. subscribe so this. moves me on to number six on my list. which is bumble bumble is an online. dating website that is.

Mostly users who are aged between 18 to. 34 years old and most users also come. from the united states. and as far as the male to female ratio. goes females are actually the bigger. population on this website and that’s. attributed to. the fact that females on this website. actually have some privileges that the. males on the website don’t as far as who. this website is best for. i’d say it’s definitely best for those. who are women who want to take charge. and send the first message because. that’s exactly how this website works. so it’s great for those women who are. trying to avoid harassing messages all. the time. and it’s also great for those women who. take online dating very seriously in the. safety of it but then on the other end. of the spectrum if you’re a guy who is. sick of always having to send the first.

Message and keep the conversation going. and you’d really like a confident girl. to send that first message to you then. bumble is going to be. the perfect online dating website for. you to choose the website actually has. two different parts to it as well which. is. bumble bff and bumblebiz bumblebee. for those who are looking for strictly. friendships and bundlebiz. is for those who are looking to network. for actual work or business. the app being able to be split up into. these three different sections. makes it fantastic for those who are. college students because you cannot just. find dates but you can also find. friends and you can also find business. opportunities on this website as well as. far as the ease of use goes for bumble. is pretty simple straightforward and. easy to sign. up all you need to do is provide some.

Basic information after that you can. fill out some questions and answers to. those questions to put on your profile. as well as adding some photos to your. profile as well. and when it comes to making matches on. the website it’s as simple as tinder. you’re basically swiping left or right. to say you want to or don’t want to. match with an individual once you match. with an individual on the website if you. are a straight couple. the female will have 24 hours to respond. and the male will have to wait that 24. hours to see. if she does respond as far as the. overall rating for this website goes i’d. say that while the dichotomy is not. everybody’s cup of tea. this is really the only online dating. website where it puts women first and. puts them in charge. the app really does give a great. experience for all types of.

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Relationships. from sirius to platonic and it really. does a great job for those who are. utilizing it and want to find something. from it but if none of these websites. seem like the perfect online dating. website for you don’t worry i’ve got a. great solution for you and that’s by. taking our online dating website quiz. this quiz will ask you some personal. preference questions as to what you’re. looking for in an online dating. experience and at the end of that quiz. we’ll let you know exactly what that. perfect online dating website is for you. personally. after you’ve taken that quiz be sure to. check out our deals page our deals page. hosts multiple different online dating. website discounts for multiple different. online dating websites so if you’d like. to save yourself some money. who the heck doesn’t and be sure to.

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