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Best Anime Dating Simulators days to max out legal
What is the most insane concept for a. video game that you can think of off the. top of your head right now super 3d. noah’s ark hatred. farming simulator i’ve never played. farming simulator but. is farm. after some deep meditation on the issue. hear me out. cookie clicker i mean. what the is cookie clicker there’s. no winning in cookie clicker you just. click and get a cookie click click it’s. pointless now i know what you’re. thinking so how do we fix it as a cookie. clicker isn’t an already perfect game. and. after doing a bunch of drugs i thought. hey what if we added a story now that’s. a good start to fixing it but how do we. improve it from there. the obvious answer vampire hunting. aliens robots we make it a dating. simulator and we add an nsfw dlc of. course i present crush crush which is. all of those things and more you could.

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Date a bear in this game so. after i began my research into what i. quickly decided was the greatest design. game of all time i decided to play a. thousand hours obviously because if. you’re not dedicated to a joke what’s. the point and a thousand hours is a lot. of hours and a lot of people don’t even. have that in their favorite game i do. clearly because crush crush is my. favorite game and also it requires that. many hours to get the full scope on the. glory that is crush crush the game. starts with you who’s described as a. four foot two white blobish marshmallow. thing who can change their gender at. will as god intended our story begins by. meaning cassie who has the most annoying. line in the game and she’s gonna say it. all the time we meet cassie by. crashing our bike into her and heavily. injuring her as you meet most women but.

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The good news is she’s our first love. interest and also we can see what size. her bust is now we begin the process of. romancing her by clicking on her giving. her gifts and taking her on dates as we. progress this is when cassie tells us we. need to get a job and a hobby in. order to move forward shortly after we. meet cassie we meet mio by destroying. her score in the arcade and shortly. after that we meet nutaku who burst. through our wall while we’re playing. porn games as you meet most women for. the next couple hundred hours you’ll do. the same thing with every woman you meet. and much like real life the best way to. get a girlfriend is to give a homeless. woman a shell and work a cleaning. company as we’ve continued on we meet. the worst character beverly but it’s. okay because in the end she turns into a.

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Best Anime Dating Simulators the next set of

Bad and it’s also okay because we. meet the best character bonnabelle but. in order to unlock the next set of girls. we have to be higher in all of our stats. so we wait we go max out bear very. instead but now we get impatient with. this because in order to max out the. prereqs which we need to max out verify. which requires full level on the zoo job. it’ll take 864. days to max out legal it takes 1.8. million who decided then who. thought this was okay who said and this. is about the point where we open up. cheat engine because i am a criminal. near the end we meet karma and sutra who. keep alluding to the dark one coming but. it’s okay when she does come we’re gonna. romance her anyway because crush crush. so after we get carmen sutra of lover. status we meet copernicus and the dark. one so then we cheat through the rest of.

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The game we’re given two choices save. the world from destruction in exchange. for your life or sacrifice copernicus. and keep playing the game. now because this took me a thousand. hours i have to go back and ask. the question from earlier. who decided that so i decided to. reach out to the people who actually. made the game but they told me they’re. too busy to deal with me so i decided to. make it someone else’s problem instead. hello. hello there uh my name’s jake uh but i. go by tau online. my hours in the game i have about 13. 300.. what has intrigued you about crush crush. that has caused you to do this to. yourself. it’s a game of culture i will say that. it it opened my eyes to a world i didn’t. know existed. who’s your favorite girl and why. oh. that’s a hard dating question. but here recently i’ve been leaning more.

Towards uh. honestly beverly. that’s the uh my next question is who is. the worst girl and that’s my answer. honestly worst girls probably quill. cassie is a close second in the most. philosophical way possible can you tell. me why crush crush is the greatest game. of all time. i don’t think my brain’s built to play. like that i’m a crush crush player um. crush crush is like a fine wine. for. it’s great. when you’re down. and it’s great when you’re up. the end. with your uh knowledge of crush crush. how do you intend to solve the. israelpalestine crisis. uh i am a firm believer that uh. chesticles will unite everyone. uh my last question is a question from a. fan that reads. this game is ultra degenerate have you. ever met a real woman can you answer. that for me oh. uh i i don’t know about that one though. that i didn’t sign up for that one.

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